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Epilogue: Of pies, friendship, and books

It had been weeks since the whole Poison Ivy, Slade, and Harley Quinn thing and the Teen Titans were still suffering from the attack. Starfire had stayed away from both Robin and Cyborg. Robin still blamed Cyborg and Cyborg still blamed Robin. Terra was out of the picture completely and went back to her regular life, apologizing for all the things that had happened. Raven had accepted and they ended on a pretty quiet note. Days later Rorek had gotten the call of where Malchior was and did not hesitate to gather his things for the leave. Before he made his departure he had also apologized to Beastboy and Raven. The green changeling had only shrugged it off and had asked the wizard to a game of smash monkeys to seal the apology. At first Rorek had denied it but after a few playful taunts from the changeling he gave in. He lost each turn and the green changeling only smirked in victory. Raven could only raise a hand to hide her small smile. Soon after that he had said his goodbyes and even shook Beastboy's hand, the green teen smiling and admitting that he might miss the wizard. Rorek only chuckled and said maybe he would stop by again. Beastboy let the grin grow on his face and said it was a deal but only if they had a rematch. The white haired teen actually laughed and nodded in agreement, the empath arching an eyebrow at the exchange.

Now it was the regular five and no one but Beastboy and Raven seemed all that happy to be around one another. Hopefully that would be changing soon.

Robin arched an eyebrow from where he sat on the couch, his arms crossed over his chest. Everyone was in the common room and the three titans that had been avoiding each other sat side by side on the couch. The empath that once only dressed in black and blue was now wearing nothing but the purest white. She had grown her hair a bit longer and stood by the wall with her arms crossed, making sure no one made a break for the door. In front of the couch sat tables and tables of pies made from whip cream, a smirking green changeling in front of them. The boy wonder was a bit skeptical of the whole thing and he voices his question.

"…Beastboy… what are you doing?"

"Group therapy." Once more the boy wonder arched an eyebrow and Cyborg spoke.

"Man, we don't need no group therapy with pies." Raven snorted from behind them but no one bothered to turn their heads.

"I do not understand… why do we have of the earthy pastry for this therapy?" Lime-green eyes glanced around for an answer but no one said anything, the boy wonder only shrugging his shoulders.

"That's easy Starfire. You see Poison Ivy was correct in a way. We are still young and we forget there's nothing wrong in that. So we're going to handle our situation in a very childish manner but an effective manner." To this Robin seemed intrigued and arched an eyebrow.

"And how do you suggest we do that, Beastboy?" The green teen grinned from ear to ear and places his hands on his hips.

"We're going to say what it is that bothers us about someone and then hit them with a pie." The room fell silent and slowly the teens on the couch glanced over their shoulders at the empath.

"You agreed to this?" The half robotic teen asked and Raven could only shrug, smiling slightly.

"Sounded like a good idea to me." Robin apparently did not agree. He threw up his arms and started for the door, the empath arching an eyebrow from where she stood. If the boy wonder thought he was going to get past her he had bumped his head harder than they had thought.

"I'm not doing something this stupid. Just count me out." A slow smirk spread across the empath's lips as the boy wonder stumbled a bit when the pie hit the back of his head. Slowly eyes behind the dark mask narrowed and Robin turned around to see the smirking green teen.

"Robin. I do not like how you have no sense of humor." For a moment there was only silence. Finally the half robotic teen let out a loud laugh, falling off the couch as he did. However the laugh abruptly ended as the pie collided with his face. The oldest team member wiped the cream from his face to glance up at the apologetic eyes of the alien princess.

"I…I do not like how you have been doing of the avoiding of me…" Someone laughed and everyone's eyes landed on the boy wonder. Robin did not know Starfire had it in her, not to mention she had agreed so quickly. Cyborg arched an eyebrow and let his eyes narrow sightly at the boy wonder who did not seem the least intimidated. Robin did not stop laughing as he pointed a finger to the half robotic teen on the floor. Slowly a smirk slid across Cyborg's lips. The boy wonder stumbled back slightly from the impact as he was once more being pelted in the face with a pie.

