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Force Field 03

The Hopeless Wanderlust



"I had million of crushes—in fact, every girl I gravitated towards, I wasted my mind on a minute or two. But you, you are the only one I wasted hours, days, years on…"

Can someone guess who said this? :D



Mikan Sakura clutched on her mobile phone in her hand, feeling annoyed with her recent discovery about her landlord. She couldn't believe that she was being deceived by him. She closed her eyes in chagrin, complaining to God why she had been gullible all the time.

'Of course he didn't want my body… BECAUSE HE WANTED MY WHOLE LIFE!' Mikan gritted her teeth angrily. "That bastard really is destroying my life."

"Who is?" a voice piped up, breaking her train of thoughts.

"Oh… no one…" she muttered and laughed giddily at Youichi Hijiri who stared at her momentarily before pretending to be immersed in the lecture. Youichi knew that she was thinking about that Hyuuga. He wondered how Mikan got to know him, or what was the relationship between both of them. He sighed silently and thought the five years of not seeing her was a really long time. He doesn't know what had happened to her in between the gaps they didn't see each other. He wished that he didn't follow his parents to the city and would insisted in staying back until he finished graduating high school.

The clock struck twelve and the lectures for the day ended. A few of their friends muttered their goodbyes to them as they walked out.

"So…" began Youichi, his eyes still fixed at the end of the corridor. "Are those weird tux guys coming to get you at the gates?" Mikan rolled her eyes at him.

"They're my dad's secretary and driver, You-chan," Mikan said exasperatedly. Her expression suddenly turned pain as her eyes downcast. "No… I don't think I would want to go back even if they are waiting for me there," she said in a small voice. Youichi knew that something had happened to her and he felt troubled by the tone of her voice. It hurt him to know that the secrets that she didn't want to share with him increased. He wondered what would be so great and so terrible that she was trying her best to not tell others about them. No matter what, he was her only close friend whom she would show that painful expression to, and he would cheer her up in his own ways.

Youichi suddenly took Mikan by her hand and spoke in a low voice as he dragged her through the current of students rushing out from the building, "You know what… forget home, let's go out and have lots of fun."

"W-Wait! Youi—" Mikan choked when she saw his eagerness in trying to make her feel better. Once they were out, Youichi broke into a light run, entwining his fingers into hers without looking at her. He knew he should be thinking of making her happy, but he didn't know what to do with his rapid heartbeat and the heat that crept on his face. The thought that they were going to have a day out together made him really happy.

"Hop on, we'll break through the barrier," said Youichi with a wink as he pushed a helmet in her hands and put on a black vast. Mikan broke into a smile. She couldn't believe that Youichi called her father's people as a barrier. He made things sounded so thrilling.

"Let's go!" Mikan said enthusiastically. She wore the helmet on as Youichi kicked his sportbike's engine to life in a roar. Fastening her arms around his waist, they were off. The sound of Youichi's black sportbike howled in the university's ground attracted every adoring eyes from the students who admired Youichi. Mikan got a glimpse of the two men in black at the gate who cried 'Mikan-sama!' when they saw her passed by them and disappeared at the corner of the street with Youichi. She couldn't help but to laugh with Youichi, feeling esthetic at the getaway and the taste of freedom.






It was a long ride. It was already evening when they arrived at the seaside. Youichi parked his sportbike under a shady tree and they walked towards the shore. They walked in silence for a long time as they enjoyed the breeze and the scenery. Mikan knew that the seaside was Youichi's favorite place to be whenever he felt trouble or so. She felt special to know that she was the only person whom he shared this hideout with.

Once they got tired of walking, they found a dead log to seat on. It was Mikan who broke the silence.

"Youi-chan." Youichi turned to look. Mikan hesitated for awhile and played with her fingers before she continued. "I… I ran away from home." Youichi's stoic face didn't deceived Mikan. She knew well that his silence meant that he was surprised. "D-Don't worry, I'm doing fine for now. I live with a friend for now and I got myself a part-time job in a bakery shop that we like."

"Nogi Bakery?" Youichi asked.

"Yes. Ruka-kun's breads and cakes are always the best." The smile on Mikan face gentled as she touched her fingers. "I really, really love baking. I'm so happy that Ruka-kun kindly let me to work there. I wonder if I'm a bother…"

A small smile graced on Youichi's face. He had fallen deeper in love with her again. He wished that he could tell her his feelings, but he wasn't sure if the feeling was mutual. He knew that Mikan seemed to have a special feeling towards Ruka although he knew that Ruka's passion only towards his work. Youichi stretched out a hand on her clasped ones.

