Keiichi groaned, it was five in the morning and someone was knocking loudly on the door. Very, very loudly, and shouting extremely loudly on top of that.

"Comon! OW! OPEN UP!" The voice was shouting, sounding very unhappy.

Keiichi groaned loudly again and sat up, sliding out of his bed and standing up half asleep as he opened his bedroom door and walked down the halls to the front door, where still more shouting and screaming were coming from.

"Comooo~oon someone open up please! I don't wanna get zapped again!" the voice said, sounding even more distressed. Now there were loud clanking and banging noises coming from the front door.

Keiichi opened the door to what looked like a god with a short buzz cut top black hair and a long ponytail descending to the ground, similar to Peorth's hair and green eyes, though his six symbols were shaped like orange gears. Two around his eyes, giving him the appearance of wearing goggles, two on his forehead and one on each of his cheeks giving him a very odd appearance. Behind him was an angel, also with black hair, but she had brown eyes, and her hair was long and flowing like Elegant Rose's hair, completely loose. Her body wrapped in white cloth in a fashion similar to that of Holybell, but without the expansion of the material around her upper arms, giving her the appearance of wearing a tube top along with the wrappings. The angel also appearing to be in pain along with him.

"Gaaah! MAKE IT STO~OOP!" he shouted looking at Keiichi, blinking confusedly as the angel and stranger twitched in pain. He initially looked unhappy, but the pain of a sudden zap to his face snapped him out of it and caused him to start shouting again. "Where's Madam Belldandy! Or Madam Urd! Hell! I'll take Madam Skuld at this point! Just someone make it sto~oop!"

All three of said goddesses appeared, Urd in her nightgown with her hands crackling with electricity, Skuld in full body pajamas holding many bombs and Belldandy in just her normal goddess outfit. She apparently had heard the shouts as well and instantly clothed herself. All but the latter looking tired and ready to kill.

"Why… the hell… is someone here knocking on the door?" Urd asked, the lightning growing in current as she said so.

"And being so loud about it? And what happened to Banpei! Why didn't he make you leave?" Skuld demanded, pulling her arm back and getting ready to throw a bomb or a few dozen at the intruder.

"I took the robot apar-OW! apart , he's lying all over the ground OW!" He half answered, half shouted.

"BANPEIS BEEN DISMANTLED?" Skuld ran out the door at this and her screams of misery and anger were heard by everyone as she observed Banpei's parts strewn all over the temple grounds.

"So, why are you here?" Urd asked, walking up to the stranger with a curious look on her face. "And why is your angel in pain?"

"She's not my angel, I'm not even a god or demon." The intruder half bawled "I'm just a maintenance golem! The Almighty had me helping her, but she can't have me as her owner, she needs a real owner, and not a temporary one like me." He bawled loudly. "We can't match souls anymore and it's kinda hurting like OW!...hell." he finished.

"Uhh, excuse me" Keiichi interrupted "But, what's a golem?"

"A golem is a nonliving being made out of a non living element or substance that can move, they usually have a master and a sigil on their body that turns them on and off." Urd answered. "They're basically free labor because they love to work and never want anything in return."

"Huh, that's convenient." Keiichi responded.

"The problem is." Belldandy cut in "To make a golem without being cruel to a person or making an inhuman body, which is against The Almighty's rules, we have to find a person who is going to die who is willing to be in eternal servitude. So there aren't that many of them around and they aren't usually able to support angels."

"Can we discuss this later and please just transfer her to someone else in the meantime?" The golem asked, his right arm convulsing as he said so, the angel's arm doing the same. The golems arm then turned into an exact copy of the angels arm, causing the golem's eyes to bugle in surprise.

"AHH! THE ADAPTATION PROGRAMS KICKING IN!" he shouted, flailing the arm around and around. "HELLP!" Belldandy began chanting a gentle song and the golems arm returned to its previous form, calming him down.

