Bonus Chapter:

Kiseki's Story: Waiting


All I could do was watch as they took Tadase from his medical bed in the hospital to that infernal building of Easter, our enemy.

Though they couldn't see me, I still could do nothing as my egg bearer was brought to a dimly lit room with dirty white walls surrounding him. There was a single bed, which he was placed.

Before I was able to follow him, a skinny, gloved hand suddenly grabbed me, much to my bewilderment. I wasn't expecting such a thing, as I am invisible to most adults. How could this have happened?

I turned my head to see a man in his mid thirties with light pinkish, silver hair. He wore glasses that seemed to always glare no matter if there was sun or not. He was also wearing a black suit top with purple pants and an outrageous pink collar. At the moment, he was wearing some sort of eye wear that seemed to glow lightly with green light.

I struggled against his grip but to no avail.

"Looks like I caught myself a lost little small fry, ne?" the man said in a high and aggravating voice.

I narrowed my eyes at him, which only succeeded in broadening his already wide grin.

"Think you're so high and mighty, eh? Think again! For you are about to become my test subject."

I felt my eyes instantly widen at the words "Test Subject". The situation seemed slightly similar to what happened with that commoner's green chara and that despicable teacher. Although that commoner was able to get out of that situation unscathed due to impeccable timing, I don't think I will have the same luxury. For no one knows that Tadase has been kidnapped at this time. No one knows our whereabouts or our current situation. In short, this was dire situation with little hope of me escaping with Tadase.

Before I knew it, I was thrown into a glass container that was hooked up to a strange machine. It was similar to that teacher's machine, but much more advanced.

"Is it ready?"

I turned my attention towards a tall, dark man who had tan-colored hair that was tied up into a spiky ponytail. He had sharp eyes that gave off a cold feeling and seemed to penetrate right through one's soul.

"Just about! I just need to make some minor modifications…" the strange man who had grabbed me said.

The dark man turned his gaze onto me, making me shudder uncontrollably. This man…I couldn't explain why, but I couldn't help but fear for what he had in mind for me.

"TADASE!" I cried once more, but my cry only sounded within my glass prison. I felt my eyes trembling in disbelief as I pounded my tiny fists against the glass walls.

All my efforts were in vain as the timer started ticking down on me.

A strange noise started buzzing all around me and I threw my gaze back over to the dark man and the sleazy one.

They were both grinning evilly at me as the bottom and top of my glass prison started sparking.

Fear gripped me as a demanded what they were going to do to me. I spotted another container that was surrounded by dark aura. I felt strong sensations of X-egg energy flowing through that container. Then it occurred to me…they were going to infuse me with X-egg energy. Just like that treacherous teacher was going to do, except…I had a feeling that they were not aiming to make me into the Embryo.

Before I could react, a beam of dark energy shot straight down the middle of the container, right into my body.


I felt like my body was on fire and also felt the sensation of drowning as well. My mind felt like it was going to explode as more and more X-egg energy was sent coursing through my small body.

I strained to look at the dark man who just looked at me indifferently as if I was nothing to him.

I let out another cry of searing pain as the intensity of energy grew, threatening to destroy me.

I felt like I was being smothered by darkness, I was suffocating as I slowly closed my eyes. My mind was starting to seep into unconsciousness. I desperately tried to fight it, trying to prevent that infernal X-egg energy from taking over, but at the same time it was draining my will and strength to fight. I was slowly losing control of my mind and body as the dark energy seeped deeper and deeper into my being. Gold and heat clashed against each other within me as I felt the overwhelming sensation of exploding.

The pain was unbearable and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through this torture.

The two halves of my egg suddenly appeared around me, slowly closing in on me. I tried to stop it from closing but it was all beyond my control. My body was about to give into fatigue as I desperately called out to Tadase once more.

It was useless. It was all useless. For my egg forcefully shut on me, trapping me in total darkness.

A moment later, light suddenly filled my vision as I found myself looking at that infernal man once more.

"Excellent. The experiment was a complete success!" the man said.

