Main Characters: Harry Potter, Sam Witwicky

Summary: Bringing Sam Witwicky back to life was a little bit more complicated than the Primes had anticipated. But they're humble enough to ask for help if it means saving an entire planet.

Harry grimaced and rubbed his forehead as the faint whispers started up yet again and filled his ears with an annoying buzzing. He closed his eyes, hoping for some relief, but after months of dealing with it he knew they wouldn't disappear so easily. With only the darkness behind his eyelids to concentrate on, the voices grew louder.

For a moment, Harry could understand and feel bits of emotion within the mass of sounds. And just when he realised that was a sense of pleading from the voices, a hand clamped down on his shoulder.


Harry opened his eyes with a start.

"Harry, mate, you look terrible. When was the last time you slept?" Ron said as he carefully lowered himself onto a chair in front of Harry's desk.

"No time to rest since you get injured, you moron."

Ron snorted. "You make it sound like I injured myself on purpose."

Harry leaned back, and stretched his hands upwards. "Are you supposed to be out of bed and visiting the office?"

"I heard you haven't left the office in a week."

Harry shrugged and waved his wand towards the side cupboards. A tea kettle, two cups and a biscuit tin emerged from the cupboard and arranged themselves on to a tray which floated on to Harry's desk. "You know how it is."

Ron grabbed a biscuit as Harry tapped the kettle with his wand. "So how bad is the robot situation? Are they really thinking of breaking the statute?"

Harry nodded as the kettle whistled. "Ever since those robots demanded that Samuel boy, well you can just imagine what they are willing to do."

"The robots don't know about us yet, though." Ron frowned and took another biscuit. "The minute we do something..."

Harry shrugged. "Surprisingly, some of the old farts are thinking about long term. If the muggle government falls, we can't keep hiding forever if the robots take complete control of the planet."

"You know, I picked the perfect time to almost die and end up on forced vacation," Ron waved his wand and forced the kettle and tea cups onto his own empty table in the office. With another wave at the table, a large crate of bottles emerged from the bottom drawer. "Seems like it's a good time to use these. I knew they'd be useful eventually."

Harry snorted but grabbed a bottle from the crate. "Been looking into a crystal ball then? Why didn't you tell me that I'd be dragged into political hell?"

"Everyone knew you'd be dragged into political hell eventually, Harry. You're a war hero." Ron grinned and popped open his firewhiskey bottle. "But I don't think anyone thought it would be because of killer robots."

"They haven't used the war hero card yet." Harry grimaced. "If they do, I'm dragging Hermione and you to suffer with me."

"No can do! I'm grievously injured, on the verge of death and everything."


"Definitely," Ron said as he held his bottle forward. "Seriously though, I hope we don't get involved with that."

Harry clicked his bottle against Ron's. "We're never that lucky."


Instead of being bothered by vague incoherent whispers, Harry heard distinct voices that thrummed together with an unknown mix of languages.

The voices pleaded.

The voiced yelled.

And even more confusing, the voices called out to him somehow.

Harry winced as burst of an metallic sounds joined the voices. Confused and irritated, Harry opened his eyes only to be blinded by a bright blue light.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. A sharp mix of wind, sand and a tangy metallic scent left him wary and regretting his alcohol binge with Ron.

The voices called out to him again, joined with more metallic sounds.

Amongst the incoherent sounds, a single word resonated in Harry's mind over and over again in time to the metallic sounds.


Harry opened his eyes and squinted against the bright blue light. As he made out distinct shapes within the rapidly disappearing light, he snorted. "Definitely drank too much," Harry said to himself as he looked at the six gigantic beings. "of all the things to dream about, why am I dreaming about six robots?"

The six gold-armoured robots stood far away from him, but their red glowing eyes looked directly at him.

Harry stared at the large claw like fingers and all the sharp edges on the robot's bodies in fascination, wondering why and how his dream had created such detailed images. He flinched when one of the robots opened it's mouth and created a long string of metallic screeches, chimes and clicks.

