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Chapter 7: Brotherly Envy

Wanda sighed as the screen went blank and returned it to Cosmo's empty head. Timmy looked inquisitively at her. She sighed and raised her hand to stop the onslaught of questions she knew were going to come next.

"The funeral was the day after that every fairy in fairy world was there, except Flavian. He refused to delay his holiday."

Timmy was confused. "Well he only cares about himself, I guess he just wasn't that close to his brother."

"No that's not it." The voice came from behind Timmy and he turned to see Flavian. How long had he been there? Timmy wasn't sure the fairy prince had ever left. Flavian smiled nostalgically and continued, "My brothers and I were always very close, all equal. That was, until Lilithantain became king. Suddenly he left us all behind. He had wealth, power, the adoration of every fairy in fairy world. He was loved by everyone and had a wonderful family. I couldn't compete with that. I was voted most handsome fairy in fairy world, my brother tripped over a rock, guess which one made the front page." He groaned. "After that I was never quite up to my brothers standard, I barely even got the chance to talk to him. We just drifted apart. I could never do anything that impressed anyone as much as he did. That's why I went on the search for the perfect godchild. It was something he didn't have. Something I would get recognition for." He smiled sadly at Timmy. "You may be the perfect godchild, but you're not my perfect godchild. I guess theres no such thing as perfection." He sighed and lifted his wand poofing two suitcases into his hands. "I guess I should leave." He sighed again and turned to go.

Timmy groaned, he was going to regret this. He knew it, but he just felt so bad for the fairy prince. "We could always help you find a godchild."

Flavian spun around a look of astonishment on his face. "Really? You, someone who isn't me, would help me?"

Timmy smiled, "Sure you just have to do something for me."

Flavian smiled "Consider it done." He raised his wand.

Millions of miles away Vicky found herself face to face with a T-Rex.

Timmy smiled "That's good but it's not what I meant." He gestured to Cosmo and Wanda who were still human.

"Oh." Flavian raised his wand again Cosmo and Wanda found themselves fully restored to fairies. They smiled and tested out their wings and wands. Playing with their magic, magic fights, flying around the room laughing. Flavian smiled. "These kids are so entertaining." He turned to Timmy grinning happily. "I'd forgotten how good making people happy felt."

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Chapter 8: The Perfect godchild

Wanda looked at the list again and shook her head.

"I'm not sure we can do this Timmy. Some of these things are going to be very hard to find Must make fun (insane) wishes." She read the paper over. "And a lot of these contradict each other."

Timmy took the list off her and gasped. When he had agreed to help Flavian, he had forgotten just how picky and self centered the fairy was.

"Guys, I need something to make me feel better. Hurt Vicky or something."

"Don't worry we'll give her the worst punishment imaginable."

In China Vicky finally managed to escape the T-Rex. Just before the shirt she was wearing was turned into an unlicensed Anime ripoff and she was descended upon by Copyright Infringement Lawyers.

Timmy smiled, watching Vicky getting beaten up by lawyers sure beat anything else that was on TV.


Timmy groaned, he couldn't believe Flavian was being this difficult.

"Okay, lets review. Trixie's too big headed, so you turned her into an ant. AJ's too sensible, you made him into a Jester. Chester's too poor, now he's a bin. And what was so wrong with Elmer that you had to do That to him."

Flavian frowned. "They weren't what I'm looking for."

Timmy face palmed and raised his clipboard. "Can someone fix this please. And where's my coffee, we're burning daylight."

Flavian smiled calmly raising an eyebrow, "Why are you dressed like a Hollywood director?"

Timmy sighed, the clipboard and coffee poofing out of his hands. "Cosmo!" The coffee returned, Timmy smiled "That's better. So who's the next on our list.... Remy Buxaplenty."

Flavian's smile turned itself upside down. "That stuck up, pompous, big headed, egotistic..." Flavian continued unaware that he was also describing himself. Wanda began to mutter darkly.

Flavian shrugged "Let me see that list" Timmy handed it to him. "No, no, no, no. NO!" He raised his wand. "They are now all trolls. That is the price for wasting my time."

Timmy nearly screamed, "You are impossible. You go around shouting about how brilliant you are and you can't even choose a sensible life's ambition. I mean the perfect godchild! That's just insane."

Cosmo looked down at Timmy idiotically, as usual, he smiled. "Why can't you just wish Flavian's perfect godchild was here?"

Wanda stared at Cosmo in amazement. "Cosmo, that's brilliant." She turned to Flavian, "What did you do."

He smiled, "I fixed your husbands IQ. There must have been a mistake." He looked over at Wanda, "But surely no one could be that stupid." Wanda shook her head. Flavian's eyes widened in amazement. "What? Oh." He looked round at Cosmo. "I'll just fix that." He raised his wand and Cosmo's IQ fell by 99%.

Timmy was so relieved he almost laughed. "Okay, I wish Flavian's perfect godchild was here."

There was a flash and the room filled with smoke. When it cleared a small boy, a few years younger than Timmy, was standing in the middle of the room. His curly blond hair fell down in tangles hiding his eyes. He attempted to brush it out as he looked around but only succeeded in tangling it more. He wore faded blue pants with holes in the knee, a red jacket, an off-white shirt and a wide straw hat.

Timmy was shocked surely this boy couldn't be Flavian's perfect godchild, maybe Cosmo's, but not Flavian's, he looked like he had been dragged through a field of pigs backwards. He was even holding a pitchfork. He looked inquisitively at Wanda, "Who is this kid? What's he doing here?"

Wanda checked a file that poofed into her hand. "It says here his name is Elliot Famerson. He enjoys dangerous and insane adventures and he lacks common sense."

Flavian smiled more warmly than he had before. "He sounds perfect." He disappeared and returned in his most regal costume, spinning his cloak around him.

"Greetings. I am Flavian and I am your Fairy godpar- Agh." He tripped over his own cape and went skidding to the floor, crashing into Elliot as he fell. "I-I'm so, so sorry." He picked himself up and dusted himself down before attempting to regain his noble stance.

Elliot's smile spread even wider. "Cool! This is great. I wish I had a camera." A camera poofed into his hand. He leapt in the air with joy and he poofed away.

Flavian grinned very widely. "Thank you so much Timmy. How can I ever thank you enough. We'll come and visit whenever Elliot wants to."

Timmy and Wanda both gasped, "NO!" Flavian smiled widely and disappeared. Timmy sighed.

"Oh thank goodness. He's finally gone." He flopped down on his bed and yawned.

Wanda frowned "Are you sure about this Timmy. You just gave a child who enjoys making crazy wishes a godparent who can sidestep the rules."

Timmy smiled. "Oh come on Wanda Elliot is Flavian's perfect godchild. They're made for each other. What could possibly go wrong?"


The monstrous creature flattened another skyscraper then picked up another tree and smashed a warehouse. From the side lines a small boy and a man in a crown watched popcorn in hand. Flavian smiled over at Elliot.

"Are you sure this is a good idea Elliot?"

The boy smiled, his tangled hair still hiding his eyes.

"Sure what could be saner than a horde of marauding giant monsters? Besides if you think this is cool just what till you see what I've got planned for tomorrow!"