Ema's eyes shot open, she could see the sky above her going downwards and realized she was moving. A sudden pain hit her scalp as she looked up and seen Garth, his hand clutching her hair and dragging her along the ground.

"Get off me!" she cried

He just kept dragging her along as she tried to grab something and struggled to get free. She then managed to grab a log which caused Garth to jerk and stop instantly, he let go off her hair and turned around angry. Pulling out his curved blades, Garth was about to kill when he was knocked to the side with a thud. Ema looked and seen Harry stood there, his daughter Abby beside him, both of them holding thick logs.

"You ok?" Harry asked

Ema slowly nodded as Harry walked over to Garth, who was beginning to stand up and smacked him again, this time in the face, causing him to hit the ground again. Abby joined in, raising the log and bringing it down on Garth's chest that caused him to heave and gasp for breathe. Abby raised the log again and smacked Garth's skull, again and again as did Harry, two logs hitting Garth's head constantly and hard, caused his skull to cave in, as his brains began to spill out of his cracked open head. Father and daughter stopped their brutal attack, dropping their blooded logs to the ground.

"Thank you..." Ema smiled, standing up.

"What happened to you?" Abby asked

"I can't remember..." Ema replied, holding her head as it ached from when Garth knocked her out cold. "But I have to go back for them!"

"For who?"

"Those guys!", she then looked back at the pit and seen smoke pouring from it. "Oh god..."

"He burned them alive," Harry told her, "He deserved to die"

Abby looked down, "Now only to find the ones that killed Claire & mom"

Ema sighed, "We have to find my boyfriend, Stuart!"

"Listen..." Abby spoke, "We found his body... He's dead"

"W-What?" Ema trembled

"I'm sorry..."

Ema covered her mouth with her hand as she felt her legs shake, she was shocked. Abby and Harry felt uncomfortable as she burst out in tears and fell to the ground, distraught.


Hiding behind a bush, Cara and Vanessa sat silent and still, not wanting to attract any attention. "You think they followed us?" Cara asked

"I don't think so... I haven't heard anything" Vanessa replied

Cara bit her nails, nervously. She then heard the voice of a female in the distance, "That must be Ema!", she came out of the bush and was correct, she could see Ema walking along, Harry and Abby beside her. As Vanessa ran out beside Cara, the girls were about to go get the others, when a the sound of a gunshot echoed in their ears and they seen Harry drop to the ground in the distance.


"Dad!" Abby cried, wiping his splattered blood off of her. She bent down to him but the bullet had hit him in the back of his neck, killing him. Ema looked around but could see no one,

"Abby, we have to go before they shoot us!"

"No... My dad... He's all I have left"

Ema then seen Cara and Vanessa in the distance and grabbed Abby, "C'mon! We have to go!", she dragged Abby away from Harry as the girls ran off from the scene.

The four girls had reached one another, in a panic.

"Are we all that's left?" Vanessa asked

Ema nodded, "James and Lucas are dead.. so's Stuart.."

"Oh god," Cara whimpered, "Let's just keep moving!"

She and Abby took a couple of steps, before their ankles tightened and they found themselves screaming upside down, about 30feet from the ground, a rope attatched to each of their left ankles, that was tied around a tree trunk above them.

"Oh fuck! No, no!" Cara cried

Ema and Vanessa stood on the ground, looking up in shock.

"We have to get down before they come and kill us!" Cara said

Abby just sat there and stared in the distance.

"Fuck! Say something" Cara snapped

"I am..." Abby replied, she then pulled out a blade from her jeans. "I took this from that fucker... I'll cut my rope down, it'll fall to the ground and yours will rise up, you grab the tree trunk and you'll be safe to climb down"

"But if you cut the rope.. You'll die"

"I've got nothing left to live for... my whole family's been killed by these bastards! Just promise me, you'll kill them"

"I promise" Cara replied

Abby then began cutting her rope, and with a last smile at Cara, her rope was cut and she grabbed the hanging part above her, causing her to fall down the 30ft drop with the rope, head first, and as she hit the ground, her head hit it hard and her neck snapped, killing her. Cara was being pulled up and grabbed the tree trunk, safe and alive. She looked down and seen Abby's corpse lay awkwardly on the ground.


Down on the ground, Cara shed a tear as she hugged Ema and Vanessa. "I can't believe she killed herself to save me". A gunshot echoed through the woods again as a bullet hit the tree that Cara had just climbed down. The girls screamed and ran through the forest, through the first opening they had seen, that took them to a cliff that was over the Californian ocean.

