"We should probably head to the open market after this, I'm pretty sure they'll have something we need as well." Keiichi said, stopping before they entered the grocery store.

"I doubt it, this brand of stores is well known for being stocked full of things most people don't think of, so I doubt there will be anything else you'll need." Sayoko replied, knowing the company because she'd had to have lunch with its CEO's son once. He constantly went on about how well stocked his father's stores were and that all the other companies were begging his father to buy them out. She was pretty sure he was exaggerating, but she'd looked into the company before and found that they were indeed a very stable and profitable business. That and they were very well stocked, they had multiple company owned farms, rice fields, and a few overseas farms in various countries to get their imports fresh and easily.

"Oh, well, if you're sure Sayoko." Keiichi said, far be it from him to argue about business knowledge against Sayoko, who would know these things much better than he.

The grocery store was fairly busy, but there weren't too many people wandering around the store. Keiichi and Belldandy were going to the store rather than the open market they'd usually go to because they were going to buy much more than usual. Keiichi and Belldandy each grabbed a cart, Sayoko shrugged and grabbed one as well, figuring they could use all the help they could get. She'd watched a catering service employee running around getting food before and knew that if she didn't help, both Keiichi and Belldandy would have very full carts. Albeit she wasn't helping the catering employee at the time anyway then, but she figured it couldn't be that hard.

"We should get some vegetables first Keiichi." Belldandy said, their usual grocery list did include a lot of different vegetables to begin with, but Mara had requested some other vegetables that Belldandy knew were considered foreign in Japan, especially a small town like Nekomi.

It took about an hour of shopping, and three rather full grocery carts later when everyone left the grocery store, Keiichi, Belldandy, Yukiko, and Holybell each carrying a large amount of grocery bags on their arms. Sayoko had a few bags as well, but not as many as the others as they walked back to Keiichi's Beamer.

"Geez, you guys could feed an army with this much food."Sayoko said, counting well over forty very full, and in some cases, double bagged, grocery bags between the five of them.

"Well, we do have a lot of guests, and we have to try and make this food last at least two weeks before we get our next paychecks." Keiichi said.

Sayoko sighed and shook her head.

"And how do you plan on getting all this food back to your house before it goes bad?" She asked "some of this meat and these vegetable have to be kept frozen or they'll go bad."

"Ah…ya know I didn't really think of that." Keiichi answered, hanging his head a bit.

"Oh for goodness sake." Sayoko sighed as well. Her car could probably fit all of the groceries inside it without too much difficulty.

"Might I suggest that Mistress and I use our Dimensional Slide to go back home and put the groceries away? It seems like that would be much simpler than trying to have Mr. Morisato drive everything there and back in one trip on his motorcycle." Holybell offered before Sayoko could offer them to use her car. "It will be the quickest way to get there and back and then we will not have to wait long to return and possibly miss Wasp of the Blue Lance if she finishes her shopping early."

"Yeah! That'll be really convenient." Keiichi smiled at Holybell, who smiled back.

"Though given how many groceries we have, perhaps we should take Yukiko with us so we will have an extra hand."

"Oh, I can just shrink the groceries down so we will only need to two of us Holybell." Belldandy said, She wouldn't mind going by herself, but she did not want to risk there being a side effect of being so far from Holybell in case there was a demon attacking the temple, even with the Grigori Rings on. She figured that Wasp of the Blue Lance probably was alright because Welsper was a cat and therefore sleeping and not actively using his energy, so Wasp of the Blue Lance would have plenty of energy to use. But if she and Holybell were using spells and separated, she feared the loss of that much energy and the distance may have a side effect that Skuld had not taken into account.

"Oh, very well then Mistress." Holybell nodded her head, understanding her mistress' thought process due to their link.

When they got to Keiichi's bike, Everyone handed their bag to Belldandy, who shrunk them so that they all fit in her hands.

"We will come back as quickly as we can." Belldandy said, smiling at Keiichi as she and Holybell looked around quickly to make sure nobody could see them, then the disappeared into Keiichi's driver side rearview mirror.