"I think you just deserved that." Cyborg said with a large grin across his face. Slowly Robin wiped off his face, a smirk crossing his features.

"I see… consider it on then." With that everyone was running towards the table. Words were said and then people were hit with pies. There was laughter and whip cream going everywhere but no one seemed to mind. For the first time in a long time it felt like a family again and it was a wonderful feeling. Robin shielded his face as the Starfire threw the pie and it splattered against his stomach. The boy wonder laughed and sent another pie at the alien princess who ducked, the pie hitting Cyborg's back. The half robotic teen laughed and picked up a pie to dump it on top of the green changeling's head. Beastboy acked and tried to wipe the cream from out of his green stands, pouting up at the half robotic teen. Raven stood in her spot and arched an eyebrow slightly. This had worked out better than she had thought it would, not to mention a lot faster. It was nice to hear the laughter of her team again. The way the happiness radiated from them caused her insides to warm up and she was grateful for the green changeling in their lives. That's when she was hit in the side of the face with a pie. Blue-violet eyes widen and she glared at the green teen that stood there, smirking at her with another pie in his hand.

"That was because I love you." For a moment they just watched once another, the smirk never wavering from the green changeling's face. Slowly Raven's eyebrows lowered and a smirk crossed over her face as white energy surrounded five pies, lifting them into the air. The green teen immediately stopped smiling and waved his hands back and forth in front of himself. "Now Rae, come on that's not fair. No magic!"

The other three members stopped wrestling with one another and glanced up at what was going on. They looked between the empath and the changeling before looking at themselves. Immediately they untangled from one another and all three moved to pick up two pies each. Robin smirked and Cyborg started to toss the pie up and down in the air a few times, Starfire beaming with amusement and joy in her lime-green eyes. Raven slowly started to walk over to the group, the pies hovering over the green changeling. All Beastboy could do was gulp before he was pelted from every angle with a pie.

Raven smiled and kneeled in front of the pie covered changeling. Her fingers slowly moved to peel the tin pan away from his face. She started to wipe the whip cream away from his eyes with a towel and soon emerald eyes were watching the blue-violet ones. There was amusement and happiness in her dark eyes and Beastboy could only smile. Gar chuckled and ran a finger along his own cheek before popping his pie covered finger into his mouth. Emerald eyes lite up and he winked at Raven, the empath arching an eyebrow.

"Told you I was sweet." There were groans from the other two males but the females of the group could only chuckle slightly.

"You know what Gar… you really are." The smirk spread across the green teens face and instantly the smile vanished from the violet haired girl. Seconds later an annoyed scream filled the air as Beastboy hugged the empath close, making sure to rub his face against hers. Raven closed an eye as the green teen smeared the whip cream through her hair and covered her the best he could with his hug. Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire could only laugh and clap as the empath kept trying to wiggle free. Finally Raven gave in and let out a loud laugh, causing everyone in the room to go quiet. The empath blushed a bit but let the smile stay on her face as soon everyone else was joining in.

"So…we are a family again, yes?" Starfire glanced around at her friends covered in the earthly pastries and saw the way they smiled. It almost caused her heart to burst.

"We always were Star… even before some of us knew it." Robin and Cyborg nodded at the empath's words and Starfire beamed brighter than the sun. Seconds later both the boy wonder and Cyborg were being squeezed in a semi-tight hug from the alien princess, both returning it the best they could. Raven glanced at the green changeling that still held her in his arms and she let her smile grow into a smirk. Gar blinked in surprise and arched an eyebrow, something he had picked up from her. That smirk never meant something good. Well sometimes it did but not usually in this situation. He didn't notice as the white energy surrounded one of the pies and hovered over the him. The green teen did however notice when it was let go and dropped down on top of his head.

"Hey!" Laughter broke out once more as people scattered to continue the pie fight. The pastry war went on for hours and well into the evening until not one inch of the common room was left without some sort of pastry on it. It was the best day they all had had in a long time.

