Hello to everybody that read Parenting Class: 101.

I have decided to rewrite this story! It's pretty awfully written. I wrote it when I was about twelve so of course it's bad!

There are going to be MAJOR rewrites. There are going to be different relationships, but the story will remain Hermione/Draco centered. Children will be renamed. The plot is going to be changed a lot, but it will still be fluffy. It's not going to be all fluffy though.

Basically I am rewriting the whole thing, but the point of the story is that everybody goes back for their eighth year at Hogwarts and they raise some kids.

The story isn't going to be revolved around Draco and Hermione's romantic relationship either. I can't really say much but I am in the process of rewriting the first chapter so expect that to be up within the next few days.

Parenting Class will remain on fanfiction though, so no worries!

See you in a few,