Salvation In Silence

Full Summary: MASSIVELY AU, Born mute, Luke Skywalker has always had a hard life. Labeled an outcast because of his inability to speak, he seeks to find a better life. But when a suitless Vader discovers his son is alive, he will stop at nothing to find him. LV

Genre: family/drama/adventure

Rating: T for language, violence and safety

Author's Note: This is an AU plot bunny that came to me one day while I was in my English class. It takes place fifteen years after RotS, reviews are most appreciated and it is AU, the summary says why. (For those of you who don't know why, Vader was NEVER BURNED and Luke is mute). I haven't decided if this is going to replace "Far From Over" but hopefully I will be able to do this, FFO, Whispers of Daybreak and all my other stories. Here is the first chapter and I do hope you like it. And here is a key in case you get confused:

'italics and one quotation' means words written down.

Italics means thoughts and speaking to someone through the Force.

Chapter One

Being different is hard; Luke Skywalker knows this first hand, for whenever he tries to fit in, he is labeled an outcast for no one wants to be around someone who was different. Luke hated being different but he knew that he couldn't help it; the fact that he was born this way didn't help him because he knew there was no way he could reverse it.

Tatooine, a harsh, desert planet filled with course, rough sand was the place Luke has lived for several years of his life. He didn't have any parents; at least that's what his aunt and his uncle, Beru and Owen, would say. He knew he had to have parents because he knew someone had to have created him.

What he didn't and could never understand was what was wrong with him. He played like the other kids when he was younger, he liked to fly and would sometimes go out to Beggar's Canyon with his T-16 Skyhopper when he grew old enough to leave his aunt's watchful eye.

And yet everyone stared at him as though he were nothing but a nuisance to them and Luke didn't know why that was but he knew it had something to do with his disability.

He couldn't speak.

He had to learn to read and write, which wasn't that common on Tatooine, because there was no other way he could communicate with someone. His aunt and uncle didn't know how this came to be and Luke figured that was because there weren't that many medical places on Tatooine.

The only person, however, who saw past Luke's disability and was the only one that actually spoke to him was Biggs Darklighter. And that was the only reason Biggs's friends, Cammie and Fixer, as well as his other friends, would allow him to hang out with them when he wasn't helping his aunt and uncle. But Biggs was leaving soon, Luke knew that his friend would be joining the Imperial Academy as soon as he turned eighteen and that was only one year away.

Luke dreaded the day when his only friend would leave because then he would be left with no friends. What made it worse was Camie and Biggs's other friends would never let him hang out with them as soon as Biggs was gone. Luke didn't understand why people could be so cruel to him and call him stupid, like Biggs's friends do just because he couldn't speak.

He just wanted to fit in but he knew that would never happen. All his life, all he ever wanted, was to fit in, was to have friends but it has never happened. Biggs was his only true friend and, in one year that, Luke was sure, were going to fly by rapidly, he was going to be gone.

It was a hot day on Tatooine, which isn't unusual for the desert planet but Luke detested the heat almost as much as he detested the sand that surrounded his home. The vaporator that lay outside of his guardian's homestead was currently being fixed by his uncle Owen and Luke was watching.

"Luke, will you go get the hydro spanner from inside?" Owen asked glancing at him and Luke nodded before turning around and jogging away. He entered the house and his Aunt glanced at him.

"Hello Luke," she greeted him.

Luke dipped his head in reply before pointing to the hydro spanner that lay on the counter behind his Aunt. Beru's eyes clouded with sadness and pity that disappeared almost as rapidly as it appeared and she nodded before handing the hydro spanner to her nephew.

"Dinner will be ready soon," she said after she handed the hydro spanner to Luke. Luke tucked it under his arm before lifting up a pen and a data pad nearby before writing down, 'okay, I'll tell Uncle Owen,' before he nodded and hurried out of the homestead.

After writing the message in his sloppy hand writing, he handed both the data pad and the hydro spanner to his uncle who nodded and took both of them. He read the data pad before saying, "okay, thank you, Luke."

Luke dipped his head in reply, that was the only way he could say thank you because he couldn't say anything. He didn't like that he was mute, that he could only get his point across by actions or by writing down what he has to say on a data pad. Though he has lived with being mute for fifteen years of his life, he still hasn't gotten used to the disability.

He stepped back as he watched his uncle continue to work on the vaporator. When he was finished, he nodded to Luke before walking past him and heading toward the homestead, Luke jogged after him.

"Good, you made it in time, dinner's ready," Beru said. She lead the way into the kitchen of the homestead and Luke narrowed his eyes before sitting down and Beru placed a plate of food in front of him. As usual, a data pad and a pen to write with sat beside the plate, just in case Luke wanted to tell his aunt and uncle something.

He ate slowly; his thoughts were elsewhere and he found himself thinking about Biggs again. Biggs was leaving in one year and then I'll truly be all alone, except for my aunt and uncle, he thought as he continued to eat.

"The vaporator seems to be acting up again," Owen was saying when Luke tuned back into the conversation. "But that isn't what concerns me the most, have you heard the news on the holonet anytime soon?"

"Yes, this morning I did," Beru replied but she fell silent and Owen narrowed his eyes as he examined Luke. Luke finished eating before leaning back in his seat as Beru and Owen exchanged glances again.

"Luke, if you're finished, will you go to your room?" Owen asked turning his gaze to Luke. He frowned before picking up his data pad and writing 'why?' on it before showing it to his Uncle.