Pink eyes watched the ocean from the pier as the wind blew against her face. It had been weeks since she had seen Kid Flash and she felt horrible about it. Robin had told them both about what Poison Ivy had done and it had nearly shattered both of them. He hadn't even looked at her as he left the tower and that was the last time she had seen him. She couldn't tell anyone how much she had missed him or how sorry she was because there was no one to talk to. She didn't realize how much he had meant to her and all the old feelings she had thought to be true were anything but. In the end she knew that he was her world and he had changed her for the better.

"Hey…" Her heart leapt at the all too familiar sound of his voice and it took everything inside of her not to turn around. It took more for her not to jump up and hug the speedster close.

"Hey…" She heard the way his voice seemed to hold a hint of pain and something else. She listened as he hesitated from foot to foot before walking over and taking a spot next to her. For a moment there was only silence and both sets of eyes watched the water.

"So… I was going to get you flowers to apologize but I think we're both kind of sick of those…" She smiled slightly and he could feel his heart light up. Maybe, just maybe.

"Yeah…You would be right." They sat in silence again and the reddish brown haired teen started to twiddle his thumbs. Blue eyes watched the thumbs before slowly he glanced out of the corner of his eyes at the pink haired girl. Jinx could feel his eyes on her and slowly she let her eyes meet his. The look in her eyes said it all and Kid Flash could feel his heart about to burst. She missed him. He smiled slightly and gradually started to scoot closer to her.

"I miss you, Slowpoke… I was thinking maybe, if you wanted to...That is…if you think I'm good enough…you could… you know…" Jinx smiled a bit at the way his cheeks blushed and he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. It was a rare sight to see but when Kid Flash was nervous and serious she could do nothing but smile. Gently Jinx moved a hand to rest over his own, stopping the teen from twiddling his thumbs.

"Kid Flash… I would love to…if you'll still have me." Their eyes met and he seemed surprised by the question.

"Slow Poke…I would never have anyone else. Ever." She blinked for a moment and felt her cheeks flush. Kid flash caught the rosy color and he couldn't help but smile that charming smile. Jinx returned the smile and moved to close the distance between them, leaning against his side. The blue eyed teen moved to wrap an arm around her shoulder and tugged her close. Jinx leaned her head on his shoulder and he leaned his head back against her own, their fingers intertwining with one another. Together they watched the sunset and enjoyed the warmth that had left their lives when they were not together.

"Also… if you still want to redecorate the place, you can. Just… go easy on the pink." She laughed and he felt his heart jump as he smiled at the sound.

"What about the pasty green?" The smile faltered as he made a face and she couldn't help but smile, lifting an eyebrow as she watched him. For a moment he sat there watching her and the way she waited for an answer. He had already gotten the paint, including the pasty green but he was hoping she would of forgotten the color. Oh well. Kid Flash gave in and let out a small sigh, smiling at the look in her eyes.

"If that's what you want…I even got the paint, the pale green and all" She arched an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest.

"And you'll help me paint in a normal no speeding way?" He smiled and nodded his head. Jinx beamed a full-hearted smile up at him as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down into a deep kiss. Kid Flash smiled against her lips and felt his face light up in a red glow. Shifting a bit he held her close and allowed the kiss to continue, a part of him hoping she would at least go easy on the pasty green color.

Poison Ivy was lying down on the giant leaf she was using for a hammock. Her eyes hidden behind dark lenses gave no hint of the fact she had dozed off a few minutes ago. The sun felt great against her green skin and nothing was more beautiful than the scenery in Africa. The lush green plants that sprung forth from the ground. The trees that made a canopy over each other to block out the sun, only the tiniest hint of light streaming in. There were endless amounts of trees, plants, and exotic flowers that were home to all sort of animals. She really did love vacationing here. Nature was beautiful and the soft chirping of the Hornbills was like a soft symphony of music to her. There were no loud horns or screaming of people. There was only nature and that put Poison Ivy in heaven.

