Well here it is, the epilogue. I hope it is a satisfying end to this apparently never ending story that has been haunting me for years. I have no idea how five year olds act or talk so my apologies if I got it wrong. Thank you to everyone who stuck with this story for so long and gave the kick up the ass I needed the finish it. Enjoy.


Seven years later...

Harry woke slowly and stretched his arms above his head, groaning quietly when his elbow popped. Turning his head to the side he watched a sleeping Severus for a moment before sliding out of bed. It was still early and Harry decided to let Severus sleep, at least one of them should get to sleep in.

He exited the bedroom quietly, crossed the hallway and pushed the door open to Collin's bedroom. He leaned against the door frame and smiled softly at the sleep form. Pale skin that stood out even more against the red bedding and ink black hair. But it was his eyes that Harry loved the most, beautiful brown eyes that signalled him as Severus's son.

It had been quite a argument when they'd agreed on using a surrogate, who was going to be the father but in the end Harry had won and had been given a beautiful little boy who looked just like Severus. Sometime during the night Collin had kicked his blankets onto the floor and wrapped himself around his pillow.

Stepping over the stuffed owl toy on the floor, Harry picked the blanket up and draped it over him. Leaning down he kissed Collin softly on the forehead. Collin scrunched his face and his eyes fluttered open.


"Hey Pumpkin." Harry whispered, stroking the Collin's fringe away from his face.

"Is it time to wake up?" Collin mumbled.

"Not yet baby."


Harry stayed for a few minutes more to make sure Collin had gone back to sleep before leaving to go make breakfast. As he made his way down to the kitchen he picked up scattered toys, muttering under his breath at Collin's inability to pick up his toys.

He briefly considered leaving them there for Collin to pick up but decided not to. Severus would be awake before Collin and he could barely function in the morning, there was a good chance he'd end up tripping over them or a repeat of last year when he'd broken his foot.

Walking into the kitchen he was planning on making breakfast when his mobile rang. He grabbed it off the dinning room table and a quick look told him it was Noah.

"Hey Noah." Harry greeted, holding his phone with one hand and using the other to pull out a frying pan.

"Hey babe."

"Don't let Severus hear you calling me that." Harry warned playfully, knowing he didn't mean anything by the flirting.

"I could take him."

"Of course you could. Did you call me for anything in particular or do you just having nothing better to do at six o'clock in the morning?"

Harry opened the fridge and pulled out a pack of sausages and eggs, making a mental note to go grocery shopping.

"I don't understand why I need to be at this party."

Hermione and Ron were having a birthday party for their eldest, Justene, later that day and Noah had been invited.

"Because when your friends are married couples with kids, this is what you have to do."

"I don't want to go."

"You think I do? There are much better things I'd rather spend my Sunday doing. I haven't had sex in three weeks but no, I'm awake at six o'clock in the morning preparing myself for a day of screaming children and the inevitable stomach ache and vomit when Collin eats too much cake." Harry sighed, flinching as hot oil jumped from the pan and hit his hand.

"I still don't see why I have to go."

"And I don't see we have to have the same conversation every fucking year."

Harry slid the food onto a plate and carried it to the table before grabbing a bowl from the cupboard. He didn't hear Noah's answer because his phone was snatched out of his hands. A strong arm circled his waist and pulled him close.

"Harry's busy right now, goodbye." Severus told Noah and hanging up before he could reply.

"That wasn't very nice." Harry scolded, leaning back into Severus's chest.

They both slept without shirts so their warm skin pressed together and Harry wrapped a hand around the back of Severus's neck, stroking the skin there.

"Where's Collin?" Severus asked, resting his chin on the top of Harry's head. In the nine years they'd been together, Harry had grown into his body, wider shoulders and more muscle mass but he hadn't gotten any taller.

"Still asleep."

Severus leant down and kissed the soft skin under Harry's ear. "Do you hear that?"

Harry frowned in confusion. "Hear what? I don't hear anything."

