Kingdom Hearts III: Eternal Light

~ Chapter 100: New Beginnings, New Ties of Light ~

~ Ties of Light: Sora & Kairi ~

A Boy and a Girl...Each from Different Worlds...

Because of their actions in defeating Vanitas and setting the worlds free from the horrifying curse of the Heartless, Sora and Kairi became the new rulers of Kingdom Hearts. In eventual time, their light brought the likes of the worlds previous inhabitants back to life. When the world itself was fully completed, rebuilt by the light of these amazing friends, Sora and Kairi had a most magnificent wedding. Kairi couldn't have been happier that day, to finally be wedded to the man of her dreams.

As for the castle staff, Sora assigned the seat of his faithful and royal vizier to Riku. He also gave the seats of royal magician and captain of the guards to Donald and Goofy, now adorned in new gold and white attire. They salute to Sora whenever they cross paths, saluted back by their dear friend.

~ The Knights of the Blade: Terra, Aqua & Ventus ~

The Destinies of Three Friends who Bear the Key...

With Kingdom Hearts restored, Ventus and his two best friends became commanding captains of Kingdom Hearts' Royal Knights, each bearing the world emblem on their armor. And, as closely bonded as Sora and Kairi, Ventus and Aqua soon became lovers themselves, joining hands together shortly after them. Terra supports their union, having believed in them his whole life.

Even when taking time to train, the three friends always have time to salute to their master, a stain glass image of Eraqus shines in the royal training hall.

~ Kings Themselves: Roxas, Naminé, Axel and Xion ~

Four from the Realm of Darkness, Together Again...

In another part of Kingdom Hearts, Sora made it part of his official duties to try and bring back as many innocent souls who became the likes of the Nobodies. They live in another district of Kingdom Hearts, ruled by their leaders King Roxas and Queen Naminé. And just as Sora had Riku as his vizier, the royal vizier to Roxas was none other than his friend Axel. As for Xion, she has become the royal family's lady-in-waiting, happy to help her friends.

To this day, Roxas still looks back on what life was like in Organization XIII, believing he made the right choice when abandoning their wicked ways and joining the light.

~ Worldy Ties: Radiant Gardens, Disney Castle, Destiny Islands and Land of Departure ~

The Bonds of Light shed many rewards upon those closest to the light...

After completion of Kingdom Hearts' restoration, a new travel style was formed to safely tred the paths of light now linking the worlds. As of such, it was founded by King Mickey and his royal assistants at Disney Castle. To this day, Disney Castle is apart of the "branch worlds" directly linked to Kingdom Hearts.

As for Land of Departure, having been restored by Sora, Master Eraqus has transformed the academy into a school where he and several other Keyblade Masters from Kingdom Hearts train those of the future to wield the blade. His greatest pride is still the three pupils he left in Kingdom Hearts, Terra, Aqua and Ventus.

On Destiny Islands, Sora's friends from Twilight Town, as well as the other six Princesses of Heart, had safely returned home upon the world's restoration. As for Sora's mother, she discovered a note from Sora before he departed, explaining to her everything that had happened to him. She read every word and understood everything. Despite Sora's disappearance from the islands, the families of these kids cannot help but be proud, looking forward to the days when they visit again.

In Radiant Gardens, thanks to aide from Kingdom Hearts, their construction sky rocketed and into little as four months, Radiant Gardens had returned to the shimmering and beautiful way it once was. Ansem returned to rule over Radiant Gardens as its king, served by his loyal assistants. They are Leon, Yuffie, Cloud, Aerith, Cid, Merlin, Rinoa and the three Gullwings. He also takes Zexion back in his wing, the first new apprentice to Ansem himself.

~ The New Bearer of the Key: Skye ~

Generations of Light pass on, from one generation to the next...

While it is true that Sora and Kairi became Kingdom Hearts' new rulers, an even greater gift was brought upon them several years after the world's restoration was complete. Now, Sora and Kairi have given birth to three beautiful children, two boys and a girl. And as each now bears the mark of a Keyblader, one is starting to shine out.

He is Sora's middle child, the second born and he who bears the same features of his father. His Skye...heir to Sora's Keyblade as well as the throne.