"I swear, I will never get used to all this magic stuff." Sayoko said, looking at Keiichi's mirror, expecting to see some sort of gadget to explain what just happened.

"It takes some getting used to, but after a while, you hardly notice it, trust me." Keiichi replied, chuckling a bit.

"Um, Master?" Yukiko tapped Keiichi's shoulder lightly.

"Yeah, what's up Yukiko?"

"How will we find out what object we can use the Dimensional Slide through?" Yukiko , since she did not remember her past mistress, or her powers, she couldn't remember what she could slide through. Given that she and Keiichi had proven compatible in everything else, it was unlikely that they would be unable to use the Dimension Slide spell, but figuring out what they can use it to travel through was an entirely different story.

"Uhh… well, I guess we'll have to ask Belldandy when she gets back." Keiichi said after thinking for a moment. He hadn't honestly thought that much about that spell, he was pretty content riding his bike everywhere that he needed to go, that and it made sure he didn't risk exposing the goddesses' powers and his new powers.

"Wait, you can do that too?" Sayoko asked, stunned. She hadn't expected Keiichi to be able to do everything that Belldandy could, maybe a good amount of the things, but she didn't think he was as powerful as her right off the bat.

"Probably, but I don't really know how. I kinda have to learn everything from Belldandy, Lind, and Peorth." Keiichi explained. "I only know four spells right now, so I can't exactly do too much."

"Well what can you do?" Sayoko asked, curious about how "powerful" Keiichi was. Keiichi looked around again, making sure nobody was nearby and might overhear him.

"I can make things levitate, I can make a wall of wind, I can make a wind blade, and I can disenchant a few things." He explained, describing the spells he could do.

"Well that certainly isn't much." Sayoko replied, unimpressed.

"I just started learning this stuff. Yukiko here knows a lot more spells than I do." Keiichi smiled and nodded towards Yukiko, who nodded her head as well.

"And what can you do?" Sayoko asked, turning to face Yukiko.

"I know the most powerful version of each spell in existence." Yukiko aid, it would have taken her far longer to explain each spell as her master had.

"Wait, so you've got all the best spells at your disposal." Sayoko pointed to Yukiko.

"Yes." Yukiko replied.

"And you don't use them because?" Sayoko gave Yukiko and Keiichi both questioning looks.

"Well it takes energy to use the spells, and since this is kinda new to me, I can't use the spells because I don't know how to control them, and it'd make me pass out." Keiichi explained. "Lind is training me so that I can use more advanced spells without hurting myself."

"Can't you just buy energy drinks or something?" Sayoko asked, she knew plenty of students who drank them for the energy, surely Keiichi could use them.

"Huh, ya know I never thought of that." Keiichi said, looking pensive for a minute. "I guess that could work, but we should ask Belldandy and Lind before we try anything."

"You know you can do things on your own Keiichi, they're not your parents." Sayoko said, groaning slightly.

"Yeah, but given the circumstances, I doubt I should be experimenting on my own." Keiichi smiled a bit. "But I 'm really new at this and if I screw something up, I don't exactly know what would happen to Yukiko or myself. I wouldn't mind if it just made me feel a bit sick, because I could just wait till I get better, but I don't know what to really do if something bad happens to Yukiko because of it. So I'll stay on the safe side for now." Yukiko smiled brightly at Keiichi's words. He was more concerned for her safety than his own ability to gain power.

Sayoko groaned again. Honestly there was no real point in arguing with him about this. That's just how Keiichi was when it came to these kinds of things.

"So uhh, what kinda classes have you been taking lately?" Keiichi figured Sayoko could possibly be taking nothing but business classes.

"Besides my business classes, a few accounting, psychology and communication courses as well." Sayoko replied, reaching into her purse and pulling out a very sophisticated looking calculator. "I had to buy this just so I could keep up with all the numbers and formulas I have to learn." She continued as she handed Keiichi the calculator. He looked at it for a few moments, realizing quickly that it had far more buttons that he'd ever used on a calculator before, some of them even having three functions per button.