"I think he's happy to know you're doing something you like, Mikan. We both know how much you wanted to be a pâtissier." Mikan replied him with a smile.

"You know, Ruka-kun gave me the freedom to bake my own pastries and with whatever amount I want. He said that he wanted me to have fun baking. Aren't I lucky? To have a boss who gives such freedom to a mere part-timer like me," and Mikan laughed heartily.

"So, you've baked a lot already?" asked Youichi as he admired her very present. She was so beautiful under the veil of the sunsets and the wind blew gently, catching strands of her hair to dance along with.

"Mmhmm," she hummed in reply. "Oh! I forgot!" Mikan fished out a small Tupperware and gave it to him. "It's for you." Mikan felt bad that she had broke the promise she had with Sumire. She knew she wasn't allowed to give anything to Youichi, but she assured herself by believing that the rules only applied within the University ground. "I hope you like them."

Youichi opened the container and saw beautifully decorated pastries and muffins. He then gave a knowing stare at her.

"What?" asked Mikan, feeling accused at.

"You didn't put anything in here, did you?" he chuckled as he picked a muffin and gave it a little sniff. He had to admit that the aroma was mouthwatering and he gulped in hunger.

"W-what? I did not put anything in it! Fine, don't eat it then," snapped Mikan as she tried to snatch the container from his hand in vain. Youichi quickly ate the muffin and he was amazed at the melting sensation of the chocolate filled muffin in his mouth. It was delicious. He stared wide-eyed at Mikan, "This – is – wonderful." Mikan blushed crimson and stood up straight.

"If you want to buy me with that, don't think that I'll forgive you. Hmp!" Mikan knew she was fighting a losing battle. Youichi was a sweetheart and she loved him as her best friend.

"But – but, this is really, really good." He popped in another pastry into his mouth and gave her a hug from her back. "I love chocolates." Mikan smiled. She liked it whenever Youichi hugged her too. He always managed to make her feel calm. "I love the person who made the chocolates too," Youichi said in a silent whisper, loud enough for Mikan to hear. His words startled Mikan and she rubbed his arm affectionately.

"You know I love you too, You-chan," said Mikan happily. Youichi merely smiled bitterly, burying his face in her shoulder. He knew she meant as a friend, nothing more. At least he knew that he was important to her. They stayed that way for a long time until Mikan felt a sudden chill of the wind blew signifying that it was already late. "We should head back."

Youichi complied. He felt disappointed that the time passed by way too fast, but at least he was happy that they get to spend time alone together.

"I bet your friend would feel worried if you don't get back soon," muttered Youichi, taking her by her hand. Their fingers entwined, exchanging smiles.

"I don't think my friend really cares. I'm just a freeloader," Mikan admitted. They took their time walking towards the port, talking about random things and once they reached to the top of the stairs, Mikan went horrorstruck.

Puzzled, Youichi turned to look where Mikan's gaze rooted.

A few meters away parked an ostentatious silver Volvo. The door clicked open, catching the orange sunlight on its mirror that blinded Youichi momentarily. There stood a tall handsome man, staring back at them after he took off his black sunglass.

"You're so late, Mikan Sakura," his mellow voice said.

"How did you find me?" shouted Mikan aloud that took Youichi back to reality. He didn't realize that he was staring at the perfect stranger.

"Well, let's say that I am worried if you fainted in some unknown place again. You're very capable in doing that," answered the man unaffectedly. Mikan jaw dropped in horror.

"So… so, you planted a GPS on me?" squeaked Mikan frantically. The man walked towards her and took her by her arm.

"Are you her boyfriend?" he asked at the baffled Youichi, staring at him with a bored expression. Blinking, Youichi answered, "Er, no. I'm—"

"Ah, is that so," he muttered, didn't bother to listen to the rest of Youichi's answer. "We're going home, Polka." He then dragged her effortlessly into the car as Mikan struggled to break free.

"STUPID! IDOIT! PERVERT! Let me go!" screamed Mikan and her screaming got quiet when he closed the car door.

"Take care, little boy," said the raven haired man coolly and in a few seconds, the Volvo disappeared from Youichi's sight.

Youichi stood there, unable to understand what had happened with his brilliant mind. His thoughts were filled with questions. His chest was throbbing painfully and he didn't know why. He knew he had seen the man before but he couldn't remember who he was. Suddenly, Youichi gasped as it dawned to him who the guy was. His eyes widened in disbelief.

"Isn't that… Natsume Hyuuga?"



Force 03 End







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