'What is he talking about…? What are you…?'

"From this day forward, you will be known as Sync. A chara we have forged from X-egg energy!" the man exclaimed as I felt my eyes widen in shock.


"Wait just one moment! What are you talking about?" I demanded, but strangely no words came out of my mouth.

I tried to speak out again, but my body didn't even move an inch. I tried to move but nothing happened.

"Don't bother trying. You can do nothing."

I gasped in shock as my vision suddenly turned towards a mirror where I saw a spiky green-haired chara with cold green eyes. The thing I didn't understand was that I was looking in a mirror, but instead of my kingly self, I was looking back at this green-eyed monster.

"This body belongs to me now. And there is nothing you can do to take it back." The insolent green-haired commoner stated emotionlessly.

I shouted at him to stop but my pleas were ignored as the two halves of Sync's egg closed on him, causing everything to turn to darkness once more.

"Are you afraid?"



Within the darkness of my own mind, there was just me, and this accursed commoner who had invaded my mind and took over my body.

"By calling me a commoner, you are referring to yourself as a commoner." The green-haired demon stated.

I glared at him and said with authority, "Rubbish! You are not me! Wait…how did you know that…?"

"You were calling me a commoner, or rather, yourself? I am you, I can hear whatever thoughts you have."

I shook my head violently, shouting out how he was lying. There was absolutely no way that I could be that…that infernal commoner.

I saw him smirk, causing anger to boil up inside me. The way he taunted me, it was degrading and made me feel like a fool. I despised that feeling but I tried to calm myself down despite that. Due to my current situation it'd be no use in getting angry.

Suddenly, the darkness surrounding me got thicker, threatening to swallow me whole. It wrapped itself around my legs and started pulling me into it.

"W-What's happening?" I cried as the one called Sync just watched me fall deeper and deeper into the darkness of my own mind.

"You're annoying me. It'd be better if you'd just disappear for a while."

My eyes widened in horror as Sync just watched as I disappeared into the pit of darkness, rendering me paralyzed and unable to say anything.

I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, I could do nothing as I watched Sync use my body to fulfill Easter's wishes.

Tadase and I were reunited, but not as Tadase and Kiseki, but the treacherous duo of Hiroto and Sync.

Though I was rendered powerless, Sync still allowed me to watch and listen. Although, that made my situation all the more painful. I watched as both Hiroto and Sync brought my subjects torment and pain.

As long as Sync's eyes were open, I couldn't turn away…as long as he was listening, I couldn't shut out the voices. I was completely at Sync's mercy. As long as that awful X-egg energy was still flowing through my body, I could not escape Sync's overpowering influence.

Unconsciousness didn't seem all that bad to be me anymore; just as long as I didn't have to watch those commoners suffer by my hand.

A king is supposed to protect his subjects and those dear to him. But I was forced to bring hurt to them. I couldn't stop him…I tried, believe me. The X-eggs energy's influence was just too powerful, rendering me useless. I was helpless as no one knew or even suspected that Sync was using my body. I still wouldn't acknowledge that lowlife as me, but I had to accept that he was a part of me as we shared the same body. Though our minds and our way of thinking are completely different as we are two completely different personas. Two different personas who are forced to share the same body.

As time passed, the more I loathed the one who was in command of my body. At first glance, you'd think he was an emotionless lackey who would follow Easter's orders without hesitation.

That part is true, but by listening to all his words and thoughts, I found out that he was empty…his heart was empty.

He was sadistic, uncaring towards others, only cared about carrying out orders from Easter. He was nothing but a mindless drone who doesn't question anything. Though I found it quite shocking how he viewed himself the same. He saw himself expendable, as Easter would probably make more of his "kind" if he were to fail. He didn't care about what he did, as long as he had a purpose, even if it was only temporary.

He didn't want to exist.

That came a complete shock to me. It made me somewhat sympathetic towards the diminutive thief, though I still refused to forgive him for taking over my body. He never acknowledged me after he rendered me useless within my own mind, but I had a feeling he had me watch what was happening on the outside to cause me grief and humiliation.

