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"Yuuki! Move!"

Zero had taken Yuuki to the stables as part of their 'ditch and relax day'; after Zero's little nap of coures. Zero had entered the rather large room and scanned the surroundings. Seeing as how no one was in the building ,which was to be expected, Zero turned his attention to the great white horse in the first stall on his left.

"Afternoon Lilly." Zero said softly.

Yuuki had met Lilly before when she first stumbled into Cross Academy. She was tall and very beautifull but Lilly was known for her picky attitude on who was alowed to ride her; therefore making her live up to her title as the 'Demon Horse from Hell'. Upon seeing Yuuki, Lilly was not at all pleased. She bucked the wooden wall behind her as hard as possible and gave three good attempts at jumping her stall door.

Forcefully grabbing the great white steed's ear, Zero spoke something in which Yuuki could not hear... something about a single celled organism?

Yuuki grimaced from behind the stack of hay she hid behinde during Lilly's outburst.

'Damn horsewhisper...'

Lilly snorted and sounded in resistace but finally cooled down when Zero sprang onto her back. No ropes. No saddle. No safety. Yet Lilly seemed to clam down.

"Damnit Lilly." Zero murmered, "I'll be right back." He said as he slid off her back.

Yuuki scrambled to her feet and followed Zero down the center isle.

Zero walked over to a brown horse with a few splotches of black scattered around her body. Her name was Grace. She wasn't as old as Lilly but at the very least she deffenetly was the calmest and most gentle horse at Cross Academy. Zero had always took some extra time away from his busy life to come down to care for all the horses in the stable, especially White Lilly.

He had brushed, fed, washed, and once road Grace before and instently picked up on her gentle behavior. This was the only horse in the stable Zero could really trust that won't throw a fit and protest with Yuuki's begginer skills.

"Yuuki here" Zero said handing Yuuki a gray horse riding helmet and slightly worn saddle.


Zero jumped back when he heard Yuuki's sudden yell. She had fell over from the surprize weight of the saddle. Zero knew it wasn't heavy really, but its not a bag of fethers either. Yuuki must have thought it was pritty light and didnt expect its true weight. Zero stepped forward toward her and offered his hand as he watched her rub her eyes and try to regain her composure.

Zero pulled Yuuki up and studied her. No scraches or anything exept the dirt that had gotten onto her from the stabble floor.

"You okay Yuuki?"

She gave him nod and worried smile...this horse thing keeps getting wores and worse.

Zero bent down to pick up the saddle and placed it on Grace's back before helping Yuuki up onto her mount. Zero steadly guided Grace outside and returned back to hop back onto Lilly.

"Yuuki, the key thing to riding a horse is- HEY!"

Zero had expected Yuuki to have no knowledge in horseback riding, seeing as she had so much trouble in just walking into the stabe and getting ready to get on the actual horse, that when he saw Yuuki take off from his side, he thought the horse went crazy. It took a moment of confusion for Zero to realize that Yuuki had actual skills in riding. Living in the mantion with Kaname surely had to have somthing for her to do and learn since she hardly ever left the Kuran grounds. Horseback riding would have been an obvious choice for Yuuki to learn.

Zero watched as she manuvered Grace in and around scattered obsticals that had been left out probably form the morning classes. Yuuki looked like she knew everything, even more so when she managed a jump over a four foot hedge with Grace; including the actual grace in the movements of Yuuki's riding. Zero felt a small smile tudding at the corner of his mouth and couldnt help the sense of pride that radiated off Yuuki and into him.

Zero trotted Lilly to where Yuuki had paused near the west side of the fencing; she beamed at him as he aproched.

"Didn't see that coming, did you?" Yuuki said with a content grin in place.

Zero couldn't help his low chuckle, "No hehe. I didn't."

Yuuki was exited to see the small smile on Zero's face as he continued his small period of amusment. Why couldn't he act like this more often?

Yuuki never stopped smiling as the two road laps around the fenced area. They challenged each other in small games of speed and skill. Lily kept up with Zero's crazy manuvering, but Grace wasn't as athletic; Grace was still new to the action of real riding since she was used for beggining riders.

It was about two in the afternoon when Zero said to call it a day with the horses. Grace look really tired and the next class should arrive soon for their lessons.

Yuuki walked over to her dorm as Zero and her split ways when entering the Sun Dorms. With all the horseback riding, Yuuki didn't notice the dirt and mud that somehow managed to cling to her during the ride. She had suggested for a quick shower and a change in clothing. Zero had given her a nod and said to dress for going into town; he didn't get any more specific than that.

Yuuki stepped into the dorm room and made a bee line for her dresser and then her closet. She knew Yori and the other girls wouldn't be here since class is still in session, but that didn't stop Yuuki from tip toeing from the room to the girl's dorm bathroom down the hall. After the door was shut and locked, Yuuki set her cloths down on the metal counter inside the tiled room. It was cool in the room, though the moisture was no where to be found on any surface.

Yuuki unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it to the floor; her other cloths followed in the same fation. The water was cool against Yuuki's skin at first, but within a few seconds it heated up to a warmer temperature.

