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Shane's P.O.V

"Claire!" I called.

"Coming..."she said from all the way upstairs.

"Where going to be late if you keep on taking this long!" I yelled up.

"Here I am" she said floating down the stairs like she weighed nothing.

Well she did weigh nothing in my point of view but I wouldn't tell her that.

"You look beautiful" I whispered, grabbing her and snuggling into her hair.

"Thanks" she said, blushing all the way down her neck.

Man, she looked so cute when she did that, and she looked even cuter in the outfit that she was wearing tonight. It was red silk dress coming down to her thighs, with silver ballet flats and my silver cross around her neck.

"You don't look bad yourself" she said, eying me up and down."But you could of gone a little bit messier with the hair." she said, bringing her fingers up and fluffing it a little. "There, we are officially ready to go." She said triumphantly, taking my hand and leading me out the door.

"About time" I grumbled, but I wasn't really mad. I was actually happy. Tonight we were going to a dance. It was in the abounded warehouse across from the university. Now I wouldn't have taken Claire even close to an abounded building but she ushered me that all the kids in the university were going and that Eve and Micheal would be there, since Eve got invited because she worked on the campus coffee shop. I just think she wanted to go.

"Now ground rule, you don't get to leave out of the site of..." I started

"Eve, Michel, and you" she finished, kissing me on the cheek "I got it Shane."

"Fine but when you leave and get sucked by a vampire don't come crying to me" I said. Actually I wished I hadn't said it because it reminded me of Francis sucking the blood out of Claire's neck. I shivered and tightened the hold on her hand.

"and don't take any drink that someone hands you,you just don't know what's been in it."

"Aye, Aye caption" she said, mock saluting me.

"Claire..." I started.

"I got it Shane, let's just go to the party and have a little fun" she said, doing a wiggle dance as we were still walking. Yey, let's go to a party and have a little fun. I mean what could go wrong?

Except everything of course...

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