"Hey, Lita? Do you think you could make me a couple pies? You know, the delicious kind?" Serena's voice was pleading, huge watery eyes taking over her face as she watched for a positive reaction. The effort wasn't wasted, Lita easily crumbled and nodded.

"Of course, do I make any other sort of pies?" Lita winked, before walking a little ahead of the kindhearted girl.

"Serena, you're going to get fat if you keep eating like this. With no monsters to fight, it looks like you've been putting on a couple pounds," Rei said. She looked Serena up and down. "Yup, definitely have." Reaching out, she poked Serena's stomach, and pulled her pigtails inciting a raspberry to the face. Quickly the exchange dissolved into puffed up cheeks and overall angry expressions, but the others, used to the process, just kept walking. After a couple more blocks and a few 'stop hitting each other' iterations from Amy, the group finally made it to the Crown Arcade. Settling down in a booth, Amy pulled out a book and began to read, the content not to her usual practical taste.

"Fairytales, Amy?" Mina asked. Her expression confused as she sat next to her blue haired friend. Amy's reply was only to slide her gaze over to Mina's face before raising an eyebrow and returning to the pages of her current story. "Well, I mean, most of the time you read books with content I can't understand without a dictionary handy, sometimes even with one. What's with the new look? Usually all we see from this side is a medical book and your hair. It looks nice today, by the way, I don't know if you know this, Amy, but your hair always looks good on Thursdays."

"Oh really?" Amy laughed as she put her book on the table, her finger still marking the page. "That's strange, I thought today was Saturday."

"Yeah, Saturday too," Mina replied. "I take that back, it looks spectacular every day." Amy chuckled at Mina's response.

"Well I'm glad, considering I don't really do much but brush it every morning," she said with a smile, her hand bringing the book back up into her view. "Even though you didn't seem too interested, I'll explain why I'm reading a book that isn't exactly the most relative to my curriculum," Amy said, her expression teasing. "You see, this is more geared towards our futures as Senshi. I've noticed that a lot of our story has been at least minutely detailed in mythology; or fairytales as you call them." Mina blushed at Amy's words.

"Well, you know, I saw the beautiful couple and the old timey clothing. It didn't look anything like what Lita has on her bookshelf, and bam, gut reaction was that it was a fairytale." Mina's gesticulations caught the eyes of several people, including Lita and Rei who were walking back to the table with food and drinks. Quickly enough, the attention was diverted by their friend screaming at the Sailor V video game. Serena slumped to the table, looking the slightest bit deflated as she began to slurp her strawberry milkshake.

"What are you talking about?" Rei asked.

"About what book Amy's reading and how it doesn't look like the romance club in Lita's closet," Mina said.

"You read them all the time, don't even act like I'm the only one touching those books! Even Rei reads them!"

"I do not!" Rei said, face flushing before she breathed out. "Okay, maybe a couple times." Lita crossed her arms and looked at Mina triumphantly.

"Relax, definitely not saying it's a bad thing," Mina said, waving her hands in an innocent fashion.

"Guys?" Amy's voice piped up tentatively. "You might want to look at this."

She laid the book down on the table, the thick covers pulling the pages apart. She trailed her finger across the title on the yellowed page.

"The Battle of the Gods?"

"I read it, it's about us, it has to be. There's more too, a sequel." Ami turned numerous pages before settling on the right one.

"When the Gods fell?"


The boys were all resting after their spats, eyeing each other. Once or twice, Ares had thrown out the idea that if they'd had magic then his twin would have met his doom. After Rei pointed out that the point of their fight was to disregard magic, he settled down. Instead he sat and flicked his wrist to feel the comfort of his blade in his hand.

"Could you put that away? I'd much rather not set our house on fire," Heero snapped. The sudden guests (intruders) and the waste Hermes had laid to his muscles draining his energy. Ares did nothing but glare in reply, but he dismissed his sword when Apollo looked at him pleadingly.

"Oi, do you have a feeling we're forgetting something?" Duo asked, his finger in his ear before he examined his finds and flicked them away.

"We have yet to make decisions regarding our future," Hermes replied, his eyes cold as he challenged Heero's role of authority. Heero was not master here, not in Hermes's mind.

"Not that, not that it's not important, but I'm talking about something here. I mean, you did kind of just dump in on us," Duo replied.

"Relena," Trowa muttered.

"Relena?" Wufei rolled around in his head. "The ball," he said finally.