"Exactly. Silence. Complete and utter silence, isn't it wonderful?"

"Well enjoy it while you can because it's not gonna last." Harry snorted, twisting out of Severus's grip and guiding him to the table. "Now eat, I'll get Collin ready."

He pulled away but Severus grabbed his wrist and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Harry moaned and retuned the kiss briefly before pulling away.

"Eat. Today's going to be a long day."

Severus sighed and pulled the plate towards him. "I hate children." he muttered.

"You like Collin."

"Collin's different, he's not a screeching moron like the rest."

Harry snorted and left Severus to his breakfast. It took at least an hour to get Collin ready and if he didn't start they'd be late for the party and then he'd never hear the end of it from Hermione.

"Today's going to be a long day." he sighed once more, readying himself for the ever lasting headache he could already feel building.


Harry snorted and nudged Severus, drawing attention to Noah who was currently trying to separate two fighting children and failing miserably. There were at least thirty children at the birthday party which meant the six adults were woefully outnumbered. Noah cried out in pain when one of the children bit him.

"Did he just?" Severus muttered in shock.

"Yes he did."

Harry was just as shocked as Severus. Collin had never bit either of them and they never would have allowed him to be as disrespectful to anyone as those children were being to Noah. They were leaning against the kitchen counter hiding from Ron and Hermione.

Ever since Hermione got pregnant with Justene all they did was read parenting books and they never passed up an opportunity to lecture Harry and Severus on the 'proper' way to raise children. Harry could quite easily ignore it but it made Severus really angry. A loud shriek cut through all the noise and startled them into alert mode.

"That one was ours."

Before Harry could respond Collin came running in from outside with tears streaming down his face. His face was red and the force of his cries made it impossible for him to catch his breath. His knee was scraped and bleeding slightly, something Harry noticed before Collin latched onto his leg.

"Oh no Harry, what happened?" Hermione asked, her voice soft with worry.

Harry twisted his head to see Hermione coming down the stairs from the first floor with Ron following closely behind.

"Great, just what we need." Severus muttered before kneeling down so he was at Collin's height. "Collin?"
Severus tried to pry him off Harry's leg with little success.

"Collin look at me."

Severus detached him and spun him around, holding onto his shoulder firmly.

"It hurts!"

"I know. But you have to calm down. You're hurt but you're working yourself up and it's making it worse." Severus explained soothingly, trying to get Collin to stop hyperventilating.

"It hurts father." Collin repeated but a lot calmer than he had been a moment ago.

"I know it does and we'll fix it." Severus promised.

It took less than ten minutes for Severus to clean the wound and put a bandage over it. "Are you good to go?"

Collin nodded yes and Severus kissed him on the top of the head. "And what have we learned?"
"Not to panic?"

"Good boy. Go on, get back out there."

Collin nodded once more before bolting out the back door and joining the rest of the party. Thankfully Noah had been joined by Remus and had better control over the children.

Harry was still smiling at the little interaction between Severus and Collin, a smile that dropped when he noticed the look on Hermione's face. Her mouth was puckered slightly and she had a very disapproving look in her eyes. It was a look Harry knew, it was the look she got before she started a lecture.

"Something you'd like to say Hermione?" Harry asked, hoping she would hear the ice in his voice.

"Perhaps you should encourage Collin to embrace his feelings instead of telling him his feelings are invalid."

Harry stared at her silently. He hated her voice sometimes, the way it grated on his nerves.

"What?" he snapped, not in the mood to listen.

"Collin came to you with his feelings and Severus discredited them. That is not the way to open the lines of communication."

Harry squeezed Severus's arm firmly, warning him not to respond.

"So what would you suggest? Next time Severus allow Collin to hyperventilate until he passes out?"

"No of course not. I just think you need to respect Collin's individuality so as not to stifle his ability to realise his actuality."

. . .

"Realising his actuality? What the fuck does that even mean?" Severus yelled as Harry pushed him into Ron's study.

