Main characters: Uchiha Madara, Uchiha Izuna, HP Trio.

Summary: Not many people know that there was a genuine reason for why the three techniques of the Uchiha's Mangekyo Sharingan were named after three Gods.

"Nii-san..." Izuna whispered, his voice sounding even softer that before.

Madara pushed himself to move faster from their pursuer and tightened his hold around Izuna's cold body. "Hold on, Izuna."

But he lost his footing on the uneven terrain and fell to the ground, banging his arm and scraping his skin against the sharp rocks. Izuna whimpered pitifully as he thumped onto the ground, but Madara couldn't quite do much.

Madara tried to get up. He really did. And not for the first time, he wished that he was already an adult. As a mere six-year old, he knew he couldn't defeat the creature pursuing him. And more importantly, he knew he couldn't run any more and save his little brother.

It was only when he took a deep breath and push himself up that he realized, that he wasn't in the forest any more. He was surrounded by large dark rock walls that blocked out the sky. As the creature's stomps grew louder, Madara grabbed the kunai he'd nicked earlier and held it out if front of it, staring back into the grey darkness.

He couldn't run any more. His legs burned, his chest seemed unable to get enough air and his hands trembled but he stood in front of his brother's prone body determined to do something.


The large lizard-snake hybrid monster hissed menacingly as it came into view, it's poisonous yellow eyes glowing menacingly in the darkness.

"I won't let you," Madara rasped out. "I won't let you touch him."

The creature snarled and leapt forward only to get thrown back as a bright light flooded the entire area. Wind flew past Madara's face as someone landed in front of him and snarled angrily at the recovering creature. Madara glanced back and flinched as the bright light behind him blinded him for a mere moment.

Madara glanced back to the front, just in time to see his saviour slash his hand through the air. His weapon clattered to the floor as the creature exploded and showered the floor with blood and chunks of flesh.

There was another rush of wind and suddenly Madara was staring into concerned green eyes.

Remembering Izuna, Madara turned back and flinched. A bright orb of white light, that lit up the entire area, hovered in a red-haired man's hand as brown-haired woman knelt beside Izuna.

Madara ran forward, intent of pushing her away, but long arms encircled him and pulled him back. He fought wildly against the hold as the woman's hands glowed over Izuna's body.

But he stilled as the long deep gashes on Izuna's chest closed without leaving a scratch or a trace of blood. The hands holding him loosened, even though they didn't completely let go.

When Izuna opened his eyes and squinted against the light, the arms finally let go of Madara with a soft chuckle.

"Izuna?" Madara said cautiously as he neared his brother.

"Nii-san?" Izuna whispered sleepily as he sat up. "Did the clan find us?"

"No," Madara said as he glanced up. "Not the clan."

The green-eyed person, a man with black hair, said something to the woman and pointed to Madara with an oddly worried expression.

The woman leaned forward and grabbed Madara's hand before he could react. Before he could pull away from the seemingly loose grip, his hands tingled pleasantly and the pain he'd had from banging his arm against the rocks earlier disappeared. In fact, every bit of pain, even his previous days' training injury on his back disappeared.

As Madara flexed his clean- and how exactly did they get clean?- hands experimentally, he and Izuna were both lifted and held together against a warm and solid chest. Before he could fight back or protest, the world around them blurred and they landed in a large stone room lit up by dozens of light orbs.

The brown-haired woman waved her hands absently and Madara gaped as blue flames shot out from her hands to the very centre of the room and burned without any wood.

The man who held him finally knelt down by the warm fire and carefully allowed Izuna and him to get down. As soon as their feet touched the ground, Madara grabbed Izuna and placed him a little behind his own body.

The green-eyed man just smiled at him gently but didn't move away. He dragged his hand though the air and a spiral of water gathered and poured itself into a metal cup that appeared out of nowhere.

Izuna gasped, his eyes wide in fascination.

But something in Madara clicked as he glanced again at all three beings around him.

Beings, because there was no way that they were human.

The closer he looked, the more he realised things that he should have noticed earlier. The three had smooth and pale luminous skin and their features were nothing like he'd ever seen before. Kind open eyes, gentle smiles and a general softness that no human in the shinobi lands had.

They couldn't be human.

No human could have killed that creature within seconds without a weapon or chakra.

No human could have held an orb of pure light that didn't emit any chakra.

No human could have healed Izuna so easily when he'd been so close to death.

They definitely couldn't be human.

The green-eyed being, still kneeling in front of him, held the metal cup of water and murmured something that Madara couldn't understand. With a gentle sigh, he took a deliberate sip from the cup, swallowed pointedly and held the cup towards them.

