Prologue: The letter

It was just a normal day in Miami. The sun was shining, people were at the beach and we were doing our usual: solving crimes…

But this next one hit me like a brick…

It was a letter. It wasn't a normal letter; it looked as if the person writing it was either angry or tensed up. I walked up to Calleigh and nudged her. "Calleigh… we have a situation…"

"I have Detective Mac Taylor with me… he's being cooperative right now, but if you don't find him in one week, he is a dead man. I hate to get Dr. Ray Langston and Detective Stella Bonasera into this, but it seems I have no choice. You guys are my heroes and I praise you/your work. You guys are awesome. If you find Mac Taylor, I will give you $5,000,000, just for the sake of it.

"Good luck,

"– The Miami Strangler"

We both gasped and looked at each other. "Take this to Ryan and Jesse and see if they can find any particulates or evidence. I want that bastard dead," I put on my sunglasses and stared off into space… "I will catch that bastard even if my life ends. Taylor is like a brother to me."

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