The Enemy and Best Friend


1. Crush

Seto didn't really want to admit that he liked watching the small magician girl when she practiced, but when no one is listening he breathes a sigh of relief and whispers, "I love you…"

2. Outfit

"Do I look okay in this?" Mana spun around for Seto in her new linen dress as he bit his tongue to keep the words he needed to keep in.

3. Foot

Isis sighed a little as she redirected the foot to Mana while Seto's cheeks turn a bright crimson.

4. Lost

When Atemu watched Mana lock her fingers with Seto's, he could taste the bitterness of defeat on his tongue.

5. Future

In modern day in Japan when everyone found out about Seto's small crush on Mana, Jounouchi couldn't stop laughing and he even tried to tell Mana, but Seto's promised him an untimely end if he didn't shut up.

6. Kiss

Mana liked to think that Seto tasted of shaved ice and maybe cigarettes while he thought she tasted of a sugary delight.

7. Fear

"Seto, I am not going into the classroom."

8. Question

"And why not?"

9. Answer

"Your fangirls are going to kill me, no, wait, no murder me when you're not looking."

10. Comfort

Seto turned to the small, blue-eyed girl as a smirk graced his lips, "I'll be your protector then."

11. Blue

Seto's eyes were like cold unfeeling ice, but Mana adored them all the same.

12. Protect

He always wanted to protect her like a knight in shinning armor, but he knew that she wouldn't want that.

13. Comfort

Seto let out a growl as he leaned down to the magician in training and lightly rubbed her back where newly burnt skin cooled under his finger; he began to want to kill Mahado.

14. Run

Mana feels at times that Seto was always out of reach in her past life in Egypt and in present Tokyo, but she knows that as long as she's willing to run she'll somehow catch up with him.

15. Soar

Seto let out a small groan as she pulled him down to a kiss with her legs wrapped around his waist and his eyes wide and curious to the new sensations traveling up and down his skin.

16. Warmth

Seto had a fever which caused Mana to go into super protective mood, and so she drew a bath for him with his flushed cheeks only turning redder when she boldly slipped into the water behind him and began caressing his back.

17. Wait

Seto had sat painfully through everything, which included watching Mana date Yami for three-point-five months, but then again, he wasn't counting.

18. Surprise

Everyone thought it would be Seto who would reveal the odd chemistry between the two, but it had been Mana, who had walked up to the CEO and planted a kiss on his lips in front of everyone in school.

19. Dance

Mana was not good with dancing, but Seto was and volunteered to be her teacher, a little too eagerly some would note.

20. Sleep

Seto had many nightmares about his step father so one night, he asked Mana to stay with him.

21. Away

Atemu could always tell when Seto was on a business trip because Mana would suddenly be anxious and walking around or in a daze.

22. Heaven

"What is Heaven?" Mana asked one day as Seto looked over at her and quietly thought, you.

23. Forever

Seto decided that forever was a feeling that he felt whenever he made love with Mana and where he forgot where he ended and she began.

24. Found

"Seto," Mana began softly with her cheeks pink as she held something up for the CEO to see, "when did you start getting into porn?"

25. First

Mana nervously took off his shirt as she sat on the bed with her legs cross; he began whispering something that sounded adorable.

26. Lover

"Mana," Seto looked at Mana nervously which was a rare sight to see, "so, does this mean I can call you 'my lover'?"

27. Map

Seto had memorized her body like a map and he knew all of her sweet, tender places that made her moan.

28. Ticklish

"Stop," Seto warned Mana, but his threat was ignored as a rumble erupted from him.

29. Brother

Mokuba looked at Mana and then at his brother before grinning and stating, "Woah, you're a goner, aren't you?"

30. Potato

"Mana, I love you, but I want to live so you aren't cooking."

31. Happiness

Mana was bubbly and jumpy, but when Seto was happy it wasn't as obvious and somehow, she always knew.

32. Ears

She leaned down and kissed his ear as he let out a loud moan, "Mana…"

33. Name


She liked how his lips would part when he said her name.

34. Jealously

Seto's eyes burned into Atemu's as he grabbed Mana a little possessively and slipped an arm around her.

35. Gift

"A rose? All you want is a little itty bitty rose for your birthday?"

36. Innocence

Seto was strong, cold, and smart, but he started blushing like mad when he revealed his naked body to her.

37. Sensual

Seto smiled evilly as he plopped himself on her hips and place a soft kiss on her lips, early in the morning after he got back from a business trip.

38. Blood

"I told you not to do that," Seto complained as he grabbed her hand and started sucking on her finger.

39. Tears

The first time they made love; a few tears escaped her eyes.

40. Hands

Mana's hands were calloused from all the training to be a magician, but he still loved how they felt whenever she would hold his hand.

41. Melody

"Runaway, runaway, runaway like a prodigal," was Mana's favorite song and Seto began humming along with her.

42. Bonds

The bonds of the past can't keep Mana away from Seto.

43. Technology

Seto knew everything with technology, but she didn't, however, she would listen to him whenever he got excited about a certain project.

44. Whiskey and Rum

"Here," Malik said to Atemu, "looks like you need this."

45. Bells

"Seto, I don't think I can do this-I'm going to be sick!" Mana yelped in wedding dress as he smiled and kissed her forehead.

46. Hell

Atemu knew that in the Christian version, there were nine layers of Hell each representing a sin, but which layer would he got to if he stood up in the wedding and objected.

47. Sex

Seto shivered as he took off the straps to her wedding dress before leaning down to her ear, "Do you want to start working on our family? Or do you want to wait another year or so?"

48. Chocolate

Seto stopped chewing on the sugary treat as he asked, "Mana, did you cook these chocolates?"

49. Telephone

Anzu's jaw dropped as Mana and Seto blushed, "I know you two are newlyweds and all, but seriously, phone sex?!"

50. Supernova

The explosion of power in their life happened when Mana took his hand and smiled, "I'm pregnant."

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