Through The Eyes of A Saiyan

Summary: What if something drastic happened that would forever change Vegeta's outlook on his family and life? Find out what Vegeta would do if something precious to him were taken away.

Written by Jennifer and Mandy

Author's Note: Here is the start of a whole new series of DBZ excitement! You will experience action, romance, humor, and you might want to have a box of tissues nearby. (just in case) ^_^ My sister and I have thrown in some Japanese vocabulary to jazz it up a bit. Please review or e-mail me and my sister to tell us if you liked it, loved it, or to just send some suggestions and/or request. ^_~ All right, without further ado, here is Through The Eyes of A Saiyan. Hope you enjoy! ^_^


Chapter 1 - The Story Begins

Vegeta walked out of the gravity room and towards the house, a little battle worn. He began to mumble to himself, "I've GOT to get some more advanced fighting droids than those weaklings." He went into the house and walked into the living room looking around, sighed a little and called out, "Woman??" Soon realizing she wasn't down there, he headed for their room and stretched his arms while walking up the stairs. "Where is that woman?", he asked out loud. He went down the hallway towards the master bedroom. "Woman where are you?!" he called. Vegeta sighed in frustration. He swung open the door to the bedroom and saw Bulma lying on her stomach on the bed, seeming to be completely absorbed in a soap opera. Bulma had her nose and mouth buried in a tissue with a tear-streaked face, staring at the TV. Vegeta crossed his arms and glared at her. Bulma didn't look over at Vegeta or even acknowledge that he was standing there which started to annoy him. "WOMAN!!!" Vegeta yelled.

Bulma jumped and almost fell off the bed in shock. She looked up at Vegeta in anger. "What the heck do you want?? You want to give me a heart attack?!!" she screamed back at him. She re-situated into an upright sitting position, leaning against the back of the bed as she wiped her face dry of the tears with another tissue.

Vegeta looked at her. "I need to talk to you about---" He stopped when he saw that Bulma was still watching the soap opera out of the corner of her eye. Vegeta growled and immediately blasted the television right off the table. "WOMAN LISTEN TO ME!!" he yelled with a voice filled with fury.

Bulma's eyes widened and her mouth fell open a little. She stared at where the TV was sitting just a few seconds ago. She jerked her head to Vegeta again. "Vegeta!!!! Why'd you do that?!! I wanted to know what happened, not to mention that that was an expensive television too!" she yelled with her arms crossed and glared at him angrily.

Vegeta glared back. "What I have to say to you is much more important than that baka television show!!"

"Well then what is it?" Bulma asked.

"You must to enhance the fighting capabilities on those baka droids. I beat them far too easily now." Vegeta replied.

"Nani?! That's it?!! You had to blow away the TV for THAT?!!! I can't believe you, Vegeta. You can be such a dork sometimes!" Bulma declared with a huff.

After fuming over their conversation a little longer, he continued, "Like I said. It's more important and you weren't listening to me! I don't see why you were so wrapped up in that ridiculous show anyway!" he shot back at her.

Bulma sighed. "Well you're buying us a new TV, mister! You got that?"

Vegeta just rolled his eyes and scowled.

"You know, I just upgraded the fighter droids not long ago." Bulma acknowledged.

Vegeta huffed a little and smirked. "Of course I know that, Bulma. They are far too weak for me now, though. I barely break a sweat training against them!" he complained.

"All right, all right. I'll work with them later. Now why don't you go and finish cleaning up, supper will be done in a couple of hours?" Bulma said, leaning her head back on the bed rest and closed her eyes for a moment.

Vegeta uncrossed his arms and held the ends of the towel, which was around his neck, letting his arms hang there. "Right.", he said simply and walked across the room towards the bathroom, grabbing some clothes out of the closet on the way.

He got into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

Bulma shot her eyes open and glared at the door in annoyance, then laid back on the bed, resting her head on her hands and closing her eyes.

Vegeta reached into the shower stall and pulled the knob outward, causing the water to burst through the nozzle. He stuck his hand in the water and mumbled to himself. He shook his hand dry and turned the knob slowly to the red H to warm the water up.

Vegeta lost himself in thought for a moment, not realizing he'd turned the knob all the way over on Hot. As he reached his hand back into the water to test the temperature while still in his state of deep thought, the realization hit him that the water was scorching. (Let it be known that Capsule Corporation has very good hot water heating. ^_~) Suddenly, his expression went from serious to extreme shock. His eyes widened considerably and his pupils shrunk. He jerked his hand back out in an instant, cursing himself for letting his guard down so. He curled his hand up into a fist and shut his eyes tight.

