Hey everyone, I know it's been a few years since my last update but I had this urge to write another Charmed story. Its been years since I've watched the show but I love Chris and Wyatt! It's kind of similar to Forbidden Love and Wyatt will be dark and possessive in this fic ;p

I've noticed my past work has a lot of grammar errors; hope this one is much better. Hope everyone enjoys this story anyway.

Summary – Set in alternate future. Marks Wyatt's descent to evil as his love and obsession for Chris grows.

Warnings: Slash, incest. If you don't like slash then click the return button. Don't flame, if you don't like don't read.

Disclaimer – Do not own Charmed

Wyatt POV


For as long as I can remember, people have put me on a pedestal. They see me as the Twice Blessed Child, the champion of light and all that is good and holy... quite frankly I'm sick of it.

My parents see me as a magical prodigy. As the child of both whitelighter and a Charmed One I am. My mother is one of the most powerful witches in the world and the mere fact that I'm more powerful than them all three of them combined fills me with pleasure. I am the most powerful witch in existence and the thought of it is thrilling. I see myself as calm and confident taking pleasure in people's awe of me and knowing that I could bend any one of them to my will, though Chris would amusingly mutter that I'm more of an arrogant and stubborn jackass who takes no for an answer.

Ah Chris. Now what can I say about Chris, there are no words to describe him. He is my most beloved possession. He is the only thing in my existence who I love more than anything. He consumes my thoughts constantly and is my obsession.

We are polar opposites. If you put us together you would not be able to guess we are related. I am 6'3 with a large tanned muscular physique; I have shaggy blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. I have a very masculine face with a deep voice which commands attention; I know I'm extremely handsome and combined with my dominant and powerful aura, no person will deny me. I can feel the lust garnered around me, when I enter a room women and men alike are drawn to me like moths to a flame.

Chris on the other hand is 5'8 and reaches just below my chin...a perfect fit...He has a more lithe body though he has some noticeable muscle mass. He has the most beautiful face I have ever seen on men and women alike. He has raven black hair which contrasts against his white porcelain face. His eyes are a dewy green which captivate me every time I look into them. My favourite part of his face is his lips; he has the most luscious and full lips I have ever seen, just thinking about it is making my trousers tighter. His voice is just as captivating, it is a mixture of both masculine but with a softer undertone, I've noticed the attention he has been getting lately. His seventeenth birthday passed a few days ago and he's face has become more angular and defined. He is an angel; my sweet dark angel.

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm in love with Chris. Not just brotherly love but the kind of love that will drive me to do anything to keep him happy. You see Chris is the one person in my life who has never put me on a pedestal, never admired me to the point of reverence like the rest of my family do. I love my parents, I truly do but the expectations they have for me is suffocating. Chris isn't like that; he loves me for me and doesn't give a damn about my powers or destiny. The thing I love most about Chris is he challenges me. He's the only person I cannot bend fully to my will. My family do anything to make me happy, I can control and manipulate people like puppets but Chris never bends to my will. He excites and arouses me to lengths I couldn't imagine.

I love him so much that I'm obsessed with him. I know that's twisted and wrong, he's my brother for God's sake but I can't bring myself to care. And why should I care? I can do and have anything I want. I am more powerful then the Elders, who are they to decide what is right and wrong. As a being of greater power I have higher authority then them. I have always had everything I've wanted and I want Chris more than I've ever wanted anything in my life.

I know that to own Chris in both body and soul I need to take things slow with him. My Chris is not like everyone else, he is stubborn; like an angry kitten I think. I desire to know more than anything what Chris is feeling, to look into his mind and read his emotions but for some reason Chris is somewhat immune to my passive powers. He comes to my room everyday where he'll smile his breathtaking smile and sit down next to me on my bed and we will be content to hang out together watching TV or practicing magic. I touch him often, my arms draped protectively around his shoulders; I would ruffle his hair and stroke his face. He gets uncomfortable when I do that and makes an excuse to leave but he comes back to my room everyday regardless. Sometimes he even leans his cheek into my hand and we stare at each other in silence. Its times like this that I wish more than anything that I can know what he's thinking. But as always he breaks eye contact and heads to his room or spends time with mom.