Not only was I forced to watch myself hurt those I cared about; but I was also forced to watch Tadase sink deeper and deeper into his own confusion and anger.

It was painful to watch him struggle with his own emotions and fight against the Guardians, his own friends. I knew the real Tadase would never do any of these things, but in his current state, I really couldn't blame him. But it was still painful to watch, seeing as I could do nothing to help him.

I was his Guardian Character, I felt absolutely worthless being unable to help or even talk to him. It was my duty to constantly remind him of his dream. But now, it seemed as if that was the least of his problems. I don't even know if this dream was what he hoped to accomplish anymore.

It hurt seeing him like this…But…I didn't lose hope.

"I want to be able to help you smile!"

Those words from that commoner made me grin. Though nothing would happen right away, I knew that little by little she would be able to bring back Tadase.

After the accident that got us into this predicament, I had partially blamed that pink-haired commoner for this tragedy. If she hadn't been standing like an oblivious idiot, Tadase wouldn't have had to sacrifice himself like that.

But after thinking it over, I realized that if it hadn't been Tadase, it would have been the commoner instead. Tadase would still be in a pained position and I would be useless in that situation.

The real culprit was Easter. They were the ones who initiated the plan to capture one of the Guardians to use as their pawn.

It wasn't fair of me to pin all of the blame on her, but since when have I been fair towards others? I have always done things out of self-interest or to help Tadase. It made me realize how utterly selfish I've been and completely oblivious to others' problems and pains. The only ones I've ever focused on was Tadase and myself, no one else.

I guess part of the blame came from my ambitions and Tadase's dream.

But now…I don't know.

Is it too late to come to understand my mistakes? To learn from them and become a better king?

During the fight with the Guardians where Tadase as Hiroto unleashed his full power using a Character Transformation with Sync, I realized how draining it was for Tadase.

Sync was not Tadase's true Chara so it had a draining effect on his body the longer he stayed in Character Transformation.

My energy was being drained as well. I felt tired and weak, something I always hated. But it wasn't up to me to keep going, so all I could do was bear through this pain.

Once the fighting was over and Hiroto and Sync were brought to their knees, the Guardians had quite a shock finding out that it was really Tadase they were fighting.

It made me feel regret and sadness as Tadase didn't recognize his own name, but that is to be expected for one with amnesia.

Confusion, fear, anger, hatred, I could sense all these emotions raging within Tadase.

Sync really did not care about Tadase as he only watched him with uninterested eyes while Tadase battled against his inner emotions by himself. I tried to call out to Tadase even though I knew it was all in vain. I couldn't speak; all I could do was watch.

Tadase was walking aimlessly through the forest beside the school. The path looked familiar before I realized that we were in front of the Planetarium. I was greatly surprised at first, but I remembered Tadase's suspicious relative's words: "Those who have doubts or are lost can still find it."

Fear overtook me when Tadase had passed out in the middle of the rain. If he wasn't taken somewhere warm and dry quickly, he could die! My mind screamed at Sync to help him. But my pleas were ignored as someone came by and walked up to Tadase's near unconscious body. Speak of the devil, it was him.

He carried him into the planetarium and changed him out of his wet and torn clothes into the school uniform. With the rain matting down his gelled up hair, he seemed more like the old Tadase, on the outside at least. But I knew that he was still in turmoil on the inside.

The next few days, I was able to watch through Sync's eyes as the pink-haired commoner reached out to Tadase, allowing him to experience life outside of Easter's treacherous ways.

It made me smile on the inside, able to watch Tadase become more and more like the Tadase I knew all these years.

If Sync were not in control, I'd be scolding Tadase like crazy by the way he acted. He was acting like a…a delinquent commoner!

I couldn't stand it, but there was absolutely nothing I could do.

I pushed those feelings aside as anxiety ran through me when I felt Sync's emotions start to build within me. He was plotting something against this; I had a strong feeling. Sync must have been feeling that if Tadase were to regain his memories, Sync would have no use since he is not truly Tadase's chara.