Harry closed the door behind them with a sigh. He had only just managed to drag Severus away from Hermione before the yelling begun, not that she didn't deserve it but he didn't want Severus yelling and swearing in front of the children.

"I don't know. And I'm willing to bet neither does Hermione. She just vomits back up what she reads in those fucking parenting books!

"Harry, I know she's your friend but this has to stop. This telling us how to raise our son bullshit needs to end."

"I know. Trust me I know." Harry sighed, leaning against the door.

"If you know then why do you always stop me from saying something?" Severus asked.

"The truth is...I don't like Hermione very much. I don't like the way she thinks she's a better parent than I am, don't like the way she thinks our marriage is less important than hers and I really don't like the way she speaks to me as if I'm stupid." Harry admitted. It felt good to finally voice his thoughts.

"I thought she was your friend?"

"She was, when I was sixteen. That was nine years ago, we're different people now. We see each other on

Birthdays and Christmas. We've become those people. Those people that are friends only because their

kids are."

Severus sighed and walked over to Harry swiftly, cupping his face. "Why did you never mention this before?"

"I don't know. Maybe because I didn't want to start a confrontation or maybe because I was just desperately clinging to the last remaining shreds of our friendship."

Severus smiled sadly and ran a gentle thumb over Harry's bottom lip. Harry leaned up and capture Severus's lips in a heated kiss. He wrapped tangled his fingers in Severus hair and pulled them closer, moaning quietly when Severus placed a comforting hand on the curve of his ass.

"Oh Fuck!"

They both froze and pulled apart slowly.

"That didn't come from us." Harry murmured.

A loud moan followed by a grunt made them both frown. Looking over to the source of the noise, which

appeared to be the bathroom that joined onto the study.

"Those are some serious happy noises."

"Who could it be?" Harry wondered.

"Mr and Mrs parents of the year?" Severus suggested snidely.

"No. They're wrapping up the party downstairs."

They looked at each other in confusion, a moment which was interrupted by thumping coming from the bathroom. Harry swallowed and walked over to the door. He paused briefly before pulling the door open and was greeted by Noah's bare ass as he thrust into someone bent over the bathroom sink. Their moans bounced loudly off the tiled walls and was frozen in shock as he tried to think who Noah could be fucking.

Noah looked up into the bathroom mirror and saw Harry's pale wide eyed face staring back at him, causing him to scream and pull away from his fuck buddy, giving Harry a clear view at the other man.

"Holy shit!" Harry screeched, covering his eyes with his hand.

"Harry it's not what it looks like." Noah stammered, tucking his cock back into his boxers while puling his jeans up.

"Holy shit." Severus snorted, finding much more humour in the situation then Harry did.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Harry screeched.

"Harry please stop yelling." Remus begged, poking his head over Noah's shoulder.


Harry was still in shock an hour later when they'd gotten back from the party. He was sitting in bed with barely enough brain function to remember how to breathe. If it hadn't been a habit formed over five years he wouldn't have had the presence of mind to kiss Colin softly on the head and whisper good night upon returning home.

Thankfully Severus had taken over when it came to getting Collin ready for bed, something quite easy as Collin was falling asleep on his feet after the excitement of the party. He was so out of it he didn't realize Severus was in the room until he spoke.

"Collin's asleep."


Severus sighed and stripped out of his clothes, leaving himself in only his boxers.

"Are you ok?" Severus asked quietly, not wanting to start Harry yelling again.

"Am I ok? Well let's see shall we? The man who has stood by my side throughout everything, the shit storm with my parents, that massive argument you and I had years ago, when we were going through all that trouble trying to find a surrogate for Collin, the closet thing I have to a father. I've just found out that that man is not only at the very least bisexual, but is also currently fucking my best friend!" Harry hissed, careful not to raise his voice and wake Collin.

Severus hid his wince by turning his back on Harry while he opened the chest of drawers a pulled out a pair of pyjama pants and a baggy shirt. "So that's a no?"

"Yeah Sev. That's a no." Harry answered, rolling his eyes.

