Chapter 1- Invitations

PPOV (Poppy's)

I sat their and stared at my ring in what seemed like hours. Five years it has been, five years of a blissful marriage. It was a day full of love, the day I married my one and true love, Freddie Kingsley. We met in Abbey Mount, a place I once loathed. I just wanted to get kicked out but later on my plans changed and we sort of snapped. The same year my father sent me to that school for my attitude. He was right, it did change my life. I appreciate him for that.

Nobody knew about our marriage in Abbey Mount, only Freddie's mother knew about us. I'm so happy that she accepted our love. They still think that I broke up with Freddy. Nope, I still love him, my love for him never changed. We dated for about five years and we've decided that we were meant for each other. He was the one for me and I was the one for him. None months after the wedding I gave birth to our first born, a boy, we named him Edward. He got is father's looks and I loved him nevertheless. From the moment I saw him I knew that the girl destined for him is a lucky girl.

When I thought nothing could get any better, I started feeling a little bit nauseous and started vomitting. It started a few weeks ago. I later missed my period and immediately went to the doctor's. They confirmed that I was a little bit near 3 months in my pregnancy. So today I was gonna tell them. During the first pregnancy, Freddie and I found out the same time, but now here I was afraid of what my son's reaction is this time. Now, I was alone in our house because Freddie thinks I need to relax a little bit and they went to watch a soccer game. Those were my boys. They loved sports. They said they'll be back by 5, so they'll be here any minute.

"Mommy! We're here!" Edward shouted. Man, he even sounds like his father [AN: Yummy, the English accent...HMMMM...]. "I'll be there in a minute!" I replied. As I changed. I think some things will never change.

FPOV [Freddie]

"Edward , don't run you might fall," I told my 4-year-old son, Edwatd. He was so much like his mother. He acts the way his mother, so stubborn. That's why I loved her. She was my skies. I loved every little bit of her. When I'm around her it's like the whole world doesn't matter.

"Mommy! We're here!" He shouted to Poppy. "I'll be there in a minute!" She shouted back. "Edward, go to the dining hall, I'm just checking something," I said to him and he went straightly to the dining hall. I went out to check the mailbox. I checked it everyday. Being a lawyer was no easy job, you get to have cases everyday. I checked it one by one- case, case, bill and one particular envelope that caught me offguard. It was a letter from Abbey Mount. I think this is for Poppy. I hid it under my coat so I could surprise her later on.

I ran to the dining hall only to see that Poppy and Edward were already seated on their places. I sat on mine and we said our thanksgiving. As we were eating, I tried to make conversation with Poppy.

"So, do you still have connections to Kiki, Kate, Drippy and Jossie?" I asked her. "Actually, when we went to college here in America, I've never heard from then since then," she said truthfully. "Wow, I thought they knew about us getting married and having Edward," I told her. Edward looked at us and asked,"who are those, daddy? And why did you say my name?" He asked. "They're just some old friends of mommy," said Poppy. Edward continued eating but nevertheless kept listening to us. He was a smart guy, he'll never stop asking not unless we answer him back.

I started getting the letter out of my pocket when Poppy asked, "so, how was work?" "It was okay, won another case." I told her smiling. "Good, with that Mr. Bentley guy?" She asked, "Yeah, I just found a loophole," I said, smiling. "Oh, honey, good job for you!" She told me going. She's always so caring.

I got the letter out before she could get to another topic and I showed it llike it was a paycheck. She widened her eyes. "NOWAY! OH MY GOSH!" She said, surprise wasn't hidden in her face. She was rather shocked. "GIVE ME THAT," she repeated as she went near me. I just stood up and extended my arms upward. Edward was laughing he loved it when Poppy and I act like kids. Some things never did change for the two of us. I shuckled softly while she was trying to get the letter. "FREDDIE KINGSLEY! Give me that paper!" She's been lightheaded these past few days for some reason. I think it's that fever she has. She's been acting strangely.

I gave it to her and we read it together. It stated:

Dear Poppy Moore,

It has been eight years since you graduated the Abbey Mount Boarding School. Eight years have passed since you got to know your friends. Now, it's time to get to know them again, in a reunion party. It's going to be in the Abbey Mount halls. The same place where we had a dress ball [Remember the party where Harriet waas Kierra Knightly? Yeah, that's the place]. It will be on February 15, 2020.


Cherry Abbott

Abbey Mount Head Master

I remember the first time Poppy and I met, I was taking a deep in my bath tub when she walked in unsuspectingly. I chuckled softly. I remembered those exact words I used. "Well, Moore Poppy Moore," I recalled. I never did regret not giving her a second chance. It was the second best thing I have ever done. When I looked at Edward, he seemed to look confused and tired.


I was supposed to ask who this Cherry was but I heard him laugh. He was recalling the past. When he looked up, I asked him," Who is this Cherry Abbott?" I asked my husband. He said "Matron," he replied.

I remember the first time I saw her. I gave her all the wet clothers for washing and even gave her a hindred dollars to buy herself some new clothes. I started to chuckle but Freddie nudged me and that made me look up.

"Looks like someone is ought to go to bed," I said. Freddie carried him up to his room and I gave him a bath. I let him change into his pyjamas before we tucked him in while Freddie picked a book for him to read. This time it was about the "Three Little Pigs." He read it to Edward and Edward fell asleep. He stood up and stared at Edward. I went back to our room while I let him stare at our son.


If this was just a dream I wouldn't want to wake up and since it's reality I never want to sleep. When Edward was born I promised that I would never miss an event in his life. I would be there for the first day of school and the first time he gets a girl and even be there for him when he gets married.

I also promised myself the one thing I never got, a sibling. I was an only child. The premature death of my father was the main reason. He died when I was young. It was an accident that took him away from me and my mom. I never want him to experience the same loneliness I have experienced before. Tonight, I would urge Poppy to try for a baby once again.

I went back to our room and once I got to the door I started with a,"Hey Mrs. Kingsley," as I enetered the room smiling seductively. She was already in bed reading a book. She saw me and I laughed. I started to take my top off and once I got in bed she went near me. We kissed passionately. In between kisses I told her that,"Poppy, don't you think Edward needs something?" She replied, "He has a lot of toys to play with and a lot of stuff, what else does he need?" She asked. "Something that I never had," I told her. I tried to remove her night gown.

"I don't think we have to wait for lng though," she told me with the happiness found in her eyes. "When did you find out?" I asked her. "Yesterday," She told me. I carried her. This was the best news I've ever heard. Edward was going to be a big brother! He was going to have a little sister or brother. I kissed her passionately.

"How far along are you?" I asked her. "Almost three months," she answered.

"Are we still going to the reunion?" I asked her. "Of course, I just need to get an approval from my doctor to travel, besides we're only going to stay there for two weeks and we're getting Edward too," she told me.

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