As Vegeta clutched his burning hand, he growled loudly. Then reaching over with his good right hand, he shut the shower off forcefully, breaking the knob off in the process. The loud sound that the knob made hitting the linoleum floor of the shower caused Bulma to sit straight up in a flash. She stared at the bathroom door. "What on Earth?!!" she exclaimed, bewildered.

Bulma got off the bed and quickly went over to the bathroom door, knocking a few times. "Vegeta??" she called through the door.

Vegeta yelled in reply, "NANI?!"

Bulma put her hand on the door. "What just happened? What was that loud noise I heard?

Vegeta was still holding his hand. The intense burning refused to subside. He jerked his head to face the door. "I just scalded my blasted hand in the water, Woman, so I decided to knock the shower knob off in the process of turning the water off!!"

Bulma closed her eyes for a moment and shook her head with a frown. After a sign, she swung open the door and looked at Vegeta holding his red left hand.

Vegeta looked up at her with his eyes narrowed in pain. "I didn't ask you to come in here! I'm just fine!" he snapped at her.

Bulma paid no attention to his harsh remarks and went over to him. "Oh hush, Vegeta. Now let me see your hand." she said calmly.

Vegeta growled. "I said I was fine! I don't need your sympathy, Woman!" He jerked his hand back away from her, tightening his grip without meaning to, which caused a shot of burning pain to rush through his hand and lower arm. He let out an annoyed growl and tried to relax his hand.

Bulma turned Vegeta around to face her by pulling on his shoulder. "Now let me see it, Vegeta. I can probably help. You're just going to make it worse if you don't let me do something about it. It's clearly a--"

"It is not a serious burn!" he argued, "This is nothing compared to what I've been through before. I can handle it myself!"

Bulma quickly raised her head to look into Vegeta's eyes. She noticed the fury within them and gave a small gasp, then decided to back off. But her pride wouldn't let him see the slight fear that his eyes had given her. She put her hands on her hips. "Well fine then! Go burn your whole body and see if I care! But don't expect any sympathy from ME when your hand starts blistering up!"

"Fine!! I won't!!" Vegeta barked.

Bulma turned around and stomped out the bathroom in a huff, slamming the door shut behind her.

Vegeta glared at the door for a minute before sighing angrily. He tried to recall where his bag of senzu beans was, and then remembered they were in the dresser. "Oh, right. I put them in there yesterday." he thought to himself and opened the door to the bathroom. He walked out and noticed Bulma lying on her stomach, on the bed, with her face turned away and half buried in the pillow. He just rolled his eyes and thought to himself, "Humans can be so over-emotional, it's pathetic.", and went to the dresser. He jerked open the top drawer and saw the small brown bag immediately. As he snatched it up with his right hand, shaking it a little, he noticed that there were not very many beans left, but still plenty. He fidgeted with the small drawstrings and opened it, reached in, and grabbed one of the tiny beans. He cinched the bag back up and tossed it in the drawer, closing it. On his way back to the bathroom he ate the bean. An instant after that, his left hand stopped burning and the redness went out of it. He didn't even look at it, or show any reaction. He then re-entered the bathroom and shut the door again. Slightly irritated that he had to eat one of his senzu beans, After replacing the knob enough to continue, Vegeta turned the shower back on. He slowly twisted the knob to the hot side, making sure he didn't space out again. While messing with the temperature, he muttered quietly to himself. "Good thing I had plenty of those beans left. I wouldn't have even taken one if there weren't." Finally getting it to a satisfactory temperature, Vegeta got undressed and stepped into the shower stall. He looked up into the hot streams of water and began to reflect back on his lifetime goal. He began talking to himself, his voice reverberating around the walls of the shower. "How much longer will it take? How much more training must I go through before I will be able to defeat you, Kakarott?"

Bulma heard Vegeta's voice and rolled over to face the bathroom door, propping herself up on her elbow. "Is that all he thinks about?" she sighed.

Vegeta clenched his teeth. "I have come so far! Become so powerful! And still you have proven to be better than me! What will it take to beat you?"

Bulma stared at the door. "Hmm…maybe I should talk with him. He seems pretty tense."

Vegeta lowered his head a little and looked down at the floor. "Why am I so weak? I am a Saiyan Prince!! I can't even beat a third class baka!! This is absurd!!"

Bulma talked quietly to herself, "I need to talk to him. He obviously has a lot on his mind. I don't know why he insists on taking this thing with Goku so personally." She leaned her head over and propped it on her hands.

