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Lost but not Forgotten Chapter 1: The Accident

"Amu-chan, hurry up or you're going to be late!" a small pink-haired cheerleader chibi said floating next to Amu as she raced down the sidewalk.

"I know, I know! It's just that my bed felt a lot comfier than usual…" Amu trailed off.

"Amu-chan, focus!" a blue-haired chibi told Amu.

"Don't want to miss out on any learning, desu!" a green-haired chibi said sweetly.

Amu turned a corner, almost slipping in the process and bolted down the sidewalk.

She started panting heavily, tiring with each step.

"I'm not going to make it!" Amu cried as Ran flew next to her.

"Yes you can! Character Change!"

The X-shaped hair pin holding up Amu's ponytail turned into a heart as small, hollow wings appeared at Amu's wrists and ankles.




"WAAAAHHHHHHH!" Amu cried as Ran sent her shooting high into the air.


"There was no other choice, Amu-chan!"


As Amu jumped from one block to the next, a black car came out from around the corner, stopping to see where Amu was before speeding down the street towards the school.

Through the whole lesson, Amu was basically out of it due to the "sprint" to school. Her body was tired and couldn't help but be put to sleep by Nikaidou-sensei's voice, until he would call out her name, incorrectly, to answer a question. Though Rima would whisper the answer to Amu, helping her in her time of need. Amu nodded a thanks to her before answering the question before Nikaidou-sensei moved onto the next question.

When the bell rang, Amu let out a sigh of relief as she stretched her arms.

"Why so tired, Amu?" Rima asked in concern as Amu sighed again.

"She's just tired because Ran did a Character Change with her to get her to school on time." Miki answered.

"Why don't we walk home together then, Amu-chan?"

Amu looked up and blushed when she saw Tadase smiling down at her.

"Ah… uh… uh… sure!" Amu said, snapping out of her daze as her charas chuckled before Amu shot a glare at them.

As she and Tadase walked home together, Amu couldn't help but sneak a few glances at Tadase.

'Ah, Tadase-kun… He's such a gentleman. I can't believe he actually offered to walk me home! I could just die!' Amu mentally screamed while blushing.

"Hmph! I don't understand why a king should have to walk a mere commoner to her quarters. It should be the commoner's duty to-"

"Oh, shut up, Kiseki." Ran said as Kiseki glared at her.

"You dare speak to your king with such language? Unforgivable!" Kiseki shouted with a mad-mark over his head as Miki and Su let out exasperated sighs.

Tadase couldn't help but chuckle at his shugo chara's behavior while Amu admired his smile.

Amu didn't realize that she had suddenly stopped in the middle of the road as screeching tires could be heard in the distance.

Suddenly, a black car came flying over the hill, veering off to the left and then to the right, making it seem like the driver was drunk.

Tadase turned around and widened his eyes in horror to see the vehicle careening down towards an oblivious Amu.

"Amu-chan!" Amu's shugo charas cried in warning as Tadase rushed forward.

Amu whirled around to see the black car only a few yards in front of her, set on a collision course with her right in the way.

Her eyes widened in fear as she saw her life flash before her eyes.

All Amu could hear was the sound of her chara crying out her name and the sudden screech of the brakes of the car.

She suddenly felt herself being forcefully pushed to the side, followed by a sickening crash.

Amu landed hard on the sidewalk, but safely out of harm's way.

"Ouch… That really-" Amu was cut off when she looked over to see Tadase lying motionlessly on the other side of the street.

"No…" Amu whispered.


Amu rushed to Tadase's side and was absolutely horrified to see the blood dripping down the side of Tadase's head. His right arm also looked to be in bad shape and his breathing was uneven.

"Amu-chan, call an ambulance, hurry!" Miki cried as Amu snapped out of her thoughts and scrambled to get her cellphone out of her pocket and desperately tried to stop shaking as she dialed 911.

"Tadase! Tadase!" Kiseki cried as tears welled up in the chibi king's eyes.