It had taken Harley some time to get use to the rainforest but after a few weeks she had managed. She enjoyed the water if not much else but she reminded herself it was just a vacation. Not that it wasn't a nice place; she was just starting to miss Mr.J and the big city. That didn't mean she didn't plan on having fun while she was here. The jester hummed and spun on her toes, her make-up and hood off so that her blonde hair flowed with the movement. The redhead arched an eyebrow as Harley's rather loud humming had woken her awhile ago.

"Gee Red! This place is great!" Harley plopped down beside Poison Ivy onto the lawn chair she had taken from some tourist the day before. The redheaded woman chuckled and stretched her arms over her head, working out the kinks in her back.

"I agree, Har. A nice little place away from people." Harley chuckled and started rummaging through the bag next to her chair, pulling out a papaya fruit and a straw. The redheaded woman arched an eyebrow as the jester started to stab at the skin of the fruit, trying to poke the straw through. After a few more moments the straw jammed through the skin and the jester proceeded to try and suck up the inside of the fruit. Poison Ivy could only shake her head and let the faintest of smiles cross her lips. The jester did try so hard. Minutes passed by and the jester growled, holding the fruit in front of her as if it was a cubic cube.

"Stupid fruit! It's broken!" Harley chucked the fruit but it didn't get very far as Poison Ivy made a vine jump up to catch it and brought the fruit back. The redhead picked up the papaya and handed it back to the jester. Ivy pulled a small knife from her green boot and also handed it over to the jester. However when she saw the way Harley's eyes lit up the lady of the vines quickly took back both the fruit and the knife.

"On second thought. I'll cut it." Harley pouted and watched as the other woman started to cut the fruit.

"Red. I had a question." The redheaded woman only hmed in reply and Harley started to play with her pigtails. The blonde made a face realizing she had a few spots of dirt in the blonde strands and started to dig through her bag for a hairbrush. " The Teen Titans…did you really just use the truth serum?"

Poison Ivy arched an eyebrow at the question she didn't think the Jester would ever ask. Lush green eyes watched the other woman for a second before she handed the blonde her slice of fruit.

"What the kids did to one another was their own fault. Sure some thoughts might have been older than others when they were said but they were still there." Harley thought it over and nodded her head slightly, the creepy large smile spread back against her lips.

"People. What are ya goin' do?" The two women chuckled and resumed leaning back against the leaf or chair they had been residing in.

"Stay in a remote rainforest where no one can bother you or find you."

"Well I wouldn't say that." Both sets of eyes looked up to see the Dark knight looking down at them. For a moment they went to laugh but the sudden snapping sound had them blinking. Seconds later they hung upside down in net, pools of red hair falling through the small square holes. Poison Ivy grunted and shifted, trying to sit up right as Harley's foot was in her face. Batman only watched with the same stoic face he always held as Poison Ivy finally managed to sit up right.

"How the hell did you find us?!" The redheaded woman screamed, trying to yank on the net. She saw the way the Dark Knight toyed with the weed killer in his hand and she instantly stopped moving, lush green eyes watching the vile.

"I got a tip off where I could find you. I heard you visited Robin." Both women glanced at one another and they didn't have to ask. They already knew who would pull such a stunt and there was only one person who knew where they had gone. Harley pouted and folded her hands across her chest, leaning against the net. All Poison Ivy could do was sigh and place a hand against her face, shaking her head as she spoke.

"Some people just can't lose with grace…" The Dark Knight only corked an eyebrow.

Slade smirked at the scene he saw unfold through a pair of binoculars. The silver haired man tucked the binoculars into a strap against the brown belt. He jumped down from the tree he was perched upon and pushed the strands of white away from the black eye patch he wore. Yeah it was a bit of an underhanded move but again so was trying to teach him a lesson and then using him as a pawn in his own game. Plus this way she was off the street and he could come up with a better way to get her back when she broke out.