"A ball? Like a royal ball? Oh how exciting!" Minako exclaimed, clapping her hands. She overdid it, the others could tell it was a little contrived as she was eager to think about anything but the tragedy that had occurred.

"Not quite like that, I don't think," Ami said.

"Well, it is actually a lot like that," Quatre replied. "We're actually supposed to bring people with us, but I don't think we'll be able to contact anyone this short notice."

"Are you an idiot?" Rei asked. Hotaru snickered before coughing to cover up her snort.

"Rei's right, you know. You are talking with a surplus of women, you know," Hotaru said.

"Hey, hey, ladies, no need to be so hurtful with your words," Duo drawled. "There's enough of me to go around, don't you worry. Quatre here is just a little, on the other side if you know what I mean."

"Excuse me?" Quatre sputtered. "Just because I am feminine doesn't mean that I'm gay."

"Yo, dude, that's exactly what it means," Eros poked. Quatre and Apollo both looked at him.

"That is incredibly judgmental of you," Apollo sniffed. "After all, Motoki is gay and he's very masculine."

"Motoki?" Heero asked.

"A well-known warrior from the moon," Makoto supplied quietly. "I dated him for a while, actually, before he told me that he liked guys. He was stuck in an engagement with a noble from Venus, but I hope he's still alive. He told me he was really starting to like a man he'd met from Mars." She looked meaningfully over at Rei and Wufei.

"Whoa, you mean Yuichiro?" Rei asked, somewhat incredulous. "He wouldn't stop mooning over me. Are you sure that Motoki was right about how Yuichiro felt?"

"I found them making out in my garden," Makoto deadpanned. "I had to shoo them out, hopefully they didn't do anything more than that on my hydrangea."

"Yes, because that was the first thing you thought of after seeing those two boys going at it," Usagi winked. The mood lightened as they gossiped about Motoki's tumultuous love life.

"Back on topic, though, please," Ami cut in, blushing at the thought of the two handsome men enjoying each other's company. "What to do about this ball? As we mentioned there are a surplus of women, and well, only five boys to accompany."

"Actually, four, He-man is with the most esteemed Lady Relena tonight," Duo said, nudging Heero in the ribs.

"We don't have clothes ready either," Quatre said. "I have several tuxes, but I don't think they'll really fit anyone else but myself, and I know none of you, maybe Trowa, have any on hand."

"Well, we could help with that," Luna piped up.

"THE CAT! IT SPOKE!" Duo yelped.

"Out of everything that has happened today, the thing that made you scream was the cat?" Wufei asked, before smacking his forehead with his palm. Luna rolled her eyes.

"The planetary royalty are in our care, of course we can talk," she said haughtily, her tail swishing.

"Well, on that note, we can help by using our powers to give you henshin pens," Diana squeaked.

"Will they be able to use them?" Ami asked, curiously pulling out her mini-computer to analyze their magic capacity. Her eyes widened as she looked at the results before she snapped the device shut.

"We'll never know until we try!" Artemis said before leaping up and twisting in the air, a green pen materializing in the air before dropping into Trowa's lap. Artemis looked at the boy from his place next to him on the couch. "Think of what you want to look like, and then yell "Henshin!"" Artemis suggested. Trowa looked at him and then the pen, blankly.

"You're serious?" Trowa asked; his eyes narrowing as he spotted Duo snickering at the thought.

"Go on, just think of a nice suit or a tuxedo, whatever you want!"

"Do I have to yell "henshin?"" Trowa asked.

"Uh, I suppose the yelling is optional, but what's it going to do if you don't let it know you need to use it?" Luna said.

"Hop to it, Henshin-Boy!" Duo said, arms crossed as he watched gleefully.

"You're going to have to say it too, I hope you know," Zeus said, trying to stick up for his dopple-ganger.

"Anything I want?" Trowa clarified.

"Yup," Luna said.

"Can we get on with this, then?" Ares bit out.

"Henshin," Trowa grunted. A flash of green light and muscular silhouette later, an intimidating version of Trowa appeared, riddled with tattoos and piercings, wearing nothing but black leather and spiked jewelry. Duo coughed awkwardly. After staring Duo down for a little bit, Trowa muttered "henshin" once more and came out the other end with a clean tuxedo with a black bow tie.

"That works really well, we each get one?" Quatre asked. "I mean, I do have tuxes here, but I really wouldn't mind having one," he murmured.

"Of course, Quatre," Luna smiled at him, his kind nature reminding her very much so of her own prince. She quickly leaped over him, the silver pen landing in his outstretched hands.

