Doctor Who
At The End Of Time

From the outset I never wanted to re-write successful shows. That's why I write crossovers, they can never happen in the shows cannon so they are the ultimate in "what ifs" and, in it's defence, I loved scenes from End Of Time. Tennent's final moment was heart wrenching. The final act, as a final goodbye for his Doctor, worked beautifully.

So why am I doing this? Why am I opening myself up to flames and rewriting one of the most important moments in Doctor Who history? Because it's one of the most important points, because I feel that as good as RTD is with characters and setting up these big moments he always lets us down with the climax. The fact is, in the end, the story just doesn't live up to it's hype. There's just so much padding in the End of Time, pointless space battles, cameos that aren't needed, plot points that have no relevance to anything. You could fit the actual plot in a thimble.

Another problem I have with his writing is his homage's, or out right stealing as I think of it, from other shows and films. Sure when he does try to come up with original ideas we get the Raxacoracalfalabatorians ( I just broke my spell check), but Doctor Who has more than forty five years of villains and monsters. If you can't invent one there's a bit of a back catalogue other than Daleks and Cybermen. You don't need to steal from Stargate (a "Gate Room" where they talk of "Ascending" to pure energy), Star Wars (the set for the high council of Time Lords is lifted from the senate in III and the gun turrets from the Tie Fighter attack in IV) and god only knows what else.

This brings us to the problem. End Of Time didn't feel epic. All the bits bolted onto the main plot to expand it, hide the fact but in the end it's one action that undoes everything and restores the status quo, again. For example did we need the Vinvoochi and their spaceship? It has no impact on the story what so ever and was added for the laser and missile bit, that made no sense to me. The only point of the Doctors Mother (yes that was who the mysterious Time lady was supposed to be) was to get Wilf to bring the gun. It wasn't needed, Wilf could have just been prudent and carried it anyway. For that matter neither was the gun, the Doctor could have thrown his shoe at it! Why did the Doctor need to jump out a space ship and fall through the glass roof? What use was that?

So with this re-write I'm carving some of the more pointless bits out and leaving other plot ideas more of a chance to breath. By others I mean the Time Lords, the Time War and a few other little things.


The End of Time was written by Russell T. Davis for BBC Wales. I don't own anything here and it's written as an alternative ending the Tenth Doctor. All characters are owned by the BBC.


Donna sighed as she put her bag down and hung her coat up. 'I'm back,' She shouted, looking at the clock. She was late, must have missed tea. 'I had coffee with Shaun.' She found her mother and Gramps in the kitchen, washing up after tea.

'Again? That's the third time this week' Gramps nudged Donna's mother with a smirk as he dried a plate.

She was still up to her elbows in washing up. 'There's some leftovers in the oven. Won't take more than a moment to heat them up.' she said.

Donna shook her head. 'Don't have time, meeting Nerys and the gang at the pub at quarter past. I had a butty in the canteen and I'll finish it off when I get back.'

Gramps tried to hide it but both he and her mother flinched. Donna knew why, she wasn't thick. She had lost three months, and about a year before that was spotty. Gone, completely and they knew what it was. To Donna it was like someone had reached into her head and pulled out.

That was just how Donna felt, she couldn't explain it any better. Since then she just hadn't felt like herself. She drank less for a start, back in the day she wouldn't have been back before one and fallen asleep on the sofa. Thanking god that she didn't have work that day. Now she was probably going to call it a night early. Every time she tried to be more like herself the less it felt.

Something had happened and she was going to find out what, even if it killed her. 'I'd better get ready.' Donna said and headed upstairs.

Quickly getting changed she sat at her dresser and caught a look at her reflection. The woman looking back didn't seem like her. If it was who she should be or who she was Donna couldn't tell. She looked the reflection in the eye, 'Who are you? What happened and who am I?' Donna hissed before sitting back.

The moment was gone and she wondered if she really was going mad. Putting it to one side she opened her jewellery box. Pulling out a necklace she couldn't help but look inside

There it was, her other problem. She knew it was connected but something else. While her missing months were important they didn't feel dangerous. This did. It was wrong. She couldn't even bring herself to touch it it was so wrong, but like a broken tooth she couldn't help thinking about it. It was a heavy silver ring. Expensive and ugly with an oversized pattern on it. It must have cost her a lot, even though it wasn't her taste. Nothing that wrong to her would be.

Looking at it the temptation just to reach out, to feel it's weight on her finger, grew. Snapping the lid down Donna pushed the whole box to the other side of the dresser and stood up.

Leaving her room Donna made sure her door was shut firm and locked.

Outside she waited, watching. How his gift had found itself here was a mystery. Then the red haired woman left. It would be easy to kill her, but dealing with what happened next would take a lot to arrange. This wasn't America, a sudden disappearance would be noticed almost immediately. It might have taken a while but eventually the police would get to the bottom of it.

Arranging a distraction or someone to take the blame would require effort. The use of contacts and influence they couldn't afford, not if they were to continue Saxon's great work. Raising humanity to conquer the stars would take power.

No, far easier would be to simply liberate it as planned. She turned to the other three followers with 'Miss Trefusis, Miss Williams go in through the back.' The two wardens pulled their masks down and left. They had prepared extensively, the old man and other woman wouldn't be able to recognise them.

'Miss Watkins, we will enter the front.' She told her compatriot 'and search downstairs.'

'Yes Governess.'

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