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Today hadn't started off that great; actually, to be perfectly honest, it started off rather shitty as far as Columbus was concerned. For starters, the water heater decided to go out right as he decided to take his first hot shower in about four days, causing him to jump and damn near fall out of the tub before it was all over with. Squatting in an abandoned house had its perks but it also meant the same rules applied: if the house is designed for three people, make sure you're not the forth to take a shower.

After the bathroom fiasco, the light bulb above the staircase decided to go out right as Columbus was making his way down the stairs. He managed to stay upright for most of the journey but ended up tumbling down the last three and landing in an ungraceful heap at the bottom of the staircase. Little Rock found it hilarious, Columbus did not.

Tallahassee and Wichita were engaged in another war of words beside the front door, each one throwing insults at each other like they were hand grenades. Apparently, in their haste to get inside the night before and avoid the straggling zombies that had followed them since they got into town, someone had left the keys in the ignition all night and now the car was dead. Wichita had been driving but Tallahassee yelled at her to "leave the damn keys in the car and get in the fucking house" right before the first member of the undead party had its face smashed against the slamming door.

They'd managed to board up the windows and doors, preventing any easy entry, and fought off the attacking hoard. It was an easy kill to be honest, only five and most of them went down with only two shots (one to take them down, double tap to finish it). However, now they were without a vehicle unless they could find some jumper cables or a working car battery in the remains of the world.

There was a Firestone about a mile up the road, they'd passed it coming in the night before, and they figured it was the easiest solution other than simply hot wiring another car. They set out in groups of two, Little Rock and Columbus making their way up one side of the street while Wichita and Tallahassee covered them on the other side. It was a small town, less than one thousand people before the zombie apocalypse, now that number was even smaller. Various smears of graffiti had been sprayed across open brick walls, obvious signs of survivors, but they couldn't worry about that right now, they needed a car before they could concern themselves with anything like that. Besides, who knew how long ago those signs were made?

The Firestone was in the center of town, right across from a Burger King and a pharmacy. It was surreal that such a thing as a pharmacy was still standing in a world that was overrun with a zombie plague but Columbus kept the thought to himself. He brushed through an overgrown patch of bushes that lined the street, a sharp, stinging pain catching his ribs. He gasped, stopping suddenly and looking down.

"What's wrong?" Little Rock asked, her eyes narrowing on his face in concern.

It was small, no bigger than a dime, but God dammit it had to be a bee. Columbus sighed, already beginning to feel the tightness in his throat. "Nothing…let's keep going…" He struggled to keep his voice calm, trying desperately not to freak completely out about the sting. Fuck, of all the things that could have happened today-

There was a shot and shout behind them and both whipped around to see a handful of bloodied corpses running toward them. Of course.

Columbus turned and aimed at the closest one, his hands shaking as his vision blurred. He fired, catching the speeding zombie in the jaw and causing it to do a back flip and land with a satisfying crunch on the ground. Little Rock followed up with the final shot and another zombie went down a few feet away, its face exploding from a gunshot round from Wichita's gun.

It was hard to breathe, his throat burning and swelling with each passing second. There were at least two more zombies heading toward them and by the continued gunfire, it was obvious they weren't going down without a fight. He fired again, missing completely, and grabbed Little Rock's arm, dragging her into a run.

"What are you doing?!" She shrieked, firing behind her and taking out another one.

Columbus couldn't answer; that spiffy throat closing thing tended to prevent speaking. He just knew that standing there and not being able to shoot was going to get them both killed. He stumbled and landed heavily against the brick side of the Firestone building, his breath coming out in strained wheezing gasps.

Little Rock looked at him, her eyes wide with horror. "Oh my God…Columbus?! What's wrong?!"

He tried to answer, wanted to answer her but it was becoming increasingly harder to breathe. There was another shot fired and a heavy thud about five feet away from them. Voices echoed above him, Little Rock was shaking him desperately, her voice riddled with tears and panic.

"What the fuck happened?!" A gruff voice demanded from above them and rough hands grabbed him by the shoulders, shaking him sharply. "Was he bit?!" The voice was concerned and angry, the second emotion probably trying to disguise panic as well.

"No he-" The voice faded and Columbus was beginning to fade with it. He could breathe, his eyes rolling into the back of his head and his body feeling heavy from the lack of oxygen. "…his side…he fell…won't answer…" The words were confused and rushed in his oxygen starved mind, and he was still vaguely aware of hands touching his face, neck, chest, shaking him frantically.