"The party is three hours from now and we're disgusting, so I suggest we all shower." Heero said before walking off.

"Wait! We have to decide who's going and who's not!" Minako said.

"I'm going with Relena, so you have to sort that out amongst yourselves, I'll be in my bathroom." And with that, Heero turned his back and walked up the stairs.

"Your henshin pen!" Diana chased him, unafraid of the cool demeanor he exuded.

Quiet settled over the room as everyone sat, listening to Heero's shower turn on and Diana's indignant squeaks as she clawed at the door. Usagi stood and opened her mouth.

"I wan—."

"Odango can't go," Rei said quickly.

"What? Why?" Usagi whined, before sitting down and pouting.

"She's right, Usagi," Ami said. "Your hair is too memorable and we don't want to put you in unnecessary danger."

"And your hair isn't?" Duo asked, "Not that I mind, it's hot, I call dibs on you." Hermes and Eros shot the boy looks.

"While I will not acknowledge these dibs, I have to say that I am curious to get out and see what's happening in regards to the world you live in."

"Totally a yes," Duo smirked, winking at his disgruntled doppelganger.

"Well, then who else is going with who?" Ami asked, disregarding Duo's unnecessary commentary.

Everyone awkwardly shuffled as they tried to avoid answering before Minako huffed. She leveled a finger with Quatre's face.

"You with Mako, I'll go with Trowa so I can talk for him, Rei, uh, you don't want to go with Wufei, do you?" Minako asked, prepared for the look Rei gave her.

"You're an idiot, I'll just stay here. I need to see if the fire will yield any information to me anyway."

"Uh, Hotaru, you okay with coming with?" Minako asked, looking the girl up and down, "or do you need to talk to Setsuna?"

"No, I can go, but he looks like he's actually about to pass out."

And pass out he did.

"What's wrong with him? Is he okay?" Quatre asked, dashing over to his fallen comrade while Apollo knelt by his side.

"Ami? What's wrong with him?" Usagi asked.

"We never fully addressed his injuries, Zeus shocked him before and then we fought, he's probably still feeling the aftereffects of the electricity," Ares put in, before Ami could answer.

"But pretty boy over there was healing him," Duo motioned to Apollo.

"Yes, but the process got interrupted. He probably still has some tissue damage."

"How has he been going through all this time? He needs bed rest and lots of healing," Ami asked.

"If he's anything like Ares over there, he's stubborn as hell," Rei said, thinking about how alike the two were aside from the appearance.

"Well he can't go to the ball like this. What do we do?" Apollo asked, concerned as he went back to work on Wufei's injuries.

"I can go."

Everyone turned to look at the boy, trying to see if they were hearing him correctly.

"I said I can go," Ares mumbled, his hand reaching for the tie in Wufei's hair. He quickly slicked his back and whipped a ponytail together. After his youthful haircut was swept out of his face, he looked even more like the boy he'd unintentionally incapacitated.

"Are you sure? You don't know our customs and you certainly don't have an outfit for a ball."

"I have a henshin, I don't need a pen, unlike you, but I can change into whatever I want," Ares replied.

"Can he really do that?" Makoto whispered to Rei.

"If he can, I had no idea, I'm not exactly the type to ask my brother when or where he gets his clothes," she whispered back.

"Good point," Makoto hissed, before straightening back up, making awkward eye contact with the male fire wielder.

"We are in the same room," he said.

"Fine. If we can't see where you come from, you might as well get some information about us," Heero's voice echoed from the stairs, his puffy semi blow-dried hair and fluffy robe making him look less intimidating than ever. Diana peeked out from behind one of his legs.

"I gave him his henshin wand!" She squeaked, before running down to settle between her parents.

"I think you've been dubbed this year's Henshin Boy," Eros breathed. "Congratulations, you will receive your tiara promptly and your flowers will be in your room by the end of the night."


"Hurry up, we can't afford to be late or Relena won't be properly protected," Heero growled, knocking on Ares's door.

"Fuck off, I'm not sure I asked for the right thing," Ares replied. "I asked for typical ball attire, but it looks nothing like what we wear to our balls, so I think I may have made a mistake."

"Wow, Wufei admitting he made a mistake. That never happens," Duo commented.

"I am not your Wufei," Ares said as he yanked open the door. "How do you even dance in this? Or better yet, how do you deal with these ridiculous ties around your neck?" He asked.

