:::Onyxia Halve's:::…

Chapter One

Previously on Onyxia Halve's:

"Baka-kun.." She whispered softly to herself as she leaned her head on his should, while he wisped his arm around her shoulders.

"I love you too, nothing is going to stop us of having our own little family, you, me and Naruto…" Minato assured his wife and he pecked her head…

Oh…How wrong he was…

:::~((Six Year's Later))~:::...

Six year old Naruto was excited, he was currently sprinting as fast as his tiny legs could make him go towards the southern gates of Konoha, his home village.

'Not that I call it home anyways, all the people are mean to me…' Naruto thought dejectedly to himself before brightening up as he felt the soft 'THUMP' of a certain necklace around his neck tapping his chest as it bounced on and off it.

'Mizore-chan must be waiting for me! She always said that she disliked waiting, I can't make her wait up!' Was Naruto's thought as he started running faster and faster, while wrapping one tiny fist around his necklace that was under his white dirty and tattered shirt.

As he drew closer towards the exit of Konoha his train of thoughts suddenly started taking a different turn.

It had been six years since the attack of the Kyuubi No Kitsune, who was defeated by the strong and fearless Minato Namikaze, the 4th Hokage. Six years since Naruto was born…Six years since he lost his parents…

'Oji-san keeps on saying that they would never have abandoned me, he keeps on saying they died protecting me and the village on the night the Kyuubi attacked…But what if they just abandoned me and hated me like everyone else?' Naruto thought to himself as he continued to follow down the earth and leaf covered path towards the Forest of Konoha.

But on the Brightside of things, he would soon be starting the Ninja Academy so that he could become strong and then stronger and then stronger then stronger! If that was even possible?

Goals in life? Well he didn't really have any at his age, the only things he had to look forward to every morning that he woke up was; eating Ramen,a visit from Oji-san, and a talk with Mizore-chan!

If he really thought about it his main goal at the moment was making Mizore-chan happy! He absolutely loved watching her adorably cute face lightening up into a smile! Even thou sometimes her eyes had that thing about them…he didn't know what that thing was that he saw in her eyes each time he laughed or smiled, maybe pity? Because he rarely smiled all of his smiles were fake apart from when he was smiling at Mizore-chan!

Mizore-chan meant a lot to him…She was his only friend, and she was defiantly his best friend ever! He always felt proud of himself when he made her smile and always got funny feelings in his stomach…As if butterfly's were fluttering in his belly…

And of course Tsuarara, or was Naruto liked to call her 'Obaa-chan' which always made him get a good yell at for poor respect and blah blah blah, as if a six year old brat would really pay attention at what a so called 'old bat' would say.

She was a great person, always making sure Naruto was okay and asking him questions and consoling him…Ect

Both Tsurara, Mizore and the Old Man were the best people ever!

As Naruto got to his clearing within the woods that surrounded Konoha, he took his place leaning against a tree that left a bigger area of shade around said clearing.

As Naruto got himself comfortable against the Tree, he felt around his neck till he felt the tell tale feeling of metal around his neck, hooking his little fingers around the metal wire of sorts and lifting it up so that the object that was hiding underneath his shirt became visible.

The 'Necklace' around Naruto's neck was quite…Unique and Epic…

The chain was a deep midnight black and it was quite long and thin, not thick like most common Necklace's that Naruto would see people wearing, At the end of the Necklace where sometimes there would be some sort of object such as a star or tooth or something, Naruto had…A ball? It was a glass see threw ball, it looked and felt quite fragile, surrounding the ball was two black hoops with purple 'glowing' inscriptions in some sort of old language Naruto didn't understand nor could he read, said hoops were connected to the chain making the Ball seemingly float without any need of support..

Before Naruto could continue and examine his Necklace that he had since the day he could remember, it started glowing a rich deep black before it became a light glowing purple…Then came a pretty face of a Six year old Mizore Shirayuki.

"Naruto-kun! You made me wait…Didn't you want to see me?" Mizore's little soft and quite voice swelled out of the Necklace and around Naruto making him hear her just fine and well.

" No Mizore-chan!, I err.. Got lost on the road of thoughts?" Naruto offered his lame partially true excuse to the teary eyed girl.

Seven miles away, a man could be seen leaning against a sigh post while reading some art…I mean smut, he suddenly sneezed thus covering his face mask with mucus.

"It better be some hot chick that's thinking about me or eles I got all this snot on my face for nothing worth while…" the Silver haired man threatened to…Himself?

Back with Naruto

Naruto was still currently talking to Mizore threw the orb that was hanging from his Necklace as he bathed in the sunlight threw the clearing laughing and joking and telling her stories of his pranks.

Naruto was so deep in his conversation that he never noticed the yellow and black slitted eyes of the person who was watching him from a safe distance...

'Interesting…He looks exactly like that Teme of a student from my Baka teammate…The one who stole my rightful place as 4th Hokage!…Maybe I may extract my revenge..By turning his very own offspring by training him to destroy his very own home, the home his very own father died to protect?' The person all but hissed within his own thoughts as he let out a snake like tongue in and out of his pale lips before pulling it back in its rightful place.

'You will be mine Naruto-kun, mine to train and use…'