Author notes: This is grandphoenix91, again, with another story, though, this time it's an epic. This epic, I've been working for months, now, and slowly piecing it out into great detail; which, will be a grand epic when finished. This story features that angelic child–that has been in my stories already–embarks on this trek that is set in the late 1960s/and early 1970s. He enters the world of drugs, sex, rock and roll, Vietnam protests, student demonstrations and violent confrontations. This story will be rated from a range of "T" to an "M," it'll depend at my own discretion on certain chapters of this story.

A song list:

"Behind Blues Eyes"-The Who (0:00-1:56)

"Jumping Jack Flash"-The Rolling Stones

"Alabama Song(Whisky Bar)"-The Doors

"White Rabbit"-Jefferson Airplane

Note: I highly recommend that you, the reader, look up the songs and listen to them while you read this chapter and other chapter, because it helps out.

I do not own the songs that I used in the story, I state this so I will not get sued by a record label, song writer or publishing firm. I do not profit from a song, in a way whatsoever.

A Long Strange Trip

by grandphoenix91

Ch. 1

The angelic child sat down in his Baroque-style room in the Celestial Angels' palace and pondered his thoughts. The angelic child features: short, fair skinned, skinny, short blondehaired, barefooted, blue-eyed, wore a white toga with 12-white wings on his back of his body, and wore golden rings on his arms and lower limbs. His name is Lucemon.

He had been reborn, following his attack with the great Legendary Warriors, who, defeated him and also purged from the wickedness that was encased on his very data. The evil and wickedness–all had ravaged through his body–was now gone. Though, he wasn't necessary getting the reception, that he thought to get from the other digimon. Some still felt he was still evil, even though, he is now reformed. The angelic boy felt disillusioned, alienated, and sometimes hated from the majority of the digimon within the Digital World.

As he sat in his Baroque room, he continued to ponder his thoughts and make an attempt to yield a solution to his own dilemma. He felt at the moment with a feeling of depression and uneasiness.

("Behind Blue Eyes"-The Who within background)

"No one knows what it's like

To be the bad man

To be the sad man

Behind blue eyes . . . "

Lucemon continued to think about all the actions, he had done when he was evil and tried to clear to purge it of his mind--the terrible memories.

"No one knows what it's like

To be hated

To be fated

To telling only lies..."

"But my dreams

They aren't as empty

As my conscience seems to be . . . "

"I have hours, only lonely

My love is vengeance

That's never free . . . "

"No one knows what's it like

To feel these feelings

Like I do ..."

"And I blame you

No one bites back as hard

On their anger

None of my pain and woe

Can show through

But my dreams

They aren't as empty

As my conscience seems to be..."

Finally, he thought, about an idea: Find a sanctuary on Earth and tried to find peace and then return to back to the Digital World. He spoke now, "Finally at Earth, I can find peace and just put all of these troubles behind me, I just want to find peace."

Lucemon had researched the Earth, he learned about all the various geographical areas and various terrains that engulf the earth. He also studied the various time periods of human history: Classical Era, Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Colonization, 18th century, 19th century. Mostly he studied second half of the 20th century: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. He somehow, had an interest in this era, for some odd reason, that he couldn't explain. In his room, now, Lucemon prepared to embark on his trek to the earth.

He held his hands in a prayer-like stance, and he yielded out this great whitish-like portal. He slowly walked toward this great glowing portal that appeared before him. Lucemon, now entered upon the portal.

("Jumping Jack Flash"-The Rolling Stones on background)

Lucemon, now entered a spiral which consisted of a spectrum of colors and various odd sounds could be heard through the domain within the spiral. Slowly, and slowly the trek inside this spiral continued, and he seemed to be almost the earth now.

It slowly continued, to progress more deep inside the spiral, and suddenly–a white flash–one he never encountered in his previous experiences within the confines of the spiral. The white flash–at the moment–had temporary blinded the angelic boy, the great whitish light shined all around. Suddenly, the trek within spiral had ended.

He now emerged from the portal that appeared on the blue sky and caught glimpses of the scenery of the Earth: cars on a road, various buildings, and he caught a sign. The sign: Welcome to San Francisco. Lucemon, now, knew where, at least, where he was at, the moment.

("Alabama Song"-The Doors heard on background)

Lucemon ventured around various parts of the city of San Francisco. Somehow, the city, looked different from pictures he looked at in books, it was something about it. The cars, had looked different as he caught the glimpses from the roads and he flew past them. Lucemon caught glimpses of vintage muscle cars. He proceeded to fly to another area of the city.

Lucemon flew to a great steel structure, that caught his interest. He had it seen it before--the Golden Gate Bridge. A great steel structure of the city of San Francisco. He slowly stopped the fluttering of his wings and stood upon on of the red steel support columns of the great bridge. Lucemon sighed as he stood high up on the Golden Gate Bridge and surveyed with his silvery blue eyes, the expanding cityscape of San Francisco. "So peaceful..." After situating himself for a few more minutes, Lucemon departed from the Golden Gate Bridge and flew to another area around San Francisco.

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of San Francisco, a rural area resided some young people who lived a bohemian lifestyle. Their ages ranged from fifteen to eighteen. They lived in this small three-room adobe house, and had a small lake out in the back of the house. Inside the house, they are dropping acid and smoking some of the finest grass, you can imagine. A strong burnt leave scent filled the room. The room they currently occupied contained various rock posters from the Fillmore West, Winterland Ballroom, and Cow Palace. Also the room containted a bluish lava lamp, a small sound system, and bluish vials and grass on a small oak table. Music filled the room:

"One pill makes you larger

And one pill makes you small,

And the ones that mother gives you

Don't do anything at all.