"Well, we wear capes," Apollo said, scrutinizing Ares's clothing. "Sometimes the more fashionable wear ruffs,"

"And by more fashionable you mean the Venusians," Ares replied. "I am not a Venusian. Besides, our capes fall from our shoulders, not from around our necks."

"It's fine, we have to get accustomed to their style anyway. If it's any consolation, I think you actually look rather dashing," Hotaru commented as she walked past.

"Regardless of whether or not he looks dashing, we must go. Where are the girls? Are they done yet?" Quatre asked Hotaru.

"Well, they've all really just been talking, henshin doesn't take too long at all," she replied. "I'm obviously not exactly dressed for the occasion," she referred to the senshi uniform she still wore.

"Right," Quatre muttered. "Can you ask them if they're ready?"

"Sure, no problem!" Hotaru said, "Ares, seriously, stop freaking out, but since you're wearing a red bowtie against a plain black tux, such a Mars stereotype, I'll have an idea of what to request of my henshin pen."

"Let me guess, something red?" Zeus drawled as he walked over.

"Or something black," Hotaru said as she skipped off. "Or maybe we can just clash."

"Honestly I think people will be surprised that Wu-man's wearing such appropriate stuff anyway. He usually just wears Chinese get up. Not that there's anything wrong with that," Duo said offhandedly. The humor in his comment went unnoticed when Zeus spoke up.

"I was too rash. I shouldn't have shocked him," he said, staring at the ground.

"Well, none of us knew what was happening at the time, besides, I kept my blade to his face and challenged him to a fight. I think that if we're going to think about this too much, I'm going to have to start apologizing as soon as that man wakes up," Ares replied.

"Does anybody know where Rei is?" Usagi asked, "Oh, you look very handsome, Ares," she said politely as she looked him up and down, giving him a genuine smile. For the first time in her memory, he smiled back.

"No idea, sorry!" Duo answered.
"Actually, she should be in the parlour by the library, she came to me earlier, asking if there were any quiet rooms with fire places," Quatre said, looking kindly at the sweet princess.

"Thank you so much! I'm going to go find her," she said.

"Do you know where the parlour is, Usagi?" Zeus asked, eying his princess uncertainly.

"Um, no, not really," she admitted, looking at her feet.

"I'll accompany you, then," he said.

"But then, you'll miss seeing Minako in her dress!" She whispered to him huffily as he escorted her away.

"It's okay," he said. "I don't think I'll be able to really stand the sight of her looking so beautiful with someone so like me, that isn't me." Usagi looked at him sympathetically. "Besides, I can see her when she gets back."

"If you keep going like this, she'll never notice you," she whispered to him sadly.

"I know, but as long as I keep going like this I'll still be able to care for her, and she won't be uncomfortable." Usagi gauged his expression.

"Never mind what I said. She will notice. I'm sure of it." She said, reaching her hand up to stroke his face before pulling him into a hug. She stepped away again so they could walk.

"Sometimes I really hope so." Neither of them noticed the open door they walked past. Ami stuck her head out of it curiously before glancing back to look at the continuous glow of orange and green light as her two friends henshined over and over. Neither of them seemed to have noticed the conversation the occurred moments before. Unsure of whether or not it was a good thing, she looked over at Hotaru, who shrugged.


As the others talked to Ares about his clothes, Minako, Ami, Rei and Makoto had been sitting in a room, contemplating what to wear.

"I say go with something red, Minako," Rei suggested.

"But that's so Aresian," Minako said, pulling a slight face.

"What's wrong with Aresian?" Reid asked, her expression sour.

"Nothing, just not for me I don't think," she said in reply as she henshined into yet another orange dress. "Ugh, I swear, I've worn all of these before."

"That's because you have," Makoto pointed out. "All I've seen you wear to balls is orange, which is kind of bizarre considering your ridiculous emphasis on fashion."

"It's a Venusian thing," Minako shrugged.

"What's with your emphasis on planetary affiliation?" Rei asked, huffily.

"Eh, it's a Venusian thing."

Rei sighed and stood up. "I'm actually going to go hit up the parlour Quatre's got. He said there's a fireplace in there."

"A parlour? This guy's got a parlour?" Makoto asked. "I mean, we had tons of those but I don't feel like that's exactly commonplace in this day and age."

"I don't know," Rei said, brushing it off. "Stop by before you go out so I can see you guys! I'll look busy but don't worry about it. I'm kind of expecting not to get much out of the fire anyway." With a wave, she took a couple steps. "Red, I'm serious," she impressed, one more time as she walked out the door.

