Summary: Bella and Jasper have been best friends since they met when he was 11 and she was 10. Bella begins to fall in love with Jasper but he doesn't seem to notice her. She moves to Forks and they meet Alice who joins their little group as does Edward who is Jasper's cousin. Unable to see things clearly chances go by and people get hurt. When Jasper takes an interest in Alice and they start dating will Bella be able to stand back and watch or will Edward fight and convince her he's the one for her? Will she find the strength to save herself and let go before it's too late?

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Runaway Love

Chapter 1

I've always been a shy person. The kind that would sit at the back of the class with her head down, walk around alone and blend into the background. So quiet that you forget they were even there. That was until I met him. Jasper Whitlock. Best friend extraordinaire. We had an odd friendship yet one filled with so much trust it was unbelievable.

It all began one day in August, I had been visiting Charlie like I had done every summer for two weeks, since my mother and him divorced when I was a baby. Thiers had been a whirlwind romance fresh out of high school, pregnant with his kid, Renee felt trapped in Forks and eventually she escaped. Taking me along for the ride.

We were on our way to the Grocery store as Charlie had no food in the house. I was in the drinks part of the store when I slipped on some liquid and fell into someone sending them flying to the ground as well. We landed in a heap on the floor and when I tried to stand up I fell back on the stranger who was trying to stand up as well sending us back to the ground. I'm not surprised after all me and the ground are practically best friends with the amount of time I spend lying on it.

I heard a grunting sound and soon I was looking at a pair of legs. The stranger had gotten up and put their hand out for me. I grabbed it and the person pulled me up. I stumbled but managed to steady myself. My cheeks had turned a bright red that I'm sure was permanent; I was staring at my feet like they were the most interesting ever.

My head shot up when I heard a low chuckling and I stared wide eyed at the stranger. He had honey blond hair that fell in curls all round his head and as he continued chuckling a piece of hair fell in front of his face and he opened his eyes. I was instantly captivated. They were a deep blue almost green colour that reminded me of the ocean. Not the Atlantic Ocean that people liked to go scuba diving in, no, but the Pacific Ocean that was deeper than you can imagine.

He kept looking at me like he was staring into my soul before I turned my head unable to stay under his stare anymore. Then I heard him.

"Hi. I'm Jasper Whitlock. It's nice to meet you" his voice was like velvet and he had a southern drawl that I'm sure no woman could resist.

I looked back at him and saw he was waiting for me to reply.

"I'm Bella...." which was all I could get out before Charlie called my name and I had to leave.

I turned to leave but as I was walking away I heard a whispered 'Bella...' that voice haunted my dreams that night.


That wasn't the last time I saw Jasper. It turns out Charlie usually goes round their house for Sunday brunch, but this time he invited them round to ours after asking me to cook. I didn't know that it was Jasper coming round because all he said was that a Peter and Charlotte were coming round with their son. So imagine my surprise when I open the door - wearing a vintage blue dress– to see Jasper on the other side. I could tell he wasn't as surprised to see me as I was to see him. Luckily Charlie came to my rescue before I could do anything to embarrass myself.

All in all the brunch was a success though it was awkward to begin with. The parents exchanged greetings but I just stood off to the side, well I did until Charlie pushed me forward and introduced me. I was then swept up into a hug by Charlotte. She was gorgeous and looked like a model. She had waist long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, Peter on the other hand was dark haired with emerald green eyes.

I could see where Jasper got his looks from he was the perfect blend of the two of them he had his mothers calm aura and smiling eyes whereas he had his fathers strong jaw, height and crooked smile. His eyes and hair were a mix of the two and it would be hard to deny that he was their child.

After the introductions were made Charlie and I led them towards our dining table. I could feel eyes on me but restrained myself from looking back. I had already laid out the food all that was left was to serve it. It was a traditional Sunday brunch with all the trimmings.

As we ate Charlotte took it upon her to ask me questions the first one being 'Is your dress vintage' that led us onto a whole conversation about where we can find the best types of dresses where we got these ones. The guys were happily carrying out a conversation on baseball and fishing, soon after that Charlotte got involved and I was left silent until I felt a tap on my leg. I was confused until I looked up and saw Jasper smiling at me; his eyes looked like they'd been lit up by the sun and I was momentarily transfixed on the cute little scar he had at the top of his right eye.

He mouthed 'Do you want to go outside and talk' so we did. We talked and talked about anything and everything. I don't know how long we were out there it could have been minutes or hours for all I cared. Time had absolutely no meaning to me. I was lost in the sea of his eyes, mesmerised by the wistful tone of his voice as he talked about his hometown in Texas.

All in all I found out he was 11, was born on the 17th of February, was starting Middle school in September, his favourite colours greens and he can play guitar as well as a bunch of other stuff.

They stayed until the end of the baseball game then they left. I spent everyday after that hanging out with Jasper, then on my last day, right before Charlie drove me to the airport we promised to be best friends forever and we exchanged emails and numbers. He gave me his guitar his prized possession, he told me that he wanted me to know he was serious about our friendship. So I gave him my ring. It had an inscription in Chinese on it and though I didn't know what it meant it was important that I gave it to him. Grandma Swan had given it to me when I was 7 years old when Charlie and I had gone to see her in the retirement home she was living in. She gave it to me and told me that when I felt it was right I should let it to. I didn't understand at first and told her I was confused.