Tadase was knocked out cold and had a pained expression on face.

'This is all my fault… If I hadn't been standing there, Tadase-kun wouldn't have…' Amu said to herself as a tear streaked down her face.

She took hold of Tadase's good hand and gave it a small squeeze.

"Tadase-kun… Please don't…"

Everything seemed to go by like a blur as sirens blared in the distance and an ambulance and police cars gathered around them.

A medical team rushed out of the ambulance and carefully put Tadase onto a stretcher.

He was then placed in the ambulance and was rushed to the hospital.

Amu stared horror-stricken as she watched the ambulance go. She had pleaded to them to let her go with him, but the police needed to ask her a few questions.

Amu's answers were shaky and she almost broke down crying at some points but kept a hold of her emotions. She told them about the black car and how crazily it was driving. She also told them that she was the one almost hit if not for Tadase.

After she was finished being questioned she was driven home.

When she was dropped off, the police explained to Amu's parents about the situation and that they'll do whatever they can to find the car that hit Tadase.

Mrs. Hinamori hugged Amu tightly, thanking the heavens that Amu was all right.

Amu smiled at her concern but couldn't help but feel guilty about the whole thing. She was the one that was suppose to get hit, not Tadase.

He was the one who saved her. It just didn't seem right that Tadase took the blow for her.

Tears started pouring down Amu's face as her mother hugged her closer, allowing her daughter to pour her emotions out.

"Well, he's in stable condition. But it looks like he hit his head pretty hard. He also might have some spinal problems for a couple of months. A few broken bones but he's lucky to have gotten out of that ordeal alive." The doctor said looking down at a clipboard.

"Make sure to give him pain medication and keep him comfortable." The doctor said as the nurse beside him.

The nurse nodded and went to check up on Tadase.

Tadase had several braces on. One supporting his neck and his back. His arms and legs were wrapped up as well as his head. He had several bandages on his face as well as his chest.

He had an IV attached to his arm and seemed to be sleeping soundly.

The nurse checked his IV and the monitors before looking over at Tadase and gave him a sympathetic smile.

"Poor thing…"

Seeing that Tadase was okay, the nurse walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

After she turned the corner down the hall, a couple of shady looking men wearing sunglasses came up to Tadase's room door and entered, closing the door silently behind them.

A little while later, the nurse came back in to check on Tadase.

When she entered, she let out a gasp and dropped her clipboard.

"Hotori-san…? Hotori-san!" the nurse cried when she found Tadase's bed completely empty.

The blankets were lying on the ground and the IV needle was left on the bedside.

The nurse frantically searched the room, looking under the bed, in the closets, and behind the sheets.

She stopped at the window and saw that it was open, the drapes blowing in the breeze.

"Impossible… He couldn't have…" the nurse muttered as she looked out the window.

Tadase's room was several stories up and was impossible for anyone to jump down without severely injuring themselves.

"Why are you over at the window?"

The nurse whirled around to see Doctor Hatori standing at the door.

"Doctor Hatori! Hotori-san is missing!" the nurse cried, her eyes wide with confusion and fear.

"What?" Dr. Hatori cried as he looked over at the empty bed and rushed over.

"But that's impossible! There is absolutely no way he could have gotten anywhere in his condition. He's not even suppose to be conscious!"

"Alert security and search the whole building!" Dr. Hatori ordered as the nurse nodded and rushed out the door.

Security checked every floor of the building and even outside, but there was absolutely no sign of Tadase anywhere.

Tsukasa laid down the King card from his deck of cards and frowned.

He got up from his chair and walked over to the window. He looked out, watching the setting sun in the distance.

"Dark days are approaching…" Tsukasa said closing his violet eyes. "Be strong, Guardians… Even with the absence of your King."

The next day at school was hard for Amu. She had gotten up earlier than usual and skipped breakfast.

Her parents exchanged worried glances as Ami stayed completely oblivious.