Vegeta raised his clenched fist up in front of him and let out an angry sigh of frustration, "Father. If only you were here then Kakarott would be out of my hair forever! I would then be declared the strongest fighter in the universe! Just…" he lowered his head and sighed ", like you were. That's what I am supposed to become!! Not second to Kakarott!"

After finishing his shower, he reached over, turning off the water, then opened the stall door, letting out a cloud of steam, and was immediately chilled by the rush of cold air. In one swift motion he snatched the towel off the rack, then tied it around his waist and walked over to the mirror. He grabbed another towel from the closet and began rubbing his hair vigorously to absorb most of the water. When he looked back into the mirror, he scowled slightly at his appearance, then formed two small ki balls in his hands and finished drying his hair, after which, allowing the ki balls to dissipate. After looking into the mirror with a satisfied expression, he got dressed. Vegeta threw the towels in the corner and walked out of the bathroom.

Bulma looked up at Vegeta as he came out. "Is there something on your mind?"

Vegeta looked over at Bulma out of the corner of his eye for a moment, not realizing that she had heard his thoughts in the bathroom, before walking over and leaning on the dresser. "Nothing that I'm interested in talking with you about." he said, not making eye contact with her.

Having prepared herself for what she knew he was going to say, Bulma re- positioned herself and leaned against the back of the bed again. "Are you sure there's nothing that you want to tell me?"

Vegeta replied with irritation in his voice, "There isn't much to say. I have to increase my training. I must defeat Kakarott to be rightly named the strongest fighter in the universe!"

Bulma looked at Vegeta with a serious glance, "You know Vegeta, you don't have to be so hesitant with talking to me. I am concerned about you. It's not good for you to worry yourself to the breaking point about this thing with Goku." Bulma got up, and walked over behind Vegeta then began massaging his shoulders, hoping to calm him down a little.

Vegeta remained leaned over on the dresser yet relaxed with a slight sigh.

Bulma continued, "Look babe, don't worry about this so much. I'll be sure to increase the power level of the battle droids if it really means that much to you, but you have to keep in mind that you have other things to consider…like our children…who love you very much."

Vegeta angled his head down a little and looked at the floor in thought.

Suddenly, a five year-old girl came running in the door, "TOUSAN!!!!!" she squealed and jumped at Vegeta. Her two little pig tails were messed up from playing all afternoon, and a few blue strands of hair fell in her face.

Vegeta caught her on instinct, a little shocked from the sudden situation.

Bulma looked at her, "Careful Bra, your father is tired." She glanced at the door and then back at Bra, "Where's your niisan?"

Bra curled up in Vegeta's arms, while catching her breath, and pointed to the door "He's being mean to me!!!"

Down the hall they could hear Trunks laughing.

Vegeta shifted his attention up from Bra to the door and yelled, "Trunks! Get in here!"

Trunks then walked into the room, smiling sheepishly. "I didn't do anything!"

Vegeta looked at his 17 year-old son skeptically, "Then why is she screaming?"

Bra glanced up at Vegeta, "He was chasing me and tickling me, Tousan!!"

Trunks rubbed the back of his head and grinned, "I was just playing." He laughed nervously.

Vegeta set Bra down in front of him. She looked up at Trunks, "BAKA!!!" She ran over and kicked him hard in the shin then promptly ran away down the hall.

Trunks closed his eyes and produced a pained expression for a moment, then looked back up to meet Vegeta's stare. "Nani?"

Vegeta smirked, "She sure does have a fighter's spirit. I bet she grows up to be a great warrior, just like her father."

Trunks folded his hands behind his head and looked towards the door, "Yeah, tell me about it." Then he looked at Bulma, dropping his hands by his side, "Hey Kaasan, would it be ok if I went to Goten's house to stay the night?"

Bulma replied, "I don't mind, but ask your tousan."

Trunks looked over at Vegeta, "Dad?"

Vegeta looked at him, "You sure do go over there a lot. Have you been training as well?"

Trunks sighed a little, since he heard this all the time, "Of course, I train with Goten and Goku sometimes."

Vegeta scoffed, "Sometimes huh, and with Kakarott?"

Trunks replied, "Well, I do train in the gravity room also."

"All right," Vegeta complied, "it's fine with me. I just don't want to see you spend all your time over with Kakarott's boy rather than training here. You'll become too weak to fight at all."

"Don't worry, Tousan, I do plenty of training. Goku keeps us straight, believe me." Trunks laughed slightly.

Bulma glanced at Vegeta out of the corner of her eye, knowing what he was thinking at the moment, and hoped that he would keep his tongue.

Vegeta clenched his teeth a little trying to remain calm, "All right then. You can go."

Trunks smiled, "Arigatou!" and jetted out the door.