He started to make his way through the lush green leaves of Africa, pushing them aside as he walked a short distance to the chopper that awaited him. The man dressed in orange and blue pulled himself up and inside of the small metal plane. Slade slammed the door shut and took the seat at the controls, flipping a few switches to start the plane. He slid the headphones on and immediately he heard the beeping sound. His fingers tapped at the button and a voice came to life on the other side.

"Yeah Wintergreen. Steak sounds good, I'll be home soon." He ended the call and let the smirk cross his lips once more before he started to head home.

Rorek stood in the corner of the crowded small house that was tucked away on the edge of the town. Cerulean eyes glanced around at all the people that had turned out to attend the small gathering. His mother and father had decided on throwing a welcome home party when they had heard about his defeat over Malchior and the success in his return. To be honest the dragon hadn't been much difficult to defeat. It had almost been a disappointment to the wizard. Years upon years of training and studying, all for a battle that had simply taken mere minutes to defeat. His father had explained that it was simply that the dragon was still bounded to the book so his power was not full. On the upside they had the book back and now both father and son could look for a way to break the curse. Still it seemed like nothing good had come from the experience. He still thought of the empath but the thought of knowing the green changeling was there to love her in a way not even the wizard could, made the hurt stop from time to time. If you were going to lose it was always best to lose to the better man.

Deep in thought he didn't hear the soft voice of the girl beside him with the black hair that shimmered with blue and violet highlights. She lowered her eyebrows and tried to speak again but he seemed on another planet. She was going to have to try another tactic. Tenderly she touched his elbow and the wizard jumped slightly. Quickly he turned around and let his cerulean eyes look down into a pair of deep blue ones. For a moment they stood there and only glanced at one another. Finally he blinked and let a blush appear on his cheeks.

"I am sorry… what?" His voice seemed to waken up the girl as she jumped a bit and stumbled over her words.

"O-Oh! Hehe I said congratulations on your defeat of Malchior… I-I was wondering if you would tell me all about your adventures in the strange land. I have a-always wished to venture out… but I am too weak with me own magic skills." The white haired wizard blinked and slowly shifted in the spot.

"You follow magic?" The girl's eyes seemed to light up and she nodded her head quickly.

"Oh yes from Nol to Noir… anything I can get my hands upon." He smiled slightly as she started to go on and on about the books she had studied. She went on about the first time she had ever tried to do a spell and how she had nearly burned down the cabin. She talked about the books she had to fight to find, the hardships of the art, and the love of knowing she could create or heal someone that might need her. After a few more stories she realized she had been way too chatty and quickly covered her mouth. Rorek couldn't help but laugh. It had been way to long since the last time he had heard himself laugh and it felt nice. The laughter died down and he offered to get her a drink. The girl wasted no time as she nodded her head and let a fullhearted smile cross her lips.

"So M'lady do you have a name?"

"Yes I am called Iris…" He smiled and handed her a glass of wine. Iris's cheeks flushed when their fingers touched and he smiled down at her. A smile? It had seemed like a long time since he had smiled and he found himself enjoying the girl's presence greatly.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Iris…"

"The pleasure is all mine, I assure you Sir Rorek." Their eyes met and they smiled at one another as a blush appeared along their cheeks.

It had been six months since the pie incident and life in the tower was pretty much back to normal. Cyborg spent most of his time with Sarah and Robin and Starfire spent most of their time with one another. Jinx and Kid Flash had already apologized to the half robotic teen and he had laughed it off, hugging the two in a bear hug when he had heard how they worked things out. There had been a party a week before to celebrate the new painted apartment that the pink haired girl and charming speedster had finished. It was hard for everyone not to mention the horrid taste in colors. However Speedy had given up after five minutes and they all had laughed, even Jinx who said she was just as surprised that Kid Flash had agreed. Bumblebee had slapped Speedy over the head for being so blunt and Aqualad and the twins had decided on picking out new colors for the couple. After the twins proved to have no taste in colors as well Bumblebee had joined the water bearer in picking out colors.

