This is my FIRST story ever that i have written for and hope you enjoy!

WARNING: You have to have read Evermore and Blue Moon up to chapter 10 in Blue Moon.

(Chapter 10)

So Damen and I showed up to Miles' performance and he sang perfectly on key. Being a boy that's gay, he played an awesome Tracy Turblad! You'd think that he was the actual she! But no matter how far I was entranced in his play, I couldn't get my mind off tonight. The Montage. Just Damen and me. And I had him ALL to myself. Before I knew it, "Hairspray" was finished and it was time to go backstage to find Miles. His parents were already there informing Miles of their favorite parts and going into detail of how proud they were of their only child. Thankfully I was up next to speak with the "star of the show."

"Hey Miles! You did great tonight! Bravo!"

"Thanks for the compliment Ever. Hey. Where's that boyfriend of yours, Damen? Isn't he here to congratulate me like you?" At that moment I felt sort of abandoned. Lonely. Until this tiny little voice started talking in my head. Hello? Snap out of it! I am NOT abandoned by any means! Damen would never do this to me. Or would he?

"I'm sure he just went around to grab the car. We're kind of in a hurry." What else could I say? That Damen and I really only came here because you're my friend and not to mention that this is just a stop along the way to the Montage? I excused myself to leave and I turned around to see my eyes meet Roman's.

"I think your boyfriend just ditched you."

"He did not!" I argued.

"Well it looks that way to me."

"Why don't you just butt out, will ya?"

"Okay, okay I will but I'm just saying facts."

"Didn't I tell you 5 seconds ago to shut the hell up?"

"Fine then." With that he turned himself around and out the door he went. All of a sudden a burst of flaming heat ran down my back.

"Are you ready Ever, love?" Judging by the seducing tone and how there is only one other person that I'm going to see tonight I knew that Damen was ready. And so was I. There's no turning back now.

We arrived at the Montage Hotel around 8:30 p.m. We were both anxious as the concierge handed us the key to Heaven. Room 604.

"Let's go." Damen whispered ever so sweetly into my ear. We practically ran up the staircase. (Nobody else was on the stairs so we figured we would be less noticed and it would be quicker than an elevator.) We got to Room 604 and Damen unlocked the room with the golden painted key to the suite. MY suite. DAMEN'S suite. OUR suite.

He gently caressed me holding me in his arms and kissing my forehead with tender, sweet kisses. Damen popped open a bottle of Cristal Champagne. And once we had our fill, feeling a little tipsy, we moved towards the bed. Slowly and delicately I unbuttoned his blue and white shirt, kissing every spot where there wasn't a button. Then I moved on to unbuttoning his Faded Glory jeans. After I got past that layer he excused himself and came back completely naked. Yet still so manly and handsome. Next Damen stripped me down to my new Victoria's Secret Lingerie and matching bra. He allowed me to take my underwear off along with the under garment. After that, bada bing bada boom.

We awoke at dawn. Having lost my virginity I felt different. Like a new me. All of a sudden little voice that belonged to Riley in my head started ringing. What the hell happened back there? Such young teenage lovers; their first time and they ALWAYS forget EVERYTHING they learned in school about using protection. That caught me off guard. Protection… What does that? I stopped in mid-sentence and I got out of bed. Even though I knew that it would stir my partner and possibly wake him.

I looked about 25. Old enough so that the person that I got the tester from wouldn't think that I'm just an irresponsible teenager. I threw on my clothes and took the elevator to the downstairs hotel shops. I then asked the female clerk if she sold any pregnancy testers.

"Excuse me Ms., but could you please tell me if you sell pregnancy testers here?"

"Well yes we do. And if this is your first time coming to the Montage then you can get them for free."

"Um, may I have one please?"

"Of course! And might I ask who might possibly be the father of this possible baby? Or is that too private to ask?"

"Um, I'd rather not discuss that." I replied.

"Oh. Okay then. Here you go." She answered handing me the tester.

I got back up to the hotel room. Damen was up, no duh, and I could tell that he would be reading my mind. I started thinking; I have to use the restroom so bad! I was pretty sure that he bought and that I was "anxious" to use the restroom. Well I was, so I wasn't necessarily lying to him. (Which I HATE doing to Damen.) When I pulled out the tester it read…

To Be Continued… Maybe...