"Nii-san, what should we do?" Izuna said as he clung to his arm.

Madara hesitantly reached out for a cup even as his brain tried to figure out what these beings were.

The green-eyed being smiled as Madara's fingers circled around the cup and tugged.

Madara sniffed, took a tentative sip and blinked at the cool clean water that trickled down his throat. The only time he'd had such clean water was when they'd stopped at a mountain spring months ago.


Feeling refreshed and not noticing any adverse side-effects even after a few minutes, Madara pushed the cup into Izuna's hand and let him drink.

Izuna sipped the water, paused in awe and then emptied the entire cup with a greedy gulp.

The green-eyed being chuckled and snapped his fingers. With a gentle rush and again with no visible feel of chakra in the air, clear water refilled the cup in Izuna's hands.

An old story, one he barely remembered hearing from his mother, suddenly came to mind. "Susanoo?"

The green-eyed being just smiled at him pleasantly, stood and moved to the other two beings. As Izuna sipped on the re-filled water, Madara watched the three beings speak to each other in an almost lyrical language. Even though they looked nothing alike, there was something about the way they moved and talked to each other.

The acted like siblings. It felt like proof to him. Proof that his mother's old stories were true.

"Nii-san, why are their clothes so shiny?"

Madara looked closely at their clothes and reprimanded himself for not noticing the clean shimmering clothes earlier. The lady wore pale yellow clothes that looked slightly gold as she moved, the red-head wore dark grey that looked silver while the last one wore green clothes that seemed blue in certain areas.

"They..." Madara hesitated, wondering how to tell Izuna his suspicions. Izuna had never heard the old tales from their mother, so he wouldn't understand.

Izuna's stomach rumbled.

All three beings turned back to them with curious expressions.

The red-head, with dark blue eyes chuckled and said something loudly to the other two. Even though the female looked rather disapproving, the red-head hummed and waved his hands dramatically.

Fruits and cooked meat laid out on elaborate metal platters appeared on the floor right in front of Izuna and Madara.

"Tsukuyomi," Madara said to himself, remembering the white orbs of light and connecting things to the vague stories of the moon God who had killed the goddess of food. He turned to the brown-haired lady and glanced at her still burning blue flames and her slightly golden clothes with a better understanding of who she really was. Goddess of the sun. "Amaterasu."


"Let's eat," Madara said.


"We cannot refuse the food given to us by the Gods."

"Gods?" Izuna's young eyes looked too clueless, so Madara quickly summarized the old stories of the god Izanagi's three children. As he finished talking about Susanoo, Izuna finally showed a spark of understanding and he took a long look at each of the three beings in the cave in awe.

Madara stilled when the green-eyed being- Susanoo, he told himself- grabbed an orange from the platter, peeled it completely and ripped it in half. With a gentle huff, he held both halves to each of them.

Madara didn't hesitate to take his half of the orange and bite into it. He paused at the sweet taste, aware the Izuna seemed equally awed by the delicious flavour and twitched cautiously when Susanoo ruffled his hair gently and picked up another orange.

Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu sat on the floor opposite them even as they chatted- or argued most likely- but Susanoo stayed close to Izuna and Madara making them eat and refilling their water every so often.

Even though he couldn't remember any of his mother's stories mentioning such a kind and gentle Susanoo, Madara didn't doubt the being's identity.

Madara couldn't tell how much time passed, but eventually Izuna feel asleep against Susanoo. Susanoo just patted Izuna's hair gently as Amaterasu hummed softly. And no matter how hard he tried to keep his eyes open, Madara gave in to his tiredness and fell asleep feeling safe and protected even as something warm and comforting surrounded him.

Madara woke up to the familiar sounds of the forest.

Suddenly afraid that he'd dreamed the entire encounter and that Izuna had actually died, he looked around frantically only to see an uninjured Izuna snoring beside him.

Madara stilled cautiously when he caught sight of the cream coloured cloth and a large sack tied around Izuna's waist. He glanced inside the sack, feeling an odd thrill of delight and disappointment at the fresh fruit stuffed inside. But when he leaned back, the disappointment vanished when he saw a thick red sash and another sack around his waist.

Madara touched the red sash, absently comforted by the soft material that felt exactly like Susanoo's clothes. He tensed, grabbed the weapon that had been stashed within the folds of his sash and roused Izuna when he heard movement coming towards them.

They hid as best as they could until they heard a familiar set of whistles and clicks. Something that only an Uchiha clan member would know.

Madara answered back with another set of whistles and clicks until the movements changed direction and landed directly in front of them.

"So you two managed to survive!"

"The Gods saved us," Madara said blankly as he came out of his hiding spot with Izuna.

