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Author's note: Jeez, I'm on a Leah role. This one will be about life in general before all this werewolf stuff, though. It'll be introducing life at the Blacks soon, and others, etc. I've purposely tried to keep the guy in this chapter a little ambiguous; although I'm sure many of you can guess who it is. I hope you enjoy it. I found this chapter a little hard because it was essentially just setting up the scene and the story. It should get a little more interesting after this, touch wood.

Sunshine, Rainbows And All That Trash

Chapter I

He caught sight of her well before she noticed him and he was oh so relieved that at least this evening wouldn't be dull as hell. She was busy putting books from her locker into her bag. God knew how but despite being smart and actually spending time studying, she wasn't a bore; Much the opposite, in fact.

"Lee. Lee?" He called out to her, weaving through all of the students. "What're you doing?"

She smiled a bright smile at him, her eyes twinkling as she replied, "Putting my books in my bag. What does it look like?"

Always with the sarcasm, that girl. "No, really? I thought you were having wild sex for a second." He loved the snort of laughter that came from her. "No, seriously, what are you up to this evening?"

"Waiting for Seth," She said with a careless shrug. "He's got soccer practice tonight. You?"

"I was going to catch a ride with some of my friends –"

"Ooh, your older, scandalous, hardcore friends that you have wild sex with?"

"-but I thought I'd just chill with you instead." He finished, ignoring Leah's interruption. She was such a child sometimes and this was just his way of saying that she'll have to put up with him this evening. He really, desperately needed more friends that didn't find the height of humour in words like 'poo'. "How's Seth doing anyway?"

"He's fine. He loves soccer." She paused thoughtfully for a second. "And he's not bad at it, actually. He's playing midfielder at the moment but I think he prefers the defensive positions."

"You think he prefers the defensive positions?" He questioned her teasingly, knowing her answer full well and she grinned in response.

"Ok, so he told me he prefers those positions." They walked towards the field, Leah having given him her bag to carry and bloody hell was it heavy. "What about you? How's baseball going?"

It was a bad question to ask because, within seconds, he was telling her of everything he'd done well, in practices and matches, everything he did wrong, everything that was just ok, what the others were doing (especially that jackass, Dixon, the arrogant little twit) and even when they'd arrived at the soccer field and were sitting on the sides, he kept chattering on about it. After several minutes, he paused to look over at Leah, only to have her turn to him questioningly.

"What? Why'd you stop?"

"You're not bored?"

"No." She turned her gaze back onto her eight year old brother, kicking the ball around. "We haven't really talked like that in a while." She added thoughtfully.

"Yeah, not for like two weeks. Maybe even three." He had no idea what she found interesting about him talking on and on about something that she didn't participate in. He'd never understood why or how she found this interesting but it was comforting to know that she still did. Just the way he'd listen to her about dramatics or the books she were reading, although he'd be damned if he ever read them. "You brother really isn't that bad. Is he going to try out for the school team?"

"Yeah, he should get picked. I'm not worried," she said, with a slight furrow in her otherwise smooth forehead.

"Worried?" He prompted her.

"Just...in case he doesn't make the team, you know," Leah abruptly changed the topic. "So...how's Rebecca doing?" There was a snigger in her voice that he couldn't understand.

"Rebecca? She's ok..." He said warily, trying to work out just what the words were between the lines. "I think she spends more time bullying Jacob than she does studying." He stopped when he heard Leah's snort.

"That's not what I heard." She tried to hide her smirk by dropping her head forward a little but it was easily visible anyway.

"Ok..." It was now his forehead that had a puzzled (and slightly worried and scared) furrow. "I'm sure she's got other things keeping her busy." He added as an afterthought, "And it could be Rachel that's the one that's busy torturing Jacob."

"I think they might have other things on their mind..." She wasn't even trying to hide her feral grin now.

"GOAL!" He was suddenly up on his feet, clapping his hands and feeling more than a little moronic beside Leah. "Your brother just scored." He told her unnecessarily.

"I know," She was much more dignified with her cheering, still sitting beside him and clapping her hands. "He kicked that little bugger's arse!" Maybe she was only dignified in her behaviour... "I hate that kid," She told him. "He's been making life hell for Seth. And he's too small for me to beat him up."

He thought about how different a sister Leah was to Seth, compared to Rachel and Rebecca to Jacob. He'd heard his mom talking about how much trouble the Blacks had, trying to stop the three from fighting, literally, with each other. It seemed that twins didn't get along all the time.

"I'm babysitting the Blacks today," Leah brought up yet another topic seemingly randomly. Well, not that randomly since she'd just been smirking deviously about Rebecca and/or Rachel. How the hell could she tell them apart? He had enough time differentiating Jacob from Embry from Quil. "Want to join me?"

The yes was almost out of his mouth before he noticed her looking slyly at him. And smiling slyly too, for that matter. He knew never to trust devious fourteen year old girls. That was like pouring oil on himself and setting himself alight, after jumping in a giant bowl of vodka, because he was damned if he'd ever drink that nasty stuff EVER again, when it took him two weeks to recover from only three shots (or so they said!). "Why?" He cursed himself for how stupid his question sounded and for stupidity in general and mostly because boys should definitely not be scared of girls, no matter how smart or devious they might be.

"Why?" She looked at him as if he was crazy. "So I don't get bored babysitting the babies? Or get murdered by them." She added, her eyes once again on her brother, although there still was a suspicious smile on her face.

"Sure. As long as you don't try and seduce me." Guess his evening definitely wasn't going to be dull, he thought as he smiled at Leah's snort.

"In your dreams and my nightmares; maybe in your acid dreams too."

He loved the way she looked so smug and devious and how smart she was and how she didn't laugh (too much) at words like 'poo' and, mostly, really, he loved the snort she did when she laughed. He was sooooo glad they were friends. He'd have been bored out of his mind, otherwise.