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I've been on Fanfiction for a while now reading stories but this is my first time actually publishing a story. I've read a lot of Paul stories on here but when I was unsatisfied (aka I had specific criteria which was a way to tell myself I needed to write a story haha) I decided to sit down and start this. This is just a little intro, a little sneak peak. Hope you enjoy it!

Skate To The Moon

I felt the ice beneath my feet. I felt it glide underneath me as I slowly moved my foot. All traction gone, I pulled my arms in tightly, preparing myself for the jump I was about to perform.

Swinging my leg around, I closed my eyes quickly before leaping in the air, feeling my whole body become weightless. Twisting my body twice, I gracefully came into my landing, feeling all my weight land on my left foot, my right foot straight out behind me.

This was my life, my world. Ice skating, the thing I did with all my heart and soul. Up until now, ice skating had been all I knew. Little did I know this was all about to change.


"Higher Chris! Lift her higher!" our trainer, Andre, yelled from the side of the rink. Chris raised his arm up higher, grumbling something that sounded a lot like "I'd like to see you lift her old man." I tried to hold in my chuckle as I focused on keeping my weight level in Chris' hand. He currently had me above his head and one false move from me could send us both falling. "Higher!" Andre shouted again and I felt Chris' arm begin to shake.

"No Chris no!" I shouted as I felt his arm bend. As if in slow motion, I felt myself begin to fall. We both went down hard, sliding across the ice.

"Damn it!" Chris shouted after we came to a stop. Scrambling to his feet, he offered me his hand and pulled me up. Then we both skated over to where Andre was frowning.

"I can tell we need to build your upper body strength more than I thought Chris. I want you in the gym doing weights for an hour after we finish here," Andre said and Chris scowled, nodding.

At 17 years old, Chris and I are two of the top couples figure skaters in the US. We've traveled to competitions around the world, working together to win medal after medal, title after title. This has been my life since I can remember.

When I was 15, my coach told my parents he could no longer teach me any more than I already knew. He recommended I switch to a more advanced coach, giving me the name and number of Andre Rondasinni, one of the top skating coaches in the world. Singles, couples, he did them all.

"She cannot do singles anymore," my coach had told my parents. "She is getting too old, her body type is changing. Try her in couples. More tricks, she'll enjoy it."

After calling Andre, my parents picked up our life and moved us across country, 2500 miles. At the time, my little brother Tyler was eleven and my sister Natalie was five. Mom was a nurse at the local hospital and dad was a science teacher at the local high school, coaching the school's hockey team on the side. That's how my parents met. Mom used to figure skate, Dad used to play hockey. I personally thought their story was extremely romantic.

Upon our move to Quillayute, Washington, I met with Andre who did an assessment before pairing me with Chris. For the past two years we have been working and training together. Our next big competition would be Nationals at the beginning of the year.

"I want you both to do three perfect triple sow cows on your own; then Natasha you're free to go. Chris, I want to see you in the weight room in no less than twenty minutes," Andre said before turning and walking back to his office. I turned to Chris and put my hands on my hips.

"I bet my sow cows go higher than yours," I said with a grin. He returned my smile before we both took off on the ice.

Ta-Da!!!! Next chapter will be about Paul! The way I've split this up is that one chapter will be in Natasha's P.O.V., then one chapter will be in 3rd person about Paul. It'll switch back and forth between two and the chapters will overlap slightly so you can get both of their reactions to different parts. Hope you enjoy it!!! Remember to review!!