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Chapter 1


STOP! Please, please, make it stop! Just make it stopstopSTOP! I yelled inside my head while I'm driving my black 2003 Audi A5 Coupe with my beloved nonstop talking 16-year-old sister to Virginia while following Mom and the UHaul Truck. I feel like my ears are bleeding now! Sheesh. Why do people can't stop talking about things that doesn't make sense? I shook my head. Then Ella shouted happily, "Oh, look! We just passed Maryland!"

Really? Really? "Ella," I said through my clenched teeth. "I know we just passed Maryland, so don't go jumping up and down in excitement because we might end up upside down in the road. Do you want that?"

"I know that, but… I'm just so excited to see our new house for the first time! Aren't you?" I admit, we are both excited to see our new house. Apparently, my mom, Dr. Valencia Martinez, is the only one who have ever seen the new house and now we are moving to Virginia because my parents just got a divorce.

Twenty minutes later...

"Only 20 miles left! I can't wait! Ahh!"

"Ella! Please! You're destroying my eardrums!" I shouted back to her. "Just sit tight and relax and listen to your iPod. I want peace to drive safely on the road. I don't want to get in an accident now!"

From there, Ella shut her babble mouth. I knew she wants to talk more, and, who would want to get in an accident while never seeing you're very new house?

When there's only 2 miles left, I said, "Ella, call Mom if we're going to exit there."

"OK!" She answered cheerfully because she can talk again. "She said we just have to follow her."

"Yeah, now sit quietly." I know she's about to say something again but I immediately cut her off. I can't believe she's my sister.

"Ooh! I hope that white one is our house!" Ella said, while pointing at a big white house while I'm making a right turn.

"I doubt it. That's too big for us." I replied.

"Oh, please. OK, maybe you're right. Look! That brown one is our house!" I was about to say something negative to her but after I parked into the side of the road because the UHaul truck was big enough to fit in the driveway, I kept my mouth shut. Even after we both removed our seatbelts and got off the car, I was speechless. Let me tell you. The house is freaking huge! It's like 2 or 3 stories high and it's like a group of boxes just fit together! I mean, it looks modern, and the walls, GOD!, it's glass! And, that's just the back of the house. We haven't seen the front! So we hurriedly ran to the front off the house and almost fainted. It almost looked like the Cullens' house! The only difference is that theirs is a lot wider and ours is taller and narrower compared to theirs. (Not that I've ever, ever, read the book. I've seen the first movie with Ella and Nudge, forcely!) Anyways, the house is not brick, instead it's made of wood, I have no idea what kind of wood. The walls, just like I said, is glass. There is a balcony in the front, and I'm assuming the room it's connected with is the master bedroom. I'm so getting it! I thought happily.

"AAH!" All three of us, Nudge, Ella, and I, simultaneously cried out as Mom opened the front door! As we entered, I immediately ran up the wooden stairs, two steps at a time. "I got this room!" I shouted. I actually got the master bedroom just like I said! Why, you must be wondering, why did I chose the master bedroom? Because it's freakin' huge! And I instantly fell in love with the balcony. It's my favorite thing in the whole bedroom, besides the space. Nudge came to see my (Mine! I'll never stop saying it because I just love, love, my room!) room and her jaw dropped. No, really. Her mouth was a perfect O.

She instantly yelled without turning her back to me, "I want this room! Ella! Look at Max's room! LOOK! COME HERE, QUICK!"

"What? OMG! OMG! MAX! No fair! I want this too!" Ella, too, yelled in jealously.

"No. This is my room. Finders, keepers. Here, take this." I gave them both two spray paints, pink and orange.

"What the heck are we gonna do with these?" Nudge asked, taking the orange bottle.

"No duh. Spray paint your name on the door of your room so we can't get mixed up. I don't want anyone taking my room. This is mine!" I waved my arms around me, clearly emphasizing 'mine'.

"Oh. OH! I get it! 'Kay! You're such a genius, Max!" Ella grabbed Nudge's arm as they exited my room.

