Chapter 16

They chatted and laughed all through the meal, neither having had this much fun in a long time. Before they realised it the bottle of wine was empty.

"How's that happen?" laughed Abby

"Not quite sure. You want another?"
"Not sure that's a good idea Gibbs. I already feel tipsy"
"Oh Really?" Gibbs said with a boyish grin

"Unless you're trying to get me drunk?"
"Would I do something like that to you?" Gibbs asked innocently

"Yes!" Abby laughed

Gibbs caught Abbys eyes "I've not had this much fun in a very long time Abby, thank you"
"Nights not over yet"
"what else did you have in mind for tonight then?"

Abby got off her chair and slowly moved over to Gibbs and sat on his knee. She draped her arms around his neck and whispered "I have a few ideas"


"You have got to be kidding me" Abby said "Are going to get that"

"Why not?"
"Got better things to do" and with that Gibbs kissed Abby


"Sorry Gibbs that really annoying"
"Ignore it"
"Can't" Abby pouted

"You get it ten"


"Why me? It's your phone"
"It's not annoying me"
"OK" Abby reluctantly got of Gibbs and grabbed his phone "Special Agents Gibbs Phone"

Abby looked over to Gibbs who was smiling, that was until he saw the fear in here eyes.

"Hey McGee"

Gibbs walked over to her and put the phone on to speaker.

"Abby? What are you doing there? I was getting worried when you didn't answer your phone"
"Um nothing. I'm fine. Did you want Gibbs?"

"I um wanted to know if he'd heard from you. Tony said you left when he did"
"That's sweet Timmy but I'm fine"

"Yes Boss"
"Abbys fine. She'll be here all weekend IF there is an emergency, you now the number."

"Yes Boss. Gibss …."

But Gibbs didn't hear what McGee was about to say as he hung up the phone.
"I can't believe you did that!"
"Did what, cut McGee off?" Gibbs was getting worried had he assumed to much, was Abby mad at him?
"No tell him I'd be here all weekend"
"You don't have to if…"

Abby smilled her million watt smile "Of course I want to stay Gibbs, but what's McGee going to think?"

Gibbs smiled back at her; he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. He was truly happy and he didn't care what his team thought. "Let him think what ever he wants to think"
"But what about rule 12"
"Screw rule 12"