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Hai = yes

gomenasai = I'm sorry

"C'mon Toola lets go help them clean up with the mess we made" Agito joked,

"Hai" she replied wearily.

"Why is he being so nice to me, I didn't listen to him, nearly destroyed his home as he
knows it, and nearly killed him ,how...how can he be so nice?" Toola thought

Tears began to fall from her eyes, trying desperately to stop them. She felt a warm
hand touch her cheek and wipe away her tears. She looked up to see bright green
sparkling eyes gazing upon hers.

"Gom...gomenasai" she cried tears falling rapidly.

"Hey it's ok" he gave her a reassuring look

"But you...you could've died!" she once again cried not even looking at Agito

He lifted her chin slowly and gently

"But I am not dead!" he replied hoping she would cheer up

"But it's because of me you're in this mess!" She cried louder

"If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have dashing white hair and be a hero now would I" he grinned cheekily

Toola began to laugh followed by Agito; tears began to fall again but happy tears.

"Now that's what I like to see coming from your sparkly brown eyes" he stated

He felt his cheeks warm up, oh crap! He thought. Toola got up and walked towards Agito and gave him a light kiss
on the cheek, and grinned happily as if she had never cried. She began to walk away to help clean the village up,
but was stopped by Agito grabbing her arm and pulling her towards him; and then he kissed her, quick and simple.

"I ... uh...I-"

"Love you too Agito" she grinned

She grabbed his hand and walked back to the village, where she would live for the rest of her life.

The end ^^