I walked into the school hallways expecting a normal day. It certainly started like one. I stole a kid's lunch, played a prank on Freddie, borrowed money from Carly, threatened Freddie, and fell asleep in class. Yep, just a normal day in my life.

Around Miss Brigg's class, I asked to go to the bathroom. I didn't really need to go. I just didn't want to listen to stupid Scottish bagpipes.

As I walked into the bathroom I saw a very pink, perky-looking person. She was my goody two-shoes twin Melanie. But what was she doing here? She didn't even live in Seattle.

"What're you doing?" I asked testily, "You don't go to Ridgeway."

"I came to help you, Sam." she said. Huh? I thought.

"What could you do for me, Pinky?" I said.

"Sam, your life has started to get worse." she replied, "You've been really aggressive and have been being fairly mean towards quite a few of your classmates."

"Duh! That's my usual routine!"

"I know, it's been that way ever since we got separated." What kind of wacko junk was she trying to pull? I thought. She was weird, but this was just creepy.

"We weren't separated. You just lived with dad after the divorce." She chuckled. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. She was scaring me.

"Sam, no. I'm not your sister." Okay, wacko alert.

"Yeah, we're twins. That…means…two…babies…at…one…time." I enunciated that for her very slowly, given she appeared to be losing her mind.

"I mean separated as in I was pulled from your body." she explained, "You've noticed how different we are, right?" I nodded.

"Well, that's because I'm your good side. I was pulled from your body when you started being mean." Okay, now this was scary. First my goody-goody twin just shows up at my school, then she starts rambling about how she's my good side. Was this Twilight Zone? Was I being Punk'd? I felt like calling the nurse for a straight jacket.

"You're just crazy!" I shouted, "That's not true!"

"Oh?" she asked ominously, "If I was human, could I do this?" She reached her arm out and touched my head. But her arm went straight through. Whoa.

"Now do you believe me?" she asked, taking her arm back.

"Since I don't have an explanation for what you just did," I said, "yeah, pretty much." She smiled.

"Sam, I have to come back to your body," she explained, "but it's very complicated to do so. You could try being good, but it would take practically your whole life to make up for everything you've caused."

"So what can I do?" I asked. She brooded over that a second. Then she grinned at me but it only made me feel more nervous.

"A reasonably short way could be," she said, "falling in love." That made no sense. Fall in love? Oh well. I'd do it to make her shut up and go away.

"Okay, but with who?" I asked. Again she pondered and again she gave me that sickening smile.

"I've got a good idea of who." she said.

"Lay it on me." I said.

"How would Freddie Benson be?"