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Chapter 1

"No, no, no and no," With each word, I pulled a box of Super Fudge Double Creamy Chocolate Cookies out of the shopping cart and propped them on the self next to me. Chad, who was the one pushing the cart throughout the grocery, pouted and crossed his arms over his chest as he looked at me.

"Why not, Sonny?" he whined.

I smiled at him and pulled the creased list from my back pocket, smoothing it out with my fingers and holding it in front of his face. "Because, we need to get these things, not mindless sugar treats."

He looked at me for a moment, a small smile growing on his face. The sudden attention made me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, and I wrapped my arms around my stomach, which was my defence mechanism. "What?" I asked, shaking my head so that my brown curls fell across my cheeks and hid my face.

He shrugged and continued to push the cart down the aisle, motioning with his head for me to follow. As I fell into step beside the shopping cart, I unravelled my arms and looked at my boyfriend, waiting for him to answer my question. "Chad?"

He stopped at the end of the aisle and examined a can of chicken noodle soup, turning it over and over in his hands. He held it up for me to see and, after a quick consultation with the grocery list crushed in my fist, I nodded my head.

"I was just thinking that you'd make a great mother," he said nonchalantly as he dropped a couple cans of the soup into the cart, the contact between the two metal objects making a loud, unpleasant crash, causing me to jump slightly. "That's all."

I blinked. "Really?"

He nodded his head, studiously ignoring my eyes. The action made his dirty blonde hair flop a little into his eyes, and I reached my hand up to brush the strands of hair away. His eyes met mine and I smiled at him. "Thank you," I whispered. I stood on my tiptoes and pressed my lips against his, savouring the butterflies in my stomach that always made their appearance when I kissed Chad. He was the only one at the studio who knew that my Dad had abandoned me and my mother when I was a baby, and the only one in the whole world who knew how scared I was that I would be the same way when I had my own family.

After we pulled away, I grasped the handle of the shopping cart and gently hip- checked Chad out of the way, so that I had control of the metal contraption. I slowly wheeled the cart out into the produce, steering with one hand, the other trailed behind me, firmly enclosed in Chad's. Suddenly, he loosened his grip and pulled his hand away, instead placing each hand on either side of my own on the cart handle. He kissed the top of my head and walked behind me, the two of us pushing the cart together.

"What do we need here?" he asked.

I took one hand off of the handle and opened up the abused list. As I read the handwritten items off of the sheet of paper, I ran my finger down the page, making sure that we had everything that was needed (which meant not the Super Fudge Double Creamy Chocolate Cookies). I finally found the last item on the list and lifted my head, pointing to the cooler against the wall. "Lettuce."

The grocery store was having a sale on baby carrots going on today, so there was a huge crowd in close proximity to the cooler, all middle-aged women pushing and shoving to get the best looking carrots. I took one look at the crowd, and then glanced back at Chad and the bulky metal cart that we had been wheeling around the whole store and quickly made my decision.

"Stay here, ok? I'll go and get the lettuce and then come back, but there are too much people for both of us to go," I said, shoving the crumpled piece of paper into Chad's hands. His blue eyes widened slightly at the amount of women in front of my destination, and he pushed off of the cart, which he had been leaning on.

"Sonny, I'll go, ok?" He said, slipping the list into his back pocket.

I rolled my eyes, but allowed a small smile to grace my lips, showing Chad that I was kidding. "Honestly, Chad, don't worry, I'll go. Besides, those are all middle-aged women. Chances are, they probably don't watch So Random!, so then, they won't recognize me. They probably all watch Mackenzie Falls every Wednesday, so they'll know you in a heartbeat."

He raised his eyebrow. "Ah, but they probably all have kids, who probably do watch So Random!, which means that they do know who you are. So, just let me get the lettuce, alright?"

I opened my mouth to protest again, but Chad cut me off, holding up a hand to silence me. "Sonny."

I sighed and nodded my head, giving in. He smiled, kissed my cheek and then headed over to the cooler, the lettuce and the rush and crush of the oldies. As I watched Chad's retreating back, I couldn't get over how much he had changed since I first met him. Of course, he was still the egotistical, big-headed jerkface that had stolen my frozen yogurt that first day in the cafeteria, or else I wouldn't like him. But he had turned that jerk-ish side of him down a little, and now he was sweet more often than he was not. Well, at least he was to me. But then again, I think that he was nicer to everyone else also, because he and my cast mates actually got along now.

But honestly, what kind of boyfriend goes grocery shopping his girlfriend because her mother is out of town for a month and the aforementioned girl needed food so that she wouldn't starve to death? Only the best kind of boyfriend, which was (in three words) Chad Dylan Cooper.

My cell phone made a sound like a ringing bell, which broke my train of thought and snapped me out of my muses. I pulled my cow print cell phone out of my skirt pocket and checked my messages. I found a new one from Tawni and opened it up to see what my best friend had to say.

Sonny! Where R U?

I quickly tapped in a response and held my phone in my hand, waiting for her to reply back to me.

At the grocery w/ Chad. Why?

You need to get back to the studios ASAP! CODE PINK!!

