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Runaway Love


"I still can't believe that you and Jasper are going on a road trip" Rose squealed excitedly beside me.

"Yeah neither can I" I sighed dreamily. Ever since New Years things had just been getting better, I finished High School in Phoenix and flew to Tennessee to meet up with Rose and Emmett, a week later Jasper flew down to meet up with us.

"Promise me that you'll stay in touch and that you'll at least try not to get arrested or something" she said folding up a couple more tops.

"I promise Rose, but it's not as though we're going to do anything illegal" I said flopping down on the bed.

"Where are you guys going again?"

"Umm Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia basically the whole summers ours we just need to get to Florida in August to see my mum and that's it really"

"I'm really gonna miss you Bella, you better send a million pictures, daily" she warned grabbing her duffle bag.

"I'm gonna miss you too but that sounds a lot like homework and at the moment I just want to enjoy being homework free" I grabbed a couple of boxes and we walked downstairs and out the doors to the cars where the boys were mucking around.

I paused to take in Jasper, his lean body was taut and tanned, his hair was long enough that he could tie it in a ponytail and his eyes sparkled happily with laughter. They turned when Rose cleared her throat and Jasper groaned when he caught sight of the boxes in my arms but you could see the smile on his face.

"How much stuff do you really need Bella?" he asked taking them from me and putting them in the boot of his car.

"It's not like I'm taking all of it Jasper, remembering we're stopping off at my mum's at some point and I'm going to drop some stuff off when we get there"

"Yeah but still" he moaned "There won't be any space in the backseat" he grinned mischievously.

"Take your mind out the gutter Jasper" I laughed. A light breeze blew and ruffled my hair; I pulled the elastic from around my wrist and tied it in a low ponytail.

"I just meant that there might not be any room in the backseat for...souvenirs. Plus how would you know what I meant if you didn't have a dirty mind as well" he said wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his chin on my shoulder. He kissed me on the neck before going back to the car.

"Aww Bells, look at you all grown up" Emmett teased "When you guys get to Florida call us and we'll fly down so we can spend a couple of days there down by the coast 'okay?"

Across the road we could see a couple of guys mucking around trying to get the attention of the girl who was lounging on the steps next door, they had a hose and were getting themselves wet whilst passing around a football. One of the boys though stared longingly at her and she looked at him briefly and offered what looked like a smile before going inside.

"Hey, I'm gonna go get some snacks, I'll be back in like half an hour" Jasper said getting in the car with Emmett.

"We'll be here" Rose answered before they drove off.

We went back into the house and brought the few remaining bags out and Rose double checked to make sure that we hadn't left anything of importance. We went through the fridge and threw away anything that would expire within the next month.

"So Rose apart from working on your tan, what are you and Emmett going to do?" I asked taking a bit of my cookie.

"Umm actually I'm going to go visit my parents, Emmett really wants to meet them and well...I haven't seen them in ages. I've been talking to my mum and she thinks she's pregnant, she's pretty psyched about it but she said she isn't going find out for sure until I get there so we're flying there first"

"Wow, have fun I guess and good luck" I added squeezing her shoulder.

It was weird thinking that we were going to be separated for so long, I mean we were going to meet up at random points but still it was strange but I couldn't wait for some alone time with Jasper. Things had been great with us; I guess some distance was kind of what we needed. We talked most days and emailed and texted each other. Every morning and evening he would send me a quirky little text that either made me laugh out loud or made my heart melt.

"You'll visit me right, in New York, I mean if you can" Rose rambled.

"You know I would, plus it'd be fun, I've never been to Ohio before"

The sound of a car outside made us start and we quickly got up and went outside to meet them. Emmett came out with a bag of goodies and put it in the next car before quickly going inside to grab his jacket.

"So you ready?" he asked Rose.

"Yeah" she answered. He grabbed her hand and gave it a little squeeze, before smiling at her. She walked towards me and enveloped me in a hug.

"Have a great summer Bella, you deserve it"

"You too Rose" I said hugging her back. "Love you"

"Love you too" Emmet swung me into a great hug then made sure that I had some pepper spray on me.

"Take care Bells" they said their goodbyes to Jasper and got in the car and drove off. It was strange watching their car drive into the distance gradually getting smaller until it disappeared in the distance. I went to the house and locked the door.

"I guess that leaves us two then" Jasper said appearing next to me.

"I guess it does, ready?" I asked smiling brightly.

"Yeah" he stepped forward and pulled me into a hug. "This is gonna be the best summer ever"



"I love you" I said reaching up on my tiptoes to plant a kiss on his lips.

"I love you too but now we gotta go" he said ushering me into the car.

He began driving and soon the house was a black dot in the distance. I turned round in my seat and grinned at Jasper, he looked at me before turning his eyes back to the road. Reaching over he grabbed my hand and ran his thumb in soothing circles.

"So where to Bella Kentucky or Arkansas?"

"I don't know let's just drive and see where it goes, take it one day at a time or something"

"Sound like a plan to me" he said smiling.

And that's our love story, it's not perfect and it's definitely far from over but that's love isn't it learning to love an imperfect perfectly.

So far the year had been great, I thought settling in my seat and taking a sip of Jasper drink but I had a feeling that the next year was going to be even better.