As the water poured over her, Yuuki took a moment to enjoy the warmth of the water before applying her strawberry scented shampoo. Yuuki felt her hair become a part of the foamy mess at the top of her head and laughed.

A memory of her mother giving her a bath played in her mind...

"Mommy! Again, again!" Little Yuuki's voice sounded.

"Okay dear."

Yuuki's little body sat naked in the center of the oval shaped porceline tub as bubbles swormed her on every side. Juri had just poured warm water over Yuuki's head to wash off the suds that had been freshly made into a unicorn horn. Yuuki had her mother turn her hair into funny shapes nearly four times in that one bath but couldn't help asking just for one more shape.

The next shape made Yuuki laugh more than the others.

"Mommy Ima hermit cwab!"

Juri beamed at her daughter and laughed softly at the sight of Yuuki's new 'hair do', which was shaped as a spirl looking cone.

That was one of the last memories she had to remember her mother by before her satistic uncle killed her parents...

The thought sent a stabbing pain through her heart.

Yuuki finished washing off the remainder of the conditioner she had applyed and now stepped out of the shower. She tryed to walk carefully to the counter where her cloths were at. In just a few minutes she changed into black, off the shoulder, top and small, white, pencil skirt. Yuuki wasn't sure if they would be doing something that required too much walking, but a small voice in her head told her to dress nice.

A simple blow dry and brushing was all it took to style Yuuki's hair back into it's usual down form. An hour seemed to have flown by as Yuuki finished preparing herself for the trip into town.

Just as she suspected, there was a slighly annoyed Zero waiting for her outside the bathroom door.

"Oh Zero... Are you ready to go?" She asked sheepishly.

Zero let out a frustrated sigh and started to walk to the entrance of the Sun dorms with Yuuki following close by. Zero's silents gave Yuuki the perfect excuse to examin Zero's choice in atire for their afternoon.

Yuuki sighed in relief as she noticed the niceness in his clothing. His white uniform shirt was in place with the sleaves rolled up to his elbows; a black, sleaveless open vest popped in contrasted with the white shirt and to finish her wore simple blue jeans.

Yuuki smiled.

"You look nice...Yuuki."

The silence was broken then.

The small complement caught Yuuki's attention; and got her blood's attention too. A deep red color filled her cheeks instantly.

"T-thank you Zero. You look nice too?" She ment for that to sound full hearted but with embarresment still looming in the air she couldn't control the tone in her voice.

The walk wasn't long before the two hit the garage. Zero ,of course, hopped into the drivers seat after opening Yuukis passenger door.

Yuuki didn't bother with asking where they would go once they were in town. The surprize seemed worth it when Zero parked near the town square.

It was around five in the afternoon and the streets were alive with the towns people who were most likely taking an early start in teir own evening fetivities.

Zero opened Yuuki's door and let her wonder around the square to all the booths that were place out in front of the tall buildings.

Yuuki beamed.

"Hey Zero. You look bored. Right now we should be enjoying ourselves."

Zero rolled his eyes and said, "What is there to enjoy? We just got here and we havn't made it to our destination yet."

Though Zero returned to his guarded state, Yuuki continued to smile. They were together. In town. Going someplace that must be wonderfull if Zero dressed up for the occation. Why would she frown?

"Hey look! Zero!"

Yuuki strolled over to a booth that sold jackets and other mens apparel.

"Look! This one looks like your size!"

Zero gave her a puzzling look, "Yuuki you have better thing to buy then a shirt for me. Come on, we only have one hour to kill."

Yuuki waved goodbye to the shirt booth vener as Zero forced her to move along. It was her time to see the town and buy idems for herself, not him; though the gesture was nice.

A little more walking was done until Yuuki found the perfect store for some cloth and trinket shopping; not only for herself but Yori and Zero too. Yuuki told Zero to try the building across the street for some of his own shopping, which he reluctantly agreed to. Now with Zero gone, Yuuki dashed to the clothing section of the small store.

Gowns and dresses of all shape and size could be found in that one store, one in particular caugh Yuuki's eye. It was a beautiful violet shade. The satin fabric made it evern more so elegant and the best part about it, it was Yuuki's size.

The open dressing room allowed Yuuki to try it on. Everything about the dress was amazing. It flowed down to her feet, though some simple high heels would the trick to keep it from draging along the floor, and swayed gently as Yuuki walked the hallway of the dressing room area. It was perfect in every way but with a catch... it was two hundred dollars.

A regretfull and hurt filled sigh escaped Yuuki's lips as she exited to store. It wasn't hard to find Zero since he stood outside the exit as always.

"We have about another twenty minutes untill we need to head out. Anything else you need to see?" Zero asked nonchalantly.

Yuuki shook her head and followed Zero as he lead her to a nearby book shop. The sent of coffee hit them as they walk in. Zero wanted nothing more at that moment than to have some fresh black coffee if not for the fact he knew he wouldn't be needing it. So insted he settled for a simple seat near the window while he let Yuuki peruse the books.

Time of coures went by and the two headed out back to the car.

"Are we going some place far Zero?"

Zero didn't answer.

This was it. Buildings around the car became slightly similar as Zero slowed the car to a stop.

"Zero?... Why are we at the Vampire Hunter Headquarters?"