"Because, Luke, I have to talk to your aunt," Owen replied his eyes narrowing slightly as though he were hoping Luke would understand. Luke nodded before getting to his feet and making his way out of the kitchen but, as soon as he entered his room, he pressed his ear to the door of his room.

"I never thought this would happen, does he know?" Owen's voice asked softly.

"I don't think so, Obi-Wan would know, I know that, but I don't think he knows about Luke," Beru's voice replied calmly.

Who's he? And why are they worried about his person knowing about me? Luke wondered silently as he continued to listen in on the conversation. The one and only advantage of being mute was, so long as he was soft-footed, he could sneak into any part of his house without his guardians noticing him.

But he still hated being unable to speak; he has always wondered what his own voice sounded like but he knew he would never be able to hear it because of the fact that he couldn't speak. He shook his head to clear it before tuning back into the conversation.

"So long as that old hermit doesn't come around here then Luke should be fine," Owen was saying when Luke could make out his guardians' words through the thin door of his bedroom.

"I know but still, with him in orbit, it's going to be harder for us to be able to keep him from figuring it out. But as you said, so long as Obi-Wan doesn't come by, he should be all right," Beru said.

What in the world are they talking about? And who is Obi-Wan? And was the old hermit Uncle Owen was talking Ben Kenobi, the man that lives out near Jundland Wastes? Luke wondered silently. So many questions swarmed in his brain and he knew he didn't have the answer to any of them.

He also knew that eavesdropping was wrong but he couldn't help it; he wanted to know what his guardians were keeping from him. He paused when he heard one word said by Beru that spiked his curiosity.

"He is too much like his father," Beru said quietly but still loud enough for Luke to hear, in spite of the fact that Beru didn't know he was listening. "I fear he is going to get himself into trouble. He does have his father's stubbornness and we both know he, like his father, doesn't like Tatooine."

Owen sighed. "I was afraid of that," he murmured.

What's so wrong with me being like my father? Luke wondered; if he could, he would have asked them but, once again, he couldn't say anything and the only way that he could ask his aunt and uncle about his father is if he wrote it down.

"Luke will be all right, his father won't find him here, I'm sure he…" Beru began.

"Shush," Owen snapped causing Luke's aunt to fall silent but it was too late and surprise glittered in Luke's eyes. My father won't find me here?" What did Aunt Beru mean by that? I thought my father was dead, Luke thought.

"What's the matter, Owen?" Beru asked curiously.

"I think Luke just overheard our conversation," Owen murmured almost too low for Luke to hear and Luke quickly hurried away from the door to his room and made his way to his bed. He sat down on it just as the door slid open and Beru and Owen walked into the room.

"Did you hear our conversation, Luke?" Owen asked narrowing his eyes.

Luke shook his head.

"Are you sure you didn't?"

Luke shook his head again.

"You see? I told you, I raised him better than to eavesdrop on other people's conversation," Beru replied calmly. She glanced at Luke. "Why don't you get some sleep, Luke? Maybe tomorrow, you can go with your friends."

Luke smiled slightly before nodding and Beru and Owen glanced at each other before walking out of the room and the door slid close behind them. Luke watched them go before lying down on his bed and closing his eyes and he slowly drifted off into a light sleep.


Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, paced in his meditation chambers, his cool, yellow flecked blue eyes narrowed as he gazed at the ground beneath his feet. They were currently in orbit above Tatooine but Vader could not figure out why his master had sent him to the planet he detested the most.

Palpatine suspected something; that was about as much as Vader could make out. He knew his master was suspecting a conspiracy against him but he didn't know who was behind it and Vader would like to keep it that way. If word got out about who was behind the beginning stages of the conspiracy, it would make his plan all the more harder.

Vader was only lucky that he had been able to escape the duel he had with Obi-Wan on Mustafar fifteen years earlier, almost unscathed, when his leg had been cut off because he knew Obi-Wan just didn't have the heart to deal the death blow. As foolish as he'll always be, Vader thought with a small smirk as he continued to pace.

He glanced up as the door to his meditation chambers opened and Captain Piett, the captain of the Executor who worked under Admiral Ozzel. Though they frequently changed between Vader's flagship and the Star Destroyer, the Avenger, Vader found that they did their job well, when they weren't being idiots.

"My Lord?" Piett's voice sounded and Vader glanced up at him.

"Yes?" he asked coolly.

"My Lord, we have received an interesting report from the troopers we have stationed on Tatooine. It would appear that, for one, there seem to be more Tusken Raiders around than usual, and, for another, the slavery that was thought abolished is still going strong in some parts of the planet," Piett replied.

Vader grimaced; he knew the only reason he hated slavery was because he had been a slave himself for the first nine years of his life and his mother had been a slave as well…Don't think about her, Vader told himself silently.

"Emperor Palpatine told us to come here to abolish the slave trade that is going on in certain sections of the planet. However, I am sure you will be able to find these place yourself, Captain," Vader said turning his gaze back to the ground beneath his feet as he continued to pace.

"Yes, my Lord. I will send a brigade down to deal with the slave trade in Mos Eisley, Mos Espa and the other key point cities of the slave trade," Piett replied a little hesitantly. A small, cruel smile graced Vader's features but he didn't reply; he knew the only reason Piett was afraid of him was because Vader angered easily and he usually took out his anger on the person nearest to him.

"You are dismissed," Vader said.

"Yes, my Lord," Piett replied saluting before hurrying out of the room. Vader watched him go with an almost amused smile on his facial features before he turned around and made his way into his communication chambers to report to his master.

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