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Claire' P.O.V

My body was on fire.

I was so thirsty.

I opened my eyes and found the first easiest target, I attacked…..little did I know I shoved my fangs into Shane's neck.

Shane's P.O.V

"You sure you did this correctly?" I asked Amelie for the tenth time.

"I have, now don't ask me again." Amelie replied turning her gaze to me.

I dropped her gaze and looked down at Claire lying on the floor.

You couldn't save her, I thought, it's your fault she turning into a vampire.

All of a sudden I saw Claire's eyelids flutter open.

"Claire I….." I didn't get to finish my sentence because Claire opened her blood crazed eyes, threw me to the ground and started drinking my blood.

A couple seconds later she was thrown off of me.

"No" Amelie chided, boring down on Claire; "you will be a proper vampire and drink this." She handed Claire a blood bag that she took from one of her body guards.

Claire gulped it up. When finished her eyes changed back to her normal brown color and were directed at me. She looked mortified.

"Shane, I'm so sorry…." She said. She took one last look at me and flew out the doors.

"CLAIRE WAIT" I yelled. It was no use; there was no way I was going to be able to catch. She was gone.

A couple hours later

I was pacing the glass house, trying to figure out where Claire could have gone this time when she walked through the front doors.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

"Look Shane…" She began close to tears.

I couldn't take it; I rushed over to her and closed her mouth.

"No Claire, listen." I begged, "I don't care if you're a vampire or a human," I stopped when she gave me a look. "Let me finish." I stated, "I don't care if you're a vampire because god Claire, don't you know I can't live without you?" I questioned. "It's my fault you got turned into a vampire in the first place since I couldn't protect you from Dean's brother. But I'm making sure that that never happens again." I got down on one knee.

"Claire Danvers, you are the love of my life human or vampire," I pulled out a ring, "will you marry me?"

I looked up into her eyes, they were flooded with tears.

"Yes" She said. "Yes I will marry you Shane" She said louder now.

I smiled and brought my lips to hers, being the happiest man alive.

-The end-

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