"Ugh, red, really?" Minako asked, as she tried yet another orange dress.

"Why not?" Makoto asked. "I mean, your senshi fuku has a red bow in your hair and you look quite nice with it."

"I suppose." Soon enough the two girls went straight back to changing, stopping only to greet Hotaru as she stepped in the room. After a while, Ami walked over, in a pristine white dress with glittering blue stone detailing and blue open toed heels. Her hair pulled back on one side by a clear blue clip adorned with some thin white feathers, contrasting nicely against her dark hair.

"We have to go soon," Ami said, Hotaru sighing in relief as Makoto and Minako paused to listen. "I'm ready, and Hotaru is too," she gestured to the pretty girl as she spoke. They turned to look at her. She stood in a lacy black dress, Hotaru's hair was in tight curls around her face, her pin straight hair long gone, the most notable aspect of her outfit consisted of her shoes, the purple standing out like her eyes, both colourful points emphasized by her pale skin.

"Well, I'll be darned! Looks like the God of War is about to fall in love with the Mistress of Death and Rebirth! And look out, world! The ice queen is coming for you!" Minako whistled.

"I agree with Minako, you both look stunning!" Makoto said, rushing over to hug her friends.

"Thank you," Ami stuttered; both her face and Hotaru's blushing brightly.

"No problem, but I guess we should hurry then, huh?" Makoto laughed. "Try a red dress, come on, it couldn't hurt!"

"Fine, red dress, here I come!" Minako closed her eyes, "Henshin!" In a swirl of orange light, she spun, her silhouette twirling gracefully. The lights settled and she ran over to the mirror, heels clicking. "Huh, not bad at all!" She said, smiling. Her one shoulder red dress fell Grecian style down her sides, the sheer outer material extending down her arm in a flowing sleeve. Her hair was braided, a series of red flowers woven through the golden locks and a pair of ruby red heels to top off the outfit.

"Not bad? You look beautiful!" Hotaru squealed, jumping up and down as she clapped her hands.

"Ha, Rei's going to rub it in when we see her before we leave," Makoto ribbed. Ami smiled softly as she watched Minako's face pale a little.

"It's your turn, Makoto," Ami said. "What are you thinking?"

"Well, not heels, that's for sure," Makoto laughed, scratching the base of her ponytail as she chuckled weakly.

"Why not?" Minako asked. "Your legs go on for miles! They're longer than any of ours and that's saying something, we've got some nice legs!" Makoto shrugged.

"Eh, don't really want to stand out too much," she replied.

"Uh, excuse me," Quatre's voice came from the door. "I don't mean to startle you but I was on my way to let you know we're leaving in ten minutes. You all look incredibly lovely! I couldn't help but listen in, Makoto, why would you stand out? I think you'd looked great in heels."

Makoto's heart dropped, while he was paying her a compliment, his attention to her footwear put her out a bit. While not all the gay men she knew were into fashion, Yuuichiro and Motoki being prime examples, Quatre fulfilled all the stereotypes. As did her prince for that matter.

"How about this, you get a dress and I'll grab you some shoes!" Quatre's eyes lit up as he turned. "Wait, what colour were you thinking of wearing?"

"Uh, I'm not su—."

"Green!" Minako interrupted her. Quatre nodded.

"Got it! I'll be right back! Don't worry, I'll take care of it! You're about a size 8 I'd wager, that right?"

"Uh, well, I don't really know the measurements you go by here, all our shoes are handmade," Makoto replied.

"I'll bring back a couple sizes, I was going to bring quite a few pairs anyway." And with that, Quatre was off, making phone calls and entering the closets his sisters often left untouched.

"Huh, figures," Makoto sighed.

"What's wrong?" Ami asked, walking over to where the taller girl stood.

"Why is it that the only guys I'm attracted to are gay?" Makoto wailed. First Motoki and now this! I never said it either, but I always thought Quatre, well, our Quatre, was adorable too. He's never shown any signs of attraction to any girls I can think of. Plus, well, he's incredibly feminine." Makoto looked at her audience, they all stared at her. "What? Anything to say? No, 'no way, Makoto' or 'yeah, I agree.'" She stiffened when she heard an awkward cough from behind her. Turning toward the door she cringed a bit when she saw Apollo staring at her back.

"Uh, you all look nice," he stuttered out before disappearing.

"Well, shit."


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