"Go ask Alice

When she's ten feet tall."

"And If you go chasing rabbits

And you know you're going to fall,

Tell'em a hookah smoking caterpillar

Has given you the call

Call Alice...when she was just small

Get up and tell you where where to go"

..."And you've just had some kind of mushroom

And your mind is moving low."

One in the group muttered aloud, "Is this fucking song great or what?" I'm so fucking stoned right now, but this song is so fucking awesome to listen to."The voice came from a Hispanic male, 18 yr old , 6ft in height, black haired, and muscular physique. He wore a grey satin shirt, black bell-bottomed jeans, and black shoes. He had just smoked, some of the finest grass in San Francisco.

A girl spoke now, "We know this song is great Bernardo. It's Jefferson Airplane. We saw them play at the Fillmore West, about two weeks ago. We were all tripping out on acid, when we saw them play." She was a white girl, short, blonde-haired, and just a real Californian babe, you know. She was just dressed in a long brown poncho, various peace symbols painted on her face, and she also wore red sandals.

Bernardo replied, "Yeah, I remember that, Angela. We were so fucking tripping out, when we were at that show, when Jefferson Airplane played."

Meanwhile, as these young people tuned in and sparked a light, Lucemon ventured into the great outskirts of San Francisco. A great surge of wind hampered his maneuverability of his white wings, but he now had extreme difficulty in keeping controlling his trajectory. The wind continued to blow and blow, and causing him to lose control of his wings–-a sign of danger.

"What is going on!" yelled Lucemon. He lost control of his maneuverability, and he was going down with an incredible amount of velocity.

Crash! Bang! Lucemon crashed and fell out of a small tree, which was located outside of a small adobe house.

Inside, the young people had heard the loud crash from outside.

"What was that?" asked someone.

Bernardo replied, "I'm not sure, man, but I'm going to check it out." He walked outside and had carried his joint in his hand, and he walked to the partially damaged tree that had been damaged. A small silhouette had caught his attention, he thought, that maybe, whoever was it must have tried to climb the tree and may have fall off it or something. He tried to speak to it, "Hello. Can you hear me? Are you all-right? Are you injured?"

Lucemon–-at the moment–-was bruised and bleeding from his white arms and legs, he felt the grueling pain that fluctuated through his body His white toga has blood stains on it. He heard the human, who was trying to call out aloud to him, who tried to help him. He tried to move his legs, but to no avail. Lucemon yelled out, "Yes, I can hear you. I'm just on the side here, and I'm requiring help to get up from this spot. The human, who called out, slowly made his way to side of the tree.

Bernardo held a shock expression on his face, when he saw the angelic child that lied down on the grass, on the side of the old oak tree. He looked on the side of the tree and saw a wounded child--a white blonde "boy"--that lay on the grass. Bernardo was not aware that this blonde boy was actually an angelic being. As he stared at the boy, he just thought to himself that it was just some blonde white boy, who may wondered in this area, though, he was about to find out, just what the boy is--an angelic being.

Bernardo spoke to the angelic child, "Kid, can you hear me? Can you move an arm or anything on your body? How long have you been here–-in this spot? You must have been on some really strong mushrooms or acid, for you to be going around wearing your little angel costume–-Halloween ended a few weeks ago–-I guess you were on some strong acid or mushrooms, when you tried to climb the tree and falling off, though, it's a cool angel costume you have on, kid. Are you all right, kid?"

Lucemon replied to the human, "No, I'm not all right as you can plainly see by my own apperenace that you isn't a costume, human. I'm not a human, like you." He spoke in his callow, boyish tone.

Bernardo held a shocked expression upon his face. He spoke and shouted to the angelic boy, "If you are not a human kid, then, what are you? An angel? A rogue demon? A demon child? Answer me! What are you?"

"Calm down, human. Yes, I'm an angel–not the heavenly ones you humans are familiar with–I'm an angel from the Digital World, I'm a digimon."

"A digi-what? , man you confuse right now. You are just from another world, this is weird, you know. It's not typical, to see some skinny white angel kid just running around, especially in this day and age, you know, especially with the war in Vietnam going on."

Suddenly, Lucemon was shocked with the information the human told him. He studied about "a war in Vietnam,"while he was in the Celestial Angel's grand library. He now had a a shocked expression upon his face.

"Human, what year is this?"

Bernardo replied, "Well, my angelic friend, the year is 1969, the date is November 19, and the fucking war in Vietnam is sure getting worse and worse by the fucking day, men are dying by the day. Why do you ask?"

"I think I've ventured back into time, somehow. Though, I'm too weak too, try to attempt to go back in my time, so I must stay here in this time for the time being. Can you just help me, now? I've been unable to move my limbs or arms."

Traveled back in time, Bernardo--had herd it from the blonde angelic child, he never about anything like this before it was something bizarre, to see an angelic travel back in time and just crash upon a tree. What were the chances of it? He wondered about it. Bernardo continued to ponder his thoughts in his mind. He replied to the angelic child, "Yes, I would help you. And also you can meet my friends, who are inside the house, my friends and I would help treat your injuries."

Bernardo slowly helped Lucemon up, who had cuts and bruises from his white legs and arms. Lucemon slowly, slowly walked toward the path toward the adobe house. Bernardo replied, "Walk slowly, you just fell off from the tree, angel boy." Slowly, slowly, Lucemon walked. He was now at the door.

Bernardo spoke, "Well, here we are now...the house." He knocks on the brown door. The door slowly, slowly opens now.

The door opens and small scream from a female is herd through the opening of the door.

End of Chapter 1.

Author notes: Well, how was this chapter? I wanted this chapter to end in a sort of "cliff hanger", to make it a little dramatic. Comments.