He drives me wild with his scent and body, I've had lots of sexual partners but the sight of Chris drives me rampant with a lust I have never experienced with anyone else. I remember when I first started noticing him differently, I was 16 and he had just turned 15. He was endearingly lanky and awkward and I watched him blow out his birthday cake candles with a content smile on his face. For once Leo was there to celebrate Chris's birthday along with everyone else, something which meant a huge deal to Chris considering how he is always too busy to spend time for Chris. Leo is a fool. He doesn't realize that he has created the most precious thing in existence and neglects him. I hate him for that, for hurting Chris the way he has but at the same time I'm thankful. I get Chris more to myself, he comes to me when he has problems, I know his desires and his problems, I know his pet peeves and his favourite dessert, his hopes and dreams. I know him and I love him all the more for how incredible he has turned out.

Ok so I'm going off topic. Anyway Chris had blown out his candles and I don't know why but I had just noticed how beautiful he looked with a smile on his face. I had always felt a strong bond with Chris, my family said we were inseparable and we were as close as any brothers could be. But when he came up to hug me I felt different. There is no feeling to describe how I felt when we embraced, something kicked in and I looked at Chris in a different light. I breathed in his sweet scent and hugged him longer than usual which caused him to look at me in a bemused way, he thought I was messing with him but at that moment he was the most beautiful thing I'd seen in my whole life and I stared at him transfixed. I had felt arousal stronger than I thought was possible and I had to excuse myself before he noticed it.

I had gone to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet seat and masturbated at the image of my brother with a smile on his face, the image caused me to cum violently within minutes and I sat there for a few minutes just thinking about what happened. I knew it was wrong, that I wasn't supposed to have ever felt about Chris in that way and I silently promised myself to never do it again.

I've lost count of the number of times I've broken my promise.

It's now been two years since that day and my feelings have grown out of control. Chris had grown out of his awkward phase and is a stunner, no doubt about it. I have to swallow down the fury and rage I get when I notice people checking him out. I wonder if it's normal to love someone so much that I would kill for him, that I would make anyone suffer as much agony as I can inflict if they ever hurt him. The thought scares me sometimes, I know that I am the most powerful being on this realm and that my parents have brought me up to never abuse my power and to always use my powers for good...but lately I've been thinking...

Why can't I use my powers to change the world for the better? Why shouldn't we use our powers to make the world into our liking? We are superior to humans in every aspect, our power sets us apart from them and the power I have can change this world for the better. Power equals authority and I have the power to be ruler of this realm if I wished. I could use my power to possess Chris all to myself.

Chris POV

For as long as I can remember, people have ignored me.

From an outsiders point of view I must have the perfect life. I'm a child of a Charmed One, I am blessed with awesome powers as a result of having a whitelighter and witch as parents, though nowhere near the awe inspiring powers that Wyatt contains within him. I have a great home and my family is as loving as can be.

It sounds amazing but the real truth is that it's not. I know that I am nothing special; I mean who would be when you have a brother who is better at everything than you. When a boy...no a man, is so powerful that all of the Underworld fear him.

I have grown up all my life living in Wyatt's shadow. I remember when I had just turned five; I woke up with a smile on my face because I remembered dad promising to buy me a bike and teach me how to ride it. When I went downstairs, I saw mum, Wyatt and my aunties and cousins waiting for me in the living room. They all shouted Happy Birthday and I remember giggling in joy.

Mum knelt down in front of me with a big smile on her face and said Happy Birthday again before giving me a big kiss on my cheek. I grinned at her and asked her when dad was giving me my bike lesson, she smiled sadly and said that he had important work to do but would make it up to me when he got back.

I was so upset but through my tears I could still hear Aunt Paige muttering angrily about Leo and his priorities. Mum just looked at me sadly, I know I was just a child and that I couldn't grasp entirely what was going on but I could see pity in mum's eyes as she stared lovingly at me. I'll never forget that look.

In the background besides Aunt Paige, Wyatt just stared at me. There was no expression on his face for a few seconds but then he smiled at me. He walked up to me and gave me a hug and murmured 'Happy Birthday little brother'. I smiled at him tentatively and his smile got bigger when he saw me cheer up. It was thanks to Wyatt that I ended up having a great birthday. He kept me distracted all day by playing games with me and my cousins.

I know that anyone would hate to live in the limelight of someone else and that resentment could so easily be instilled but I could never hate Wyatt. He's the best brother anyone could ask for. Dad may have created me but the way I see it, Wyatt is the one person who has always been there for me.

For as long as I can remember he has always protected me and looked out for my best interests. I always go to him when I have problems or just want someone to talk to. He knows me better than anyone and I'd like to think I know more about him than anyone else as well.

