A Different Kind of Favor


"Ichimaru Gin...?"

"Vanished during the fight. We have no leads on his current location."

"Yoruichi Shihoin?"

"Soon as Aizen died she returned to our dimension."

"We have no further questions. Byakuya Kuchiki-sama, The Central Forty-six thanks you for your dedication to the Gotei."

"Of course." Byakuya replies, nodding to the room of newly elected leaders of Soul Society. He exits the building calmly but soon as he is far enough away he quickly flash steps to his manor and the bedroom with Ichigo resting inside. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine." she answers, leaning up to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "The investigation?"

"Closed." he whispers bring her hand to his lips. "They are happy that Aizen is dead, and are offering you a captaincy for your invaluable service." Byakuya's smoky eyes slant to her tan face. "How will you reply?"

"No thanks..." Ichigo is quick to answer with a smile on her face. "I have other things I'm working on at the moment." She pats her large belly and feels Byakuya's hand on her tummy, the baby instantly reacting with a kick. "Err, she loves you as much as I do."

"I expect nothing less."

"Haha, do you now?" she shrugs, shifting the pillow behind her back. "Well, Isshin is coming for a visit." Noticing his eyebrow flick she chuckles louder. "It's not my fault! Since Kurosaki shacked up with Kisuke he has been going through empty nest syndrome... Even though he still has the twins living with him." Hearing him laugh lightly makes her cheeks turn red. "You got a package today." she smiles, pointing to the nightstand. "It's from Yoruichi."

Byakuya picks it up walking to the trash can and drops it inside.

"What the hell did she do to you?" Ichigo folds her arms in front of her chest watching Byakuya frown at the small box. "Come on, spill it already." she says patting the bed next to her.

"It was a long time ago... I just turned twenty-five, that's about twelve in human years. I was upset with my grandfather, so I ran away to Rukongai." He pauses to make sure her legs are covered before continuing his tale. "It was late at night and a storm was drenching the entire area so I took shelter in one of the abandoned shanty's. Some time later I became scared from the storm-"

"No? You scared?" she mocks, poking a fingertip to his nose. "I'd love to see that expression."

"You already have." Byakuya thinks to himself clearing his throat. "I started to dart out of the trembling one room house when a small black cat jumped inside from a window. Being happy by the cat's appearance I confessed by deepest fears, then fell asleep with the animal in my arms."

"What does this have to do with-?"

"The next morning I woke to sound of my grandfather's unhappy voice, and a large undressed were-cat laying on me."

"I don't get it?"

"That woman... laying on me, her breasts on my face! My grandfather saw the whole thing." Byakuya frowns, his cheeks turning dark red. "She saw..." he stands up stomping toward the door.

"W-What did she see?"

"It was early in the morning..." he mutters covering his face with a hand.

"Oh..." Ichigo's mouth drops open in shock. "You mean you had a... OH MY GOD!" She suddenly understood why he disliked Yoruichi so much. "Haha- oh no..." With a cringe of pain she looks up at Byakuya. "You ready to be a dad? Cuz my water just broke."

"Now?" he says blinking at her in disbelief. "Um-Um ok." Byakuya grabs the bag Ichigo packed for the baby and darts out the door.

"He is calm fighting for his life but, panics about being father... Byakuya!" she calls after him. "Can I come too?"

"Yes." A second later he darts back inside picks her up and flash steps to the relief station.

Four Years Later;

"Miko, are you ready?" Byakuya stands outside the ladies changing room waiting to instruct his daughter in her first archery lesson.


"Let us begin." he says calmly as the door slides open revealing a short fair complexioned girl with black pigtails swishing as she daintly walks up to take his hand. "This will be your first bow, the size is specially made for your arms length."

"Hey am I late?" Ichigo appears suddenly her white haori ripping as her feet land on the ground.

"Renji, if you would?" Byakuya nods his head to his vice captain, before walking calmly around the corner with Ichigo right behind him.

"Oh, I get a special welcome?" Ichigo grins at him as he leans over her to press his lips to hers giggling when his mouth slides down to her neck. "Don't start anything you can't finish~!"

"No one is looking." he replies sliding his hands inside her haori. " I have been thinking about you all day-"

"M-Miko-san not that way!"

Byakuya instinctively grabs the arrow whizzing toward them.

"Miko..." Ichigo laughs looking around the corner as she fires arrow after arrow at Renji with a serene expression on her devious face. "looks just like you."

The two watch her flit across the practice field tossing the small bow on the ground and firing off a Pale Lightening at Renji's feet.

"Oi! That's close!" Renji yelps jumping around. "I'm going to tell your father."

"Chichue would only ask me why I missed. Hado thirty one; Shakkaho!" The force of the blast knocks her to the ground making her eyes clamp shut in anger. "Bakudo sixty-one; Rikujōkōrō!"

"That is true, you would ask her that." Ichigo smirks watching the thin grin stretch across Byakuya's face. "Oh, she got him now."

"Of course, she is a Kuchiki." Byakuya slides his hand inside his wife's tugging her to his chest before kissing her her breathless.

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