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Chapter 1: Unwelcome Guests

People search for many things in life, money, fame, power. The human lifespan seems almost consumed by struggles to find what few ever will. Fairies are much the same. However their life is much longer; because of this they need something more illusive. Fairies have been known to search for infinite power, one of every species in existence and items similar to that. Sometimes however fairies have been known to seek something even more difficult to find...

The perfect godchild


Timmy Turner had had a very good week. He'd made three non insane wishes and actually got a B- on his History test. It was almost to good to be true. He smiled as he climbed into bed and fell asleep.

From his goldfish bowl three fish smiled at the sleeping Timmy. It was brilliant that every human had a perfect week once in a while.

Wanda felt elated; she couldn't have asked for a better godchild. Timmy was friendly, fun and, even though he never listened to her nagging, things always seemed to work out for him. This week would look very good in the Hall of Timmy.

Cosmo was slightly bored but it was worth it. He hadn't been reduced to dust for five days. A new record. Cosmo looked down at Poof. His son couldn't have had a better role model than Timmy. The boy might be a little selfish but he was a nice kid. His wishes were always fun and he cared about the people around him Cosmo smiled and moved closer to his family.

"You know I think we may just have found the perfect godchild."

Before Cosmo's words had stopped echoing around the fish bowl a golden tornado whipped in to existence. It ripped through the castle flattening it completely.

"Not good enough." The glass of the bowl shattered. "Unacceptable." Cosmo, Wanda and Poof gasped as the whirlwind slowed infront of them. A posh, immaculately groomed fairy appeared where the twister had been.

"Ah... My loyal subjects, it's been so long. You may leave now."

Hearing his arrogant tone Wanda overcame her surprise and returned to fairy form.

"I don't know who you think you are, but we're not leaving."

The man's eyes widened shock, obviously he had not expected to be addressed that way. "How dare you speak to me that way. Don't you know who I am. No matter" He turned away from the pink haired fairy. "Ignorant peasant." The fairy raised his wand sparks shot from it and Timmy's three fairies found themselves swept out the window and into the trash.


Timmy awoke from one of the best dreams he'd ever had. It was one of those dreams that never stayed in your mind for more than a few seconds. If only he could relive it. He smiled and turned to the side.

"Hey guys. I wish..."

Timmy started; what was going on? Where his goldfish bowl usually sat were only a few shards of glass and on top of them sat a light purple Cheshire cat; grinning like, well, a Cheshire cat. Timmy was sure there was a literacy reference there somewhere; but since the only book he knew was "The Rat in Spats" he wasn't sure where it was from.

The cat looked up at Timmy, its smile stretching even wider, it opened its mouth and spoke in a bored voice.

"It's your lucky day Timmy. I'm Flavian and I'm your new improved fairy godparent."

Timmy leapt up from his bed and began backing away, "Cosmo!" He yelled "Wanda!" The purple cat leapt on to Timmy's bed. "Poof!"

As Timmy called the last name his three fairies appeared infront of him in defensive stances. The cat raised an eyebrow and frowned. As he did so he poofed himself into fairy form. He became a man with light violet hair and a long curly mustache. He wore a posh blue velvet shirt and dark purple cape; a crown graced his forehead, much more intricate than any crown Timmy had seen on a fairy before. He smiled showing off gleaming white teeth. He bowed then raised his wand, pulling Cosmo and Wanda's wands flying into his hand.

"You should be honored Timmy. It's not often that I give a human like you this position. You were chosen."

Timmy was noticeably amazed. "Chosen. What for? If this is about some galactic villain who wants to destroy the universe then forget it"

Flavian tutted. "Nothing so trivial Timmy. This is far more important. This is about me! You are what I've been looking for all this time. You are...