The voices, which he had ignored till that moment, rose and accompanied the metallic sounds. It took a moment for Harry to realise that the voices were translating the metallic sounds. "Death, we need your help to save the humans."

Harry blinked when both the metallic sounds and the whispering voices stopped. And then he laughed at the absurdity of his dream. But curious about how his dream would turn out, he looked directly at the robot who had spoken and said, "How am I supposed to help you?"

The robots seemed to start for a moment, before the lead robot moved closer and opened it's mouth again.

Harry stood patiently as the voices rose up obligingly and translated the metallic sounds.

"We are the Primes. We wish to protect the humans on this planet from the Fallen."

"That's nice of you," Harry said. "Don't really understand why my dream chose to make nice robots, but whatever gets the dream moving."

The robot tilted it's head to the side and screeched. "We are trying to find Samuel Whitwicky."

"I really should have seen that coming," Harry said to himself.

The robot continued to 'speak'. "He is dead and we are unable to reach him. Something keeps us from reaching him and letting him go back with vital information."

Harry frowned. "Why is Samuel so important?"

The robot crouched down and moved it's head closer to Harry. "He has been blessed by the All Spark, our life-giver."

Harry smacked his forehead. "Why was I expecting an actual answer from a dream robot?"

"Will you help us, Death?"

"Stop calling me Death. There's only so much craziness I'm willing to put up with even in a dream. Just call me Harry."

The robot's red eyes glowed brighter.

"Poor Samuel. If I knew how to find him, I'd have..." Harry cringed when the voices shouted in violent guttural tones that left his ears ringing. He closed his eyes and relaxed slightly when the voices became soothing and almost melodious as they conveyed an insistent mix of fear and urgent desperation to help that left Harry winded. "Fine!" Harry yelled and opened his eyes.

Adding to the absurdity of his dream, the robots shared wary looks with each other.

Harry closed his eyes and concentrated. "Samuel Witwicky?"

A thick staticky hush enveloped him.

All the voices disappeared.

"Samuel Witw..."

"Here!" A terrified voice yelled, sounding like it came far from Harry. "Please, I'm over here"

Even though he reminded himself that it was just a dream, Harry couldn't ignore the sheer terror in that voice. Eager to help Harry opened his eyes, but he found himself in an inky black darkness. "Samuel?"

A faint whimper answered him.

Harry followed the sound blindly though the darkness. He didn't know how much time passed, but he kept calling out until he bumped into something solid.

Clammy hands grabbed onto Harry desperately.

"All right. I've got you, Samuel. Let's get out of here. I just need to figure out how we can lea..." Harry blinked and the inky blackness warped into a familiar empty train station. "..ve."

Harry glanced around the train station and had a horrible feeling that he wasn't actually in an alcohol induced dream. "Damn it!"

The boy next to him flinched.

"Sorry, I just..." Harry frowned as he looked at Samuel Witwicky. "What happened to you?"

In the peaceful and rather normal silence of the station, Harry frowned as an onslaught of images filled his mind. Just as Samuel opened his mouth to speak, Harry already knew what happened.

"You died because of the robots in Egypt?"

The boy gaped. "How did you..."

"How indeed," Harry said. Another rush of images filled his mind. "That's not important. It seems like you're not supposed to be dead. Or rather, not supposed to stay dead."

Samuel scoffed.

Harry moved away from him, sat on the bench and leaned back. "This place allows you to make a choice, you know. You can move forward or go back."

Samuel walked towards him cautiously as he looked around the station warily. "What are you?"

"Going forward means you're free. No more duty or responsibilities." Harry hid a wince as images of dead humans, a destroyed sun and triumphant robots filled his mind. He took a deep breath and continued. "Or you could go back to your life. Back to your living family and friends." This time Harry relaxed at the images that he saw.

"I want to go back!"

"Not even going to take a minute to think about it?" Harry asked.

Samuel shook his head. "I thought about it back in the..."