Now that everything had calm down and returned to normal, Robin was taking Starfire out on more dates then even the alien princess could keep up with. Not that that stopped her from squealing with excitement everyday. Occasionally everyone would go out as a large group to dinner or a movie. Whenever it seemed that someone would fight they would all sit in the common room and talk it over, a table of pies never too far away.

The green changeling and the young empath had become closer than anyone would have imagined. They spent most of their time together and Beastboy had even taken up reading. Well what he considered reading and what Raven considered comic books with more words in them. However that didn't stop the empath from sneaking a gift into the green teen's room. Beastboy had found the rather large stack of comic books he had been looking for months to find and buy, piled neatly on a spot on his desk. At first he hadn't believed it but when he put one and one together the green teen had hugged, kissed, and thanked the empath for hours. She had slowly accepted them all and smiled slightly at how he still thanked her from time to time. However that did not stop her from playfully teasing him about his choice of reading material. He would laugh it off and then pay her back with kisses in front of everyone. That had taken awhile to get use to on her part but now she enjoyed knowing they were coming, still blushing each time they did.

Another thing she had gotten use to rather quickly were the weekly visits to the green teen's parents' house. Rita had been ecstatic at seeing the two so much and even Steve had seemed to lighten up to the young empath. That had taken some time. He had found her rather creepy the first few visits and they had butted heads once or twice but when he saw how the green teen looked at her and saw how she returned the looks when she thought no one was looking, he could do nothing but approve. After a few more tries they had both found common ground on one thing. Books. It was Rita and Gar who had come up with it and now when the older man and the young empath got together it took everything Rita and Gar had in them to keep them from spending the whole time talking about the latest book they had read.

Raven sat on the couch in the common room reading through the latest novel that the Dayton's had given her. The green changeling was not far away from her as he stood in the kitchen, occasionally sending her glances. Minutes later he was crossing the threshold to offer her a cup of tea. Raven now dressed in white everyday since the incident when she had confessed her feelings to Gar. He hadn't been use to it at first but he quickly got adjusted and enjoyed the way she smiled more at him, opening up in ways he had only dreamed she would. Speaking of those smiles, he felt his heart jump as she sent him a soft smile and took the warm cup.

"Thank you, Gar." He smiled and sat beside her to wrap an arm around her shoulder, the empath moving to snuggle against his side. Gar watched as the violet haired beauty sipped at the tea. The small smile that crossed her lips showed he had indeed made it the way she had taught him and he beamed with pride, trying to remind himself to stay humble.

"Welcome, Rae…" Emerald eyes watched her and she didn't seem to notice. Months back she had gotten use to him being so close and staring at her just for the simple fact he wanted to watch her. "So umm… I got you something." Raven lifted an eyebrow ever so slightly and glanced over at the blushing changeling.

"What is it?" He shifted a bit and then slowly leaned down to pull a book from a bag beside them. Raven blinked and watched the green book cover as he held it out to her. Blue-violet eyes glanced from the book to the face of Gar before glancing back down at the book. "It's a book." He laughed a bit at the surprise in her voice.

"Well yeah…"

"It looks like a novel…" He tried not to laugh again and watched her with amusement in his emerald eyes.

"Dear me, Rae are you trying to imply I do not read things that do not have pictures?"

"Imply nothing. I know you don't." He smiled and rolled his eyes, still offering her the book.

"Just read it." She arched an eyebrow and watched him.

"I already have a book." He smiled and winked at her.

"Not this one. Mom and Dad helped me and everything." For a moment she only looked at the book and then at the green changeling. Slowly she set down her cup of tea and took the book from him. She did not notice how his cheeks started to redden more or how he became slightly more nervous. Raven opened the cover and her heart stopped at what she saw.

Though it looked like a book it was indeed anything but. The pages had been cut out and in the middle of the empty square was a velvet box. Blue-violet eyes slowly glanced over at Gar who was blushing. The green teen let out a small cough of nervousness and slowly took the box from the book. The empath said nothing as her brain stopped working and went on autopilot. She watched as the green teen moved down to the ground and took a knee in front her. Blue-violet eyes watched as Gar opened the box and she saw the ring. It was a white silver ring with a diamond center, amethyst in the middle of the clear crystal. In a square around the middle there were four small green circles at each end, sparkling to show they were small bits of emerald.