"That's kinda scary Sayoko." Keiichi could do all of the calculations he needed with a pretty simple calculator and a few dozen good formulas.

"You're telling me I mean look at this!" Sayoko grabbed that calculator from Keiichi's hands and pressed a few buttons, pulling up a screen of text and formulas. "I've been writing my formulas in my calculator so I have them all there when I'm doing homework."

"Ohh, wow!" Keiichi hadn't seen a calculator that actually let you save text before, let alone the long list of formula's Sayoko was showing him. "Tamiya and Otaki mentioned seeing one of these before. They're supposed to be really useful."

"Oh it is, but it's annoying if you forget one little thing, the whole equation gets screwed up." Sayoko sighed and turned the calculator off before putting it away. "But I've been meaning to ask, what do you exactly do for training?"

"Um, mostly just cast the spells over and over. Lind gave me this." Keiichi unclipped his training orb from his side and held it out, offering it to Sayoko. "It's a training orb. It can tell you what spells you use on it and how efficiently you do them."

"Huh." Sayoko said, staring at the orb a bit before poking it gently" it doesn't look like anything more than a big glass ball."

"Yeah, but I don't really know how to work it, nor can I read any of the words that pop up on it so I need Belldandy or Lind to tell me what it's saying."

"It sounds like an awful lot of your training has to be supervised one way or another." Sayoko said, noticing that, no matter what, Keiichi needed that Lind woman or Belldandy with him in order to do much of anything.

"Well yeah, I mean this isn't exactly something I can call someone to get advice on." Sayoko twitched as Keiichi said that. He did have a point, much to her dismay. Whether she liked it or not, he had to be with them to train, and there wasn't much she could do to help him with his training. "Why are you so curious about this Sayoko?"

"Oh I figured you'd need some help with this, like most new and challenging things you try. But it seems I'm not in much of a position to help you." She admitted, sounding a bit defeated.

"That's not true, Lind did say she was going to have me do some physical exercise as well, you said you've done gymnastics and jazz before, maybe you can help me with that." Keiichi figured Lind would have a routine for him planned out already, but Sayoko was in good shape and she was much more likely to have a routine he could handle than Lind, who probably had some sort of superhuman training in stall for him.

"I suppose I could try and keep you in shape, I mean I do know a thing or two about making a workout program myself." Sayoko had taken a few life fitness/ life health courses during her time at Nekomi Tech, so she did know what she was talking about. "I'm sure I can come up with something for you Keiichi."

"Thanks Sayoko." Keiichi smiled as he thanked her, Yukiko smiled as well.

"Anytime" Sayoko said without thinking about it a tall. She paused for a bit after saying it, that had been the first time she genuinely didn't mind helping someone else, even if it inconvenienced her, or at least offering to help them without it furthering her own goals. She hated to admit it, but it was a nice feeling.

"Hello there everyone, sorry we took so long." Belldandy said from in front of Keiichi, Yukiko and Sayoko, Holybell by her side.

"Where did you come from?" Sayoko asked, she hadn't seen Keiichi's bike mirror glow like she had expected.

"Mistress and I thought it a bit more ideal to appear in the bathrooms of the grocery store. It made it much less likely that we would be seen by anyone.

"That was a pretty good idea Belldandy." Keiichi said, smiling at Belldandy. She usually would just appear out of his bike mirror, but he was glad she'd been more cautious this time.

"Shall we go fetch Miss Wasp of the Blue Lance?" Belldandy asked as she smiled back at Keiichi.

"Yeah, I hope she's not in the middle of shopping or anything." Keiichi said, as the group started to walk towards the clothing stores of Nekomi's downtown area.

Much to everyone's surprise, they found Wasp of the Blue Lance in a very expensive looking store, though that wasn't what surprised them, what surprised them was that Ayoshima was with her and buying her outfits.

"There you go, thank you for your transaction. Please have a good day" The cashier said as she rang up the twenty different outfits that the rather attractive, rich man had bought for the girl standing next to him.