Though Sync never expressed too much emotion and hardly even spoke to others unless necessary, inside he was brimming with curses.

He cursed his existence and how he was born. It was a sad feeling, but nevertheless he was still a twisted being without a heart.

Tadase was slowly slipping from Easter's control and Sync's influence. It was only a matter of time before he realizes who is again.

Unfortunately, the worst of the worst happened.

"Kiseki is gone, along with this 'Tadase' person. If he can't remember who he is, he can't remember his "dream" and what good is a chara of a forgotten dream?"

Rage built up inside me. If I had the chance, I would punish this accursed fake for all the cruel remarks and taunts.

"I wasn't born a would-be self. I was never even supposed to be born. I'm basically just trash."

"What are you talking about? Don't call yourself that!"

"You're still a living being, just like the rest of us!"

"We all still have people who need us. Tadase-san still needs you."

They have no idea how those words touched me like no other. Even though I was their enemy, they still wanted to reach out to me.

Trapped within my own mind, it felt like I was nothing but the essence of Tadase's forgotten memory. I felt like I hardly existed anymore but when I heard those words, I felt elated and the will to continue believing that one day I would get my body back. I have been stuck in this body for more than half a year and I started losing hope that I would never get my body back. I had felt like I was slowly losing myself and giving up against Sync. Those words woke me up and Sync seemed to sense that my strong will and ambition had returned like fire within me. He felt it stir within me and it must have made him nervous somewhat.

Sync did not feel the same way as I had to those words. He overlooked them and didn't give a care about anything they said. In his mind, he was only a tool, nothing else.

Sync had abandoned Tadase and went back to Easter. I was completely nervous being back in that dreaded place, unsure whether or not Sync would be welcomed back.

To my horror, Easter had created a clone of Tadase's body. The reason I said body is because it had no soul or heart. It had no entity of itself, only a mindless lackey, which Easter had tried to make Tadase into. The replica may have the same exact features of Tadase, but it showed no emotion or signs of intelligence. It was empty, no more than a machine or tool.

Easter had apparently been looking for Tadase but unable to find him. So they resorted to making this…empty shell that resembled Tadase physically.

The one known as Van had suspected that Tadase was close to remembering and figured that Tadase must have been hanging around the pink-haired commoner's home. He wanted Tadase back since he held vital information about Easter's plans, though I doubt Tadase really cared about them. He seemed more intent on spending time with the pink-haired commoner than anything else at the moment. It was highly unlikely that he would say anything about Easter since he thinks they abandoned him. Rather strange way of thinking if you ask me.

Sync had confirmed the dark man's suspicions and told him of Tadase's whereabouts.

Using this information, they then sent out the replica to sever the trust that Tadase and the pink-haired commoner had worked so hard to build. It was a rather cruel and harsh thing to do and I knew it would probably crush the two of them.

By severing their bond, who else was Tadase supposed to turn to? I obviously was in no position to lend an ear.

Not only was Tadase in Van's interest, but also the pink, blue, and green charas were within his interest as well. Though they were annoying and rude in my view at times, I knew they possessed great power, which the dark man knew as well.

Sync was then given the opportunity to be useful and capture the three colorful commoners also to use this to lure out the pink-haired commoner.

The first step to the plan was to make sure that Tadase didn't interfere. Sync had roused Tadase out of his sleep and spouted cruel words to him about being abandoned. This obviously pained Tadase deep down and tried to silence the spiky-haired delinquent, but little did he know that he fell for his trap.

Sync had weakened the branch on the tree outside; full knowing if he flew out there Tadase would surely follow him. And just like he planned, Tadase jumped onto the branch and found himself fall into unconsciousness, literally.

With Tadase out of the way to make certain that he would not interfere, Sync had also set yet another trap for the pink-haired commoner's charas.

He was able to trick them into getting them to walk right into his trap and then whisked them away to the place where the pink-haired commoner was to meet up with the fake Tadase.

"Why you… Why are you doing this?" the blue commoner demanded as Sync glanced down at her.