"I got this ring specially made to show you that you are the center of my life…see the purple in the middle is suppose to be you… and then the four green specks are me…" Blue-violet eyes simply kept watching him as she tried to get her brain and mouth to work. The green changeling just watched her watching him and he swallowed the lump in his throat. Slowly he ran a hand through the wispy green strands of hair and tried to put his own thoughts together. He had practiced this speech a thousand times but it still didn't seem enough as all he practiced went flying out the window. So Gar just went from scratch and hoped his heart, brain, and mouth worked together for once.

"I- I-I… that is…I love you Rachel Roth and I don't want to spend another moment thinking you won't be mine permanently…" He winced at the way that sounded and started to shake his head, trying to fix it before she said anything. "Not that I own you or anything! Just saying that I love you and I want to be with you! I mean if you want to think of it in the way I'm yours permanently that's fine as well!" She couldn't help but smile slightly as he started to ramble. Amusement danced in her eyes as he started to run a hand through his hair again and stumble over his words. "I mean after the whole ordeal and I just…that is…I mean…"

"Garfield Logan…" He immediately stopped speaking and let his eyes move to land on hers. Raven leaned forward and placed a hand over his own, smiling softly down at the nervous green changeling. "I would love to be Rachel Logan…" Emerald eyes lit up and she could only eep as he flung himself at her. His arms picked her up and they spun in a circle, the empath clinging for fear of being dropped more than anything else. Finally he set her down and she could only smile as he all but did back flips around the room.

"You'll see Rae! We'll be so happy! It'll be wonderful!" She smiled and arched an eyebrow when he started to laugh from shock and happiness, running a hand through his green hair. She didn't have time to say anything however as everyone burst into the room, clapping and cheering. Raven's face lit up like a tomato and Starfire flew over to embrace her in a hug.

For a moment the empath could only let the alien princess hug her before her brain kicked back in and the violet haired beauty was hugging the taller girl back. A small smile graced Raven's lips as she took a step back from the hug and soon the two girls were being joined by a strawberry blonde. Sarah and Starfire squealed and jumped up and down as the empath could only keep blushing, watching the ground. The two girls started to go on about wedding ideas and the best place to find decorations. Raven slowly let her dark eyes glance over at the green changeling who was surrounded by Cyborg and Robin.

Gar watched Raven out of the corner of his eyes, blushing a bit. He couldn't be happier that she had said yes, that she had actually said yes. The green teen turned back to the chattering of the other two boys. He laughed and ran a hand through the wispy green strands, nodding his head at a few questions. Gar felt himself blush more at some of the suggestions the two males made about a bachelor party and he quickly told them nothing too exciting.

So it went on for about an hour, congratulations being given and accepted. Gar and Raven had shaken hands, accepted hugs, and laughed at some of the off the wall things that their friends had come up with for party plans. Finally it was the boy wonder and the strawberry blonde who decided to give the couple time to celebrate. Starfire took Robin by the arm and started to ask him about their special day and the boy wonder could only pale slightly. Cyborg laughed at it until he could see the way Sarah was watching him, arching an eyebrow. The oldest teen quickly stopped laughing and Sarah simply smiled, telling him not to worry about it. After Cyborg had calmed down, Sarah suggested making waffles back at her place. The tiny group squealed and left the common room to leave behind a green changeling and a young empath.

Slowly Raven turned to glance at the green teen who simply smiled at her and shrugged sheepishly when she lifted an eyebrow. The empath only smiled and rolled her eyes as the green teen moved to cross the distance to stand in front of her. Seconds past by and Raven could still feel her cheeks blushing but the fact she was not alone in the blush made her feel giddy inside.