"Okay, then let's get out of," Harry stood and grabbed the other boy's arm. The station blurred and changed into a rocky area under a star-filled sky as the loud indistinguishable voices returned and filled Harry's hearing. "here... right. Okay, I'm not even going to question how we moved."

Samuel gasped and moved closer to Harry, almost hiding behind him as the large gold-armoured robots from before came into view.

The lead robot came forward and opened it mouth. "Thank you."

Harry nodded, taking a better look at the robot, still not willing to consider this a real event instead of an alcohol-induced hallucination.

The robot turned to Samuel. "We have been waiting for you."

Samuel flinched and turned to Harry. "It doesn't speak English?"

"Not that I know of," Harry said.

The robot blinked, stared between the both of them for a moment before it reached out and touched the tip of a pointed finger to Samuel's forehead.

"Hey!" Harry grabbed the boy and moved back. "Samuel, are you all right?"

"My apologies," a gruff voice said in perfect english.

Harry twitched and looked up indignantly. "You could speak english the entire time? Why did you keep using that robotic chatter before?"

The robot tilted it's head in obvious confusion. "Because you spoke in our tongue, Death."

For some reason, being called 'Death' made Harry a little bit more inclined to believe that he wasn't just dreaming this entire thing. "Like hell I did. And my name is Harry, you... Prime. Damn it, how long am I going to be here?"

The voices sounded rather apologetic and rushed to soothe him with incomprehensible words.

Harry closed his eyes as the voices washed over him for what felt like ages until they turned back to hushed whispers that he could barely hear.

"I can't believe you got him drunk, Ron!"

"He needed it."

"He needed sleep. Not alcohol."

Harry opened his eyes and watched as Ron and Hermione argued back and forth.

"You're really lucky Ginny isn't here," Hermione groused.

Ron scoffed. "You women won't understand. Sometimes alcohol is the only way. Now go away before you wake him up after all my hard work."

"Too late for that," Harry said as he stretched and sat up. "How long was I out for?"

Ron glanced at a clock on the wall. "Less than six hours."

"Felt like only a few minutes," Harry said. He turned to Hermione. "I need a portkey to Egypt."

"What? How did you know?"

"Know what?" Harry asked as he grabbed an invigourating draught from his desk drawer.

"The robots were fighting in Egypt and they destroyed one of the pyramids. I came here because I needed an auror escort to go to Egypt."

Harry gaped. "Damn it. Now I really need to get to Egypt. I had a... dream sort of thing." The whispers sounded vaguely smug as they chattered.

Ron and Hermione shared a solemn look. Hermione said, "Where do we need to go?"

Harry shook his head. "I'll need to make the side trip by myself. There's some things I need to check first."

"After you finish checking things," Ron said, "You'll tell us what's going on?"

Harry nodded.


Leaving Hermione in the Egyptian Magical Artefact office, Harry went out into the desert letting his feet sink into the sand just a little. Feeling slightly stupid, Harry closed his eyes, breathed in the dry desert air and waited.

The whispers crooned in obvious delight. Amidst their sounds, quick burst of scenes flashed through his mind.

He opened his eyes and apparated to the place in the last scene. He stumbled slightly as he landed on a rocky surface. He glanced down at the huge structured carved in the rock face directly opposite him.

Harry searched through his memory for the name of this place as he apparated to the area below, directly in front of the large stone building.

The whispers seemed eager to help.

"The monastery of Petra?" Harry said out loud. "And they're both still inside?"

A face glanced out from inside the building and gasped.

"Samuel," Harry said and stepped forward. "You made it back." And the fact that you recognize me means it was all real, Harry thought to himself.


Harry tensed slightly and looked up. A little away from them and deeper inside the old monastery, there stood a large robot with distinct red and blue colours adorning various parts of it's body.

"Thank you," Samuel said, his voice rough and thick. "They said they couldn't have helped me without your help."

Harry smiled. "So those Primes actually helped?"

"Sam?" The robot repeated.

The boy started. "Oh right! Optimus, this is... the person I was telling you about. You know...the one that took me to the Primes."