"Oh thank you Madam Belldandy" he said, bowing deeply, the angel mimicking his motion. "I think I should introduce myself formally though." He stood up, holding his right arm foreword, strange runes covering his arm. "The name is Dashioshimi Fukyuu, first rank golem, physical labor division; data storage sector seven, level five power restriction implemented at all times. But you can call me Dashio for short." He said, bowing gently to the group, excluding Skuld who was still repairing Banpei outside. Urd raised an eyebrow at his introduction.

"Level five power restriction? That puts you close to my power level." She said, a troubled look on her face.

"I suppose so… but I don't think I can do all the things you can do Madam Urd. You do kinda know a lot more spells than I do." He said, rubbing the back of his head. "I only know the really basic level 1 verbal spells and a few enhancement spells."

"Verbal spells?" Keiichi asked, he figured all the spells were verbal so why would this limit anyone's power?

"I suppose we never have had to explain this before." Urd said, pressing her fingers to her forehead. "Belldandy, you understand spell mechanics better than me, could you explain?"

"Yes Urd." Belldandy said, smiling at Keiichi. "There are two types of spells we can use, verbal spells, and spells that require a physical program illustration to use along with our voices."

"Oh! Like when we were putting Urd's two halves back together, Hild had to make that strange symbol on the ground." Keiichi said, shivering as he remembered all too well the lord of hell's first visit to their household.

"Yes, exactly Keiichi." Belldandy replied happily.

"So he's basically strong as Skuld with spells?" Keiichi asked, trying to grasp Dashio's power.

"A little stronger than Skuld." Urd said calmly, "But he has no elemental affinity, or any truly unique spells like my Depth Charge Descend or Lighting Blast. Nor is he supposed to have an angel. So the fact he as an angel means the Almighty must have had a unique situation to give him an angel."

"Well…I found her original guardian just before she died, a long time ago, before the doublet system was invented. So whoever attacked her didn't bother to make sure their job was finished. She explained the goddess deal to me and asked I make a wish before she died. She agreed and I made a simple wish." He said, smirking.

"Simple nothing" Urd said, glaring at Dashio. "I remember your wish, you're that idiot wished to take on her angel and help out with Heaven's system for all eternity. There were little to no regulations on wishes then so his wish had to be granted. No matter how unreasonable, much like yours Keiichi."

Keiichi nodded his head in understanding. Dashio's name did mean "unwilling immortal", so his position made sense as well with the wish.

"Hey! There was a girl in distress and the angel was gonna die! Nobody with a heart woulda let two people die! I would have saved the goddess if I had known and good healing spells back then!" he said, crossing his arms stubbornly. The angel patted his head gently, causing him to smile. "Thank you angel."

"So, you don't even know your angel's name?" Keiichi asked. Dashio bowed his head sadly, the angel again patting his head.

"It's not my fault my soul is my body. I can't try and understand her name because then we'd merge like you saw before." He grumbled unhappily. "It's not my fault at all." He looked very unhappy as his angel was patting him still. "Naming her would make her part of my soul, and my soul is my whole body, thus the merger program would kick in full swing and the consequences would be less than pleasant.

"So, you need to find a host for the angel who can actually keep her and know her name as well." Keiichi asked, smiling that, this time there was no glitch with Yggdrassil or his wish had been nullified again.

Dashio explained, "It's not like I am complaining about having her, she's a great companion to have and is a great friend. But I can't know her name and I have no energy to support her. I just borrowed power from Yggdrassil to support her. But, due to my programming to keep her, if I don't find her a host soon, I'll end up merging with her and transferring all my powers to her, without my restrictions. Also, stalling my programming to keep our wavelengths matched causes us both pain, as you have seen me in this whole time. Again, thank you Madam Belldandy for enhancing the system stall without causing pain."

"You're very welcome." Belldandy said, smiling at Dashio and the angel.

"So she'd basically be her own goddess and angel together." Urd commented. "But have no support so she'd die once she absorbed you."

"Yes, so we need to find her a host, and I had heard that there was a human here who could support and angel. So I hurried down here the moment I was told." Dashio said, turning towards Keiichi as he explained. "And since you're the only human here I'll assume it's you Mr. Morisato." He said, nodding at Keiichi, "So please tell me it's you!" He said, practically crying as he spoke. "Please please please!"