"We will madam." Ayoshima said, feeling that he had just cemented himself a very pleasant night with this new girl, who only called herself Wasp.

"Indeed we will~" Wasp of the Blue Lance said, internally cackling and jumping for joy. Initially, she was just going to make money and pay for her clothes, stealing them would've been a hassle she didn't feel like putting up with. Then this rich schmuck had come up and offered to buy the clothes for her, and she was more than happy to take him up on his offer. She did know who he was, and that he was definitely not being altruistic. But it didn't really bother her that much, she could teleport away at a moment's notice with the clothes and he'd be unable to stop her. She heard the shop bell ring as she grabbed the bags of clothes and beamed when she saw her Former Masters with their angels. She wasn't particularly concerned that Sayoko was with them, because Sayoko wasn't exactly her problem.

"Hi Mr. Keiichi!" Wasp of the Blue Lance said, deciding not to address him as "Former Master" While others who didn't know about when she was an angel were present. She walked over to him and hugged his arm happily, feeling some joy when she watched Ayoshima's face fall a bit.

"Morisato? What are you doing here?"Ayoshima asked loudly, causing the cashier to raise an eyebrow.

"We're here to pick up –"

"Me!" Wasp of the Blue Lance said, interrupting Keiichi's introduction. She leaned in and whispered "He just knows my name as Wasp" to Keiichi, though Belldandy could hear her was well. Then she turned back to Ayoshima "I'm living with Mr. Keiichi for now. He's a very close friend of mine." She said teasingly, almost reveling in the look of shock on Ayoshima's face and that Keiichi's face was reddening a bit.

"You're living with him?"Ayoshima said, finding it hard to believe that Keiichi was having so many beautiful women in his house. "Do your parent's know about this?"

"Well my dad does and he's not too happy about it." She said, grinning as she referred to Welsper as her "dad" and he indeed wasn't too overjoyed that Keiichi was there. "But my mom is alright with it." She concluded, counting Belldandy as her "mother".

"I do not mean to interrupt, but we should get going, Miss Lind will be awaiting our return and we shouldn't keep her waiting." Yukiko said, tapping Keiichi on his back.

"Oh yeah! We really should get going." Keiichi said, laughing somewhat awkwardly as he knew this situation was only going to get worse before it got better.

"Indeed, we need to get back to your bike Keiichi." Holybell said, nodding her head. "Though I suppose some of us will have to ride back with Miss Mishima." Sayoko shrugged at this.

"I suppose I can give some of you a ride." Sayoko replied, spinning her car keys around her finger. "I'm headed up to Keiichi's house anyway, so it is no big deal."

"Why are you going to his house?" Ayoshima yelled, this was not right, Morisato had five women with him, including his cousin. He was not ok with this, it was something only he should be able to do.

"Because Keiichi is my friend." Sayoko replied in a completely flat tone at Ayoshima. "…duh. Comon guys, we need to get back don't we?" She didn't have anything against her cousin, but she knew he was only going to make this whole thing a pain if they stayed around too much longer.

"Alright Sayoko." Keiichi said as the group turned around and headed back towards Keiichi's motorcycle. Ayoshima stood there, still stunned at what he had just seen.

"I think Mistress and Yukiko should ride with Mr. Keiichi." Holybell suggested, she did want to have some words with Miss Mishima and Wasp of The Blue Lance.

"I want to go with Former Master Morisato and Former Mistress Belldandy." Wasp of the Blue Lance liked riding on the motorcycle. She had inherited some of Keiichi's traits while she was inside him, and his love of riding was one of them.

"No, I'm definitely with her on this one." Sayoko said, pointing to Holybell with her thumb. "Knowing my cousin he may follow us, so it's best if the people who have to stick together do so." Sayoko looked back and did indeed see Ayoshima's coat tail vanish into a shop corner. She hadn't expected him to take this situation lightly, but he was being more than a bit childish about it. "Belldandy and Yukiko will go with Keiichi, You and Holybell come with me." She said, sounding more like a queen ordering her newest subjects around. "Follow me, we'll head to my car first, then you three," She pointed t Keiichi, Belldandy and Yukiko "can do that dimensions slip thing through my rearview mirror."