The large robot, Optimus, crouched down and looked at Harry solemnly. "It is an honour to meet you."

The whispers prodded Harry to reply and greet the robot. He opened his mouth. "You're Optimus Prime." Harry cringed in surprise at the distinctly distorted metallic sounds that came out of his mouth.

"Holy! What the heck is... how can you speak Cybertronian?" Samuel exclaimed and moved away from Harry in surprise. "You're really not human!"

"Death," Optimus's metal filled voice was perfectly understandable.

Filing away the name of the robot's language, Harry turned to the large hole in the wall. "Can I see them?"

"Of course."

Harry hesitated for an instant at the threshold, but he gathered his courage and entered the hole. The whispers were silent as Harry stared at the metal bodies around him. He touched the cold metal of one of the robots wishing he had answers.


Harry turned. "Samuel?"

"You can just call me Sam." He winced. "I mean, if you want to. You don't have to... not that I was telling you..."

Harry grinned and felt slightly devious as he said, "How can I help you, Samuel?"

"Right, just wanted to know if you were going to do anything? You know resurrections and stuff..."

Harry shook his head. "Come along Samuel."

Sam huffed but followed Harry out of the tomb and into the main entrance hall where Optimus Prime stood.

"You're not planning on moving them, are you?" Harry said.

"We'd have to damage the monument to do so," Optimus Prime replied in clear English. "And there is no safe place we could move the bodies to anyway.

Harry nodded and surveyed the damage to the wall. "If none of the governments know this location, then I can re-seal this tomb so that no one will disturb their bodies."

At the silence, Harry turned to the other two.

"That would be appreciated," Optimus said while Sam nodded.

The whispers hummed in pleasure, pleased at Harry's suggestion. Harry ignored them and glanced at Sam. "Did you only tell Optimus about me?"

Sam nodded.

"Good. That makes things easier. I'm going to need you two to keep another secret about me," Harry said.

Though they seemed slightly wary, Sam and Optimus promised to keep their silence.

Harry moved to the hole and placed his hands on the wall surrounding it and pushed his magic into it. Years of practice and increase in his own power had left him adept in wandless magic that couldn't be traced or tracked.

Stones crashed into each other and sand flew past him until there was nothing left for his magic to do. Harry stepped back and surveyed the undamaged wall critically. "Think that's good enough?"

Sam just gaped as he stared between Harry and the wall.

"Remember, not a word of this to anyone," Harry said.

Optimus nodded and emitted a series of metallic sounds. "I vow that no word of this location or your help will ever be spread."

"Thank you. Eventually I hope I'll be able to give you proper explanations for everything." Harry smiled. "But it'll take a while until I can convince them to become your allies."


"There are people like me. Not exactly like me, just..." Harry shrugged. "I promise, no matter how long it takes, I'll make sure that they meet with you somehow."

Optimus nodded solemnly. "We will welcome new allies whenever they are ready to help."

Sam interrupted. "I really hope you two aren't arguing."

Harry frowned with realization, wondering when and how he'd switched over from English to Cybertronian.

"We were just talking, Sam," Optimus said.

"I need to go," Harry said as he moved towards the monastery's main entrance. "Before I go, I just wanted to say thank you. Both of you. Thank you for saving everyone."

While both Sam and Optimus were stunned with the thanks, Harry grinned and said, "But try not to die any more. Especially you, Samuel." With a last wave at both of them, he apparated away from them.

A/N: In my head, fandom has created three Transformers movie-verse truths.

1- Sam is meant to be the All-spark.

2- Even with my anti-romantic attitude, Sam and Mikelea are a forever sort of couple- even if it means species change in the future. (I'm definitely never watching Transformers 3)

3- Barricade is supposed to turn into a good guy - not necessarily an Autobot- and become Bumblebee's/Sam's friend right after Mission City.

Obviously from my unrealistic list, I didn't really like RotF. So, I was completely surprised by how easy this plot bunny was to write out.