She smiled and said I would one day, she told me and Charlie she loved us and we said it back to her and in that moment I truly believed those words. I wasn't just saying it to be politely but because it was really true. We promised to come pick her up the next day for a lunch date. Early next morning I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs, Charlie was there as well so he made us both hot chocolate with marshmallows –one of the only things he can make- and we sat waiting for them to cool.

The phone started to ring and I answered it the conversation went like this:

Me: "Hello, who is this?"

Caller: "Good morning this is Doctor North from Seattle General hospital, I apologise for calling you so early but I have some bad news for you"

By now I had put the phone on loud speaker.

Me: "What do you mean?"

Doctor North: "I'm sorry to say this but...Mrs Anita Swan is dead"

That was all I heard before I was swept under by the darkness.

I awoke to a frantic Charlie and several other faces. At first the faces were a blur but soon I recognised some guys I had met when Charlie and I had visited La Push. I couldn't believe that Grandma was dead, she couldn't be. I had just seen her less than 24 hours ago. She was healthy, strong, fit and didn't take crap from anyone she couldn't be dead, but as I met Charlie's silent gaze, I got all the confirmation I needed and my body was soon enveloped in wave upon wave of sadness. Tears streaked down my face in long lines.

My body was shaking and I felt cold despite the room being so warm. I shivered and my teeth started chattering. Then I heard it. The scream was ear piercing and loud. It was like a high pitched shrieking sound and reminded me of nails on a chalkboard.

When Charlie put his arm round me the sound got louder and he moved away. That was when I realised who was making it, me. My sobs got louder and I struggled to breathe. In the background I heard someone say they should move me to my room and then I was being carried. I had never been particularly close to my grandmother, probably because of how often Renee and I moved round, but I tried to get in touch whenever I could.

Someone placed me on the bed and held my hand and eventually I wore myself out and succumbed to the darkness that was my sleep. Still I did not find relief. I was plagued with memories of her, of running to her but being unable to reach her no matter how fast I went.

The funeral was a blur. I cried and I read a poem out about her. Charlie said a few words as well but for the life of me I couldn't remember. A eulogy was said and everyone came to our house for the wake. I still couldn't believe she was gone. Each day after that I was haunted with a new thing I would miss about her. First it was her ginger nut cookies, then it was her smile, on the final day it was how she smelled and the warmth of her hugs.

Charlie had called Renee to tell her what happened; when I got there Renee took one look at me and forbade me from going back to Forks. That night I lay in my bed and listened to her shouting at Charlie over the phone telling him he was never going to see me again, forbidding him from visiting. I lay awake and silently cried.

That wasn't the last time I cried for her. Two years later I broke down at home one morning when I saw the date. Two years since she died. Two years since I last saw her face. I cried some more when I realised I couldn't remember her voice. That was how I was found by Renee. Curled up in a tight ball in the middle of the bathroom. Red circles round my eyes and an even redder nose.

The next time I saw Charlie it had been 3 years.

Charlie drove me to the airport and this time made me promise to come back and I did. Back in Phoenix, Jasper and I would talk on the phone everyday until Renee lowered it down to once a week saying I was neglecting my other friends. The truth was I didn't really have other friends, there were girls who I went around with but I wouldn't exactly call them friends.

One day Renee and I went bungee jumping. She got hurt and we ended up in hospital. Phil was also in hospital because his friend had broken his leg. It was an instant connection. At first I thought it was just a brief period of infatuation that she was going through. Just like all the other hundreds of guys who had passed through our house over the years, so many that I didn't even bother learning their names referring to them as simply 'Skipper' Renee had accepted this, but the first night Phil came to pick her up she was adamant that I called him by his name. I realised then she wouldn't be getting over him.

Despite the age gap, Phil was an overall nice guy. He didn't mind that Renee already had a kid all that Renee was flighty and over zealous. A good example of this was that one night I awoke to a light being put on, a suitcase being chucked on the bed and clothes being thrown into it. Turns out Renee and Phil were getting married on a Palm Beach in Hawaii. Renee had just forgotten to tell me I was the bridesmaid and that she was getting married to begin with.

It was a beautiful ceremony with the natives acting as witnesses and me being her-their only relative.

Another good thing about Phil was that he accepted her the way she was and didn't try to lecture or change her. Also every time she suddenly got the urge for a new hobby he went along with it and looked after her. Meaning I didn't have to.

So when I was 13 and pitched the idea to her that I wanted to move to Forks to live with Charlie she was a little more offended than I thought she would have been. Phil is a minor league baseball player and they will be moving around a lot so in order to give the happy couple some alone time, I wanted to spend some time with my dad.

She tried to convince me not to but it was where my heart lay. She booked me a flight and the next time, when I went to visit Charlie in the holidays. I didn't leave. I was home.

Well tell me what you think and whether I should keep writing or not. Remember this is just the back story to set everything in motion so you can find out a bit about her. The next chapter should be up in a day or two and we meet Alice. Plenty of Angst, Drama and Romance to come. R&R

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