"It's Dimensional Slide." Belldandy corrected, "And, we'll have to make sure that Mr. Ayoshima can't see us going into your mirror though." She believed that she and Holybell would be close enough that, if anything happened, they could find each other very quickly without the need of a spell. So this temporary separation would be alright.

"I can just use a spell on him to make him stop moving ya know." Wasp of the Blue Lance said, Welsper knew a spell that could freeze time for a few moments in a very specified area, she imagined if she froze time around Ayoshima, nothing bad would happen except he would see them vanish around a corner.

"Knowing my cousin, that'd only make him more suspicious of us if we suddenly vanished into thin air or he got hit by lightning, and he knows Keiichi's address anyway, it's not like he couldn't find you anyway." Sayoko was beginning to understand that keeping this secret was a rather large pain for her, she could hardly understand how Keiichi did it all the time, especially previously when she was dogging his footsteps as well. "Besides, I have an idea of how to distract him, you three just focus on getting back to Keiichi's bike and leaving ASAP."

"Oh alright." Wasp of the Blue Lance said, sighing in defeat. "But if he does anything funny, I'm zapping him."

"Oh great, she's acting like Urd." Keiichi thought, as they rounded to corner to where Sayoko parked her car. Sayoko hung back and stood at the edge of the corner, out of Ayoshima's sight until he came around the corner himself.

"You two, stand close to Keiichi and Belldandy so that the obnoxious glow that spell emits doesn't give you away." Sayoko leaned against the wall, looking like she was causally waiting for someone. "If anyone asked, we can just say the sun hit my mirror and caused a glare."

"Alright, see you at the temple then Sayoko." Keiichi smiled at her and quickly headed towards her car, Yukiko and Belldandy right behind him, Holybell and Wasp of the Blue Lance close behind as well.

"Thank you very much Miss Sayoko!" Belldandy said, bowing quickly as she followed Keiichi.

As Ayoshima rounded the corner, Sayoko stood in front of him, chuckling slightly.

"Are you really so desperate that you're going to try and follow them all around town? Really, it's quite pathetic."

Ayoshima stopped himself before he ran into Sayoko.

"How are you not bothered by the fact Morisato has so many women surrounding him?" Ayoshima shouted, very confused by his cousin's actions. "This isn't exactly normal!"

"Because one of them is his cousin and the other is Belldandy's cousin." Sayoko lied, "I actually asked who they were before I jumped to conclusions." She gave her cousin a look that said "you really should know better by now".

"Then what're you doing hanging out with Morisato then?"

"I'm allowed to hang out with my friends you know." She replied huffily.

"Right, so where did they get off to?"Ayoshima looked over Sayoko's shoulder, seeing only Wasp of the Blue Lance and Holybell Standing next to Sayoko's car. Sayoko turned and acted surprised not to see them as well.

"Huh, guess they just went around the back of the buildings." She mumbled loud enough for her cousin to hear. He took the opportunity of her having her back to him to run past her and look around the corners, not being able to see either Keiichi, Belldandy, or the mysterious Black-haired girl, he hung his head in defeat and groaned.

"Well, if you've finished playing around, I have places to be." Sayoko said as she walked by Ayoshima and towards her car.

"Comon, we have to catch up to Former Master quickly" Wasp of the Blue Lance said, tapping her foot as she waited for Sayoko to unlock her car.

"I know, I know, geez." Sayoko said, electronically unlocking her doors so they could get in before she got to the car. Both and Holybell and Wasp of the Blue Lance got into the car and buckled their seatbelts, not because they felt they needed them, but they knew that it was easier to just go along with what humans usually did. Sayoko got in quickly as well, determined to get onto the road and out of her cousin's sight as soon as possible. She could see him still adamantly looking around for Keiichi, Belldandy, and Yukiko. She rolled her eyes and started her car and pulled out of the parking lot and headed onto the main road.

