Two outta Three

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Roger fell back on his bed with a heavy oof as Dorothy began removing his shoes.

In a slurred voice, attributed to how much wine he'd had with dinner, Roger asked, "Am I doing the right thing?"

"If by 'right thing' you were referring to drinking heavily and moping, then no Roger I don't believe you are," the android replied. Only someone who knew her would have noticed the slight disapproval in her tone beyond the words spoken.

"I meant in fighting against the forces determined to retrieve the lost memories despite what it costs those around them," he grumbled good naturedly, recognizing her acerbic wit and gentle chiding for what they were, even as he sat up so she could remove his shirt.

"The cost in lives would be too high if that were to occur Roger." Her eyes covertly swept his form, committing the image to long term memory.

"And the cost in lives from the battle wasn't?" he asked, his shoulders slumped as if carrying the weight of the world.

"There have been no civilian casualties in any of your battles Roger." Her inhuman speed and dexterity were put to work in removing his belt without alerting him to its disappearance.

Roger blinked at her numbly. "None? We've destroyed city blocks! How can we cause such massive amounts of property damage without any injuries?" It was a testament to his level of shock that Dorothy's undoing of his fly went unnoticed.

* * *

Dorothy III paused in her work as she felt Dorothy II's thoughts brush against hers. Sensing no impending crises she resumed her work as the main switchboard operator for Paradigm City's phone system.

* * *

"As I understand it, Paradigm City has an excellent early warning system in place. The moment a megadeuce is spotted that area of the dome is evacuated." Dorothy helped Roger to his feet, letting his pants fall to the floor.

"So I've only destroyed possessions and not lives?" Roger asked hopefully, as Dorothy pulled his feet out of his pants.

"That is correct, Roger. The only ones who risk injury are those who choose to involve themselves in battle. The only lasting change is that of the older sections of the city being upgraded as they are rebuilt," she replied comfortingly, even as one of her hands crept towards the waistband of his black silk boxers.

Roger's hand caught hers and clutched it to him. "So the guilt I'm feeling?"

"Completely unwarranted," she assured him, grateful that androids had much greater control over their automatic responses than humans did. Blushing may have given away her objective after all.

Roger collapsed back onto the bed with a smile on his face. All of the tension and worry seemed to have melted out of him.

Dorothy reached for his boxers once more, only to be interrupted by a loud snore.

If she was human she would have sighed. Instead she tucked him into bed and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Good night Shinj … Roger," she whispered, her crimson eyes softening.

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