Guilt still weighed heavily on Amu's shoulders as she went through the whole day staring out the window of the classroom.

Her charas didn't even know how to cheer her up and watched her worriedly.

The only one who could possibly take the guilt away was Tadase himself, but considering he was unconscious at the hospital, it didn't seem likely Amu would be feeling better any time soon.

Nikaidou-sensei called on Amu a couple more times but she seemed too distracted to even acknowledge him. Even nudges from Rima didn't snap her out of her daze. Rima looked at her friend in concern, unsure what was the matter. Nikaidou-sensei eventually gave up and moved on to ask someone else.

After class, Rima came over to Amu and shook her gently by the shoulder.

"Amu, hey Amu." Rima called as Amu finally snapped out of her trance and looked over at Rima.

"O-Oh. I'm sorry, Rima. I was just…"

"The Founding King is calling an urgent Guardian meeting." Rima said.

Amu widened her eyes in surprise.

"The Founding King?"

Both Amu and Rima walked to the Royal Garden where they found Nagihiko, Yaya, and Tsukasa, already waiting for them.

"Queen's chair, Joker, take a seat." Tsukasa said with a serious tone.

"Why did you call an urgent meeting? Where's Hotori-kun?" Nagihiko asked.

"He wasn't in class either." Rima added as Amu felt herself sink lower into her chair.

"Neh? Tadase-kun isn't here? Then how are we suppose to hold this meeting without him?" Yaya cried.

"I'm holding this meeting precisely why Tadase-kun isn't here." Tsukasa said as all eyes landed on him.

"You may be all unaware of this, but something happened the other day. Tadase-kun was a victim of a hit-and-run on his way home and was immediately hospitalized."

All the Guardians, except Amu, gasped in shock.

"Is he going to be all right?" Yaya cried as she stood up from her chair.

Rima looked over at Amu. "Weren't you walking home together with Tadase?"

Amu remained silent as she looked hard at her hands in her lap.

"I haven't even told you the worst news."

At that everyone, including Amu, looked up at Tsukasa as he folded his hands together on top of the table and leaned against them.

"Tadase-kun was in stable condition, but he was unconscious," Tsukasa paused.

"Go on." Nagihiko prodded for him to continue.

Tsukasa sighed and opened up his eyes slightly. "We don't know exactly what happened but when a nurse went to check on him… He was gone."

A heavy silence hung in the air as the Guardians stared at Tsukasa in disbelief.

"What…?" Amu said, her eyes trembling.

"They searched all through out the building and even outside. There was no sign on him anywhere."

Amu stood up abruptly from her seat, slamming her hands down on the table.

"H-He couldn't have just gotten up and walked away! You said yourself that he was unconscious!" Amu cried, feeling tears well up in her eyes.

"Amu-chan…" Ran said sympathetically as Amu's shoulders started shaking.

Tsukasa nodded sadly. "Yes, in Tadase-kun's condition he couldn't have gotten up or even moved for that matter. It's likely that someone had slipped into his room unnoticed and kidnapped him."

Rima's eyes went wide and started trembling.

"R-Rima…!" Kusukusu said worriedly, knowing Rima was almost kidnapped at one point.

Nagihiko saw her expression and silently reached over from under the table and placed a hand over Rima's, in hopes of comforting her.

Though Rima would instinctively slap his hand away, she felt too much grief and emotion and gave Nagihiko's hand a small squeeze.

Yaya looked over at Amu worriedly as Amu seemed to be in a state of shock and couldn't mutter a single word.

"The police are doing the best that they can to find him. But seeing as there were no witnesses or any clues to how they escaped with Tadase-kun… We may never see him again." Tsukasa said gravely.

After that, Amu broke down and cried.

To be continued...

I would cry too if Tadase got hit by a car. :( Though I think there are probably mixed responses out there. Hope I kept everyone in character and didn't stray to OC. I will also try to refrain from bashing a certain neko character whom I am not too fond of... too much. Hope you all enjoyed, please review!