Though I never would admit it out loud, I always did regard the blue commoner a smidge higher than the others. There was just something that felt different, though I find it embarrassing and slightly ridiculous for a king, such as myself, to be thinking about such things.

Nevertheless, I felt a burning in my chest when Sync, in a rare case of teasing, decided to slightly flirt with the blue commoner.

This was only once, but it made me slightly uncomfortable, hoping Sync would never do something like that again.

Either way, it drove the blue commoner into a blushing fit, kind of like how the pink-commoner would react to when Tadase would comment her. I have not fully grasped the entirety of this emotion, as I didn't find relationships productive in world domination. But I could understand that bonds are what gives others strength, that much I could make out.

My anger and loathing for Sync just continued to increase as he just smirked at her reaction.

That's when the pink-haired commoner appeared, I was half hoping she wouldn't show up, but I knew that she would never abandon her charas. No good chara bearer would do such a thing.

To my surprise, the thieving cat had also decided to assist the commoner in the fight with the replica. Even with their combined strength I doubt they could overcome the replica.

Everything basically played into the dark man's plan as the replica did its job and severed that trust. I internally cringed when the replica knocked the pink-haired commoner into unconsciousness. It was truly horrifying to watch what the replica was capable of. Superior strength, speed, and endurance, it was basically like fighting a robot. The replica didn't even need to use any power from a chara. It was able to use power like that from a Character Transformation all on its own.

The replica then brought the three commoners to the dark man, placing them in a machine of some sort.

Soon after, the real Tadase was captured and hooked up to a machine where his very life-force would be drained little by little, using the betrayal and thought of being abandoned were replayed over and over in his mind until Tadase couldn't take it anymore.

I desperately tried to overcome Sync's control and save Tadase from himself but all efforts were in vain.

Pain was shone clearly on Tadase's face as the machine continued draining his energy. Once he accepted defeat within his own mind, it was over.

Sync's next mission was to collect four hair samples from four fairly strong-willed people. It just so happened that Sync attained two hair samples from two of the Guardians and then from both of the Tsukiyomis.

The dark man then proceeded in creating four more replicas. All of them were empty shells and knew only how to take and carry out orders. They were given different clothing and hairstyles, along with some of them dying their hair so that they wouldn't be identified easily. But the thing that disgusted me most about them, was the fact that their bodies were created from binding X-eggs to the strand of dna and draws their power from it.

Everything seemed to be playing out just as the dark man wanted and to my shock, he betrayed the head of Easter.

He then proceeded in gathering large amounts of X-eggs using that shrilling sound like that of Tadase's whistle but louder and at a higher frequency.

I felt as if my head was going to split open from the noise but Sync kept his bearings as if he didn't hear it at all. It hurt so much, I didn't think I would be able to stay conscious but I did since Sync was still awake. I don't want to think about what would happen if I were to lose consciousness with Sync still awake.

But once the dark man revealed his plans, my heart plummeted when I found out that I might not even get the chance of getting my body back.

If the dark man succeeded, both Sync and I will cease to exist along with all charas and Heart eggs. It was a terrifying thought and I couldn't understand why he despised Heart Eggs. Heart eggs hold hopes and dreams of what kids want to be. What is so wrong with that? Yes, there are those who toss out their own Heart's Eggs because they feel that is hopeless, but what Van is doing is horrific.

The dark man obviously carried a Heart Egg at one point but was probably thrown away or maybe even darkened to the point of breaking inside him. I don't know his background so I can't be sure. But all I know that he needs to be stopped before everything is destroyed for us.

Sync had gladly gone along with this plan because if Heart Eggs were destroyed, our body and soul would disappear. And Sync wants nothing more but to disappear from this world and end this torment of living in a body that is not even truly his and filled with negative energy.

As the battle raged on between the replicas and the Guardians, I desperately tried to call out to them that the replica wasn't Tadase and that there was no need to hold back. But of course, I was silenced and the pink-haired commoner continued to hold back while fighting the replica Tadase.