Severus slipped into bed beside Harry and turned to face him, pushing a piece of hair behind Harry's ear.

"Why are you so angry about this? Shocked I understand, but why angry? Remus and Noah are both consenting adults."

"I'm angry because they lied to me! How many times have we been at Remus's for dinner and he's told us he's not seeing anyone? What about all those one night stands Noah is always telling me about? How many of them are even real? This is not just something they've neglected to mention. They have actively been lying to our faces and sneaking around! Neither of them trusted me enough to tell me and it hurts Sev!"

"Come on Harry. When we first started dating we lied to everyone." Severus reminded him, moving his thumb in soothing circles on Harry's cheek because he knew it would calm Harry down.

"That's different and you know it. We lied because if we would have told the truth, I would have been kicked out of school and you would have lost your job, more than likely before being thrown into prison."

Severus snorted and lay down on his back, pulling Harry with him. Harry settled down comfortably with his head and hand on Severus's chest, relaxing when Severus's strong arm circled his waist.

"It's a new relationship Harry, they were probably waiting to see if it was going anywhere before making an announcement."

"How do you know it's a new relationship?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"They were having sex over a bathroom sink in someone else's house while a child's birthday party was going on downstairs. That's the kind of shit people do when everything is new and exciting. Don't you remember what we used to be like? Look at us now. When's the last time we had sex that wasn't planned a week in advance?"

Harry laughed softly. Things had certainly changed over the years.

"You have a point. But what happens when it all falls apart? Everything will be so awkward."

"What makes you so sure they won't last?"

"Noah can't commit to a name for his goldfish, let alone a relationship." Harry bit back.

Severus said nothing for a moment, just played with the soft strands of Harry's hair. "No one thought we

would last. And yet here we are. Nine years later, married with a five year old son and happier then ever."

"So what should I do?"

"Support them. You know better than anyone what it feels like when people judge your relationship. Remus has always supported you in what you wanted, he supported our relationship when no one else did and now it's time for you to do the same for him."

"You're right. Of course you're right. I want Remus to be happy and I want Noah to be happy. Maybe they can make each other happy?"

"Do I still make you happy?" Severus asked, smiling softly at the top of Harry head.

Harry shuffled back and bent his neck so he could Severus's face. "Everyday."

Severus smiled and leaned down, capturing Harry in a passionate kiss. Their tongues duelled for dominance and Harry was just beginning to feel his cock twitch in interest as their kiss started to promise more when the door to the bedroom swung open.


They pulled apart quickly and any arousal went away in a puff of smoke as Collin's presence.

"Yeah honey?" Harry asked, his voice a little rougher than usual from Having Severus's tongue down his throat.

Collin looked down at his feet and twisted slightly on the spot, crushing his teddy hard against his chest.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Have another bad dream?" Harry asked, already knowing the answer before Collin nodded his head.

"Of course you can. Hop in." Harry rolled away from Severus and lifted up the blanket for Collin to get under.

Collin scrambled into the bed and climbed over Harry so he could be in between them, kneeing Harry in the kidney in the process. Collin made himself comfortable between them and they had to do their best to settle around him. He was asleep again in minutes and not for the first time they were glad he was such a good sleeper.

"Tomorrow we really need to explain to him the concept of knocking. Another twenty minutes and he would have walked in on something a lot more graphic then kissing." Severus grumbled quietly, causing Harry to giggle.

"Maybe we should just put a lock on the door?" he suggested.

"Both. A lock will be good while we train him."

"Train him? He's not a puppy."

"Are you sure? He used to pee on the carpet."

"Once. He did that once and that was because you let him crawl around the lounge room without a nappy on." Harry reminded him dryly.

Severus smirked but didn't reply and instead watched Collin with a thoughtful look spreading over his face.

"Is how you thought your life would turn out?"

"No." Harry lifted an arm up and ran his fingers through Severus hair. "This is much better."


Well there it is. Completed. I am so happy it is over and I don't have this story hanging over my head. Hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to review. Thank you all xxx