His relative, a distant one whose name he couldn't be bothered to remember, stared at him for a moment before he smiled in condescending amusement. "Well then, let's hope they keep us safe as we head back to the others." Without pausing to check if either of them were injured, he turned and immediately moved away.

Madara narrowed his eyes but stayed silent and twisted his fingers into the soft red sash tied around his waist as he pushed Izuna forward gently.


"I forgot how tiny little kids could be. The oldest couldn't have been more than six," Ron said with a wistful smile as he leaned back against the rough stone wall of their cave. "And he was so protective of the other one. Definitely brothers, I think."

Harry nodded. "No doubt about it. They looked so similar. But I really wonder how they got in here. Or how they left for that matter."

Hermione moved away from the rock walls. "The barrier is as solid as ever. I can't figure out how they appeared and disappeared."

The three of them stayed silent for a few moments, wondering just how two kids had managed to get past the impenetrable barrier around their cave.

"The world outside must have changed a lot since our imprisonment in here," Harry said eventually, "They weren't speaking English."

"Who cares?" Ron stretched languidly. "I was just glad to see a new face after so long."

Hermione hummed. "I wonder if we were too open and careless with showing our magic."

"Don't be ridiculous. You saw how those kids were, we had to help them." Ron said.

Hermione snorted. "Don't pretend that you wanted to help them out of your generous spirit."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Like you don't know!"

Harry groaned. "Not again, you two. You'd think after being stuck in here for thousands of years, you two would be a little less eager to fight with each other."

"She's the one who started it!"

Hermione huffed.

Harry sighed. "I hope those two kids will be all right. I mean I packed some extra food and secured it around them with those sashes, but what if they're stuck all alone for too long?"

"Don't worry so much, Harry," Ron said as he closed his eyes and yawned. "They'll be fine. Hermione did out a charm on them so that they'd be found by the relatives soon."

Hermione nodded reassuringly. "They'll be fine Harry."

"I hope so," Harry said.

"Aren't you curious, though?" Hermione said after a few minutes as Ron dozed.

"About what?" Harry asked.

"We were imprisoned in here so that we'd never be able to affect the outside world. But we saved them. I mean, that child would have died if we hadn't healed him and... we must have affected the outside world somehow by saving those two."

"Maybe we were supposed to," Harry said. "They got in here by themselves. We didn't pull them in here."

"But we were imprisoned for a reason, Harry. What if..." Hermione bit her lip in worry.

"I doubt meeting us would have any impact on them. They were barely with us. They'll forget all about us as they grow up."


"So your eyes have finally awakened properly?" Madara said with a smile as he stared into Izuna's Sharingan eyes.

Izuna gaped. "You knew this would happen?"

"I've been waiting for a while," Madara said and closed his eyes for a mere second activating his newer level of his Sharingan eyes.

"When did..."

Madara glanced away for a second and fiddled with the red sash around his waist. "When he died..."

"But that was two months ago!" Izuna said. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Does it matter?" Madara said, "Now we both activated it, we can finally do what we were meant to do."

"Of course it matters. How did our eyes become like this?" Izuna sounded so utterly young in his confusion. "No one else's eyes ever..."

Madara snorted. "That's because no one from the clan met and dined with the Gods."

Izuna took a deep breath. "You think they..."

"Obviously! These eyes have three powerful techniques. A gift from all three of them," Madara tilted his head and stared at one of the practice targets and pulled his chakra. "Amaterasu."

Black flames, nothing like the gentle blue flames but otherworldly none-the-less, roared into existence and engulfed his target until nothing remained.

Madara turned to stared back at Izuna. "Tsukuyomi." He pulled Izuna into the illusion world, where a moon hung menacingly from the sky, for a few seconds and dispersed the technique. Before Izuna could catch his breath, Madara said, "And finally, Susanoo."

A haze of chakra surrounded him protectively as a large skeletal being appeared over him.

Izuna smiled, finally looking relaxed as he glanced up at the skeletal being. "It looks nothing like the real Susanoo, nii-san."

Madara snorted and dispersed his technique. "The real thing wouldn't be as intimidating to our enemies in the battlefield."

"But it looks as protective as the real thing."

"It is, that's why I'm sure he gave this technique," Madara said and adjusted his sash carefully. "He gave us a valuable technique. They all did."

"I wonder why it only showed up now," Izuna said.

"Because it's only now that we're ready to make use of this power properly!" Madara glanced up at the blue sky. "Izuna, it's time for us to lead the Uchiha into a new age."

A/N: Don't ask me what brought this on. I honestly, have no idea.

I don't even know why the trio was imprisoned for thousands of years.