Code Pink? It must really be serious for Tawni to write that, considering that a CP meant drop whatever you are doing RIGHT NOW, pretty yourself up, and get to Condor Studios, as soon as possible!!

Ok, be right there


*rolls eyes* Tawn, calm down.


Sorry *sheepish smile*

"Who are you texting?" Chad asked, reappearing by my side. He dropped the lettuce into the cart and started to push it to the checkout counter. I slipped my phone back into my pocket and followed him, playing absentmindedly with a strand of my hair. All I could think about was why Tawni wanted me to get back to the studios so badly; what was so important that it was a Code Pink?

"Tawni...she really wants me to get to Condor Studios. It's super important, she said," I answered. I placed the two cans of chicken noodle soup onto the conveyor belt, and then stacked a loaf of bread on top of them.

"Do you know why?" he asked, following my lead and loading up the conveyor belt with the groceries. I shook my head back and forth and sighed, curiosity eating away at me.

"So...you want to hurry?" he guessed, studying me with his eyes.

I kissed him on the cheek and nodded my head. He knew me so well.

"Chad, where are we going?" Sonny asked me as I pulled out of the grocery store parking lot in my sleek, black convertible. We had finished both paying and packing the bags into the trunk, and I was about to head to the studios. I told her this and watched as her chocolate brown eyes twinkled.

"That's so sweet! But we need to go home first; some of the groceries need to be refrigerated," she said, leaning her head back on the car seat and raising her arms up in the air. The wind whipped through her hair and she giggled as the cool breeze hit the back of her neck.

I turned the car around and drove to her apartment, smoothly sliding into a parking spot and turning the engine off. I popped open the trunk and picked up most of the bags, leaving only a couple for Sonny to hold. She grabbed those two, slammed the trunk shut and led the way to her apartment, which she opened up with a twist of her key. She ushered me inside and closed the door behind me, not bothering to lock it, since we were both leaving as soon as we put these groceries away.

"Hey, Sonny, where does this go?" I asked, digging out the baggie that contained the head of lettuce and shaking it in her face.

She glared at me and pointed to the refrigerator. "A drawer in the fridge."

I wiggled it once more and laughed when she glare hardened. If there was one thing that my girlfriend hated, it was when something was shoved in her face and shaken. She said that it gave her a headache. I ripped open the baggie and tore a leaf of lettuce off of the head. I extracted it from the bag and threw it at Sonny, who was busy trying to fit all of the bread that we had bought into the wooden breadbox on the counter.

It hit her square in the face and she gasped. She lifted her face to gape at me, and I saw the shock in her eyes transform into fierce determination. Before I knew what she was doing, she had grabbed the baggie from my hands and pelted me with rapid fire leaves of lettuce. I had no idea how she moved that fast, but I wasn't about to go down without a fight. I wrestled her for the lettuce, and she finally gave in, chucking the whole head at my chest. I reflexively caught it, only to find Sonny about to throw a slice of bread at me. A slice of bread. Bread crumbs are so hard to get out of your hair.

I dropped the half- finished lettuce on the counter and raised my hands in surrender. "I give up," I said, slowly picking up my car keys from next to the vegetable. "Come on...Condor Studios?"

Her facial expression instantly changed to one of excitement and she bounded out of the kitchen and through the front door. "Chad, come on!" she called over her shoulder, skipping out to the car. She jumped into the front seat and bounced with anticipation on the seat.

The whole ride to Condor Studios, she chattered excitedly about what Tawni wanted. Code Pink, she informed me, wasn't anything bad. Instead, it was something that was so good, so exciting, that you were supposed to drop whatever you were doing and go and see it. Sometimes, a Code Pink could be something cool, like Zac Efron visiting the studios (I growled at this, and Sonny reached over and fluffed my hair, laughing cheerily), or something completely stupid, like when Tawni bought a new outfit and wanted to show it off to everyone else.

She sincerely hoped it was the latter, she said, and screamed in excitement when I drove into the studio parking lot and parked in my reserved space. I chuckled and got out of the car, only to find Sonny already racing towards the entrance. "Chad, hurry up!"

By the time that I got inside, Tawni had already met Sonny by the front doors and enthusiastically squealing. She was bouncing on the balls of her feet and clapping her hands, and Sonny was copying her actions. I joined them and wrapped an arm around my girlfriend's waist.

"So, what's the news?" I asked her.

"I didn't tell her yet," Tawni jumped in. "She was waiting for you. But now that you're here...Mr. Condor just signed a new show!"

"Uh-huh!" Sonny prompted, nodding her head wildly.

"And it's filming on this lot! Right in - between So Random! and Meal or No Meal," Tawni stopped for a dramatic pause, and Sonny clapped her hands together.


"And the show is...JONAS! Sonny, we're going to be filming our show right next to the Jonas Brothers!"

At this news, Sonny started to squeal excitedly. She jumped on the spot and flapped her hands in the air, a huge grin overtaking her face. I, on the other hand, felt my heart stop. The blood drained from my face, and I had to force a smile.

Oh, this was not good.

There we go!