Not Now

Maybe we were moving too fast. I think we were moving too fast. I wasn't complaining, and because I was in control, to say that I really much liked this position right now was a statement. But really, we were moving too fast and I just wanted things to slow down, just for a little bit at least. I know that I've been waiting for this to happen. I also know that she was waiting for this to happen too, judging by her eagerness as she pulled our bodies closer. She was impatient, and I didn't want to make her wait…yet, I just felt like that this wasn't the time. So instead of giving into our lust and temptation, I pulled away slowly, and detangled my body from hers. It was like she was drunk, because she refused to let me go, which had made me giggle as she finally realized that I was pulling away when her eyes popped open, and giving me the slightest of a pout.

"Bella, what's wrong?"

Should I tell her that we were just moving a little bit too fast? Well, I didn't want this relationship to be full of secrets…Wait, were we in a relationship? This was just too confusing right now, because we couldn't possibly say one date, and having our temptation and lust took over to call this whole wonderful experience a relationship. Before we could do anything further than to just cuddle and kissing, I wanted to make sure that she was mine to begin with.

"Nothing," I murmured as I finally detangled myself from her. I slipped off of the bed and went to retrieve my clothes, which were scattering about the floor. Well, we were actually in a haste to get rid of the obstacles at least. I grabbed onto my shirt, and put it on before turning to her to see that she had a hurtful look. I sighed and shook my head. "It's not you, it's not us, it's…nothing. I just feel like we're going just a bit too fast."

I turned back to look for the rest of my clothing. I retrieved my underwear and put it back on. I've found my pants right afterward, and quickly pulled it on before I heard Alice clearing her throat. I turned to her, and she was looking away from me with a flushed face. I giggled at the sight, but that wasn't when my eyes raked over her nude body when I realized that she was still pretty much naked. I gulped quietly at the sight of her beautiful, goddess-like body being revealed before my eyes. If I hadn't stopped our 'activity' then, then I wouldn't be able to see her in all of her naked glory.

"I suppose we are going too fast." She let out a sigh, and moved off the bed to retrieve her clothes from the floor. I didn't say anything, since her body had taken all of the words that I wanted to respond to that little comment right now.

She didn't say anything, just went to retrieve her clothes and putting it back on her body. When she was done, and probably realized that I had been staring at her the entire time, she turned and raised an eyebrow at me, accompanying by a knowing smirk. I quickly turned away, already feeling embarrassed for having caught looking at her like that. My heart was pounding into my ears, and that was the only sound that I could hear because I didn't hear Alice making her way over, and wrapping her arms around my waist to pull me close to her.

"Liking what you see?" She asked with a hint of flirtatiousness in her tone. I felt my body wanted to give into what we were doing earlier, but I refused to let it happen. I didn't want to move that fast, and onto the next stage when we were both still trying to get pass what had happen, even though it might look like a bonus.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked, and I know that she was frowning because I had changed the subject. I turned to her and looked down at her frowning face. I giggled and lowered my head down to place a soft kiss on her head, and rested my forehead against hers.

"Sure." She sighed out in contentment, and lowered one of her hand from my waist to entwine our hands together. I smiled at this, and locker my eyes with her gorgeous emerald eyes. I didn't know why I was feeling nervous about what her answer to the question that I was going to pop out. I mean, she pretty much accepted my request of being on a date with me, and we nearly went further than just a simple…make-out session. So why did I get all nervous to even ask her if she wanted to be with me, for the rest of her life?

"Umm, would you…will you…" I tried so hard not to trail off, because it was just getting ridiculous for me not even forming one single 'Will you be my girlfriend?' question.

Maybe you're just ridiculous. Great, now even I was talking to myself. No, you're having an argument with yourself, now say something because I bet that she's thinking that you're an idiot.

I snapped out of my own little mind, and focused back on Alice. Of course, my mind was right – like it always was. She was looking at me, expecting me to finish the question that I was babbling on until I went all quiet on her. I took down a big gulp, and she looked rather amused at my nervous. Oh, she knew what I was going to ask her, and she found this amusing to watch? I was so going to get her…one of these days!

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I blurted the question out, no doubt just wanted to get this done and over with. I closed my eyes then, not because I feared that she was going to reject me – even though that was part of it, it was because I didn't want to look into her eyes when she rejected me, or was about to.

"Bella, look at me, please." She pleaded softly, and I opened one eye. She frowned at my half attempt, so I smiled sheepishly at her while opening the other one. Then she beamed at me, and I could feel her bouncing on the tip of her toes. It was then that I figured out her answer, and I couldn't help but beaming down at her, but restrained myself from letting loose.

"Yes! Yes! A million yes!" She squealed, and I chuckled at her. I know that it would take her pretty long to calm down from her little high. So I moved my hands to her waist and secured her into place. I could still feel her body bopping up and down though, and I couldn't help but giggle at her beautiful, beaming face.

"You've just made my night." I smiled down at her, and she grinned up at me. Really, I could gaze at her forever and would never get tired of it, but I had a better idea than that. I lowered my face down to capture her lips. I felt her smile into it before kissing me back. Our lips moved against each other in a gentle dance, before I pulled back and rested my head on hers with a content sigh.

"Girls! You better be sleeping or else!"

Both of us jumped at Charlie's voice booming down across the hall. Well, I jumped and Alice let out a little shriek which I thought was absolutely adorable. I blinked before busting out into a laugh, which Alice followed soon after. It wasn't long until we heard footsteps approaching towards my room, but we were just too lost in our laughter to even care. A minute later, my door was being flung open, no doubt that I didn't even hear Charlie knocking on the door because I was drowning in Alice's musical laugh.

"Girls, you got to keep it down. There are people trying to sleep, you know." He folded his arms and frowned at us. Alice stopped laughing upon seeing him frown. I guess he could look intimidating if he wanted to be. For me, however, I didn't even stop. Moreover, I laughed even harder and his frown got deeper. "Bella."

I stopped, or tried to, laughing at his tone. When he pulled that tone on me, I knew that I would be in trouble if I didn't stop. So I looked at him with amused eyes, and he scoffed. "We'll try to keep our laughing down, sorry dad."

"You better. I need to get up early tomorrow. Alexia wanted me to pick up a VIP."

Alexia, Alexia, why did that name sound so familiar? Oh right, she was Charlie's boss, and if she required his assistance by contacting him in person, then this mission ought to be important. I just nodded at him, and said my goodnight before he turned and left the room. When the door was shut, Alice turned to me with a confused look. I smiled and shook my head at her.

"Alexia is his boss. I've only seen her couple of times. She has a son, and…" I trailed off when she raised an eyebrow at me. She crossed her arms afterward when I moved back on the bed and flopped myself down on it. I looked over at her with amused expression, and her face broke out into a small frown.

"And what? Is he your ex?" She asked, and I could take out the jealousy in her tone. I giggled – quietly – and her frown deepened. She was indeed jealous.

"Oh Alice, you look so cute when you're jealous." I grabbed a pillow and let out my laugh into it, letting the pillow muffling it. Her frown turned into a pout, and she quietly stormed over and tackled me down on the bed.

"You're so mean!" She whined, just a little too loud as she sat up with a deeper pout.

"Girls!" Charlie shouted from down the hall, and I couldn't help but sink my face deeper into the pillow. Even though tonight didn't turn out like I thought it would, it was still going to be in my memory. In a moment like this, it would be a waste to let it pass by without remembering in the future. Okay, that wasn't it, I just wanted to keep all of my moments with Alice in my memory. I just wanted to remember every single moment with her, the bad and the good.

The End


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