"Shit, dead end!" Ema sighed

"Well, for you two" Vanessa replied

"Huh?" Ema asked

She and Cara looked at her as she took a couple of steps away from them, and the figure of Ray came out of the woods behind her, aiming his shotgun at the girls. "Just on time, baby" Vanessa smiled

"What the fuck, Vanessa?" Cara asked

"What?" Vanessa chuckled, "How could I resist a hot man like this? So yeah, you've been hanging with the enemy this whole time"

Ema shook her head, "You fucking bitch!"

"Kill 'em," she told Ray.

He raised his gun at them and shot a bullet, but Ema pushed Cara to the left as she jumped to the right. Ema ran up and tackled Vanessa to the ground, as Ray's attention was turned to her, he aimed the shotgun at her but Cara leaped up, holding the curved blade that Abby cut the rope with. She leaped at Ray and stabbed the blade deep into his spine, the curve causing his spine to split. Ray dropped his shotgun as Cara then stabbed him once more, over and over as he slowly fell to the ground, dead. With his shotgun on the ground, Ema punched Vanessa in the cliff's edge direction and picked up the shotgun.

"Kill 'em," Cara said, imitating Vanessa.

Vanessa gasped as Ema pulled the trigger, blasting a bullet right in her chest, the force causing Vanessa to go flying off the edge off the cliff, tumbling down hundreds of feet and landing with a hard plummet in the ocean, dissapearing in the current.


Running around for hours in the boiling sun, while panic of being murdered, tired out Cara and Ema. The two girls were now walking down a path that was attatched to the cliff, taking them to a beach.

"Is that a ranger's station?" Ema asked, pointing at a small shack.

"I think it is..."

The two girls reached the shack and walked in, their first sight was a sink, where they quickly turned the tap on and were estatic to find it had cold running water. While drinking that, Ema then noticed a phone with a thick signal cord attatched to it.

"So, where do you think the ranger is?" Cara asked

"No idea..." Ema replied, "But he's left his phone"

She picked up the phone and heard a dial tone and quickly called 991,

"Hello this is the operator, what is your call?" a voice asked

"I'm on a small beach in the backwoods of California, me and my friend, there has been four killers hunting us and another ten people who are all dead... There is one killer left and we really need help before he kills us!" Ema quickly told her.

"Calm down," the operator replied. "Your on Hunton beach... We will send a helicopter to you, just try and hide out for now!"

"Thank you, thank you" Ema replied.

Cara looked confused, "What's going on?"

"They're sending a helicopter to come pick us up!" Ema grinned

She then could smell an stench and sniffed in, and immedietaly smelled gas. She grabbed Cara as the two girls ran out of the shack door back onto the beach, just in time as moments later the shack exploded in flames. To the left, stood Dane, who threw his satchel of petrol to the ground. Without a word, he raised his bow and arrow and plucked an arrow that spun through the air and landed in Cara's chest, stabbing through and coming out her back, the force causing her to hit the ground.

"NO!" Ema screamed, raising her shotgun at Dane who raised his bow and arrow once more at her. The two stared at one another, their weapons aimed directly at each other.

"Nice gun, where'd you get that from?" Dane asked

"Your dead dad"

"What?" Dane asked

Ema smiled, "That's right.. your dad's dead, as is that bitch Vanessa, and your ugly fucking brother... Your the only one left, Dane"

"And so are you, Ema"

"Well, makes it fair then, right?"


"I bet it sucks, huh?" Ema asked, "Not to have all the power in your hands"

Dane smiled, "I have had with the 134 people I've killed"

"You fucker..."

She then pulled the trigger as Dane plucked the arrow, Ema jumped in the air, knowing the arrow would hit her, and as it stabbed through her hip instead of her head, her bullet hit Dane in the chest and he fell back. Landing firmly on her feet, Ema sprinted towards him and quickly aimed the gun at Dane, blasting him in the head as his blood and brains splattered onto the sand. Ema dropped the shotgun and stumbled back, hearing the sound of a helicopter in the distance.

"Ema... Help..." Cara asked

Ema turned to Cara who was trying to stand up on her feet. She helped her up, Cara had survived but with a bow and arrow through her chest and back.

"Is it over?" Cara asked

Ema smiled and looked at the arriving helicopter, "It's over..."