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A Different Kind of Favor

"Nii-sama, I need a favor." Rukia bows to the floor outside Byakuya's quarters trying not to show him her tired face. "It's about Ichigo."

"Whatever plan she has for exposing you to danger, I disapprove." He replies without turning around.

"Something has happened!" Rukia can't stop herself from sobbing, and begins to cry. "Ichigo... she has no idea!"

"Rukia is crying?" Byakuya's finger slips snapping the pencil in his hand. "What has that she-demon gotten herself into?" Sighing he turns around to see his only sister face down on the floor crying. "Tell me."

"Urahara-san, has asked me to show this to you." She pulls out the photograph struggling to keep her fingers from trembling and hands it to Byakuya.

"What is this symbol on?" He turns the picture narrowing his eyes. He recognizes the royal family seal but not what it's on.

"Um, well..."

Chapter 1; Happy Birthday Ichigo! You got dumped.

Byakuya and Rukia walk into the shoten ignoring Renji, and Urahara's downcast glances. "Where is Kurosaki Ichigo?"

"Byakuya." Yoruichi slides open a door pointing for him to follow. Byakuya walks inside the room, his eyes flicking to Ichigo's sleeping form sprawled on the floor.

"You used a powerful sleep spell on her?"

"I had to." Kisuke says shutting the door behind him. "Do you need to see it yourself to confirm?"

"No. It's more important to preserve her honor." Byakuya watches the subtle movement of her chest rise and fall as she sleeps peacefully. "Why wasn't this noticed earlier?"

"The seal appeared at the precise moment she turned eighteen. July fifteenth at 2:21 a.m. Today. " Kisuke says moving toward Ichigo's body.

"How do you know that Urahara Kisuke?" Byakuya's eyes flick over to see Kisuke removing his hat. The guilt ridden expression on the blondes face told Byakuya all he needed to know. "You have touched something that should never be touched."

"I didn't know." Kisuke replies his eyes never moving from Ichigo's small form.

"You could have done nothing, and kept her, and her lineage a secret." Byakuya says picking Ichigo up then walking toward the front room. "Was she not worth being selfish for?"

"No." Urahara grabs Ichigo's sword to hand it to Byakuya but, Rukia steps up to take it. "Kuchi-"

Rukia slaps Kisuke across the face before snatching the sword away. "You liar."

Kisuke pops open his hand fan and manages a smile. "I am not lying."

"YOU LIAR!" Rukia's eyes fill with angry tears clutching onto her best friends blade. "You know what this will do to her! You will break Ichigo's heart!"

"She is strong. She will recover."

Byakuya lifts his eyebrow at Urahara before turning toward the portal. Kisuke reaches down to brush away a long wavy lock of orange hair from her face when Byakuya grabs his hand pushing him away from her.

"Byakuya!" Yoruichi steps to Kisuke's side with a frown on her face.

"I am rescinding your right to touch her." Byakuya shuts his eyes disgusted with Urahara's behavior. He steps through the portal with Ichigo's sleeping body in his arms.

"Kisuke..." Yoruichi puts her hands on his shoulder trying to comfort her friend. "You did the right thing."

"For who?" He reaches out and touches the crackling barrier that denies him entrance to Soul Society before it closes. "I sent her to the one place I can not go."

"She is safest there." She leads him back into the shoten toward the room Ichigo was sleeping in just a few moments ago.

"You are correct!" He smiles wide before sliding the door shut to his room and falling to his knees. "Happy birthday, my dear." Kisuke pulls out a heart shaped box from his haori to look at the sparkling ring inside. "Ichigo." He crawls to the small bed that smells of sweet vanilla to bury his face in until morning.


"Captain Kuchiki, you can come in now. I am finished examining her." Unohana motions for Byakuya to walk inside the guest room in his manor where Ichigo is still sleeping. "The sleep spell put on her was quite strong, she will wake in the morning with a slight headache."

"Is she is good health?"

"Yes, she is in perfect health. Nothing out of the ordinary." Unohana packs up her medical bag before standing next to Byakuya.

"Nothing?" Byakuya's eyes narrow as he struggles to ask what he really wants to know.

"Kuchiki-san I believe I should get her permission before I discuss her medical history with you." She notices Byakuya's distressed look on his face and decides to put him at ease. "I will tell you this. She was treated most gently."

"I see." Byakuya replies with a hint of relief in his voice. "Thank you for coming out here in the middle of the night."

"About that mark." Her blue eyes close as she turns toward the door. "I have an obligation to inform them."