"O-ok! Yes I supported Cool Mint and Blue Lance for a while. B-but I hardly think that qualifies me to keep my own angel." Keiichi replied, looking embarrassed and waving his arms around wildly. "A-and Belldandy was supporting them indirectly anyway. So it really didn't count." He finished, not flailing his arms anymore.

"This angel is different. Since she has been living off of power from Yggdrassil and my own compassion, I think she could just feed off of your own natural energy, rather than the compassion of a goddess. Because of my wish, She was altered to live form human compassion rather than only a goddesses compassion. Of course you have to like her and be compassionate with her as well. So I guess she's really feeding off your compassion. And…what's it called down here? Calories I think?" Dashio said, scratching his head." So" he said, clapping his hands together, the angel mimicking his movement "You'll have to eat a lot of "calories" and then you're basically becoming a semi-god Keiichi Morisato, congrats."

Skuld walked in at that exact moment, heard Dashio's statement about Keiichi, then promptly screamed loud enough to cause everyone in the room to become temporarily deaf. Belldandy repaired hers and Keiichi's hearing, Urd took care of herself. Dashio seemed unaffected until he banged the side of his head and a small diamond came out, which Urd dived at.

"Diamonds? What kind of golem are you!" She asked, her eyes shining with happiness at the sight of a free diamond.

"Carbon, why?" Dashio asked, tilting his head to the side in confusion.

"Carbon makes diamonds when heated and put under pressure." Keiichi said, "Skuld's shriek probably gave the necessary pressure…though I have no clue where the heat could have come from." He said, looking pensive. "I'm guessing Urd is going to try and compress and superheat you." Dashio paled.

"B-but I have six different tasks to do when I get back! Those data files need to be moved soon!" he said, scooting towards Belldandy and Keiichi and away from Urd. Skuld meanwhile began banging Dashio on the head with her various tools.

"YOU CAN'T MAKE HIM A GOD! IT'S NOT FAIR! HE CAN'T JUST GET AN ANGEL LIKE THAT! IT'S NOT FAIR!" She shouted loudly. She had to work her butt off for Noble Scarlet to be with her. And she had to do it twice no less.

"That's enough Skuld!" Belldandy grabbed the tools Skuld was holding and gently placed them on the ground, sitting Skuld on her lap. "Mr. Dashio is only doing his job."

"But Big Sis." Skuld whined, still upset despite sitting on Belldandy's lap, which usually pacified her.

"Calm down Skuld sheesh, it's not like he'll be as powerful as you." Urd said, pocketing the diamond. "He knows absolutely no spells and I doubt he'll be able to do much for now, I mean last time he had an angel he practically fainted three times a day." She said, floating in her usually laying belly down position. "And besides, it's not like the Almighty would allow this without a good reason like Dashio said. That and the heavenly shares will increase if there is another angel and god… or angel and human pair in this case. And given Keiichi's kinda nature, he'll probably grant like three times the wishes a normal god does. So all in all, this is like a great business investment." Urd said, frowning slightly. "But if we don't know IF this angel can live with Keiichi, she'll have to travel from golem to golem until they can find her a proper goddess who can support her if she can't." Dashio nodded at this.

"Yes, I'm sure a valkyrie could easily support her, but I'd rather see her go to a proper host." Dashio said, a sorry look on his face. "That and she's more of a peaceful angel, not a fighting one. I rarely used her magic and only did so in small quantities to repair any damaged data or machines I came across that I couldn't fix myself." He said, smiling as he did so. "And I'm sure if she got to see your technology, I'm sure she'd love to tinker with it and build things with you Mr. Morisato."

"Really?" Keiichi asked. He was still hesitant about this, but if the angel actually did like machines like him, maybe her living inside him wouldn't be such a bad thing.

"Then let me take care of her!" Skuld loudly proclaimed. "She and Noble scarlet would get along very well then!" She was eager to prove she could be like Belldandy and support two angels at the same time.

" Oh pu-lease Skuld, You still have to learn advanced magic before you can even start to consider having a second angel that you need to support, and nobody else even has tried."

