The Death Eaters which were killed were taken to a burial site outside of Hogwarts, while the ones Stunned were arrested and put on trial by the Wizengamot.

The vial Draco had referred to earlier before the Death Eaters had Apparated at their location was indeed a memory, a memory that had slipped past Harry's own memory. After reawakening a Stunned Mitchell Fauss, Harry used the evidence of Dumbledore's memory in Fauss' trial to convict him of at least the attempted murder of Draco Malfoy, thereby fulfilling the promise Dumbledore had made in Draco's room on the fifth floor of Hogwarts: "You will be spending the following ten years of your youth in Azkaban Prison for the attempted murder of Draco Lucius Malfoy. As Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, I declare this, and in my personal capacity, I promise it."

The Wizarding world began the tedious task of rebuilding itself. Soured and tattered relationships were renewed, buildings repaired, and a new government forged. A new Minister of Magic was appointed, his name Rufus Scrimgeour.

Hogwarts was restored as it looked before the epic battle. Snag was Banished, much to Peeves' satisfaction.

Neighbours and volunteers helped each other in repairing their house and their local pubs, no doubt to their advantage, for they probably were their daily – or rather nightly haunts.

Lupin married Nymphadora and had a baby they named Teddy after Nymphadora's father.

Sirius, though enjoying countless fleeting trysts and flings, never married but went on to travel the world, often alongside Harry, Draco, and Ron.

Hagrid indeed went on to marry Madame Maxime and had giant kids far bigger than themselves. They lived in a cozy but elaborate 'hut' on the Isle of Man.

Blaise married a delightful young girl by the name of Pernicious Wesley. She was a half-blood. Harry and Draco attended their lavish wedding. Surprisingly, the shivering, tall, and severe-looking woman Harry had seen in Blaise's family photograph was the same woman making a fountain of tears in the front row as the officiating wizard married them, while the father looked on proudly at his son. Harry had expected the parents – especially the mother – to be less accepting of having a half-blood marrying their son, and expected the wedding to be held in secrecy and with the couple having to elope. Neither was the case, and so Blaise enjoyed his new bride and his parents' support.

Neville eventually did not marry Fatima Swinehouse but met a young lady of a horticulturist whilst travelling in America as a Herbologist. They began a family and settled there. Harry maintained a correspondence with Neville over the years.

Dean's and Seamus' corpses were recovered from the Riddle estate and given a proper funeral burial two days later at Hogwarts. They were buried in the Great Lake, whose previous volume was restored, alongside Professor Dumbledore. The corpses of Parvati Patil, Colin Creevey, and others from Hogsmeade were never found.

"Hermione!" moaned Ron. "That was a j'adoube – I really didn't mean to move it!"

"I've never heard of that thing, Ron! You're making up the rules as you go! Just accept I'm beating you at your own game! You touch it, you move it!"

"You can't invent chess rules!" complained Ron.

"I just did!"

"So why can't I?"

"Because you're not a lady!"

Perhaps being a way for some mysterious deities to punish Ron for what he had done to her, Hermione grew to be controlling, or more controlling – but not overbearing – especially when it came to sex; Ron complained to Harry countless times that he was tired of being the submissive one.

Ron and Hermione married at around twenty-five years old and gave birth – to Ron's dismay – to twin sisters by the names of Gertrude and Parvati Weasley. Their marriages lasted the remainder of their lives.

Harry and Draco found a lavish apartment in Muggle London and moved into it as soon as they turned eighteen and could sign for themselves. Before then they lived in another Malfoy villa based in Ireland. They remained together and later married on 23rd September 2007.

The marriage was not at all rosy and perfect. In fact, Lavender, who remained a close friend and who forced Harry to confide in her, had said once that their marriage was the most tumultuous she had never known (and reported on), as if she kept a diary of all the marriages around her. Chances are she did; she ran The British Howler – a new tabloid newspaper that swept the broadsheet newspaper market and became number one in the country in a matter of a few years.

The rockiest times of Harry and Draco's marriage were right in the beginning when they both seemingly transformed right in front of each other's eyes. It was true they were the same people before the wedding, but it was only after it that Harry then knew of the total impact of Draco's rape experience; Draco, as Hermione was, was inclined to be in the driving seat during sex (Draco was, however, Draco Potter, so he could not outright claim he was the dominant one in the marriage).

Additionally, Harry had to contend with what he called the stupid thing of Draco feeling as though he was not worthy of Harry. Harry went to countless and excessive lengths to prove to Draco that he was a beautiful human being who was as deserving of love and as redeemable as the next person. It was only until Draco had to undergo a radical change in personality, dismantling some of his Slytherin traits – the selfishness, childishness, the intricate vengeful plotting, his trying to push Harry to his limits to see if Harry would finally grow tired and leave him – that he was closer to understanding and accepting what Harry was trying to badger into him. From then on there was more cohesion in the marriage.

Harry did not have any serious issues, except for some of his more annoying habits surfacing, such as taking long walks at night when he was stressed and freaking Draco out every time, such as his indecision of visiting Godric's Hollow, and sometimes, unwittingly, his callous independence; being an orphan and being used to being on your own or having developed selfish and chiseled mechanisms of survival made him seem uncaring of his partner, as though he were in the marriage all by himself. There was, however, one huge problem – a problem that did not merely rock the boat but nearly capsized it: Harry passionately wanted to have a child, someone in his image.

Fortunately Draco grew receptive of the idea after months of explosive arguments, and, fortunately, Harry did get to have his wish, and it was quite simple and ingenious how it happened. The Killing Curse was remarkable in that it left no signs. All it did was snuff the life out of the body and choke it, suspending it time. Therefore, they could easily recover Lily Potter's eggs. After fusing Harry's and Draco's sperms magically, they took it to what was commonly known as the best Muggle hospital in the world somewhere in Cleveland, America, and after the doctors did not catch anything out of the ordinary with the hybrid sperm, performed artificial insemination, and Lily, Narcissa, and Iris Potter were born; Harry and Draco kept Hermione nearby; they knew nothing and wished to know nothing about menstruation, tampons, and all of that. Countless times they lamented having three girls and not even one boy.

In spite of some initial strife, however, Harry and Draco's marriage flourished and became a rich and prosperous one.

Their girls returned to the Wizarding world to as much if not more praise than when Harry had taken his maiden steps beyond platform nine and three-quarters. They eventually persuaded their parents to familiarize themselves with their true home, and so Harry and Draco went back to Wizarding world to a very warm reception and moved into the little cottage in Godric's Hollow in which once lived Harry's parents. They modified it such that it was much larger on the inside than it appeared on the outside. And finally, Harry found a deep kind of peace where there was an underlying torment ever since Draco had mentioned Godric's Hollow to him back in his den, and perhaps even ever since he realized he was an orphan.

Harry lived to be one hundred and nine years old. Draco died went on to live for two decades longer. But certainly they had lived their lives fully and without regret.

The End.