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A/N: Wrote this for something else, and found it didn't fit. I still liked it, and decided to post this bit of nonsense anyway. And it is a bit of nonsense, no arguing that at all.

I am Illyria, God-King of the Primordium. I am strong, eternal; I am an Old One.

I ruled this land from my temple until I was murdered by my rivals, and I was returned by my High Priest, my Qwa Ha Xahn. I took over the body of a human, of filth, and was later stripped of much of my power, but I was still strong. I fought the Senior Partners, and we won, even if my realm was consigned to Hell. I lost my humanity, and got it back when the Senior Partners decided to rewind time and pull Los Angeles out of Hell.

I am an Old One, I am strong, I am eternal.

Now, if only someone would tell me what 'ay caramba' meant, and could give me a reason to slay these yellow-skinned, four-fingered vermin.