Last Dance with Shinobu-Chan

By Project Pegasus

Note:  This story takes place roughly around Volume 10 or so of the manga. 

Chapter I: Breakfast at Hinata Sou's

            Early in the morning, after dawn had broken but before it was a justifiable hour to arise, Keitaro was in the throes of unbearable passion.

            "Oh Naru! Naru! Say you'll never love another," Keitaro moaned, lost in the awareness of existence that only Naru could grant him.  "Naru! Naru! Naru!" he said almost like a reflex as he melted into a climax.  After remaining tenderly silent for a while, Keitaro spoke once again, "So Naru, did you cu . . ."

            But without warning, from above, there was a shuffling.  The plank that simultaneously covered the hole in Keitaro's ceiling and the gap in Naru's floor was removed.

            "Keitaro, what the hell do you need?  This better be important," Naru grumbled, her head appearing through the hole in Keitaro's ceiling, her eyes half open and bleary.

            "Ah! No!" she screamed in terror when she saw where his hand was and what was on it.  "You absolute PERVERT! That's why you were saying my name?!"

            She lowered herself into Keitaro's room with all the grace of a ballerina but with the objectives of a Viking.  Keitaro got up, but realized his pants had not done the same.  Quickly, he pulled up his pants and began to back away from Naru, knocking over a small table as he went.  On the table had been half full soda cans that presently poured their contents out onto the hardwood floor.  Keitaro, not daring to take his eyes off Naru, did not notice that pools of soda gathering behind his feet.  Naru, taking advantage, was able to fell Keitaro with one resounding push and some grape soda.

            After slipping on the grape soda and falling on his rear, Keitaro tried to plead his case while surreptitiously seeking a blunt object.  "Naru! Naru, you misunderstand." But it was too late.

            "You should be sleeping right now!" she growled, standing imposingly over him, "Here let me help you!" She grabbed him by the throat and lifted him from the ground. "You see," she said through gritted teeth, "You're not the only one who can do a bit of 'choking' around here."

            As Keitaro began to lose consciousness, he clutched Naru's face and started to push her away.  Unexpectedly, her grip loosened.

            "Ah! You haven't washed your hands yet!! You'll pay for this!" she squealed as she dropped him and began to wipe her face.  She rushed off, presumably to the washroom or to a priest.  Keitaro then proceeded to clean up his accidents (both of them) when Shinobu came into the room.

"Sempai," she said sweetly, "I heard all the commotion. I didn't think you'd be up this early.  I guess a Todai student can never study too hard."

 "Yeah, studying, that's what I was doing." Keitaro said sheepishly. 

"At any rate sempai, I made a special breakfast just for you.  Real brain food," she said giggling a bit, "but I guess you don't need much of that."

"Are you saying I don't have a brain?" Keitaro shot back.

"Oh sempai, even when you are being humorous you are so modest," she said giggling even more, "Shall I bring you a tray?"   

"Wait Shinobu, why are you making me a special breakfast at this hour?  It's much too early.  Is something wrong?" 

Shinobu began to stutter neurotically and couldn't bring herself to look Keitaro in the eye.  Keitaro lowered his head and attempted to look her into her eyes as he spoke to her.

"Shinobu-chan, you know you can tell me anything," he said leaning over and peering upwards, trying to glance into her downward cast eyes.  Every time his stare got too close, she turned her head away. 

Turning her head a final time, she exclaimed, "Sempai, look at that sticky mess you've made!"

"Ummm," he cringed, "you mean the grape soda, right?"

"Yes sempai.  I'll clean it up for you," she said, cheerful to leave the subject of a possible secret she might be harboring.

"No! No!  You set the table for breakfast.  I'll clean up the mess myself." Keitaro insisted while pushing Shinobu out of the room.

"Sempai are you sure?  I'd be more than happy to . . . "   But with that Keitaro slammed the door on Shinobu. Keitaro then finished cleaning up his room. After he had thrown the paper towels away, there was a knock on his door. 

"Come in," Keitaro said.  The door slid open and Naru entered with an anguished look on her face.  Keitaro was relieved that he could finally relate to somebody the bizarre events that had just taken place with Shinobu.  He stood up.

He blurted out incoherently, "Oh Naru, I'm so glad to see you.  Shinobu was in here and she was giggling and talking about making my breakfast, and I think she has a secret but knowing how shy Shinobu is, she just couldn't . . . "

But Naru wouldn't allow Keitaro another inane syllable.  She rushed up to Keitaro and gave him a Stone Cold Stunner.*  Keitaro reeled from Naru's Stunner, flipping over a few times before finally coming to rest.

"I don't care what Shinobu said.  Naru 3:16 says I just wooped your ass!" Naru railed at Keitaro before she kicked his head for good measure and left.

End of Chapter 1.

*Note: A Stone Cold Stunner is a wrestling move used by Stone Cold Steve Austin.  What?  Basically, he kicks his opponent in the belly.  Then when the opponent is hunched forward a bit.  Stone Cold turns around, then grabs his opponent's head and puts his opponent's chin against his shoulder.  Stone Cold then jumps into the air and lands flat on his bottom.  The opponent's chin thus goes crashing into Stone Cold's shoulder, leaving him STUNNED!

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