I began spray painting my door. Black and gray, two of my favorite colors. MAX, written in gray paint, then drew vines all around it while using black paint. I'm so proud with my work.

"Wow, Max! Yours look awesome. It suits you! I mean, like, just seeing this, it yours. Like, "No Trespassing" or "DO NOT ENTER" or―" I slapped my hand into Nudge's mouth before my ears fell off.

"Hey guys," Ella said, while holding up her hair in front of the hall mirror we just put up. "I almost forgot. I need a haircut. My hair's getting longer."

Oh, crap. Did she just say haircut? Does that mean we have to go to the mall? Oh, no...

"Just relax, Max... It's only a mall. We all need a haircut nowadays. You know you need one." Ella and Nudge said, while comforting me. No, I don't. I don't need a lame haircut. I'm fine with my hair. I don't care if I can almost sit in it! You can't make me!

"And... Be happy because you don't have those boys stalkers you used to have back in New York." Nudge added, while jumping in joy. She's right. I don't have any stalkers stalking me right now. You must be wondering why I have stalkers, huh? Well, back in New York, I was the most popular girl in my high school. I was only sophomore then. I didn't found out about them till my junior year.

Nudge, Ella and I were in the mall buying new clothes and CDs. We we're about to go inside Hollister when I notice this guy wearing sunglasses and a New York Yankees baseball cap. I asked to myself, Who wears sunglasses on winter season? Then, as we we're leaving the store, I noticed him again. He was talking to his phone and when I turned around to look at him, he literally jumped 2 feet in the air. He immediately covered his face with his left hand, as if wishing I won't see him. Yeah, right. As if I hadn't noticed him yet. I told Nudge and Ella about him and of course they recognized him easily. He was our QB in our highschool football team. I mean, THE whole football team was stalking me! Jack Daniels, of all people!

OK, you people sitting there, reading this, especially girls, you must be "OMG! He's stalking me!" or "WTF? He's following me!". Well, I wasn't like that. I was literally sweating myself. I mean, only celebrities get stalkers, right? But why in the hell do I have one? And it's more than one stalker! I was freaking out. I quickened my pace just to see him quickened his face too! SHIT! By then, my brain shut down. I can't think of a plan to get away from him. Ella and Nudge must have seen my expression because they were dragging me to a beauty salon. I didn't even know they dragged me there!

"You want a makeover, Max? That guy won't notice you after the makeover." Nudge suggested.

"Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. Hurry up!" How can I not say no? I was desperate to be left alone by that guy! And my brain, was gone. Poof. Na-da. It was scary I tell you.

Back in reality...

After the haircut-slash-makeover (according to Nudge), I let myself look in the mirror. I saw the most hideous face I have ever seen in my whole entire life! My ex-long light brown hair with sun streaks now have pink highlights and it's now layered short down my throat. What the H-E-double hockey sticks? I look like Avril Lavigne except for the short hair! It's not like I have any, you know, abomination for her. I mean, I look like a punk-goth-wanna-be-emo! And I'm not punk! Or emo! And that's just the hair! And when they mean makeover, they will really make you over. It's horrible! My brown eyes and cheekbones are more define, my eyelashes are longer, and I had eyeshadows! Purple! And also eyeliner! Thick, thick, eyeliner. Also, they added blush, foundation, and... lip gloss?! Pink?! I was ready to blow up for two BIG reasons:

1. I hate makeovers, especially when they make me look like Avril Lavigne... and;

2. I'm starting to sound like Nudge! ARGH!!

"MAX! Oh my gosh! You look like a supermodel!" A supermodel? Hell, no! "Love the highlights! Don't you? I mean, you're last makeover was, like, last year. You look the same but with shorter hair and pink highlights. Oh! You look like Avril Lavigne!" Oh, they're gonna be sorry they ever made me have this stupid makeover!

"I'm going to kill you, you two!" I shouted so loud that it startled the customers of the salon. Heads began to turn and I blushed tomato red. It's the most humiliating day of my life! Ahh!!!

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