If the pink-haired commoner were to die, all would be lost for Tadase. There would be no hope for anyone after that.

"Gah! You stupid girl!"

That voice snapped me out of my thoughts. At first I was in denial that it was truly him; but when I saw him racing out towards the falling commoner, my hopes had returned.

Though I hate to admit it, I felt a great dept to that thieving cat since it was he who had rescued Tadase from the darkness of his own mind. But…I couldn't speak so I couldn't voice my gratitude. Oh well.

I felt Sync's frustration boil deep down inside him and I couldn't help but smirk at his reaction. There was no doubt in my mind that their plan was prone to fail.

'Shut up!' Sync cursed at me.

It surprised me really, it was the first time in a long while since the time he told me to disappear that he actually acknowledged me. Though it really didn't matter to me much at this point.

'This is far from over!' Sync's voice echoed throughout the vast regions of my mind. I know what you may be thinking and no, I am NOT stupid. It just sounded like it echoed…that's all. It wasn't like it was empty or anything it's just that…

Ahem, anyways…

As I watched in anticipation, I became slightly worried when Tadase was going to take on the replica all by himself. He had no chara with him; he didn't stand a chance!

Once more, I desperately tried to gain control of my own body. But this time, Sync actually fought against me. He never had to before, his influence always seemed greater to me.

I get it now. It was because of the situation. Never had I had more of a reason to gain control of my body at a time such as this.

Sync writhed in pain as I fought harder and harder to control my body. For a moment, it seemed as if I was gaining the upper hand…

"Damn you…!" Sync cursed before I was suddenly sent plummeting back down.

I was so close, so close. But in the end, I lost once again. It was just no use. Tadase had to fight alone; I could not help him.

While the fight for control had went on, I failed to realize until I saw it that the replica had caused serious damage to the pink-haired commoner in place of Tadase.

I felt my eyes tremble in disbelief. It hurt to see that that commoner sacrificed herself to save Tadase in order to protect him.

I then realized that this was probably what that commoner had felt when Tadase was hit instead of her. It was an awful feeling and I couldn't help but feel guilty about my initial thoughts about her.

"But I am surprised. You held out much longer than I would have expected. You've caught my attention, Hiroto…No, Tadase. I would expect no less from my student. Why not join me again and I'll make the pain in your heart disappear. Without feelings of remorse to hold you back, you can become even stronger." Van said extending a hand towards Tadase.


That answer made me internally smile knowing full well…that Tadase was truly back.

To my surprise, the new Guardian egg purified itself and hatched into a knight chara.

A knight? Oh come on! Why would Tadase want to be a knight when his dream is already to become a superior king such as I? Knights are supposed to obey the commands given from the King. Gah! This is extremely aggravating!

Okay, enough of my ranting. I have to admit that Tadase looked majestic in the knight's armor, but I still think Tadase looks more majestic in our Character Transformation.

Before I could do anything, Van suddenly called forth Sync and I found myself enveloped in dark energy once more.

The orb seemed to work as a linker, which enabled Sync to control the replica's body. Sync was then able to use the replica's body to the full extent of its power.

Unfortunately, by doing this, it put a lot of strain on the body. I could feel my muscles start to strain due to the overexertion of power.

With every attack, the more strain it paid to his body. I felt the strain build and build to the point where I thought we might be crack.

I desperately pleaded for Sync to stop, but he would not have any of it. He wanted to finish this once and for all. Even though Tadase tried to reason with Sync, his attempts were in vain and Sync continued lashing out at him.

"You will not change me! I stand resolved! I'm tired of this world; everyone can just die along with it!"

With that, Sync lunged towards Tadase with fury and rage as Tadase calmly watched him.

I mentally begged Tadase to strike us down before Sync caused any more damage. Even if I were not to return, I hoped that I would at least be able to take Sync down with me.

My prayers were answered when Tadase destroyed the replica body with Imperial Knight's ultimate attack. Unfortunately, upon feeling the first effects of the body disintegrating, Sync quickly separated himself from the replica body, escaping certain destruction.

