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I'm With You Zero.

'Kaname, I'm sick of you keeping me here in this house! How much more must I endure? (Ha-ha that rhymed) If you insist on keeping me caged, then I shall go and never return!' Those were the last words she left him with. Her loving pureblood brother had driven her away. Now she was running for her life through the city which she had come to know throughout her 17 years of life.

She blended in with the shadows very well, as though a silhouette. The nobles who were following her could not keep up with Yuuki's cunning stealth-like movements. Turning into an ally with a dead end, then somehow managing to scale a thirty foot wall with ease, Yuuki was indeed skillful.

After nearly Twenty minutes the young Pureblood managed to lose the hunter vampires off her trail.

She looked around the area from the tall tree she hid in and caught the sent of hay. To the west of her position there was a small open field with a large stable.

With as much determination as ever, Yuuki jumped into the air- landing with a soft thud- and then running full speed toward the wooden shelter.

Quickly, she slipped into the already opened door and then looked to her surroundings. The fist stall was occupied by a beautiful white sleeping horse, beoned that the other stalls where empty. Without making any noise to wake up the sleeping steed, Yuuki made her to the back of the stable.

She lay in the soft patch of hay and huddled in to corner. She hoped that no one would find her there and report her to the authorities.

That would mean that Kaname would soon find her then only to drag her back to that suffocating old mansion. Her heart ached to that depressing thought. Now it was probable two in the morning to Yuuki's guess so she closed her eyes- which were already filled with tears- and cried herself to steep.

The next morning.

"Morning Lily. Sleep well?" a deep velvety male voice sounded.

"Here I brought you some-" The man cut off short. Yuuki heard him sniff the air in the stable and take a few steps toward the back.

Yuuki held her breath and stayed as still as possible.

"Whoever is in the back show yourself." His voice said.

She dared not move. The only thing that would have given her away was the sound of her rapidly beating heart.

"NOW PUREBLOOD." Oh boy was he angry, and worst of all he found out what she was.

With a sigh, she slowly stood and walked into the open. Her mahogany eyes stared into his lavender ones.

Then she took in the rest of him. This man was tall and lithe and was clad in some sort of black uniform. Looking back up at is face, Yuuki saw the silvery strands of his hair.

Then the last thing she noticed was the silver gun pointing straight at her.

She gasped. This man was wielding a vampire hunting weapon, yet she could tell that he was not human- or not human anymore.

This was odd. Normally vampires do not bare their fangs at purebloods, but there he was standing in front of her firmly gripping a vampire killing gun.

Though the situation did frighten her, Yuuki knew not to look afraid. It was one lesson that was taught to her at an early age.

"You have ten seconds to tell me what business is here before I shoot." He said smoothly.

Her brows furrowed, "I have no reason to tell you anything."

"Hell you do. This is the property of the Cross academy and having no reason to be here is called trespassing. Now either tell me your business or I'll report you, or kill you." The boy said flatly.

She sighed, "Fine. I ran away and in order to escape I ran in here. That is all. I had no intention of doing anything to anyone if that is what you were thinking."

"Your name."

"Kuran Yuuki."

"You're a Kuran huh?" He said, lowering the gun. He had to admit that this girl could really stand her ground. Well it was not that much of a surprise, the Kurans were known very well throughout the area.

"Well in that case, what are the daughter of Juri and Haruka Kuran doing running away from home?" He questioned.

"… Now I most certainly know that that's none of you business if nothing else." She said rather annoyed.

"Well then I suppose that you do indeed have a point."

"May I ask, what is your name?"

He saw silent for a moment debating whether or not to tell her, but soon he spoke, "Kiryu Zero"

"Zero…" she mumbled to herself.

"Come along with me. You'll need to report to the chairman." Zero said turning his back to her.

"NO. If I do then there will be more chance of Kaname finding me. I cannot go back. I refuse to go back." Yuuki yelled worrying to no end.

"Yeesh! Would you calm it down? No one is gonna find you. Now hurry up and come already." Zero said angrily.

She did as told and followed him out of the stable- earning a snort from lily before finally exiting the room- and to the large building which was the academy.

With a sigh the two entered the hall leading to the chairman's office.

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