"Oh yeah? Big Sis did it!" Skuld said loudly.

"Yes, but that was under very special circumstances Skuld." Belldandy explained "And not everybody should be able to do what I did."

"You do have to remember that Belldandy is exceptionally powerful, even for a goddess." Urd cut in "And consider her license being unlimited and she also has next to no power restrictions so the fact she could even support a second angel speaks volumes for the amount of sheer magic it requires to support two angels. Even if this Angel is special, you already have one and don't need a second one Skuld. How would you feel if Belldandy had another little sister who was just like you? You wouldn't like it now would you?"

"No…"Skuld said, looking crestfallen. "I wouldn't be happy."

"Then Noble Scarlet probably wouldn't either, you have her and be happy with her." Urd said sternly.

"Hey, what's up with all the noise in here? It's the middle of the freakin' night don't you know that? Or are you goddesses too stupid to read a damn clock?" A scratchy, tired voice said, the door opening and revealing Mara in brown, ragged looking pajamas.

"A demon!" Dashio shouted, immediately standing and pulling back his fist. "A demon killed this angel's goddess, so I think it's only fair to return the favor by pounding the crap out of you and preventing you from hurting these goddesses since I can't kill you"

"Woah! Woah! What the hell?" Mara shouted, jumping back. "You offered to let me spend the night and you pull this kinda stunt on me? That's something I'd do!"

"They… offered to let you…a demon…stay here with them?" Dashio said, his fist still cocked back but his face less stern.

"Yes, Miss Mara needed some food after her part time manager job at the convenience store." Belldandy explained. "So I invited here for dinner and the offered her to stay the night, she agreed most enthusiastically when we offered her the spare bedroom." Her ever present smile on her face.

"Is she serious?" Dashio asked, looking at Keiichi, his face one of disbelief.

"Yes, she did." Keiichi said, his face one of irritation. "And despite that less than encouraging comment Mara just made, she'll probably do it again tomorrow."

"And if this freak is gonna be here I sure as hell won't take it!" Mara shouted. "What's going on anyway? First there was banging, then, there was screaming and then more freaking screaming! And now I'm being threatened by some freak! How's a demon supposed to sleep?" She shouted while flailing her arms in irritation

"I'm sorry Mara, but we didn't expect a guest either. And he's here to give Keiichi his own personal angel. Isn't that wonderful?" Belldandy asked, beaming brightly.

Mara stared blankly at Belldandy, then at Keiichi, then Urd, then Skuld, then at the still standing Dashio with the angel coming out of his back.

"Is…is she serious?" Mara asked, Keiichi.

"Yes…she's serious Mara." Keiichi replied, rubbing the back of his head and half grinning at Mara. Mara merely stared back at him, disbelief and shock written all over her face.

"Ya know what? I don't have time for this. I don't even care, This is a baaaaad dream I'm going to sleep off and wake up with Lady Hild breathing down my neck. Yeah, it's all just a bad dream." Mara mumbled as she returned to her room.

"Did…she just…ignore me?" Dashio asked, his left eye twitching slightly. "A demon…staying with three goddesses and a human…ignored a golem offering a human an angel as a bad dream… I've never been more insulted in my life!" he shouted.

"SHUT UP! YOU'RE A NOISY DREAM!" Mara's voice came from her room.

"He-Hey! What're you doing?" Keiichi shouted, causing everyone to turn and see the angel disappear into his back just before they could react.

"A-angel" Dashio said, sounding sad. "You left without goodbye." The angel suddenly appeared and smiled, waving goodbye to Dashio as she reentered Keiichi.

"Well, it seems she has agreed to be inside your body, so my duty here is done." Dashio said, looking slightly saddened, but a little happy as well. "I hope you can give her a proper name soon. Because if not." The air suddenly became very heavy in the room "I'll be sure to come and force you to find her a proper host, even if it takes all of eternity." With that Dashio, with a wicked grin upon his face, vanished from the room.

"Well, now that this is all settled I think we should all go back to bed." Urd said, floating towards the door, until a loud thump was heard behind her where Keiichi was sitting.