This is slightly AU and the time line may be a little off.

Synopsis: Sara and Abby used to go to college together, and still keep in touch. Grissom and Sara are engaged but none of the lab know. Gibbs and team go to Las Vegas to solve a Marines death. Grissom sees how Gibbs treats Abby so tells him a little story to help him out.

Chapter 1 – Las Vegas

There was nothing quite like the lights and sounds of Las Vegas. People came from all over the world to play at these casinos and see these shows. The strip, as always, was covered with people so just another drunken man staggering down the road was nothing new, or was it?

Crime Lab

Everybody was in the break room waiting for Grissom to hand out assignments. For once it was a slow night, until his phone rang it was Brass informing him that there was a crime scene down on the strip, a man had been run over. Grissom asked Sara to accompany him while the others were told to finish any outstanding paperwork.

Grissom and Sara left the break room and headed to the crime scene. The rest of the team went to their jobs.

Crime Scene

Jim Brass along with a couple of uniformed officers were already there and taking statements.

"What we got Jim" asked Grissom as he approached the detective.
"Looks like this guy just stumbled out in front of this car. Driver says he came from no were" replied Jim
"Well he had to come from somewhere" Sara retorted
"Eye witnesses say he staggered from down there, most thought he was just drunk, can't smell anything but we'll leave COD to Dr Robbins."

Grissom turned to Sara and said "Can you check the details with the driver?"

"Jim, do we have an ID for the vic yet?"
"Not yet, doesn't have any ID on him. He does have a tattoo on his upper arm" Jim carefully moved the victim's sleeve up so Grissom could see the tattoo.

The tattoo was of an American eagle with the words Simper Fidelis written underneath.

Sara joins Grissom and Brass next to the body "Driver seems pretty shaken, says he wasn't going that fast and this guy appeared out of no were. Skid marks say he slammed on his brakes pretty hard, obviously it wasn't good enough"

"Well if this tattoo means what I think it means we will be having company for this case. I better go phone it in" Jim said as he turned left Grissom and Sara to collect any evidence.
"It appears our DB may be military" Grissom said
"Yeah that's a fairly popular marine tattoo"
"And how do you know that?"
"A good friend of mine has this 'thing' for an ex marine she works with." Sara said smiling.

The coroner arrived to collect the body. He also notices the tattoo remarking to Grissom that he can't do an autopsy until the correct authorities have been informed, as he didn't want to tread on anybody toes. Grissom informs him that Brass has it all in hand and that it is OK to take the body. Sara and Grissom process the rest of the scene and await the arrival of a tow truck to take the car to the lab for further examination. All avenues of an investigation must be covered especially when they would be getting company of the Federal kind.

Chapter 2 – NCIS, Navy Yard, Washington

It was a fairly slow day in the bullpen. DiNozzo and McGee were just finishing up some paperwork and arguing, as usual, over something trivial. Gibbs had done another coffee run and was now with Abby in her lab. Some would say he was hiding from the noise of the bullpen but Gibbs never hid from anything, well expect maybe an ex-wife. He and Abby had grown so close lately that barley a day went by that they didn't share at least some downtime together. Gibbs feared though that she would never think the same way about him as he felt about her, little did he know that Abby thought the same thing. Just then Gibbs phone rang " right there"

"Sorry Abbs got to go"
"OK, go catch some bad guys" Abby replied with a twang of sadness in her voice

Gibbs made his way from the pleasant company of Abby to the not so pleasant company of the director. Not the he didn't get on with Leon Vance just Abby was so much easier on the eye.

Directors Office

Gibbs walked up to the Directors office. "Go on in Gibbs he's expecting you" Cynthia said
"You and the team are heading to Vegas"
"Marine was run over"
"That all?"
"No, Gibbs that not all. Neither he nor his girlfriend has been heard from in a while so I want this sorted ASAP."
"When do we leave?"
"You are all booked on the 1707 flight. You will be met at the airport by a member of the Las Vegas Crime Lab."

Gibbs left Vance office in a foul mood. It wasn't so much that he had to go to Vegas it was the fact that he had to put up with DiNozzo and McGee on the flight. If Abby was going to it wouldn't be so bad, but like always she would stay here and process any evidence well that is what he though. He walked down the steps to the bullpen

"DiNozzo. McGee" he barked
"Yes Boss" they replied
"Go home, pack a bag be back here for 1500 sharp"
"OK Boss. Can I ask why?" McGee enquired
"Why else we have a dead marine. Now go".

DiNozzo and McGee gathered up their stuff and headed for the elevator. Gibbs would go down stairs and talk to Abby before he too went home and grabbed an overnight bag. He was truely hoping this was going to be an open and shut case.