Mac's POV

"Stella!" I jumped up, happily. We all hugged each other, Stella cried while Horatio, Ray and I tried to keep the tears back. Somehow, Gil Grissom had found me too along with Sara Sidle.

I told them about Speed and Angell. I knew that Eric (Calleigh's boyfriend and co-worker) and Don will be really happy, but who knows. Stella wasn't surprised, she always thought of animals as being guardian angels.

I returned home, to New York City. Everyone was so happy I was back. I swear to God they cried an invisible river.

There was bad news though, for us anyway… Sid felt sick. We didn't know why until we went to the hospital…

Don decided to go to Las Vegas for vacation. I let him go there.

There good news for LV though. Everyone is safe there. Everyone in Miami is safe too.

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