But upon freeing himself, all of the strain of the attacks rebound back on us, shooting huge amounts of pain through our body. It was unbearable, even more so when I first became the entity known as Sync. Our body had become unstable due to the over usage of power and the pain became so unbearable that my whole body numbed.

The X-egg energy inside me was spiraling out of control, threatening to rip my body to shreds from the inside. Several jolts of pain continuously coursed through my body, causing both myself and Sync to howl in pain. Sync was losing control of our body and all I could do was wait before darkness would engulf me once the pain subsided. The dark energy was escaping from my body in all directions. I had never felt such pain. It was like going through a living hell.

Fear gripped me as my tiny body was slowly being destroyed from the inside. I don't know how long I would be able to hold out.

I was going to die. That was the only thing going through my head at the time as my vision started to blur.

Through the pain, I could hear Sync laughing. He was glad that he'd finally be freed from this world, even if he had to suffer a bit of hell at first.

Consciousness started to slip away from the both of us and slowly but surely our eyes started to close. I couldn't feel the pain anymore; everything was numb.

Darkness was closing in when a cry suddenly sparked my mind again.

Sync managed to force open his eyes and saw that Tadase was desperately trying to save us even though he himself was suffering.

"What are you doing…? Why are you trying to save me…? I'm nothing but a half-completed experiment…nothing more than garbage."

"Don't talk like that! You are still my chara, even if you don't think so," Tadase said while wincing before giving him a weak smile. "I won't allow you to disappear, no matter what…"

That was definitely the Tadase I knew and I was proud to have been his chara. He must have known that it was me from the start, or else he wouldn't have risked his life to save me. I could feel my life force weakening and knew that my chances of surviving this were slim. If my body couldn't get rid of the excess X-egg energy that was flying out of my body, it would surely tear me apart.

Upon hearing Tadase's words, I knew that deep inside Sync, something had softened if not slightly.

"You're such a soft-hearted fool…"

My eyes closed once more as the last remaining life I had left was slowly starting to diminish. I let out one final cry of pain before everything faded away. I couldn't hear anything; I couldn't feel anything; I couldn't see anything. Everything was black…

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Aren't you over dramatizing that event? You didn't die, you know? 'Cause if you did, you wouldn't be standing right here, Kiseki." Ran said as a mad-mark appeared over Kiseki's head.

"Insolent commoner! This is my story! And I'll tell it like I want!" Kiseki shot-back as Miki let out an exasperated sigh.

"Anyways, I wasn't finished!" Kiseki announced as he folded his arms together.

"That's when Tadase broke through the energy field and your bearer cleansed the X-egg energy inside me before I actually did die. Sync's control had finally been released and I was able to gain control over my body once more! With that, Sync was no more and I was able to regain my rightful place at Tadase's side."

Kiseki finished proudly as Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia applauded his story.

"Thank you!" Kiseki said proudly.

"I still can't believe all this time you were Sync." Miki said.

"Kiseki performed his own Chara Change!" Ran giggled.

"Silence! I would never want to be that sadistic ruffian ever again! I don't even want to hear that accursed name again!" Kiseki shouted angrily.

"How did it feel to be purified from the X-egg energy in your body?" Dia asked curiously.

Kiseki put a hand to his chin as he pondered the question. "Hmm…actually, it felt nice. My body was like ice when my life was fading but then this light came out of no where and started cleansing the X-egg energy from within me. It was painful at first, but then the pain faded into this warm feeling in my chest.

"Yes and after Sync's consciousness faded away into nothingness, my body felt completely drained from his control and the X-egg energy that initially flowed through my body. But because of the great fire that fueled my ambition, I could not let that dark man to be rid of Heart's Eggs. And so I thwarted his plan and rescued you commoners. So you are in my dept for sparing your lives." Kiseki said as all four of them sweatdropped.

"Hey, Kiseki. Why are we even in the Royal Garden? Haven't Amu-chan and the others already graduated from being Guardians?" Ran asked as Kiseki flinched.

