By courtesy of Moviemom44 – the best of betas :) - I can hereby proudly introduce the second part of the story to you.

"Mutant Message Board II" (the knowledge of the first part necessary)

TeLeKiNeSiS_rUlEs: Isn't the net the best invention ever? If it didn't exist, I wouldn't have had a chance to ever know other mutants than me and my sister. My power is telekinesis and Laurie is pyrokinetic and we have devastated our whole house because of a hard time we have controlling our gifts. It bears an amazing resemblance to a battle field now but our overprotective parents only clench their teeth and don't want to let us go to the Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters!

Mutant and Proud: But why, for heaven's sake??? Sorry but it's very irresponsible of them.

TeLeKiNeSiS_rUlEs: They claim attending his school could be too dangerous because of all those anti-mutant bigots who may hover around it. They console us by telling us that we soon will master our mutant gifts on our own, even without Xavier's school. Laurie and I have written a letter to our president about this. I do hope it's going to help. I'm so very happy that a mutant finally has been chosen for this office. I never expected it would happen.

Venomous: Yeah, he's not only a good leader but also such a family man. My grandma goes into raptures over him because of it every time he's on TV. But the truth is that if not for the influence of his powerful relatives, who had a hand in the politics, he never would have been elected. At least, that's the rumor I heard.

Ashley "Energy Blast": It seems all old ladies love our president. Mine is always telling me I should be like him. He loves his own grandma very much and always talks about her with a great respect, telling everyone how she always helped him and that's it's thanks to her that he is the person he is now. But anyway, I can't understand why the original poster's old folks don't want him and his sister to attend Xavier's school so much. I heard a lot of positive things about it.

SecondGenerationMutie: Yup, my online friend says it's a really amazing place. I can't help giggling when she tells me about all those adventures she and her classmates had in there. Like when she used her power to increase the size of her body to massive proportions after her P.E. lesson and went in the shower like that. She must have weighed like 200 kilos at least then. This pervy guy from her class who was always using his ability to see through walls to peep at the girls taking showers must have ended up severely traumatized by what he saw, lol. My friend told me he apologized to all the girls. He swears now that he won't ever dare to use his power like that anymore.

Ashley "Energy Blast": OMG, I read this story on another mutant board once! Your friend must have a great sense of humor from what she writes in there, I admit. But personally the joke I liked best was when she persuaded her best friend, you know, this one who can control other people's bodily fluids, to use this power of hers on that girl from their school they didn't like. I laughed so hard while reading it! They had to take her to hospital immediately because the doctors thought it must be some new plague manifesting itself when all her bodily fluids emptied out of all her body orifices all at the same time! HAHAHA!!!

Venomous: You say she is able to control all of a person's bodily fluids? Really? Mine are venomous, that's my mutation. I wish I knew that girl, it would be my only chance to ever get a girlfriend.

SecondGenerationMutie: So you are like my mom in this respect, except that her fluids are also addictive. And I wondered for my whole childhood how come she always had so many male friends who kept visiting us all the time.

Ashley "Energy Blast": My parents are mutants too. Dad can excrete various smells depending on his mood and my mom is pyrokinetic. I wonder which power my younger siblings are more likely to inherit if any at all.

Mutant and Proud: Maybe a combination of both – super smelly combustible farts. That idea is even funnier than one I had about another married couple I know. He has a power of hydrokinesis and she can transform her body into a huge feline. She can also keep mental contact with cats. I know it shouldn't be a topic of jokes but every time I see their son, I imagine him in the future as a sadistic teen with the power to successfully drown kittens by sheer willpower.

Venomous: You are right, you shouldn't ever joke about such cruel things, moron! Let's change the topic, PLEASE. Has anybody maybe heard about any psychological therapy for mutants with powers that make their life difficult? Mine makes me feel very depressed.

Ashley "Energy Blast": I went to one last year when I had a hard time controlling my energy blasts and felt depressed because of it too but I was actually the only person in there who had a strong and usual power. Basically, the group therapy was targeted at those who had powers close to completely useless and felt cheated because of it. It was a strange experience. There was that man whose sole power was that he could make his hair explode and fall off. Or a boy whose ears were big – I mean – REAL big and he used them to fly, like Dumbo! But the most pathetic power of all belonged to some young woman who swore to us she could see her grandparents in their bathroom every time they went in there to relieve themselves, hahaha!!! That was at least what SHE claimed. I am not stupid enough to believe ANYONE'S clairvoyance would be limited only to such circumstances. She must have been lying to us to get attention. Nobody can ever have a power which would be so dumb.