"I ask for two days."

"If you are thinking Ichigo-san will return to Urahara Kisuke, you are mistaken."


"His reiatsu is all over her." She looks back at Byakuya's conflicted face. "A woman can forgive many things, Byakuya-san. With one exception... being discarded so effectively."

"Effectively? I don't understand?"

"It's her birthday and the night she loses her virginity. She is put to sleep and given to someone else. She will wake up, not beside the one she loves, but alone to learn of her responsibility as royalty. The man has always been too clever, but he didn't foresee the mark happening. He certainly made it clear that he was giving her up."

"You are saying he made it impossible for her to go back to him."

"Yes, It's for her benefit. He would rather her hate him in her new life, than suffer through a forced separation."

"The royal family would never allow them to be together."

"Not an exile partially responsible for the Winter War three years ago. " Unohana smiles politely before leaving him with one last bit of advice. "I will wait two days. Perhaps it will give you time to find someone with enough influence to keep her in Soul Society."

"She is saying I could do something." Byakuya watches Unohana leave before moving his gaze back to the sleeping red head. Her vibrant hair rarely worn down is splayed across the small pillow. "How will she react to learning of her birthright? To Urahara's relinquishment of their relationship?" Byakuya decides to wait and see what she will decide before thinking of options for her future.

"Nii-sama, may I stay here with Ichigo tonight?" Rukia asks clutching a chappy blanket and matching pillow.

"Of course." He steps outside flicking his eyes at Rukia crawling in the bed next to Ichigo and laying down. "Are you going to explain to her in morning?"

Rukia nods her head with her big violet eyes watering. "All this on her birthday. It's so unfair."

"I will have breakfast sent to the room." He slides the door shut then returns to his office to finish his evening paperwork. His mind more than once thinking on the two women sleeping in the adjacent building.


Byakuya found Rukia after lunch walking toward the guest room with her brow furrowed tighter than he has ever seen it.


"She isn't saying anything, or eating anything. All she does is stare at the mark like it's responsible for ruining her life." Rukia shakes her hand in the air furiously. "I want to smack her over the head!"

"Will that work?"

"It didn't this time." She stomps her foot in frustration. "I've never seen her this sad. I have no idea how to help her."

"She doesn't have the luxury of time to nurse her wounds. They will come for her within three days at most."

"She isn't even crying, not a single tear." Rukia watches Ichigo's orange head pop out of her room and dash toward the gardens. "Again?" She starts to stomp off in Ichigo's direction when Byakuya speaks up.

"I will handle this." Byakuya flash steps next to Ichigo watching her climb up a tree with branches that extend over the manor wall. He observes her small hands struggling as she grasps at the air reaching out for a limb just beyond her fingertips. She slips landing on a large branch almost falling to the ground. Byakuya fights the urge to run below her and catch her. His dark blue eyes notice a small branch thread into her pony tail tugging at her distinctive orange hair.

"Ugh!" She bobs her head trying to untangle herself. "Tree from hell..." She yanks on the limb and freezes when it cracks off in her hand. "Oh shit, sorry I broke your tree Byakuya." She mutters tossing the branch behind her barely missing Byakuya and landing at his feet. "He is probably hunting me down determined to avenge his tree."

Byakuya's lip curls slightly listening to her mumble about how mad he will be at her over a broken tree branch.

"I can hear him now, Kurosa-"

"Kurosaki Ichigo." Byakuya says interrupting her to see her panic.

"Eeep!" She whirls around to quickly in the tree, loses her footing and crashes to the ground with her butt up in the air. "Byakuya..." She jerks up to her feet trying not to look like she is sneaking away. "H-how long you been standing there?" She looks down at the broken tree branch at his feet.

"Going somewhere?"

"U-um, no. I was just trying to pick an orange." She pats the tree with her hand forcing a grin on her face. "No way will he buy that."

"Return to your assigned rooms." He stands to the side waiting for her to walk in the direction of the guest rooms. "Your safety is my responsibility until the Royal Guard arrive for you."

"It's like waiting for my execution." She grumbles heading to the sliding door to her room.

"Dinner is at eight, and I expect you to dress in the proper clothing for a woman of your status. You received the dresses I sent you?"

"Yeah... about those fancy kimono-"

"It is not a request." He turns to leave when he remembers forgetting to tell her something. "By the way, you were climbing an oak tree."


She walks inside her room staring at the four expensive looking kimono's draped over four stands. "Happy Birthday, Ichigo..." Her face changes to a sober expression as she touches the first kimono. "You got dumped."