"Yes, and where is Tadase-san?" Su asked.

"Why did you 'command' us to come here in the first place?" Miki asked suspiciously as Kiseki started sweating nervously.

"W-Well, Tadase is taking his make-up tests due to his six month absence…since he hasn't actually graduated yet." Kiseki said looking away while blushing.

"Ah, that makes sense but…Whoa! That's a lot of tests he has to make up!" Miki cried in bewilderment.

Kiseki smirked proudly while putting his hands on his hips like he always does. "Not to worry, for the only good thing about being captured by Easter were the great lessons taught by highly trained professors. Tadase should already know all the criteria, which is why he decided to take them all today."

'I still can't believe that we actually have to use something that Easter of all things gave to us…' Kiseki thought to himself spitefully.

"Wow, who knew that Easter's training would come in handy?" Miki said as Ran giggled.

"Yeah, both intellectually and physically!" Ran said remembering how Amu basically ogled at the sight of Tadase without his shirt.

Kiseki did a face-palm before sighing exasperatedly. But oddly enough he reverted to being shy and started playing with his fingers. "And uh…um…I…I didn't want to wait for Tadase by myself…"

"Eh?" Ran said, not catching what he said as Kiseki droned himself off as he started muttering incoherently.

"I think he said that he didn't want to wait around by himself." Miki said in a teasing tone making Kiseki blush slightly as he looked away stubbornly.

"By the way, where's Flynn? If you were lonely, why not have him hang around?" Dia asked as Kiseki grunted in annoyance.

"Who said I wanted his company in the first place? That commoner and I are mortal enemies! I would rather die than have him as company!" Kiseki stated stubbornly.

"You're just jealous that his character transformation is a lot better than yours." Ran teased as a large mad-mark appeared over Kiseki's head.


Miki let out a sigh before blushing slightly. "Flynn is pretty cool…"

"WHAT?" Kiseki cried as Su and Dia giggled.

"Looks like Kiseki-san and Flynn-san are rivals to see who the strongest is and for love." Su said as Kiseki glared over at her.

"NO! That's not it!"

"Kiseki, I'm finished. We can go home-What are you doing?" Tadase said coming into the Royal Garden to see Kiseki being poked fun at by Ran and Miki. "Did I miss something?"

"Oh, so this is where you guys went." Amu said coming up behind Tadase.

"Amu-chan!" her charas cried happily.

"Spending some quality with Tadase-kun?" Miki said slyly causing Amu to turn bright red as Tadase chuckled sheepishly while blushing slightly.

"Looks like they were having fun." Flynn said coming in while hovering beside Tadase.

Kiseki immediately glared at Flynn before flying over to him. "Who do you think you are?"

Flynn rolled his eyes at him before crossing his arms. "I'm Tadase's would-be self."

"That is not what I meant! I am Tadase's ideal would-be self! Not you!" Kiseki shouted as the two started bickering and fighting again.

Amu stared at them sheepishly as Tadase let out a sigh. "Why can't those two just get along?"

Though Kiseki wouldn't admit it out loud, he had come to accept Sync as a part of himself. And even though Sync had caused him nothing but pain; he still was able to gain some wisdom from the events he went through with him, though he has of yet to put them into action.

He glanced up towards the sun shining through the roof of the Royal Garden, twinkling from the reflection of the glass walls.

'Sayonara, Sync the Tempest.'

As if being answered, a small breeze blew through the open doors of the garden, blowing through Kiseki's bangs. He could have sworn he heard a distant "thank you", but excused it as he was hearing things. Even if that were Sync's voice, he had no idea why Sync would ever thank him.

Maybe it was because he had come to accept Sync as a part of himself, which is something Sync had longed for. To be accepted as a part of something since he was brought up artificially.

Kiseki smiled softly up at the sun. The pain and suffering he had endured had left permanent scars, but in the long runs made him stronger. He was sure that he would help Tadase become a stronger person if not already until the time would come when he was to disappear back into Tadase's heart.

He was done waiting. It was time to act.

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