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It was quite in the Sound village's forest. You could only hear the chattering of the forest life. In the distance a river calmly flowed. That was until a loud curse was said, and birds took to the sky, cawing in frustration.

Jumping through trees at a break-neck speed was a man carrying a three bladed scythe on his back. He had on a black cloak with strange red clouds on it. He stopped to rest on a branch of a tree and re-adjusted his weapon. He looked around with his purple eyes, running a hand threw his slicked back silver hair.

"Damn mission. Why the hell did I have to do this damned mission?" He said to no one. He sat down and sighed. Taking out his religious necklace he started to pray. It was a habit of his, to pray on the hour every hour.

When he finished praying he was tucking the rosary back into his cloak when some one said, "Hidan." He jumped up alert with his hand on the scythe.

"Who the hell's there?" He called out, scanning the growing shadows. In the corner of his eye a bush rustled. He threw a kunai at it, effectively making the bush stop it's shaking. He smirked and let his guard down.

"Now now Hidan. Was that any way to treat your god? Jashin-sama?" A figure said as it rose out of the shadow. Inkily it stalked out, taking in more color and form every second. Soon there stood a man with a black robe brushing the ground.

"Jashin-sama, what the hell are you doing here?" The Jashinist said bowing to his god. The cult god nodded and told him to stand. Waving a hand, two chairs rose up from the ground. Taking a seat the god motioned for his follower to do the same.

"Well Hidan. I have set a change in your life that you must follow. This change will come soon. Sooner then you think." The god said in a deep voice, one that held years of wisdom, and carnage. Hidan quickly took the information in.

"Hai Jashin-sama." He said, looking up in to the god's soulless black eyes. Hidan pondered what the change would be. Would it be a small change or a large one?

Getting the courage he asked, "But, what the fuck is it?" His god looked up threw the foliage. Jashin thought for a moment, testing his follower. He snapped his head in a direction, and listened. Straining his eyes and smiled.

"I'm not telling you what the change is. Although if you go in that direction you might find out." The god said before getting up. The chairs collapsed into a mist and Hidan fell on his now sore butt. Groaning out in pain he got up, muttered a few choice curses and ran in the direction Jashin pointed in.

Jumping up in the trees Hidan saw a ray of light come into view. He slowed down as he got closer, and stopped, hiding in a bush. A faint 'Clang' of metal clashing against metal could be heard coming from the light. Stepping closer Hidan saw the light disappear and take the shape of a clearing.

Peering in the clearing Hidan saw a little girl, no more than ten or eleven, fighting off a group of five bandits. She had bubble gum pink hair and her eyes were red. He watched as the she took out five pieces of black ribbon, all about ten meters long.

"What the hell is she going to do with those damned pieces of ribbon?" Hidan whispered to himself. She let them fall to the ground as a bandit ran forward. Twitching a finger one ribbon flew up and went straight threw his heart. His eyes widened as he fell to the ground coughing up blood.

The pinkette then removed a scroll from her back and took out a giant ax that was stored in it. Running towards them she swung the ax across and beheaded the other four. Three heads rolled but one popped away. She sightly cursed and looked around.

A kunai whizzed by, burying itself into the girl's stomach. She knelt down and started hacking up blood. Hidan was staring at her when he heard some one say, "Save the girl damn it!" He jumped, and looked up into the black eyes of Jashin. He nodded and started to stand as the girl looked up and removed the kunai with trembling hands.

Hidan glanced at her eyes, once red they were now a pitch black. The last bandit came tumbling out of his hiding spot. Throwing the kunai she had at his feet, he picked it up and raised it to his chest, right above his heart. He looked panicked, looking from the weapon to the pink haired girl.

A second later he drove the weapon into his own heart and let out a gurgled scream. Dropping to the ground, he let go of the kunai and went limp. Satisfied with her work she blinked and her eyes turned back to the red they normally were. Then she collected her ribbons and ax, putting them back.

She swayed fatigued, then crumpled into a heap. Hidan took this chance to come out and walk over to her. Upon closer inspection, one could see her arms, legs and feet were pulled off then sowed back on. On her stomach she had a stitch running from her left to her belly button.

The pinkette was wearing a simple black midriff tank top, a black skirt from below her stomach stitches to above her thigh stitches. Around her neck she had a red ribbon tied into a bow with a bell to hold it in place. Lastly on her arms she had slip on sleeves that covered her hands.

He sighed and picked her up, careful of the scroll on her back. Hidan looked around at the mess, then across from him, he saw a red stuffed animal poking out of a bush. He figured it was her's so he draped her over his shoulder and picked up the stuffed animal, and started for the Akatsuki hideout in the Rain village.

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