Embarassed Poster: Hi, I'm new here. Well, our president admits himself he used to attend a group like that in his youth too. You know his powers aren't too impressive either. You know, I feel that soon I will need such a therapy myself. I am already at the end of my tether! Everybody can read my EVERY thought, regardless of how hard I try to block them from others. I myself can't read any thoughts of others though. It's so embarrassing, I feel like dying of shame. I wish I could at least read other people's minds… I could do so many things with that power…

TeLeKiNeSiS_rUlEs: Why the heck would you ever want to try to manipulate human minds? It's really wrong. Are you some evildoer or what? If so, I am very glad you can't do what you would like to!

Embarassed Poster: Calm down, man. I just would make people believe mutants aren't that bad, that's all.

Ashley "Energy Blast": That would actually be really great if you managed to contribute to this. Ordinary humans can sometimes have really strange ideas about us. For example recently my cousin asked me if I believed in little green men. I said I didn't and she said: And this is from the girl who can blast stuff! Well, if being a mutant makes you believe in every supernatural crap…

SecondGenerationMutie: For me personally, as important as it would be to root all those silly anti-mutant superstitions out of normal people's heads, it's just as important to find out if there is any truth to this new theory that says your life conditions and mental state at the time of manifestation have an effect on what power you actually acquire. Genetics has so many secrets that are still waiting being revealed.

Venomous: Such a connection definitively does exist, I'm sure. I know one guy who is a lazy couch potato. He's a telekinetic. He doesn't even need to move from his coach to go to the kitchen because his beer cans fly to him from the fridge on their own. I saw this with my own eyes.

Embarassed Poster:I think there must something to this theory, too. In my school there are a couple of mutants. A boy who was always very shy and had no friends recently came out as a mutant with the ability to create duplicates of himself. Or… did you watch the news yesterday? They were talking about those deformed mutants, the Morlocks, living in the sewers of New York. There was that guy who could alter the flesh of all living creatures, disfiguring them… he was called Masque. So there's this ugly girl who is a grade older than me. She is seriously unattractive and she always envied her pretty classmates. They stopped mocking her when it became clear she has the same power as this Masque guy from the news, hahaha.

Mutant and Proud: LOL! So this hydrokinetic woman from my neighborhood must have been into water sports! And no, I'm not talking about windsurfing now. I hope you know what I mean… Oh, you know what just came to my mind now when I'm pondering this issue? Imagine the circumstances in which our president could discover his power when he was young…

SecondGenerationMutie: Don't be vulgar. Why, for heaven's sake, do even mutants always have to make fun of this guy? He does everything to ensure mutants full human rights which we wouldn't have if not for his hard work in this field. I was never surprised more than when a mutant was elected. But I don't think it would have happened if his main political opponent hadn't suddenly withdrawn. People say he mysteriously disappeared with no trace, but there is always some crazy gossip. I think there was something seriously wrong with his opponent's health and he had to retire. Disappeared… Tell me another one… maybe someone is going to claim that politician was abducted by a UFO. But well, now I'm waiting impatiently for Steve, this moron from my class who is always mocking me and calling me names because I'm a mutant. He always saying I have caustic saliva and poisonous teeth. I don't but I would LOVE him to turn out to be a mutant with a mutation like that! It would sure teach him a thing or two about making fun of people. But the chance for something like that are small… MY power doesn't fit me for sure so certainly it doesn't ALWAYS work in that way. I can turn invisible but I'm an asthma sufferer and a heavy breather due to it.

Venomous: It's really strange to think some of us might even have not discovered their powers. Like an asexual person who is able to manipulate human libido. Or someone whose gift allows them to make their drawings come to life but this person has no talent at all in this field and never draws anything.

Mutant and Proud: This whole conversation reminds me of my experiences from the days of my earlier youth when I was trying to discover my powers. I wasn't invulnerable to flames nor could I digest poison. I couldn't control the mind of this dumb doctor who laughed at me at the hospital then. I couldn't even send her somewhere really far… like Africa or another place where people have a bigger sense of humor. I thought maybe I could become invisible but was convinced I couldn't when I sneaked into my hot neighbor's bathroom when she was taking a shower. I also learned that my ability wasn't self-healing when he brother beat the crap out of me for doing it.

TeLeKiNeSiS_rUlEs: Hey, my sister and I just got a letter from the President's chancellery. His secretary promised me our case aroused his attention and that he'd personally would take care of it! Yes, PERSONALLY! Can you imagine this?

Mutant and Proud: I wish you and your sister the best about it. I'm glad it finished well. Now I have some more respect for the president. But it doesn't change my opinion that his power is so silly and not fitting someone so powerful at all. Imagine: you are the man who is ruling the whole country but your sole power is turning your feces into flowers.