"So…how about a dance?" The violet haired girl blinked and nodded, making her way to the stereo system. She was stopped by a pair of gentle hands taking her hand into his own. Gar softly tugged her close to him and wrapped his arms around the short girl. Blue-violet eyes glanced up into the sparkling emerald and she smiled slightly. Slowly she moved to close the rest of the distance between them, laying her head against his chest. The green changeling wrapped his arms around her slender waist and slowly they began to sway with one another, music playing inside of their minds. Raven could feel herself relaxing completely and allowed her eyes to close, finding great comfort in his arms. The green teen leaned down and placed a kiss to the top of her head, stroking his fingers through the tips of her violet hair.


"Yes Rae?" She leaned her head back and looked up into the emerald eyes she had fallen so in love with.

"I…I want to apologize for the way I acted… back then. With the whole Poison Ivy incident… I should have trusted you and well…I'm sorry." Gar blinked and tilted his head slightly to the side.

"What made you think of that?"

"Just…I don't want any bad things between us and I just…I love you." He smiled and leaned down to place his forehead to hers.

"Gee Rae for someone so smart some days you're so silly…I forgave you a long time ago. It's the hardships that make a relationship strong. It's the bad choices we make that shape us and let us see when the real thing is in front of us…" The empath blinked slightly at the wisdom and couldn't help but let a small smile grace her lips.

"That's very profound of you." Gar beamed a smile and winked down at her.

"I've had a great teacher." Raven could feel herself blushing more and she laid her head back against the green changeling's chest. For awhile they simply swayed with each other in silence, dancing in small circles in the common room.

"So… Mrs. Rachel Logan… has a nice ring to it." Raven felt herself blushing again, slowly looking back up at the changeling. He wasn't watching her and seemed lost in his own thoughts, a giant smile across his lips. The empath couldn't help but tease him slightly, arching an eyebrow at his words.

"What makes you think we're taking your last name?" The green teen lifted an eyebrow and let his emerald eyes glance down into the dark amused ones. He tried to be as serious as he could manage and failed.

"Garfield Roth? Just doesn't sound right." Raven let her smile grow more and gently stroked the back of the changeling's neck.

"Oh yes because Garfield is such a nice name." Beastboy gave a mock gasp and the empath tried not to laugh or smile more from the action.

"My name is adorable! Mommy and Daddy tell me so all the time." Despite herself she chuckled and the green changeling smiled at the sound. Slowly he moved to lean his forehead to hers, tracing a finger along her jaw. "Tell you what. You love me and you can call me Shirley Annie Temple for all I care."

Raven laughed and Gar could feel his heart leap at the sweet sound. He loved hearing her laugh and he made a promise long ago he would fill her life with that sound. Smiling the young empath stopped swaying and leaned on her toes to let her lips hover over his own, whispering against them.

"I like the sound of Rachel Logan… can we stick with that?" Gar smiled and nodded, tilting his head slightly to the side.

"Sounds great to me…I love you Rachel Roth Logan." His eyes began to close and she followed suit as she felt his breath wash over her lips.

"I love you too, Garfield Roth Logan." His ears perked up slightly and his eyes shot open. That actually didn't have a bad ring to it. He started to think it over and didn't notice when the empath opened her eyes. Raven arched an eyebrow as the green changeling seemed to be lost in thought again.

"You know, that isn't bad... How did you-"

"Gar…" He blinked and looked down into the blue-violet eyes that still held a slight hint of amusement in them.

"Yeah Rae?"

"Stop talking and kiss me…" The green changeling blushed and laughed, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"Sorry hon." She smiled and leaned on her toes again, letting her eyes slide back shut.

"It's okay…one of the many reasons I love you." He smiled and leaned back down, closing his eyes to once more let his lips hover over her own.

"I love you Rachel Logan…"

"I love you, Garfield Logan…" They smiled slightly and soon their lips met in a soft kiss. Both knew this would not be the last kiss and knew that awaited them would be the longest journey they had ever taken. The thought made their hearts jump and they could not wait to start it.

The End.

"Love is like a friendship caught on fire: In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep- burning and unquenchable."

Bruce Lee (1940-1973) Chinese-American Actor, Director, Martial Artist