"Now that we're alone, I'd like to discuss something with you two." Holybell said form the back seat, her gentle hands reaching up and gripping Sayoko and Wasp of the Blue Lance's shoulders a bit tightly, her nails oddly tinted a bit purple.

"Hey! I'm trying to drive here!" Sayoko was irritated by Holybell's grip and trying the brush her hand off, but only finding that it tightened when she struggled against it.

"Ow! He what's the big…ide…" Wasp of the Blue Lance's voice trailed off as she turned to glare at Holybell, realizing that Holybell's eyes also had a slightly purple tint to them.

A few minutes later, Sayoko pulled up behind Keiichi, Belldandy and Yukiko on the road towards the temple, it helped that there was only really one way to get to the temple once one leave downtown Nekomi. When they arrived at the temple and got off Keiichi's bike, Keiichi Belldandy and Yukiko noticed that Sayoko and Wasp of the Blue Lance both looked thoroughly shaken when they stepped out of Sayoko's car, while Holybell looked rather happy.

"Are you two alright?" Keiichi asked, worried that something had happened to them while they were in the car.

"I'm fine, just a bit…startled, Sayoko almost hit another car on the way here right?" She said, her voice somewhat panicked as she glared at Holybell, who continued to smile.

"Yes, that's definitely what happened!" Sayoko said, shouting the last word, also shooting Holybell a dirty look. Holybell ignored them both and stood next to Belldandy, her expression still the same.

"Well…if you say so." Keiichi said, shrugging and figuring he probably shouldn't worry about it that much.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to return." All of them looked down to see Welsper staring at them, his tail moving back and forth.

"Hello Master, how're you doing?" Wasp of the Blue Lance asked, walking over to Welsper and petting him gently, eliciting a purr form the black furred demon.

"Rrrrrrr~ I was beginning to wonder why it was taking you so long…daughter." He had known about her little comment earlier to Ayoshima, and, while he found it amusing, he wasn't too keen on her calling him that too much.

"Oh I just met a "generous" person is all." Wasp of the Blue Lance replied, showing Welsper the many bag with outfits stuffed into them. "He bought me all these nice things~."

"hmm, regardless, Morisato." Welsper turned his attention to Keiichi, who jumped a bit. " The Valkyrie requested that I assist you in your training today, though I'm not quite sure how I can be of use, I will have my demon take my place, until then, I'm going to take a nap." Welsper said, walking away calmly towards the plum tree, where he curled up in a ball.

"Well…ok then."Keiichi said, not quite sure how Wasp of the Blue Lance or Welsper would be helping him, if he needed someone to teach him demonic programming, he had figured Mara would be the first person to ask.

"d-did that cat just talk?" Sayoko, who had been standing dumbfounded, shouted a look of total shock on her face.

"Yes, Welsper is a demon researching earth cats, we let him lie with us because he doesn't cause any problems and he is Wasp of the Blue Lance's host." Belldandy explained, Keiichi mad ea mental note to tell Sayoko what the real situation with Welsper was sometime.

"A demon…researching cats?" Sayoko stood there pondering what on earth a demon could want with cats.

"We should go find Miss Lind Master." Yukiko said, tapping Keiichi's shoulder. "Whatever training she will be having us do must be something different than what she had us do before if we are having assistance from Miss Wasp of the Blue Lance."

"I'm sure it's very important training indeed." Belldandy agreed, she had not been informed of the need for a demon or devil for training, so she was also left in the dark about Lind's new training method.

"Well let's go find her already, I'm not quite sure what I'm in for here, but I bet it'll be it'll be interesting to say the least." Sayoko personally wondered if it took them this long to do this all the time.

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I admit I ended up using Sayoko as the voice of "what if" a lot in this chapter, this was to explain why certain things will and will not work, like the energy drink example above. This is because, to any normal person who knows about Keiichi's secret (I.E. you guys, you clever bastards who make me have to think more and tie up any loose ends.), there are some things he could do that seem painfully obvious to us, but not to him because he is being dependant on Lind, Belldandy, and Peorth's advice and guidance.

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