There was a sharp curse and the hands were gone, along with the voice and he felt himself floating, falling, succumbing to darkness all around him. Hell, if he had to chose a death in this fucked up world he guessed this one wasn't quite so bad. It was peaceful, he wasn't being eaten alive, he wasn't coming back from the dead, it was much better than the death he'd originally foreseen for himself. He felt bad about leaving the others though, it felt like such a cop out to be killed by a bee sting. Fucking allergies…

His eyes were forced open and he saw cloudy blue skies and dark rimmed eyes peering down at him. Wichita. She was saying something but he couldn't hear her, her voice was far away and muffled in the fog of his mind. Something wet hit his face, tears. Was she crying? Aww, don't cry…everything will be okay. Keep Little Rock safe and don't let Tallahassee do anything too reckless and-

There was a sudden sharp pain in his leg and a flood of almost instant relief as the muscles in his throat slowly began to relax. He took a heaving breath, never realizing how good it felt to breathe in general, and felt himself pulled into a tightly embrace.

"God dammit kid!" A voice growled from behind him. "The whole fuckin' world has gone to hell and you're going to get your ass taken out by a fuckin' bee?!" The voice was angry but the relief was obvious in the way the embrace tightened ever so slightly as Columbus managed to take a few more deep breaths.

He tried to sit up a little more, to let them know he was alright, but all he could do was breathe for the time being.

"Easy there, Rambo…no moving around just yet…" The voice said, a calloused hand raking through his hair in a surprisingly gentle manner. "Just sit still and let the drugs do their thing…"

Columbus managed to open his eyes again, his gaze falling on the worried face of Wichita and Little Rock. He gave them a weak smile and whispered "sorry" when he saw Little Rock's tears. She smiled through the tears and punched him in the arm, telling him that if he ever scared her like that again she'd leave him for zombie bait. Wichita seconded that idea and looked at Tallahassee. "How did you know…?" she asked, looking around carefully to make sure they were still safe.

"Buck had a peanut allergy…" The older man said simply, keeping Columbus pressed against his chest so he could feel him breathe. "I kept an epi-pen with me until he died. Figured the pharmacy over there would still have some…"

As much as he wanted to stay around for the continued conversation, exhaustion was winning out (lack of oxygen tends to do that) and Columbus found himself being pulled back into the arms of nothingness.


He came to slowly, unaware of where he was or even how he'd gotten there. He was in a bed, more specifically, the same bed he'd been in the night before. Apparently, they'd returned back to house while he was still unconscious, impressive as that was. He vaguely wondered if they'd gotten a battery for the car or not…

The TV was on downstairs (oddly enough, television still worked in Zombieland partially because there was no one around to shut off the power) and he could tell something was in the oven thanks to the smells that floated up the staircase.

Someone shifted beside him and Columbus blinked, rolling over to see Tallahassee staring down at him. "Feelin' any better?" The older man asked, watching the boy's face for any sign of lying.

Columbus nodded awkwardly, feeling a flush creep to his face at the close proximity of the older man. "Y-Yeah…I'm fine…"

Tallahassee nodded and leaned back against the headboard, making no movement to rise off the bed. "You scared the shit outta me today, kid…" He said quietly, almost as if the confession were a secret.

Columbus felt his face flush again and he looked down. "I'm sorry…having an insect allergy seemed like such a stupid thing in the wake of the end of the world so I guess I just didn't think about it…I haven't had an attack like that in years…"

Tallahassee nodded carefully, not saying anything for several minutes. "Well, to be sure it doesn't happen again…" He pulled a shopping bag full of epi-pens off the bedside table and dropped them on the bed. "We're keeping these with us at all times."

Columbus almost laughed. "Jesus, how many bees do you think are left in the world?"

"Enough to kill your dumb ass." The older man snapped, moving the bag off the bed and setting it on the ground. He hesitated for a second before continuing. "Look kid, I've become more attached to you than I'd like to admit and I'm not really keen on the idea of you dyin' anytime soon, got it?" There was a very faint redness to his cheeks as he spoke almost as if he were embarrassed by the admission.

Columbus felt himself smile for the first time all day and nodded. "I got it…" He reassured softly. "Thank you…for, you know, saving my life for like the 35th time…"

Tallahassee smirked and leaned down, pressing his lips to Columbus' in a quick, chaste kiss. "You're making it a habit." He muttered but there was no malice in his voice. He settled back against the headboard once more, keeping one arm looped behind the pillow beneath Columbus' head.

The younger man smiled again. True, the day had started off pretty shitty and only got worse from there, but in the end it was worth it.

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