I will never forget the day that I told Wyatt I was bisexual. I was fourteen and terrified about these new feelings I was experiencing. I had a crush on my English teacher Mr Morrison and it felt unusual but at the same time, it felt right. I told Wyatt I thought I might be bi and I think it was the first time I had him gobsmacked. His gaze turned intense and I felt like his eyes were piercing right through me. After a minute or so he smiled widely at me and told me he was the same and that these feelings were perfectly normal. He even went downstairs with me when I went to tell Mum and Dad. Mum was amazing, she told me she was so proud of me for being so brave and she loved me no matter what. Dad told me the same and it was one of the happiest days of my life. I turned to Wyatt and found him looking at me again with a blank expression.

That's one thing about Wyatt that had me perplexed; his staring. All my life I have noticed his staring. As a child it was ok and I liked his attention, he would stare at me and I would smile at him and he would smile back and play with me. As we've gotten older I've become more aware of the changes in Wyatt.

I would go to his room everyday and smile at him. What I've always noticed is that he would always be waiting for me, expecting me. He would beam at me when I entered and we'd lay next each other in his bed watching TV or doing homework, sometimes even practicing magic without mum knowing. I always noticed him paying more attention to me then our activities and I don't know what I felt but it was uncomfortable for one thing. The other feelings I didn't want to acknowledge.

You see Wyatt has always been affectionate to me; he always touches me warmly whether it is a hug or a ruffle of my hair. I'm his little brother so he has to protect me in his eyes, something which I find annoying and state vocally to him though my annoyance tends to amuse him more than anything.

I've noticed for the past year that he's changing. Ever since I turned sixteen I've noticed a shift in him and his behaviour. He's becoming more assertive and controlling to an extent. I've noticed his gaze on me becoming more frequent and intense than usual, as if there's been a shift in our dynamic. I don't know what to make of it, and when I ask him why he's staring at me, he just smiles at me. His smile is unnerving at times.

His touch lingers on me longer than usual, before he would ruffle my hair but now he strokes it softly and smoothly. He rubs his hand along my arm and shoulders as if he doesn't even realise he's doing it. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I tell myself that it's normal and he's just being affectionate. More recently he has begun to stroke my face.

The first time he did it, I was too shocked to even move. We were watching a movie while mum was making dinner downstairs and Wyatt had his arm around my shoulders. He was stroking my arm while my attention was fixed on the TV screen. I had stiffened when I felt his hand caress my neck and then my cheek. I faced Wyatt and gasped at what I saw. His cerulean eyes were gazing intensely into my own and his breathing had quickened. I found myself fixated at the intensity and power of his aura. It was the first time I had truly realised how handsome Wyatt really was. He looked like a Greek God and it was as if I was engrossed on his stare. He continued to stroke my face slowly, gauging my reactions and I suddenly realised how wrong this was. I backed away and told him I was tired. He looked disappointed but resigned, as if he'd expected this. That night I did not sleep.

I began to question how well I knew Wyatt, I began to question if our relationship was healthy. As far as I knew brothers didn't do that. But at the same time I couldn't help remembering how nice it felt to be touched like that, touched by Wyatt. I decided not to mention it and carry on like normal with Wyatt if for no other reason than the fact that Wyatt is the only person who will always be there for me. Wyatt always had time for me.

I went back to Wyatt's room the next day as I usually do and found Wyatt looking relieved to see me enter. He smiled at me and I gave a small smile back and we practiced some magic together. He didn't touch me that day or the next but by the third day he started stroking my arms again. Whenever he tried to touch my face I would walk away. Call it denial or what you wish but I told myself it was normal for him to do that even though I got this squirming sensation in the pit of my stomach. Sometimes however he would run his fingers along my arms and my neck and my face and I would close my eyes at the pleasurable sensation. I would open my eyes and stare into his and the air around us seemed as if it was charged with an intensity I couldn't fathom. I would end up retreating to my room or go hang with mum and limit how often I saw Wyatt afterwards. He would always act as if nothing happened and nothing was wrong.

I know eventually I'm going to have to talk to him about our boundaries but for some reason I always keep putting it off. If I'm honest with myself I partially enjoy the affection that Wyatt gives me. I feel uncomfortable when he strokes my face but at the same time I also feel good and light headed and my eyes get all hazy. More than anything, I find myself drawn to Wyatt's reactions. How his eyes match my own when they become hazy and intense at the same time, how his breathing quickens and becomes more apparent and how I swear I can feel the speeding up of his heartbeat.

I know I have to put a stop to this; I'm just worried how to deal with this while still maintaining the relationship we have as brothers. More than anything I worry about how much further Wyatt is willing to go...and how much further I'd let him.

End prologue